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Name: Sam

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Favourite Pairings






Naruto/Mei(Fifth Mizukage)











Ichigo Hallibel




Toshiro/Soi Fon



Kim Possible

Ron/ Shego


Ron/ Betty(Dr. Director)

Ron/Anne Possible


Ron/ 3-4 Girls


Kim/Erik(seems like okay couple)

Least Favaorite Pairing


Naruto/Sakura(Bad pairing cause she treats him bad and is bitchy)

Naruto/Hinata(She too shy to be with him and she like fan girl cause she stalks him)

Naruto/?(Any of the younder girls like Hanabi and Moegi)

Sasuke/Naruto(Thats just wrong pairing)

Naruto/Any guy

Sasuke/with Any Girl from leaf upset maybe sakura or Ino


Ichigo/Tatsuki(There more friends like brother sister)

Ichigo/Any guy

Ichigo/with yuzu or karin


Kim Possible

Ron/Any guy

Ron/Draken(That doesnt work cant even remember his name)

Ron/Kim(There are okay pairing just soemtimes does work so its more in between

Kim/Josh Mankey

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Demonic Vampire by God of Ninjutsu reviews
During the sealing the 5 original vampires fell onto Kurama's back, after falling from a dimensional pocket opened up by Ester Mikelson, during an attack on Naruto the seal goes into overdrive and absorbed their abilities and memories into naruto along with Kurama's, at the awakening of Naruto's ancestral Grandfather Raizen the demon king of war Slight Vampire Diaries X/Over Harem
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By Sunlight by Landstradd reviews
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