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Author has written 25 stories for Warriors, Simpsons, Book X-overs, Harry Potter, Coronation Street, Titanic, Phineas and Ferb, Professor Layton, and Ally's World.

This is the newly revamped profile of Sleepstar of Shadowclan. The principal reason is that I felt there is characters that just shouldn't be on here at all, and that I felt the whole profile is too long.

Updates will take a while, due to other projects elsewhere. (Mainly stories on my Fictionpress account, including the planned prequel to my short stories.)

Announcement: I am making the decision to leave Fanfiction for a while, as I have too many projects, and also I have no orginal plots planned as a result of a long-term Writer's Block. I will be on Fictionpress from now on. But I will come back once my long-term orginal writing story "Away at Summer Camp" is complete, it should have been up last year. Once I return, I will be rewriting "The Greatest Battle The World Will Never Know" as I find it too confusing. The only story being written/updated will be "Ten Things Firestar Must Never Do in Science" and "Firestar's Round The Internet Tour" during this short-term hiatus. After my short-term hiatus, my newest project will be "The Only Way Is The Lake" If I'm not writing fanfics in the Summer months, don't panic. I may be writing orginal fiction on Fictionpress.

Update 5/7/2016: I will be updating The Diary of The Golden Apple very soon.

Sorry if I haven't updated Firestar's Round The Internet Tour I have been busy, and I have an idea of the cats visiting the London Eye, and a ban on IPads.(Due to Leafpool reading a romantic Historical Fiction, inspiration for that scene being a romantic historical story I read, the story rated T, a few months ago.)

Author is currently taking a break. Reason: To work on her orginal stories. Will be back soon.

Explanation of penname: Sleepstar is a character from a role-playing site Warmy set up, and as my favourite clan in the Warrior Cats books is ShadowClan, I used that as my penname.

Pennames list: Sleepstar and Co (2009-2011), Sleepstar (April 2011-June 2011), Sleepstar of ShadowClan (2011-201?)

The OC's list is for Warrior Cats, Harry Potter and other fanon characters only. All other OC's I randomly created is moved to my Fictionpress page, where I'll write stories on them. It's Sleepstar, the penname. (Without the Of ShadowClan bit though.) I might reconsidering rewriting "The Greatest Battle The World Will Never Know" but as it should be. Reason is that things got too confusing, but the police scene will still be in there. You can also find me on Tumblr, where I'm Phoenixpaw/Phoenixwhisker. Note: I haven't been able to access the account. I am also on DeviantART, where my account name is Sleepstar.

Most of my fanfics will be based either on books, movies or TV Shows. (Fanfics based on books will be Warrior Cats or Harry Potter, fanfics based on movies Titanic, Night at the Museum, or depending what I watched recently, and Tv Shows may be Simpsons, Phienas and Ferb, or Futurama, or games I recently played, such as The Sims or Pokemon) All may fall into humour, action or sci-fi. I may also do drama/tragedy from time to time (Mainly with Titanic fanfics). I tend to write one-shots rather than multi-chapters, as I don't have patience for multi-chapters, also, one-shots I write after a bout of Writer's Block or when I haven't wrote anything after seven months of the previous update. Another thing: I tend to write fanfics in waves over a few months, when I start/continue a project. My most recent wave of new/continuous projects was between February-May last year, with an update to Stolen Elders and ended with new project Featherwhisker's Casebook in May. If you look at my earlier works they're not quite good, as at the time I had started out. But look at my newer works they're a lot better, it's because I now proof-read before uploading. Before writing I jot the ideas on some paper and then I plan the plot out. I think it's the fact I proof-read I Don't Like This Ship before I uploaded, so that's why my fanfics are getting better. All my Titanic one-shots will be focused on secondary characters and there is no mention of Rose or Jack in my Titanic one-shots. Also, Really Random Person is set to adopt our co-written story Broken Promises and put it up on her page. As it was written by both of us (On this account) I have decided that Warmy will continue. Another note, concerning OC's: I have to follow a naming convention that ties in with a series (i.e, my warrior cats OC's), but for my Mythological OC's, I have a tougher naming convention that is used in the time which the mythological events took place. I have figured out the names of two of my OC's but can't think of the name for the third (Which has, to my naming conventions, have a Norse name)That's why I highlighted and bolded some letters on this page to see if the proposed name sounds right. If it does, then that's the name of my third OC. Recently, I had realised I have became good at writing Dramatic stories and I have a few in the pipeline. If I spell some words differently to how you lot spell them, the reason is that it's not an error, it's the way people where I'm from spell them (I'm from England) so just be aware of that. Note: I never use cursive language in any of my fanfics, but when there is a sentence where a character curses out loud I use a random word instead (But that doesn't mean I avoid them, I just don't like using them, only exception is in Hollyleaf's Letter of Complaint. ) At least some of my fanfics will take place prior to the main events (Such as my Harry Potter fanfic on the First Triwizard Tournament) that's why I have so many OC's, or when it involves situations where OC's are called for. After 2015 I will use this account to read stories. So, from the 1st January 2016, I won't be on here as often, but that doesn't mean I'll be leaving for good, it justs means I'll be in semi-retirement from writing fanfics. However, I'll probably still be writing fanfics, but not as often from that year onwards. I only write in fandoms I'm familiar with. If you are going to review don't put any spoilers for anything I haven't read/played yet. I still haven't got the Azran Legacy game yet. Once the Untitled story on Felicia McNarama is finished that's when I will leave Fanfiction.

Also, If Warrior Cats Had Twitter is on a hiatus.

Here's what's going to happen:

If Warrior Cats Had Twitter will be moved to DeviantART. This is to prevent spam reviews and also as a precaution.

Team Hogwarts Versus the Perfect will be started on DeviantART.

From Ordinary Gryffindor To Legend will be started on DeviantART.

One Hundred Drabbles of Hogwarts Students will be moved to DeviantART. (Chapters 21 onwards, Chapters 1-20 will also be on there at a later date)

Keanu and the Ancients read My Immortal will be on DeviantART.

The Greatest Battle The World Will Never Know is discontinued.

Ten Things First Years Must Never Do At Hogwarts will be finished.

The remaining stories will be on DeviantART at a later date.

All stories not addressed are offically discontinued.

So that's what is going to happen over the next couple of years.

Sorry if it's been so long. I have been going onto DeviantART quite a bit, and I have a bit of Writer's block at the moment so I should start updating my stories around October.

OC rules for Harry Potter fanfics: If you're going to create an OC when writing a Harry Potter fanfic, don't give them very long names. Stick to a naming convention: For example, the Renholds in my fanfics have ancient Greek and Roman names(i.e, Octavius, Leander), while Horatio Brown has a first name that begins with the letter "H". If a character have a ridiculous long name, you will know immediately that it's a Mary-Sue. That's why none of my OCs have very long names. If I am writing OC's for a story which takes place prior to events stated in the books, I use a traditional name (Felicia, Isabella, Ethelelda, Harold) or names with a mythical or ancient theme (Epona, Octavius, Leander.) Before I even write about my OC's, I do a Mary-Sue test on them, just to make sure they're not Mary-Sueish. I stick to my strict rules, for example, none of my OC's are not related in any way to a canon character. These series of rules are called "The Sleepstar Rules", which are handy tips. If I write Canon HP Characters, people will accuse me of copying their story, that's why I prefer writing my OC-centric stories, as I like to think my OCs' has interesting storylines that has yet to be done.

All stories will be rated K, K or T. I don't do M-rated fanfics, same rule also applies to my Fictionpress account, nor do I ever read M-rated stories (Even though I'm old enough to read M-rated fanfics).

