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My name, I got from the captcha. It said 'flamingo the', and I figured I use it so that people don't go chasing me onto other sites.

I have nothing to write about, as I rarely watch anime and such. But seeing as I frequent this site at times, I felt that I might as well make an account.

That is all you need to know. You don't need to know my real name or my other site aliases.

Also, don't call me a hypocrite. You probably are too, and me being a hypocrite doesn't change the fact that I have a point. Me being a hypocrite won't back up your argument unless we're arguing about me being a hypocrite. Which I've already admitted to anyways. So as one MADD commercial said: Don't be a fool, I'm begging you.

One more thing: I don't need to be some sort of great winemaker to know that a wine tastes like cat piss. Same goes for me not writing, but at the same time knowing when a story is piss.

I might come off as a jerk from this profile description, but I can be nice. Be nice to me, I be nice to you. But if you totally suck and you start flaming people for trying to help you, I might just get a little nasty . 3.

Now show me da well-written fiktins, bee-och >:3

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