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Hey, uhm, welcome to my profile or something. Wow, I know, I'm bad at introductions. I always totally screw it up in the first lines :'D Well, since I'm doing this anyway, I might as well go through with it. Wonder what to put in here, by the way. Something about myself, I guess? Aaaight, here we go guys!

Name: Josien, pronounced Yo-seen, and it sucks. I am seriously named after my dad's first girlfriend. Not telling you my surname, I don't like being hunted down for making bad jokes or something.

Age: Currently 17, so next year I can drive my very own car :D. Yeah, it works different here in Europe. So that means I can actually already buy alchohol and stuff :). Haha, and it also kinda kick's ass that we can bake spacecakes all the time :'D Wich we do :''D

I live in: The Netherlands. That's in Europe, for those about to ask. I like it in here. It's small, so we kinda know everyone who actually lives here. To get to the other side of it, it only takes 2 hours by train, so I kinda have friends everywhere, since it's so easy to go to them. Just saying this because I've been in America once, and experienced by myself it takes longer to go from one Mcdonalds to another than it takes me to go through the Netherlands by bike. No offence. So, uhm, if anyone happens to live in the Netherlands, come visit me : D. I live in some place called 'Zutphen', which is pretending to be a big, cool city but just isn't. We have 1 mcdonalds, 1 cinema and 5 schools, so we're actually just a bunch of bored, screwed-up kids hangin around. The only reason Zutphen's still alive is beacause of the millions of german tourists (aged 80) coming to visit non-interesting architecture from the 1800's. Yeah, so please kidnap me.

My hobbies are: Drums. I totally LOVE to drum! My dad used to do it his whole live, and although he's now like a 45 years old bald man, he actually is supernatural on his drums. So I was like, I WANNA DO THAT TOO. When I was 14, I finally got my way and started to follow drumlessons. Meaning I'm now doing it for like, 3 years. Still suck at it, but my teacher is pushing me into a band, so if someone's interested?

Of course, I have other hobbies, like writing (duh), reading, music, drawing (mostly just stick-figures though) and having fun with my friends and so. Cliche, I know. Well, I also like baking-contests. Me and my friend both like baking cakes so we started a contest. We now have like, 15 people in our jury, cause everyone wants to taste (: I'm winning anyway. I mean, he's a BOY. I'm a GIRL. Baking cakes has been in my generation for ages. Baking cakes is an instinct every girl has. Boys, on the other hand, never cook and they probably don't have the patience to make a perfect cake, so I'm very sure he doesn't stand a chance, muhahah!

Music: Oh, please, don't ask that. It changes every hour. But these are some of my all time favorites:

the Clash Ramones the Beatles Three doors down Queen The Who The police Flight of the Conchords the Doors Guns 'n Roses Blink 182 Radiohead Anti-flag Mika Micheal Jackson Kings of leon ACDC Calvin harris Noah and the whale Red hot chili peppers Regina spektor Say anything The wombats The libertines de staat Bowling for soup Franz Ferdinand Gregory and the hawk Vampire weekend Kate Nash Muse Thousand foot krutch Family force 5 Sia

And if you're in for a laugh, I can totally recommend flight of the Conchords and Gunther. SO GO LOOK THEM UP NOW. Especially Gunther's ding dong song :D.

Well, guess that's it in. If I'm missing something important, then pleeease warn me! Since I have no idea how it all works in here, I defenitely could use some help : D

Ehm, one last thing, I LIKE REVIEWS. They totally cheer me up, so please R&R my storie-things :3

Make my day, guys.


Roses are red

violets are not

compared to Hillary Clinton

we're all pretty hot

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Fate by edwardcullenlove25 reviews
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5 things we secretly didn't want to know reviews
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