I now have a forum.

I wanted to do a side forum for One Hundred Drabbles of Hogwarts Students but was unable to. Guess I should do it as a series of topics on my forums.

Currently doing (as of 5/1/2014:)


Drinking: Tea.

Eating: Nothing.

Reading: Guiness World Records 2014.

Writing: My 23rd Drabble to One Hundred Drabbles of Hogwarts students.

Playing: Pokemon Y and Professor Layton and the Miracle Mask.


Fave TV shows: How it's made(A Canadian factual show, but haven't watched it recently as Dad watches Mythbusters when it's on, along with my siblings watching some rubbish), football (When it involves my favourite team, Arsenal, but mum bans Dad from watching the games on Television.), The Simpsons (Haven't watched it in a long time), Doctor Who and occasionally a fascinating documentary.

Fave films: Matilda(First saw it when it came out), Night at the Museum, the Harry Potter films, the Final Destination films and a long list (It would take all day to list them all)

Fave books: Warrior cats series, Harry Potter series, Matilda, Guiness World Records, Believe it or not(This was after visiting the believe it or not museum in London), books on cats, history books (Probably got hundreds), books on engineering, science books and geography books.

Fave names: Girls: Flora, India, Lucy. Boys: Colin, Harold, Horatio. (Don't ask, long story)

Colour: Yellow

Sport: Football

Team: Arsenal.

Historical era: All. I don't have a particular favourite era.

Interests: History, Geography, reading, astronomy, writing and reading good fanfics, writing and reading good orginal stories, reading commentaries. I also like reading fanfics that bash my least favourite characters (Notably the ones from Twilight.) Travelling (by car and train) Sewing (Though it does have it's moments, mainly when the thread you're working with is tied up), looking for hilarious fanart on DeviantART (currently my favourite is "Kingdom Cupcakes" which I found the other day, but don't worry, it's nothing bad,though there may be spoilers concerning the character featured in the fanart.) Watching YouTube videos,

Fandom wise, I tend to read fanfics in fandoms I wouldn't have even thought of reading in (Possibly through Really Random Person who tends to slip through fandoms every two months)so expect to see an odd number of Percy Jackson, Tudors or Pirates of the Caribbean fanfics amongst my favourites. I may be reading fanfics in said fandom. Somehow, I get interested in reading a particular fandom after reading a crossover (e.g, Harry Potter/Twilight)

Fandoms (Even ones I was in briefly): Warrior Cats, Doctor Who, Ally's World, Seekers (briefly), Night At The Museum (briefly), Titanic, Simpsons, Harry Potter, Rugrats (Briefly), Professor Layton, The Sims*. * Fandoms currently writing for.

Current fandoms (Reading): Warrior Cats, Harry Potter, Doctor Who, Percy Jackson, Professor Layton, Titanic, Misc TV Shows (I won't read these One Direction based fanfics though.),

Fandoms (Future): Phineas and Ferb (Two stories planned), Pokemon (Several stories planned), Futurama (Three stories planned), The Twilight Saga (One story planned, a parody.), Misc. Games(Several stories planned),Greek Mythology (Several stories planned), Norse mythology (several stories planned).

Possible future fandoms: Chornicles of Narnia, Shakespeare, Final Destination,

Favourite things to look for: Parodies: Talk shows with favourite characters, or A Guide to Character Units, or rule-breaking with said characters. Pairings: Varies, as long as it's not any weird pairing.

Fave music: Hmmm... hard to say.

Fave games: Professor Layton series, Mysims, and The Simpsons Game (We're still stuck in Heaven, my brother and I.)Recently, Pokemon Pearl (after my brother started playing it), Pokemon Black 2 (The PWT event is the best, even though I can only beat the Unova Gym Leaders and Tate and Liza of Hoenn) games on my DS and games on my PS2.

If you could go anywhere where would you go: Faversham, Kent. (It's a town), though I would also go to Pasadena, California.

Fave characters by series: Warrior cats: Firestar, Yellowfang (She's my fave medicine cat), Bluestar, Ravenpaw, Birdpaw (She's a SkyClan cat, seen in The Rescue), Jake (A kittypet who is seen in Bluestar's propercy, now dead), Flametail, Dawnpelt, Tigerheart, Dovewing, Ivypool, Jayfeather, Lionblaze, Bumblestripe, Blossomfall, Briarlight and Hollyleaf, Midnight the badger, Mousefur and Bramblestar (formerly Brambleclaw).

Harry Potter: Harry, Hermione, Luna, The Weasley Twins, Neville, Colin, Ron and Ginny.

The Simpsons: Bart, Lisa, Kang and Kodos (The episode when Homer recieves a roasting from his family and friends and they gatecrash is pretty funny, especially when they say "We'll leave, when you let us attend The Emmys ceremony")

Professor Layton: Flora, Luke, Clive, Arianna, Tony, Crow,

Matilda: Matilda, Bruce (That boy who ate the cake in an assembly as a punishment for eating Trunchbull's cake)Lavendar.

Doctor Who: The Doctor, Rose Tyler, River Song

Pokemon: Lucian (He gave me a hard time in Diamond, but then again, he is one of only two members of any Elite Four I couldn't beat first time round.), Bianca, N, Cheren, Roxie, Cynthia, Crasher Wake (His cameos in the Generation 5 games are terrific, just say one line then leaves), Caitlin, Cilan, Cress, Chilli, Charles (That guy from Driftveil City in Black and white and its' sequels), Misty, all the Gym Leaders of Kalos, The entire Elite Four of Kalos, Diantra, Roxanne, Steven Stone. Generally I'm fond of all Gym Leaders, even if Fantina did give me a hard time on Diamond.

Titanic: Rose, Jack, the officers (They are only seen in a few sequences)

The Sims (Includes spin-offs): Tim, Sophie, Dean (He's the one in charge of the ski jump in MySims Kingdom), The Guests to the hotel (When they're not pestering you) Elizabeth (From MySims, she sells a house and gives the mountain she once owned, rich girl.) Helen (Tim's grandmother, mayor.)

Other (Note: other includes film characters, anime, games characters not on list etc): London Tipton, Cody Martin, Zack Martin (The Suite Life), Basil (From a staegory game), Keanu (from a staegory game, not the character created for a fanfic) Den (From the same game as Basil, has easily one of the best quotes in video game history), Minun (Pokemon), Eevee and its evolved forms (Pokemon), Phanpy (Pokemon), Dexter (Night at the Museum), Perry the platypus (Phienas and Ferb), Snubbull (Pokemon), Ursaring (Pokemon), Skarmory (Pokemon), Pichu (Pokemon), Gizmo (Gremlins) and because I have too many favourites and a limited list and I want to include two other characters in, Aipom (Pokemon) and Magmar (Pokemon). In fact, I have about five hundred favourite fictional characters,some of which had been my favourites since I was a kid.

Least fave characters: Warrior cats: Mapleshade,Hawkfrost, Thistleclaw, Brokenstar.

Harry Potter: Bellatrix, Lord Voldemort, Umbridge.

The Simpsons: Can't think of anyone

Professor Layton: Don Paulo, Descole, Bill Hawks.

Matilda: Trunchbull (She's cruel)

Doctor Who: The Master

Titanic: Cal,

The Sims: Xizzle (The ailen) The Guests (Only when they're keep ringing every five minutes while you're tidying)

Other: The entire characters from Twilight (They're all annoying, except Eric and Angela. I just perfer the minor characters.)

