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Hi All,

Okay, I finally got around to writing this - who am I? A wife and a mom...and I'm a, coughs twice, Twi-addict. What am I doing here? Happily feeding my addiction, and reveling in the fabulous knowledge that I am not alone.

After I saw Twilight, a friend of mine recommended that I read the Twilight novel. I loved Edward. When I first read New Moon and Edward left I was devastated right along with Bella. I thought, this cant be! I quickly paged to the end of the book just to find his name again. Once I did that - I was able to settle in and peacefully continue on. That's when it happened! Jacob Black took me completely by surprise and I fell head over heels, and even though I knew Edward would re-appear, I was sadly irritated when he did. Jacob has had me ever since. His character will always hold a special place in my heart. Therefore, I'm a wolf-girl, but a wolf-girl with many vamp-girl friends.

Of course, I devoured the series in about two weeks. I’m not one for reading books twice. However, I wasn’t done thinking about it, or hearing about it, or talking about it with my friends and family. Thus, I began my internet quest to satisfy my Twilight Saga appetite. I stumbled on some fan fiction sites, and the next thing I knew I was sitting at my computer writing my own story, a story dedicated to Jacob and the Wolf Pack. Their stories were left so open ended. *note* in this fanfiction. I quote, through Old Quil, a legend about imprinting that I came across on this website www.quileutelegend.com/chimakoan-tribe/quileute-tribe-legend-when-a-wolf-imprints.html on Chapter 22, Under the Cherry Moon. I just wanted to make sure I gave credit to the website for those particular words. I apologize for not having done so earlier.

I am very appreciative of anyone who takes the time to read my writing whether they review or not. I know that not everyone likes to review, but knowing how the reader feels, or even just a "good job!", is a tremendous help. For me, they keep writers block away. I want very much to be able to grow as a writer. And with that - Don't be afraid to drop me a line or even PM if you have a comment you would like to make. Hope to hear from you!

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Time Won't Let Me Go reviews
Jacob Black, an Olympic boxing hopeful, dreams to be great. Bella Swan, a lifetime romantic, dreams to be his. When an unexpected tragedy occurs, everyone close to them is left pondering the outcome.
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When Rachel obsesses over a rogue vampire the pack has been hunting, she embarks on a journey of strange dreams, potentially placing her life in danger and ultimately sending Paul to the fight of his life. Sequel to The Red Moon Promise, although it can stand alone.
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