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Name: Frozen

Age: 19


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Last update: 2012.09.27 / FINISHED!
Characters: Marik x Akane (OC)

Sequel: Dark Highway

- look just because I am yet to mention her last name, it's not like she doesn't have one >.>
- yeah, no picture of what she used to look like before chapter 7. Just imagine it. :D
- Marik - good guy, Yami Marik - bad guy, not some Malik stuffs. I watched the dubbed version, sorry to the people who prefer Malik stuffs.


Akane Autumn (drawn by Mammeth! Check out her dA: )


Last update: 2013.03.25
Characters: Marik x Akane (OC), maybe some Bakura x Akane

Sequel to Decision Road

- no, I am never ever writing a lemon, sorry to who this is disappointing :c
- everyone except Yugi is over 18.
- Akane can't drive a car, but Marik taught her how to drive a motorbike.
- Ishizu pays their rent until either of them finds a job. But Aka is too busy getting in trouble and Marik is too busy saving her. :3


Marik's and Akane's apartment map (it sucks, yay! :D)
Marik's heavy morning / Ch. 2
Shopping! / Ch. 3
Tomb / Ch. 10
The Staff / Ch. 11
Aka went nuts / Ch. 17
To battle! / Ch. 21


Last update: 2014.08.01
Characters: Ingrid(OC) x Marik

- I gotta stop with Marik fics I mean come on nah can't stop won't stop
- maybe at some point I will sketch her out but at the moment Ingrid doesn't have any kind of specific looks so your imagination can go wild
- book cover is currently generic image of the dude, sorry, maybe gonna add something better someday




I'm not gone so fast again, don't worry, I was just away visiting my family!


Okay sooo. First off I think I should apologize for the hiatus again. Pretty sure every FF writer does these and should understand. At least I actually come back once in a while!

Now the problem is that I don't know when and IF I will be finishing DH. Thing is the ending was this unreal fantasy battle thing that first of all, I doubt I would be able to write out well enough, and second...well, it's hella untasteful. It seemed cool in my head at the time and now it's just

So to all of you who still wonder how it ends - big battle, card monsters come to life, Akane being badass, sacrificing herself later and then Ra revives her or some shit and everyone drives home. That was the idea. God that sounds so bad to me now.

So before I figure out a better ending, that's stuck without the last chapter.

NOW THEN. Why am I back? Well, as you can see, all I write are Marik fics. I don't know why but I've just done so much research on that stuff that I don't try anything else anymore. I'm just used to those and doubt anything else would come out well. I'm in a lot of fandoms but this is the only one I seem to enjoy writing about.

Basically, I was scrolling on Tumblr, saw some fanart and went like YOOO I WANNA WRITE AGAIN so now I have another story idea and yay. I'm gonna start it, probably gonna end up leaving it for a few years again, but hey it's something.

I'm disappointing I know D:

Also I deleted some stories because ew. I don't like them at all by now.


Never EVER believe me when I say I won't do another hiatus. EVER. #sorrynotsorry


I keep making new fics and not finishing DH im sorryyyyyyy D: I dont feel like it. It's nice to have a break from the exam crap at school...


I hate exams.


Hahaha, I'm leaving you guys without an updated last chapter for a while, my boyfriend is over from England :'D LOL SORRY NOT SORRY


It's 3 in the fucking morning and I uploaded a cover. Not what I wanted and it sucks, but it's better than by default one. Hooray.
EDIT: k never mind. I hated that picture so I'm just using the crazed Akane now. Maybe I can bu Mammeth enough to make me a cover but now I'm bugging her to make me an ending picture.