Least Fave pairings: Twilight: Generally all pairings. Harry Potter: Drarry (Draco/Harry. I'm sorry but if those two are enemies they wouldn't be together. That pairing is so overrated nowadays, it's everywhere. Some slash pairings I don't mind, though, but unfortunately Draco/Harry is not one of them.)

Characters I don't love or hate: Draco Malfoy (Harry Potter), Ashfur (Warrior cats), Ferncloud (I used to hate her until The Last Hope, when she died saving the kits), Raggedstar (Warrior Cats), Tigerstar (Warrior Cats), Longtail(Warrior Cats), Michael (Matilda, in the book he is just misunderstood)

Fave pairings: Warrior cats: Lionblaze/Cinderheart, Cherrytail/Sharpclaw, Jayfeather/Stick, Leafstar/Billystorm, Berrynose/Honeyfern, Firestar/Sandstorm, Squrrielflight/Brambleclaw, Bluestar/Oakheart,

Harry Potter: Ron/Hermione, Angelina/Fred, Harry/Ginny, Neville/Luna, Draco/Astoria, Katie/George,

Hates: Writer's Block,Reality Television (I can't stand reality television shows, only exception being The Voice.),The Twilight Saga (Books and the films, read the first book but fell asleep after reading the first chapter), Mary-sues, idiots, Politicians who always appear on television,Flora-bashing fics (Random Layton Story is a good one though),fics that bash my favourite characters (Though I don't mind if there's mild bashing), reading bad fanfics (Though the commentaries are actually making them bearable, as the commentaries are hilarious.), especially the ones with Mary-Sues and spelling errors, advertisements, Troll groups (I don't trust them) Real-person-fics (Half of the fics under the Misc. TV Shows is of current musicians. The Misc TV Shows are there for the shows without a category ie. Horrible Histories, which has historical characters, but then again, it is Horrible Histories and the fact that historical figures can't complain as they're dead, but modern musicians can. I have no problems with fictional characters named after historical people, though.), Sensationalist Newspapers, (i.e Tabloids),unable to have food which contain gluten (I'm a coeliac), the Labour Party, Knitting (I fail at it, though my sisters can knit, I just perfer sewing to knitting), Stories which were originally fanfiction getting published (Fifty Shades of Grey springs to mind), plagiarism.

My DeviantART: (Note: I will only use it to post fanfics not allowed on this site, and any artwork I may do on there, as well as things I draw and make.)

My Fictionpress account: Still Sleepstar.

Stats: As of 9/12/2013:

Stories on communities: 1

Most reviewed story: If warrior cats had Twitter. (22)

Most Chapters uploaded in one day: 3 (One Hundred Drabbles of Hogwarts Students chapters 8,9 and 10)

Longest story: One Hundred Drabbles of Hogwarts Students (25 chapters and counting)

Longest Story word-wise: One Hundred Drabbles of Hogwarts Students.(15, 299 words to date)


Get 50 reviews on at least one story.

Write an Human AU (Planned, with a Mousefur and Runningwind one)

Write 50 stories (Is currently halfway)

Create a forum. (Has reached that target)


22nd August: Projects won't be resumed for now, not at least till September. But all projects will start being updated after September 1st.

23rd August: After a two month hiatus of no updates to my stories, the following will be updated:

Stolen Elders: September/October

The Greatest Battle The World Will Never Know: September/October, last update on this story. Might rewrite this one as I don't think it makes sense.

Mistystar's Cafe of Chaos: Update Fall 2011.

Ten things First years must never do at Hogwarts: Update Halloween.

Firestar's Round The Internet Tour: Fall 2011 next update.

Why Tigerstar Hates National Parks: Fall 2011-early 2012.

Featherwhisker's Casebook: Update TBA.

26th August: September updates: The Greatest Battle The World Will Never Know (Final Chapter), Stolen Elders (Chapter 3).

October updates/new stories: Mistystar's cafe of chaos (Chapter 2), Ten things First years must never do at Hogwarts (Chapter 3), Firestar's Round The Internet tour (Chapter 3) Why Mudclaw hates the Internet (New story)

November updates/new stories: Why Tigerstar Hates National Parks (Chapter 2, The New Forest), Featherwhisker's casebook (Chapter 2), Broken Promises (Chapter 4, longest-running fic), The Only Way is the Lake (New story)

December updates: Stolen Elders (Chapter 4), Mistystar's cafe of chaos (Chapter 3), Ten things first-years must never do at Hogwarts (Chapter 4), Firestar's Round the internet tour (Chapter 4).

January 2012: New stories/ Updates: Why Tigerstar Hates National Parks (Chapter 3), The only way is the Lake (Chapter 2), Featherwhisker's casebook (Chapter 3), Broken promises (chapter 5), The Battle for the future (New story)

28th August: Starting work on updates to all stories, to save me from writing them all up. Then, when the time is nearer, I'll start updating.

5th September: The start of a four-month writing programme for all stories and updates spread over my fanfiction and fictionpress accounts. If all goes to plan, most stories will be in either the two stages: Finished (The Greatest Battle The World Will Never Know), or ongoing (Firestar's round the internet tour, Ten things first-years must never do at Hogwarts being two examples of ongoing projects by the four-month writing programme's end.) The programme's end will be February 2012.

November 9th: Sorry if I haven't been writing lately, have writer's block, which has been since September. Writing another Chapter to my Professor Layton story, this time Flora's first day in London.

November 24th: Should start the next chapter of "Ten Things First-Years Must Never Do at Hogwarts" after finishing the current chapter of my Professor Layton story.

13th January 2012: Starting work on "Why Mudclaw Hates the Internet", updates on "Stolen Elders", "Firestar's Round The Internet tour", "Why Tigerstar Hates National Parks" and "Ten Things First Years Must Never Do" coming soon, so is the Professor Layton update.

2nd February 2012: Rewrite of "The Greatest Battle The World Will Never Know" planned.

3rd February 2012: Thinking of writing an one-shot on Draco.

8th February: "Warrior Cats on Twitter" will take a while as the author is suffering from Writer's Block. To try and get rid of it I am thinking about writing a short one-shot

11th February: Tried to put quotes in but epicly failed.

13th February: Writing out a chapter of "Ten things First-Years must Never do" and hope to upload it later today.

5th March: I will resume "Why Tigerstar hates National Parks" soon. Also, I will be updating "Firestar's Round The Internet Tour", and a planned one-shot on Mudclaw campagning against the internet, with bizzare results.

15th March: I have decided to resume "Things Firestar Must Never Do in Science" the next time I'm away, and I will be updating it from Chapters Two-Five. It had been on hiatus since August 2010. Also, I have recieved a postitive review of my story "I don't like this Ship". But, as stated by the notice above, I will not be writing any new fanfics till August of this year. My time will be taken up with three Top Priorties stories on my Fictionpress account and the rewrite of "The Greatest Battle The World Will Never Know"

19th March: I have confirmed that "The Only Way Is The Lake" will be written in the summer. It will be up sometime this August. Next update on "Things Firestar Must Never Do in Science" and "Firestar's Round The Internet Tour" will be 31st March- 5th April.

26th March: The rewrite of "The Greatest Battle The World Will Never Know" will have some scenes I will keep, such as Winterfur's news report, Anneka's slip through time and the Police scene. This time, only Warrior Cats and Simpsons will appear. Anneka will be featured in "The Battle For The Future"

15th May: I have decided on my next three fanfics. The first will be an one-shot on Moody, the second will be Why Mudclaw Hates The Internet, and the third is The Only Way Is The Lake. The One-shot on Moody will be the second of twelve one-shots on Titanic, while Why Mudclaw Hates The Internet is the sequel to Why Tigerstar Hates National Parks which is on hiatus till I can think of the next chapter.

