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Author has written 12 stories for Dragon Ball Z, Code Lyoko, Familiar of Zero, Horizon in the Middle of Nowhere/境界線上のホライゾン, Toaru Majutsu no Index/とある魔術の禁書目録, Little Busters/リトルバスターズ!, Dangan Ronpa Kibou no Gakuen to Zetsubou no Koukousei, and Hyperdimension Neptunia.


Hello all, I finally decided to write my Bio!

Anyway, as you can tell, I am a fan-fiction author.

I love to get reviews and I accept all kinds of constructive criticism; however, I hate flames. In my fan-fics, I tend to include small jokes for a comedic effect sometimes, but my stories tend to be mostly serious and long, I may start doing one-shots every now and then.

In personal means, I am a guy who loves to play video games (CoD and Battlefield) and surf the web.

Latest Project

My latest fanfiction is a Hyperdimension Neptunia fanfic. It is a dark and serious story that attempts strongly on keeping characters in line with how they are portrayed in the games. While the story focuses on an original character, I would like to recommend giving it a shot. Many characters from the Neptunia franchise are used in the story and more will keep coming. There are OC's present from other individuals and no, there are no more being accepted. Do please leave any thoughts about the story in a review or PM me. A lot of time is devoted to writing this story and making sure it is a one time experience you will certainly enjoy, as it contains a plot filled with twists and emotional trauma. I do advice you that this story is Rated M and for good reason. While the M-rated material may not be as prevalaint as it is in other works, it is still very much there. H-Scenes are imminent.

Favorite Animes

I am an anime fan, though not the biggest, but not one of the lowest either. I can draw DragonBall Z based art and have even imagined in my head very own series related to tons of Anime I love. Here is a list of my favorite anime, not in ranks of favorite though. Most likely to updated when I can think of others I may love.

!!!. Kyoukai Senjou no Horizon .!!!

1. Dragon Ball Z

2. Zero No Tsukaima

3. Fortune Arterial

4. Rozen Maiden

5. Toaru Majutsu No Index ( Kagaku No Railgun)

6. Shakugan No Shana

7. Baka and Test

8. The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya

9. Kanon 2006

Favorite Pairings

I have a lot of pairings, some being rather... um, disturbing (NO GAY or LESBO). If you are an anime fan, you will understand why I have pairings. By the way, I am not listing my disturbing pairings, most include incest...

Dragon Ball Z

(Teen) Gohan x 18

I don't know why, but I just like the thought of those two together.

Gohan x Videl

Videl is so cute, and Gohan just suits her in every way.

Bulma x Vegeta

You can't get better than this in some ways. It just won't work with anyone else...

M. Trunks x 18

Seems, Out Of Character (OOC) for Trunks, but I think these two could have been really happy together. I really don't see how 18 could put up with Krillin, he's so small, but I guess his person makes up for it. Meh.

17 and a Car

Now, I know this seems weird, but Android 17 seems like the type of guy that will only fall in love with objects, or activities, like cars and guns, with hunting! It's funny to me. I could see him thinking of himself as "The Best" there ever will be and no one will ever match up to him.

Zero No Tsukaima

Saito x Tiffa

My number one, baby. Gosh I love this pairing. Tiffania is so sweet and gentle in every way I have seen so far, plus she's so innocent and fun to be around with. If was in Saito's position, I would choose her, but he is in a pretty tight spot, all... the... time.

Saito x Siesta

Again, another good pair. Siesta is so sexy and talented, plus she seems like the type to want to do some... pretty fun things if you know what I mean.

Saito x Louise

Strange right? Nah, Louise just had a horrible life and doesn't know much better. Let's see if Saito can teach her a thing or too about happiness and maybe she'll change, okay?

Saito x Henrietta

I bet you saw this one coming. It's obvious by Season 3, she has entered the competition for Saito's heart. She is a beautiful queen, with a real link to reality and acts on reasonable basics. She kind, pure, and has experience dealing with Love and losing a loved one, much like Saito had to leave all he had behind, so she kind of relates to him more.

(I probably should mention that in Tiffa's bio considering she and her family were hunted down like dogs by other people. So she too, relates to Saito more than others.)

Saito x Tabitha

Okay, I know you had to expect this. Tabitha is smart, loyal, and protective. She, like Saito, can actually fight, what's more, fight along side him. Hell, she was even saved by Saito from an evil plot her own kin was plotting, a fate worse than death mind you. If he did all of that to save little Tabitha, how could you not fall in love with him if you were in her position (Got to be a GIRL first).

Guiche x Montmerotcy

This pairing is perfect. They love eachother, although Guiche is more of a playboy, he shows a constant loyalty to Montmerotcy in some way. They both are nice, attractive, and powerful mages. As a plus, they hang out together a lot!

Shakugan No Shana

Yuji x Shana

The perfect couple in this anime. It fits so right, they fill every hole the other has, making them... complete. (Cliche) Shana is a warrior, and Yuji has grown into a warrior. Plus, Season III is practically all about how much he loves Shana.

Yuji x Hecate

You can't get better than this couple when it comes to Villain x Hero. She seems so pure, but she has been stained by the lust of vengance, but that is all she has been brought to believe. I believe God can change any individual into a better person, even if it is a so-called demon. Yuji's love could change her into a better person and a very formidable ally. Read Shakugan No Shana: Eternity in the Anime/Manga section. It's pretty easy to find, one of the best Fan-fics I have read.

Yoshida x Khamsin

I was sure that when I saw Khamsin ask Yoshida for help, I thought the writers would do exactly what they did with Shana and Yuji. Isn't turning out that way, but I can still dream. My mind just practically built on this till I fell in love with the idea.

Other Favorite Pairings

Link x Midna

From Twilight Princess! Yes, this is a very good pairing. I think out of all the Zelda games, this was actually a plot point in the game, ROMANCE! I mean, Midna shedded a freaking tear when she had to say bye, to Link! A tear, from her, who has had that tough girl attitude from the very beginning. Plus, she does more than any other side kick in the series. Next to Link, she's the closest thing to a real hero.

Kohie x Erika

From Fortune Arterial. They actually went with this, and it fits too! Erika, a very sweet and self-sacrificing girl who loves the life she has and stands up for herself and is ready to defend her morals, even at the cost of her happiness. If that isn't strong will, what is? And Kohie, an individual who puts others's before himself and considers the desires for those he loves. Those two were absolutely perfect for one another.

Yoshi x Minami

From Baka and Test! Minami is a funny girl (practically everything in this anime is funny) and she is very cute. Yoshii and her could be really happy together.

William x Aelita

From Code Lyoko, Aelita went through terrible trials with William in Season 4, but in the end, I believe that if they had let him into Lyoko, things would have gone a lot better that what it did. Afterwards, things just move on. But I liked the idea.

Yuichi x Nayuki

Nayuki has had a crush on Yuichi for a very long time, and after that incident with her mother and how they dealt with it together, I believe they could have found the love in eachother and went on a new path together.

Yuichi x Sayuri

Sayuri is sweet, she's cute, she's innocent, she's sexy, and most importantly... SHE CAN COOK! Yuichi seemed to take an extreme liking to her, even going to extremes about joking for marraige, but could he have really meant them??? Hmm...

Yuichi x Mai

Yuichi spent a lot of time with Mai as a kid, but time does not determine anything in a relationship, only heart. In the anime, these two shared pretty traumatic experiences together. They understand eachother, more Yuichi to Mai than Mai to Yuichi, but you get my point. I think these two could have really hit it off.

Neshinbara x Tomo

I just like this idea.

Neshinbara x Neito

I really like this idea!

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