Wow I updated. It's short and don't expect another one soon :/ Also are the image links not working with updating? Because they won't open for me :/


groaaaaans*...I'm laaaazyy... I wish I could just... you know... telepathically tell you the rest of my stories and be done with it... But typing is HHHHHHNNNNGGGHHH... *rolls on floor*


Okay I really can't say that I don't have time to update now, because I've been playing YGO Nightmare Troubadour on my new DSLite for like 15 hours straight yesterday. I'm just laaazyyy :L


I JUST got back from my The further into the school year - the more work we have... You guys, I am so terribly sorry. I really want to update, but even after skipping just two days of school I MISSED SO MUCH CRAP ugh :/ No worries. The story will be updated sooner or later. I promise it won't be like DR when I had a 3 year long break D:


Ahh, I'm not dead.. Unexpected HIATUS guys :/ I was sick for 2 weeks, so I have a LOT of catching up to do in school (last year, exams), and also I am having a hard time choosing a university and a course... Gah .-. I might be back after New Year's, or even somewhere on that date, since I'll be in England visiting my boyfriend. I might update stuff while he's at work c:


No updates because I'm sick :C stupid weather.


I'm not stuck on DH anymore, so the new story will have to wait! c:


Well I'm stuck on DH. Until I figure out how to plug up this major plot hole... You can go read In A Dream! Yet another fic with Marik to keep you entertained while I fix this little problem with DH. :'D


Dark Highway is out! In other news, I'll be illustrating some chapters, as well as my friend, if I ask nicely enough, so check back here every so often, as some illustrations will be made! I suck at drawing, but it's better than nothing, and if I get Mammeth into drawing my shit, this is gonna be good! c:


Decision Road is finished! TO THE SEQUEL, ONWARDS!


Updates will become a bit slower for a few days/weeks because BORDERLANDS 2 IS OUT OH MY GOD YOU HAVE NO IDEA HOW MANY EMOTIONS I HAVE NOW. *off to do some more hardcore gaming*


I updated DR. I seriously re-watched like 80 or 90 episodes in 3 days and I'm all fired up. Reviews will be nice, but really guys, I am doing this for myself... Feels good to be back!


IS ANYONE STILL OUT THERE?! Really, I am wondering if after 3 years of silence someone is still out there.

Guess what guise. Guess what. I might actually finish that darn story. Has anyone ever done that here?! I feel like a legend!

Naw I'm joking. I just feel like that one story, for a 14 year old, is pretty good. And I feel bad for just leaving it like that, while I have everything finished in my notebooks. That's just wrong.

I know my writing might change, and I probably will change some things that are in that notebook... But really, if I don't find any other ways to procrastinate school (lol 12th grade I got exams what), I might even finish that sequel...

My fanfiction writing skills are rusty and weak. But something good still might come out of this.

BUT. First thing's first. I gotta re-watch yu-gi-oh for this :'D


You know how people usually hate whatever bullshit they wrote when they were 13-14 years old? Well... I came back here to delete everything. I started...but then I kind of got into reading one of my stories, Decision Road.

That ended with me searching my whole flat for my old notebooks. I have a lot more in them, than I have here, on Decision Road is finished, along with some parts of its' sequel. They're actually pretty good,, I am really not regretting writing it!

My 18 year old self still enjoys my 14 year old's fanfiction. NO REGRETS.

I'm leaving Decision Road on here, and maybe, just maaaybe, when I am not bored, I'll finish it... And get that cliffhanger outta there :D


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Not As I Know Him by The Duelist's Heiress reviews
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Sign Here Please reviews
"I got a call from the Rare Hunters today. After three years, they seem to be back in business. I'm done with eating canned food and living off benefits, might as well give it a shot again. They told me that it's all legal this time, though. Contracts and all that crap." - Ingrid (OC) x Marik Ishtar, T for swearing and suggestive stuff.
Yu-Gi-Oh - Rated: T - English - Romance/Crime - Chapters: 2 - Words: 2,997 - Reviews: 3 - Favs: 3 - Follows: 4 - Updated: 8/2/2014 - Published: 8/1/2014 - Marik I., Rare Hunters, OC
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Marik x OC. What happens when an unknown person knows your name, your address and other things about you, like your clothes size? / Canon timing, placed in Battle City. Sequel in progress.
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