19th May: I have added a new category to my OC list, this time for Mythology Orginal characters. So far, I have added characters named Alexandria and Nefertina to the list but still thinking of a name for the third character (a Norse boy). Those three characters will feature in fanfics one day.

22nd May: I have started on Why Mudclaw Hates the Internet, as well as my Greek/Norse Mythology crossover. The One-shot on Moody should be up soon, along with The Only Way is The Lake.

14th June: I have a few ideas for my Warrior Cats and Twitter fanfic, but will write them up soon. One of the ideas will be based on a review I recieved on that story, and will feature Squrrielflight and Jayfeather arguing. It will be hilarious!

19th June: I have placed The Greatest Battle The World Will Never Know on the hiatus list. This is because I am rewriting this one as it didn't turn out as I expected. Also,I have a Tudors fanfic planned.

16th July: I will have the next update to Warrior Cats on Twitter up by Friday. I have written a hilarious scene, and it involves Tigerstar.

17th July: I will start on the planned fanfic on Moody soon. Have updated the warrior cats on Twitter fic. The brilliant "Tigerstar Smells following Team Tigerstar" was thought up by Really Random Person. Will also start on The Only Way is The Lake and the second chapter to Why Tigerstar Hates National Parks. The third chapter to Stolen Elders should be up soon, as well as the proposed Pokemon fanfic I have planned. The third Chapter to Ten things Firestar must never do in a science lesson is to be edited, as it contains song lyrics. So, instead I will be doing a scene with a piece of metal burning a hole in the table.

24th July: I am currently working on a first draft for the third chapter of Firestar's Round The Internet Tour, and places which will be visited is The London Eye, The Mall and as-yet-undecided-location, somewhere in London.

31st July: Posted a new chapter of If Warrior Cats had Twitter up (Huzzah!). In fact, I plan to update as often as possible, in order so that I can get more confident in writing multi-chapter stories.

August 1st: I am writing the fourth chapter of Ten things First Years must Never Do At Hogwarts.

August 2nd: I am writing the fifth chapter of Ten things First Years must Never Do at Hogwarts, and it will be up next week. (I have a Writer's Block with Away at Summer Camp, my orginal story)

August 7th: Am writing both the fourth chapter to If Warrior Cats had Twitter and the fifth chapter of Ten things First Years must Never Do at Hogwarts.

August 9th: I should have a new story up by the 18th of this month.

August 15th: I hope to have an one-shot on Colin Creevey soon. I hope to have the fourth chapter to If Warrior Cats had Twitter and the Untitled fanfic on Mousefur up soon.

August 20th: I am now banned from writing fanfictions on Draco Malfoy by Crazy-Girl-Who-Loves-Vamps. The reason is she was going to write a fanfic on him in the near future. Have uploaded the fourth chapter to If Warrior Cats had Twitter and have a new project on the first Triwizard Tournament planned. Extended the OC's list for characters from this project.

August 27th: I should start updating If Warrior Cats had Twitter in the next couple of days. I was going to update yesterday but I had to go out, and on top of that, I ended up tired out. So, instead, I have decided to update probably tomorrow.

September 2nd: I should start on the fanfic centred on the First Triwizard Tournament next week.

September 10th: I am currently writing the Prologue of the planned fanfic on the First Triwizard Tournament. Segment five of One Hundred Drabbles of Hogwarts Students being written, added Tobias and Epona to the OC list.

September 12th: I hope to have the Prologue to my story based on the First Triwizard Tournament up soon. If Warrior Cats had Twitter is on a break at the moment, as I currently got Writer's Block on that story, but it will be updated in October. I am writing an One-Shot on Mousefur which I should upload at some point.

25th September: Have uploaded the fifth chapter of If Warrior Cats had Twitter.

28th September: I should hope to start on the planned Pokemon fanfic based off the Diamond game in the next couple of weeks.

October 8th: I am starting work on the sixth segment to One Hundred Drabbles of Hogwarts Students, which will feature an OC from Ravenclaw House.

October 10th: I am currently drawing the story cover for One Hundred Drabbles of Hogwarts Students. Also, Mikey, the cat who was the model for my OC Stormwing, was killed in a hit-and-run on Friday, we were told about it yesterday. I am writing the seventh drabble for One Hundred Drabbles of Hogwarts students, to be titled "Birthday".

October 29th: Am working on Drabble eight, titled "Prank Wars", and Drabble nine, titled "Golden Snidget" Drabble ten will be a Sorting Drabble, though. I hope to reveal A. Renhold's name in Drabble nine.

November 1st: I have uploaded Drabble Seven of One Hundred Drabbles of Hogwarts Students and also have two new cats (both male). I have decided not to write my planned Harry Potter and Twitter fanfic as someone else had done it.

November 28th: I am working on the third chapter of Firestar's Round The Internet Tour, which will feature an iPad ban all because Leafpool was reading a Historical Romance story.

November 29th: Have completed and uploaded Drabbles Eight,Nine and Ten to One Hundred Drabbles of Hogwarts Students.

December 5th: I am planning the next ten drabbles to One Hundred Drabbles of Hogwarts Students. Also, one of my OC's will make an appearence in Really Random Person's The Random Tales of Hogwarts in a possible cameo.

7th January 2013: I am writing up the next chapter to If Warrior Cats had Twitter at the moment, and hope to upload it at some point in the next week.

14th January 2013: I have decided to do a commentary based off My Immortal instead of the planned Twitter-based Harry Potter fanfic.

29th January 2013: I have extended the list of Pokemon for OC character Tania, to include her Unova Team, which includes a shiny Herdier.

6th February 2013: I have decided to change the next chapter to If Warrior Cats had Twitter with a subplot of some random cats making a discovery of a lost clan leader.

10th February 2013: I have added another orginal character for the upcoming chapter to One Hundred Drabbles of Hogwarts Students. He is a Slytherin.

11th February 2013: I have done two chapters of One Hundred Drabbles of Hogwarts Students and added Canute Janisson to the OC list.

20th February: I am now doing a short one-shot on Hollyleaf, called Hollyleaf's Letter of Complaint in which she writes a letter to Fanfiction writers to point out common misconceptions about her in fanfics. It will be up shortly.

1st March 2013: I should update If Warrior Cats had Twitter and One Hundred Drabbles of Hogwarts students soon. Also updated the OC list to include Neil Molyneux, who will appear in a drabble soon.

6th March 2013: One Hundred Drabbles of Hogwarts Students will be updated twice weekly, with If Warrior Cats had Twitter updated monthly. For those who is wondering on Ten Things First Years must Never do at Hogwarts will be updated, it will be sometime in May, and bi-monthly until completion.

18th April 2013: I have announced the 2013-2015 plans for fanfics. All stories will be complete by the date 31st December 2015 as from the 1st January 2016, I'll be in semi-retirement from writing fanfiction. I'll only write a story once every six months though, but they'll be one-shots. But the main reason why is that I'll be too busy to write as I might be at work by then.

2nd May: Have updated One Hundred Drabbles of Hogwarts Students and confirmed the possible plotline to drabble 25, which should be up by the end of May. Have added "Detentions" and "Incidents" to the summary. Drabble 25's title has yet to be announced, but it will be quite dramatic. Drabbles nineteen to be called "Charms", with drabble 20 to be called "Sorting Hat Two: Violet Donovan". Is currently working out a plotline to the nineteenth drabble right now. Ten Things First Years will be updated, but it will be a little while longer.

3rd May: Have updated One Hundred Drabbles of Hogwarts Students which is now twenty chapters long. Drabbles 21-26 to be called "Spring", "Summer", "Autumn", "Winter", "Heart" and "Muggle Culture". Drabbles 21 and 22 to follow Hufflepuffs, drabble 23 to follow Neil Molyneux of Ravenclaw and Drabble 24 to be on Slytherins, with drabble 25 to follow the past Gryffindors with drabble 26 to follow Keanu and co. Basically drabble 26 is to be a comedy drabble after the serious drabbles 24 and 25. Apart from drabble 25, the drabbles 21-29 will centre on the Present day group. I also put my thoughts on my OC's as well.

12th July 2013: Sorry for not updating my stories recently, been too busy, and didn't have the time to write, so it means all current stories won't be able to be updated till the end of July.

25th July: I won't be able to update as I'm away on holiday.

15th August 2013: I should start to update If Warrior Cats had Twitter, One Hundred Drabbles of Hogwarts students and Ten things First-years Must Never Do at Hogwarts within the next fortnight.

9th September 2013: I now have a forum. If Warrior Cats had Twitter is on a break. One Hundred Drabbles of Hogwarts Students and Ten Things First-Years Must Never Do At Hogwarts will be updated by Friday.

16th September 2013: I'm sorry to say, that the next update to One Hundred Drabbles of Hogwarts Students won't be till the end of this month. This is due to the fact that I had lost my files, which contained the 21st Drabble in it, so I'll have to rewrite that drabble.

17th September 2013: I have to rewrite chapters to If Warrior Cats Had Twitter, Ten things First-Years Must Never Do at Hogwarts, the prologue to Untitled Harry Potter fanfiction on the First Triwizard Tournament, drabbles 21-26 of One Hundred Drabbles of Hogwarts Students and the first chapter of The Only Way is The Lake. So these projects are on hiatus, till the rewritten chapters is written.

21st September 2013: I have decided to write chapters 27-33 at the same time as chapters 21-26, so that should anything happens to the chapters after I uploaded them, I would know which chapters to write.

26th September 2013: I have decided on the title of the planned story on the First Triwizard Tournament. To be called From Ordinary Gryffindor to Legend the story will centre on the first representative of Hogwarts school in the Tournament. There will be an epilogue at the end, which takes place five years later. The Prologue isn't due till December this year. As my fanfic How The Triwizard Tournament Began looked at Professor LaMere's vision and looked at Professor DeLacy's role in the establishment of the Tournament, From Ordinary Gryffindor to Legend will look at the students' side of things. Before you ask, Octavius Renhold will appear in it. To accompany From Ordinary Gryffindor to Legend I came up with The Pioneer Triwizard Tournaments series, my own fanfiction series. The series will revolve on the First to the Fourth Triwizard Tournaments, from beginning to evolution to what it is now.

3rd October 2013: I have added a guide to pronouncing some of my Hogwarts OC's first names, which appears at the end of their brief biography.

7th October 2013: I have added Lydia Hill and Nobby Bakewell to the Harry Potter OC list in anticipation for their upcoming appearences in One Hundred Drabbles of Hogwarts Students.

10th November 2013: All fanfiction news and updates will be on my forum.

Own Characters:

Harry Potter:

Florence Mather: Witch who resides in Gryffindor house. She appears in Ten Things First-years should never do. (Orginally created for an abandoned Titanic fic on Lowe.) She has a wheat intolerence. She follows the rules too carefully, but can be a rebel when it comes to Umbridge. Has brown hair, brown eyes. Birthday: January 20th.

Canute Janisson: Wizard who resides in Hufflepuff House, he first debuts in One Hundred Drabbles of Hogwarts Students and is mainly a cameo character. He is to appear in Ten Things First-Years Must Never Do at Hogwarts. Birthday: August 16th (Rum Day). He is to feature in the fifth Sorting Hat drabble. Pronouncation of first name: Can-oot.

Tai Sing: He resides in Gryffindor house. Has dark hair, dark eyes. He appears in Ten Things First-years should never do and his patronus is a dragon. Hates Draco Malfoy. Very clever, despite his age. Can be too reckless. Birthday: March 9th.

Summer Goodwin: A witch who is in Hufflepuff, first introduced in Ten Things First-years should never do. She is too loyal to her friends. Birthday: April 17th

Fernando Ravenglass: Wizard who is in Hufflepuff house, he first appears in Ten Things First-years should never do. He hates large crowds, and perfers being in the company of one or two people. Birthday: October 10th.

Sakura Evans: Witch in Gryffindor House. First appears in "Ten Things First Years should never do at Hogwarts". Often changes her appearence without warning. She sometimes have silver hair, other times brown. Often plays tricks. Birthday: April 6th.

Keanu Thompson: Wizard who is in Gryffindor house, often known as a prankster. Black hair, blue eyes.Infamous for his spells that either destroys muggle objects, or potions that fail to work. Objects destroyed as a result of Keanu's spells included a computer, radio (Which ended up on a muggle radio station) and a hoover (Which chased Filtch). Has a short temper, is biased and even Voldemort is scared of him. Hates all Slytherins, Dementors, Mary-Sues, Death Eaters and Voldemort. He also appears in One Hundred Drabbles of Hogwarts Students in various scenarios. His sceneario in One Hundred Drabbles of Hogwarts Students will be in the drabble called "Evacuation". He will be having a rival soon. He is a Half-Blood wizard. He is to have an appearance in The Random Tales of Hogwarts as a Mary-Sue hunter. His cameo is in Chapter Five. Birthday: August 7th. He will be featured in the fourth Sorting Hat drabble. My thoughts on the OC: Keanu is actually a down-to-earth character. Pronunciation of first name: Ke-an-oo.

Ethelelda Brown: Girl who lived seven hundred years ago. She was in third-year at the time of the First Triwizard Tournament. Has a brother. Not much is known about her yet. Was mentioned in One Hundred Drabbles of Hogwarts Students by Matilda Tomkins. House: Gryffindor. She is to feature in the third Sorting Hat drabble.

Nobby Bakewell: Boy in Freya's year, Gryffindor. Has mousey hair and brown eyes. He was due to appear in Face The Strange: Diary of a Ravenclaw. He will make his debut in One Hundred Drabbles of Hogwarts Students when he challenges Lydia Hill to a competition.

Matilda Tomkins: Girl with blonde hair and green eyes, first seen in One Hundred Drabbles of Hogwarts Students. She lived seven hundred years earlier. Cousin to both Ethelelda and Harold. Was in Second Year when the First Triwizard Tournament was held. House: Gryffindor. Birthday: 10th May.

Violet Donovan: Girl who later participates in the Second Triwizard Tournament. Was a Second Year at the time the First one was held. Had the second POV drabble in One Hundred Drabbles of Hogwarts Students. Lived seven hundred years ago. House: Ravenclaw. She will be featured in the second Sorting Hat drabble. Birthday: October 14th. (Hastings Day)

Horatio Brown: Triwizard Champion of Hogwarts. Took part in the Tournament that happened a year after the Battle of Hogwarts. He is related to a participant that took part in the first Triwizard Tournament. He may have a cameo in Ten Things First Years Must Never Do at Hogwarts. House:Ravenclaw. Seventh Year. Year in Ten Things First Years Must Never Do at Hogwarts: Second Year. Birthday: March 14th (Pi Day). He is to feature in the Sixth Sorting Hat drabble.

Tobias McCready: Boy in Hufflepuff at the time of the First Triwizard Tournament. He makes an appearence in One Hundred Drabbles of Hogwarts students as a Third-Year, in the segment "Snowball Fight". He will appear in the 14th drabble as a First-year.

Epona Jenkins: Girl who is in Hufflepuff, she is Tobias' friend. She makes an appearence in One Hundred Drabbles of Hogwarts Students in the segment "Snowball Fight" twice, once mentioned as one of the Hufflepuff Third-Year girls attacked by Slytherins armed with snowballs, another protesting about Bella allowing her classmate to remain despite said Slytherin being hit with a snowball and dismissing Harold Brown. Epona is an Animagi (White horse), though she becomes one as part of her Transfiguration examination. She later gets the job of Quidditch Commentator. Birthdate: November 1st.(All Saint's Day)

Mitzi Jones: Slytherin who became Hogwarts Champion in the Triwizard Tournament. She will appear in a future fanfic. She was mentioned in How the Triwizard Tournament Began and made her debut in One Hundred Drabbles of Hogwarts Students. Her best friend is Duncan Ling, a muggleborn Slytherin. Birthday: October 1st.

Unnamed Beauxbatons Champion: Student in her sixth year. Took part in the same Tournament as Horatio Brown.

Lydia Hill: Slytherin girl in Freya's year. She is due to appear in One Hundred Drabbles of Hogwarts Students when she gives Mitzi an idea to break a Hogwarts record after telling her that a Gryffindor has gained the most House Points in a day. She was due to be featured in Face The Strange: Diary of a Ravenclaw.

Monty Rothwell: Hufflepuff boy in Freya's year. He was due to appear in Face The Strange: Diary of a Ravenclaw. He could potentially appear in One Hundred Drabbles of Hogwarts Students.

Unnamed Drumstrang Champion: He participated in the same Triwizard Tournament as Horatio Brown. Seventh Year.

Ursula LaMere: Girl in Ravenclaw House some seven-hundred years ago. She is the niece of Divination teacher Professor LaMere.

Catherine: Student in Slytherin House, hates Keanu. Once bewitched a broomstick to chase after him in a Quidditch Flying Lesson. Sarcastic.

Felicia McNarama: Girl who lived seven hundred years ago. She was in Sixth Year at the time of the first Triwizard Tournament. Played a role in the First Task of the first Triwizard Tournament. Has blonde hair, blue eyes. Her Sorting Hat drabble will be the final drabble in One Hundred Drabbles of Hogwarts Students. Birthday: 6th June.

Shelley: Girl who lived seven hundred years ago, a bit of an airhead.Loves to hang around with Rhiannon. House: Gryffindor.

Random Reporter: A witch for a long ceased newspaper who reported on the first Triwizard Tournament seven hundred years ago. Has a habit of rubbing up the Champions the wrong way, with all of them hating her at some point in the Tournament. (Harold hating her the most.)

Renhold Twins: Identical Twin brothers in Sixth Year at the time of the First Triwizard Tournament. Leander Renhold is the smart and the more serious brother, while A. Renhold is the rude and mischevious brother. They play a role in the First Task during the First Triwizard Tournament. Has an older brother, Octavius Renhold. They also make appearences in One Hundred Drabbles of Hogwarts students. Both brothers' names comes from Greek Myths. A. Renhold's actual name will be revealed at some point in One Hundred Drabbles of Hogwarts Students. (Was revealed in Drabble Nine to be Achilles) Birthdays: May 21st.

Octavius Renhold: Head Boy at the time of the First Triwizard Tournament. Has twin brothers, Leander Renhold and A. Renhold. He has patience with Leander Renhold,but not as much with A.Renhold. He is due to appear in From Ordinary Gryffindor to Legend. He will feature in the ninth Sorting Hat drabble.

Isabella Marsh: First year, Slytherin. She's Catherine's best friend. She will feature in the Seventh Sorting Hat drabble.

Unnamed Beauxbatons headmisteress: Head of Beauxbatons seven hundred years earlier.

Drumstrang Headmaster: Was a headmaster at Drumstrang seven hundred years earlier.

Katy Johnson: Girl from the story Ten Things First Years Must Never Do at Hogwarts, she is a Sixth year. She will be featured in a scene in One Hundred Drabbles of Hogwarts Students. Prefect. House: Gryffindor. Maisie is her regular Wizard's Chess competitor. Birthday: November 18th.

Linda: Girl in Ginny's year, Hufflepuff. She will make a cameo in Ten Things First Years Must Never Do at Hogwarts.

Satoshi Wright: First year Ravenclaw. First introuduced in Ten Things First Years Must Never Do at Hogwarts. He later makes appearences in One Hundred Drabbles of Hogwarts students at various ages and points, with one segment told from his Point of View.

Freya Hilton: Girl a year younger than Mitzi Jones, a resident of Ravenclaw House. Golden-brown eyes, brown hair. Has a twin brother, Thor. She was due to feature in Face The Strange: Diary of a Ravenclaw

Maisie Brunel: Witch in Ravenclaw, Katy's friend. Sixth year, Prefect. Katy is her regular Wizard's Chess competitor. Her surname was revealed in Ten Things First Years Must Never Do at Hogwarts.

Duncan Ling: Slytherin student who appears in One Hundred Drabbles of Hogwarts Students. He is muggleborn, and as such, is often bullied by other Slytherins. He is ambitious and sarcastic. Birthday: February 6th (Nutella Day)

Neil Molyneux: Hogwarts student in Ravenclaw, hates people bashing his House. Year: Second Year.He is to feature in drabble 18 of One Hundred Drabbles of Hogwarts Students and has a twin, Virgil (Hufflepuff, second year, first seen in drabble 17)He and his brother are to appear in a future project. Birthday: December 12th. He will feature in the eighth Sorting Hat drabble.

Denis (Den) Lockett: Ravenclaw boy, a friendly rival of Keanu Thompson. He will debut in One Hundred Drabbles of Hogwarts Students. His rivalry with Keanu actually began when they were five, and are always challenging each other. Hates Dark Arts, the Carrows, Umbridge and Azkaban. Is a Muggleborn. Birthday: 18th July.

Participants of the First Triwizard Tournament:

Jeanne: Beauxbatons student. She took part in the First Triwizard Tournament. Age at time: Seventeen. Hated the random reporter. Wants to be a Professor at Beauxbatons. Have yet to think of a surname for her. She will have a cameo in the possible sequel.

Vladimir: He took part in the first Triwizard Tournament. Drumstrang Champion. Is in his last year. Age at time: Eighteen. I have yet to think of a surname for him.

Harold Brown: He took part in the first Triwizard Tournament seven hundred years earlier. His descendant later participated in another Tournament. Green eyes, messy brown hair, stocky. House: Gryffindor. His Year at the time is Sixth Year. Was seen and mentioned in How the Triwizard Tournament began. Age at time: Seventeen. Has a short temper. Once was poisoned by some Slytherins, but recovered (Incident to be the plotline of drabble 25). His cousin Matilda looks up to him. He makes appearences in One Hundred Drabbles of Hogwarts Students. Owns an owl called Claudia. He will have a cameo in the possible sequel. Had the first 1st Person POV drabble in One Hundred Drabbles of Hogwarts Students. Birthday: September 29th.( International Coffee Day) My thoughts on the OC: Although Harold is a hot-headed OC, he looks out for his friends and family, despite all that he had been through, father abandoning him and his mother, being poisoned, he is actually a character that has a hot head, but a good heart.

Warrior cats:

Sleepstar: Black She-cat who once led ShadowClan, she was murdered along with her deputy and brother. Has a flat face. Once a kittypet, her name was Callisto.(Her owner, who also owned Phoebe and her brothers, named her after an astormical object)

Phoenixfeather: Brown tabby tom with a flat face who was deputy of ShadowClan, he was murdered on the same patrol as his sister. When he was a kittypet, his name was Neptune.(His owner was an astromoner, and he named Phoebe and her kits after astronomical objects)First appearence: If Warrior Cats Had Twitter.

Planetpelt: Red tom with a flat face who later becomes leader of ShadowClan after the near-destruction of the clans after his brother and sister were murdered. As a kittypet, he was called Mars. (His mother was called Phoebe, and because his old owner was an astromoner, he was named after a planet)

Stormwing: White tom with black spoldges, he is a ThunderClan warrior first introuduced in "The ThunderClan cats Diaries" and later reappears in subsequent fics. Based off my cat (who has since been killed in a hit-and-run).

Chestnutpaw: She-cat who is a ShadowClan apprentice. She first appears in "The ShadowClan cats Diaries" and later appears in "Featherwhisker's Casebook" looking proud after her father became the first clan cat to reach orbit.

Lizardpaw: Tom who is the brother to Chestnutpaw, first appears in "The ShadowClan Cats Diaries" after he caught a snake.

Chestnutpaw's father: Only appears in "Featherwhisker's Casebook" during a Gathering.

Phoebe: She-cat who is the mother to Sleepstar, Phoenixfeather and Planetpelt. She is owned by an astronomer, who named her after an astromical object. Her mate is a tom named Titan.

Titan: Muscular red-brown tom who is the father to Sleepstar, Phoenixfeather and Planetpelt.

Winterfur: She-cat who makes her debut in "TGBTWWNK", broadcasting the news that the clans' have vanished! She will appear in the Battle For The Future.

Owlheart: Tom who will appear in One Gathering Later. Broad-shouldered brown tom.

Silverpaw: Silvery-grey tom with green eyes,reside in SkyClan.

Falconpaw: Mottled brown tom in ThunderClan.

Futurama OC:

Anneka Smith: 31st Century teenager who is a pupil at Mars University. Her twin brother, Rodney, is also a pupil. Anneka was orginally from Hawkhurst. Her first appearence came in a scene in "TGBTWWNK" when she inadvertaly pops up in the 21st Century. No relation to the future mayor of Islington (a fictional town I randomly created) Mr. Smith.

Rodney: Anneka's twin, he will make his debut in The Battle for The Future as an University student caught up in the chaos.He attends Mars University, and briefly attended Jupiter University.

Movie X-over OC:

Eliza: Eighteen year old who is a massive movie fan. While at her friend's house she and her friend finds themselves in a city inhabited by movie characters.

Perdita: Eliza's friend.

MySims OC:

Markita: Teenager who is first seen in "The Youth Club", resides on the island, has bright orange hair, brown eyes, and wear a purple jacket and jeans.

Hector: Markita's cousin, lives in the resort town. Mentioned only.

Pokemon OC:

Billy: Lad who reside in the Sinnoh region.He is joined by his father's Minun, who followed him. Starter pokemon: Piplup. Current status: In Unova. Age 12 (As of meeting up with his sister in Driftveil City.)

Tania: Billy's older sister. Had completed her Sinnoh journey five years earlier (and is now travelling). Pokemon: Glaceon, Skitty(which she got off a friend),Leafeon,Infernape, Staravia, Riolu. Current status:En Route to Kalos. I have plans for a story to be centred on her in the not too-distant future.Her Unova team will be slightly different to her Sinnoh team. She will meet up with her brother prior to visiting Kalos. Unova Team: Herdier, Purrloin, Munna, Oshawott, Umbreon and Sawsbuck.Note: Herdier is shiny. Age: 17 (As of being in Unova) 18 (As of meeting up with her brother).

Llywellyn: Resides in Hoenn, gave Tania a Skitty. Not much is known about this character, but team is of the following: Torchic, Delcatty, Swellow, Plusle, Tropius and Zangoose. Current status: In the Kalos region. Age: 18.

Johnny: Billy's cousin who resides in the Unova region. Starter: Snivy. He decides to join Billy on his journey through Unova. After his journey, he and Billy plans to visit Johto. Age: 13.

Katia: Billy's friend. Starter: Turtwig. Current status: Challenging the Gyms in Kanto. Age: 12

Louis: Billy's friend.Starter: Chimchar. Current status: Challenging the Gyms in Kanto. Age: 12.

Matt: Male Togepi.

Bob: Male Machoke, he is the leader of the group. Gets on well with everyone.

Michaela: Female Charap, she gets on well with Autumn.

Natalie: Female Deerling.

Autumn: Female Teddiursa.

Harry: Male Magby.

Professor Layton OC's:

Daisy Kirkman: Girl who is first introuduced in The Diary of the Golden Apple as a classmate of Flora's. Her age is fifteen years old.

Rose Kirkman: Girl who is first introuduced in The Diary of the Golden Apple as a Year Eleven Prefect. She is Daisy's older sister. Her age is sixteen years old.

Doctor Who OC's:

Unnamed Professor: Inventor of the dating system used in "The End Of The World". Place of residence: Fra Mauro City, Luna.

Misc. Games OC's:

None yet listed.

Mythology OC's:

Alexandria: Girl who will appear in my future fanfics. Status: TBC.

Nefertina: Girl who will appear in my future fanfics. Status: TBC.

C. Thorvoldson: Boy who will feature in my future fanfics. He will also feature as a student in my unnamed Norse mythology/Greek mythology crossover set in high school. Out of my Mythology OC's, he will have a surname. I think you can figure it out what his first name will be. Status: unknown.

Quick! Write down 10 OC's: (I decided on my Harry Potter OC's as it's much fun)

1. Keanu Thompson

2. Sakura Evans

3. Leander Renhold

4. Achilles Renhold

5. Virgil Molyneux

6. Neil Molyneux

7. Felicia McNarama

8. Harold Brown

9.Epona Jenkins

10. Tai Sing.

What would happen if 1 woke you up in the middle of the night?

Me: Keanu, are you okay?

Keanu: I'm fine. Just having a nightmare about the Carrows and their detentions...*

2 dares you to face a fear?

Please Sakura, nothing to do with needles.

3 walks into the bathroom while you're showering?

Me: Leander, can you go somewhere else?

Leander: Oops, sorry.

4 announces to you that they're getting married to 9?

Me: I knew there was something going on between Achilles and Epona.

5 cooks you dinner?

Me: Have you used any magic at all, Virgil?

Virgil: No, I haven't.

6 was lying next to you on a beach sleeping?

Me: Must resist urge to find a cold flannel and wake Neil up.

7 confesses that they're related to you?

Me: What, Felicia, really?

8 got into the hospital somehow?

Doctor: So what happened?

Me: Well, Harold got into a fight with some muggle hooligan and he got injured.

9 made fun of your friends?

Me: Epona, don't be rude.

Epona: Why couldn't Hufflepuffs be rude sometimes.

10 ignored you all the time?

Me: Sorry Tai Sing

Two serial killers are hunting you down, what would 1 do?

Me: Knowing Keanu, he would just hex them.

2 wins a cruise and invites you and 8?

Me: Okay.

Sakura: What about you?

Harold: What's a cruise?


Harold: So that's what a cruise is.

It's your birthday, what does 3 get you?

Leander would probably get me a book written in runes.

You're stuck in a house fire, what would 4 do?

Probably attempt to put out the fire with his wand and a spell.

You're about to do something exteremly embrassing, what does 5 do?

Virgil would wind me up about it.

You're about to marry 10, what does 1 do?

Keanu would tell me that he and Tai Sing are friends, but he would probably be a bit jealous that he hasn't yet had a girlfriend.

You're competiting in a tournament, how does 9 support you?

She would probably distract the other competitors by Transfiguring herself into a horse.

You've just been dumped, how does 7 cheer you up?

Felicia would probably say something encouraging.

You can't stop laughing, what will 10 do?

Tai Sing would probably give me a potion to knock me out.

1 is all you've ever dreamed of, why?

Keanu has such a brilliant sense of humour.

2 tells of their love for 9?

Sakura and Epona? I have no words. Though I probably see them as friends.

You're dating 3 and they introuduce you to their parents?

Leander: Mum, Dad, this is my friend from school.

Me: Well, Leander's quite smart, and his parents are welcoming.

Will 5 and 6 ever kiss?

Virgil and Neil? They're twins.

6 happens to be a player, breaking many hearts, what will you do?

Tell Neil that he doesn't have to go around the Houses dating random girls.

8 thinks they will never find a date, what will you do?

Try to encourage Harold with saying something.

You get a haircut and 7 can't stop looking at you?

Felicia would ask me if I can book her an appointment for her.

What happens if 5 discovers fanfiction?

Virgil would probably look at me in shock.

7 asks 2 on a date?

I think Sakura will probably take Felicia shopping.

You notice 3 and 4 have been in a hotel room for more than a few hours?

Enters Leander's and Achilles' room and sees the two drunk on firewhisky

Me: Hang on a minute, have you two been drinking firewhisky?

Leander: What happened?

Me: Great, not only are you both drunk, you have no memories of what happened this morning.

How would you feel if 7 and 8 were in a heated argument?

I think Felicia and Harold would probably be arguing over the fact that Harold's quite reckless and needs to take time out.

7, 9 and 4 have banded together at three in the morning and starts to sing the most annoying song you know as loud as they can, waking you up. What is the first thing you think?

Me: Great, they've probably been at the firewhisky again, and I have told them that Achilles and firewhisky does not mix. (I'm actually planning out a drabble based on this scenario)

Stories I written:

Featherwhisker's Casebook: I based this on murder-mysteries series from the 1960's, and Hollyleaf, in this fanfic, is a warrior who tells random facts such as "Thornclaw's attempts on the Clan's speed record". Lionblaze has a thing about sofas, and he shreds Firestar's expensive sofa into shreds at the first meeting. In this fic, Featherwhisker and Sunstar are solving a mystery to who killed Ashfur. The reason why I put Sunstar and Featherwhisker in is because there is not many Sunstar-based fanfics out there. Status: On Hiatus for now. Chapters: Possibly ten chapters long. Estimated Completion date: 2014.

Ten things First-years should never do: Ten short stories about a group of first-years at Hogwarts who plot revenge on Umbridge, The Inqustrial Squad, Snape and Filtch by doing stupid, crazy and naughty things. Rated K for the use of the word "Mudblood", mainly said by the Slytherins. Took place during Harry Potter's fifth year. Book characters only. Chapter five planned. Humour. Rules include: "I must Not enchant a hoover to fly," and "I must not sell the Fat Lady to a Muggle Museum". Chapters: 10. Next update: End of July/Early August.

The ThunderClan cats Diaries: A story I came up when bored. Incidentally, the Moody reference is to a future Titanic fic (See below, in the Coming Soon section) Complete. Humour.

The Diary of the Golden Apple: I wrote this after finishing "Professor Layton and the Curious Village" and I thought if Flora had a diary what would it say about her life in London. Chapter two being planned. Next Update: Possibly 26th December. Chapters: 15. Estimated Completion Date: December 2014.

The bathtub incident: I wrote this fic last year, after watching "Coronation Street's 50 Greatest Moments" and one clip shows Chesney's pet dog running up the stairs and leaping into the tub, which fell through the ceiling. When writing it, I decided to write it in the dog's point of view. The reason he jumped into the bathtub is for pizza. Complete. General.

I don't like this ship: Quite a long story to how the idea came to me, but it was after reading a few Titanic fics, and when coming up with the title, I remembered a book on the Titanic, which had a sentence from the Chief Officer in a letter, so that's how the title came. The ficlet I wrote was on Wilde. Complete. Probably my best work to date (Though since gone down to Second place after starting on If Warrior Cats Had Twitter.). First in a series of twelve Titanic One-shots. Drama/Tragedy.

The ShadowClan cats Diaries: After I wrote the ThunderClan cats Diaries, I began to plan a sequel, this time explaining how the snake got into the ThunderClan camp. Complete. Humour.

The Greatest Battle The World Will Never Know: This idea came into a dream I had one night, and the dream was exactly like the entire plot of the story, when I woke up I was surprised to find it was all a dream, like Dovekit will. (The entire plot is set between Sunrise and The Fourth Apprentice), and when I began to write this fic up, I randomly created several pigs (honest) A parody of when Crossovers don't go to plan. Will be rewritten one day, once Why Mudclaw Hates The Internet and Untitled One-shot on Moody is written and completed. Fantasty/Parody. Chapters in the revised version: About ten chapters long. Estimated Completion date: 2015. (Revised, with a new plotline.)

Why Tigerstar Hates National Parks: A collection of ten short stories, all set in a National Park in the U.K, and the first chapter is called "The South Downs", and it sees Tigerstar appearing in a National Park in East Sussex, while Twolegs were discussing about a hill figure. It ends with Tigerstar captured by Twolegs, or something random happening to him. Firestar will appear in the next chapter of this fanfic, and Tigerstar kills him for winding him up over being a kittypet. Currently on hiatus. Humour/Adventure. Ten Chapters long. Will be restarted once Ten Things First Years must Never Do at Hogwarts is complete. Estimated Completion date: 2015.

Stolen Elders: I decided to write a story about the Clans' Elders disappearing by a mysterious cat, and how the Clans must try and find them. Orginally written in 2008, rewritten after Warmy turned the story random. This isn't set in any time period. On hiatus. General/Mystery. Possibly twelve chapters long. Estimated Completion Date: 2015.

Firestar's Round the Internet tour: Story in which the Clans' all go out on a trip, with help from Google Street View, all places mentioned does exist, such as Battle (Yes, I'm not joking about a place called Battle, site of a famous battle as it's name suggests ), Faversham, London, Bayston Hill etc. Places so far visited/mentioned: Bolton, Waltham Abbey, Battle, Tangmere, York, London ( all as of the second chapter) Working on a draft for chapter three. This will be eighteen chapters long. Next update: Unknown. Estimated Completion Date: 2015.

Mistystar's Cafe of Chaos: Fic I thought about one day and imagined Mistystar owning a Cafe. From Star-Grazy pies through to Mapleshade's attempts at taking over, the cafe will never be the same. Will update soon.(Once I get back to writing fanfics again)Next Update: Unknown. Chapters: Six.This one is currently on hiatus, as my main focus is on completing If Warrior Cats had Twitter and One Hundred Drabbles of Hogwarts Students. Estimated Completion Date: 2015.

A day in the life of Perry the Platypus: Was orginally an one-shot, but people requested a second chapter, so it is being continued. (Second chapter won't be up till current projects are finished, and when I return to writing) