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Hey Everyone,

I've been an avid reader on FF.Net for quite a couple of years now, actually I still remember when it changed its rating system. (That came as quite a bit of a surprise to me.) I've also always been a writer for more than that. And, its only now that I've started to mix both of my passions. Reading and writing. (I'm brilliant, aren't ;p Just kidding.) I've always wanted to post here, but until now I was a tad too afraid to make my writing public. I used to think my writing skills weren't strong enough to share them with anyone else, but then again what better way to improve them than to make them open to dissection. Currently, I'm a rising college sophomore.

I'm taking things slowly, and hoping to improve my writing style on this website. I love constructive criticism and am completely open to any conversations people want to have regarding any similar interest, suggestions or references, just PM me. I thoroughly enjoy politics, news, reading, and debate. Despite that, I learning to connect and disconnect my personal views to those of the characters that I love. Life and art have, in my opinion, a very tumultuous relationship.

I love reading stories in the following categories: Hey Arnold!, Smallville, Harry Potter, Tenchi Muyo, Teen Titans, and Danny Phantom.

Sometimes I do enjoy a bit of Avatar, the Last Airbender but I have't watched it in a while so I'd rather not feel lost and am leaving that off until the future. I've read so much stuff on FF.Net that sometimes I can't believe it. I've been reading this website since Sailor Moon was on Cartoon Network. (Gosh! I feel old. Then again I'm only a rising sophomore in college. That's not too bad right?)

I am currently just writing for Hey Arnold!

I like to have thorough background knowledge of the nuances in the categories I am writing for so that my writing can incorporate minor details. Commas are my achillies heel--so feel free to call me out on any mistakes I make. I also worry that my writing gets bogged down by descriptions. I would love to write something for the Harry Potter fandom next, but recently I have found myself put off by the last book. (Argh! Don't get me started on it! I could go on forever! I hated the ending so much!) Before I do that I'll probably go through some of the books again and look for details that I can use. I have a fanfiction in mind titled "Encounters" and I'm not quite sure if I want to run with it as a Draco/Ginny or a Ginny/Harry outside of the arc of the 5th to 6th book.

Some of the pairings I'm fond of:








Raven/Red X




If you couldn't notice I'm drawn to stronger female characters. ;) I am open to Any suggestions? Contact me.


P.S. I also really love Asian Dramas and movies--so feel free to talk to me about that too. You can also find me on livejournal under the same non de plume.


Rebuild: Currently, reworking chapters 1 and 2 before I publish chapter 3.

Dysfunctional: Complete, awaiting feedback.

I'm looking for a Beta-Reader that enjoys reading Hey Arnold fanfictions, because I am currently only working on that pairing. My biggest weakness is grammar--in regards to that respect commas absolutely kill me. Any suggestions (like books, website, practice, courses etc...) are much appreciated. Plot, OOCness, etc are all things that I want to work and talk about.

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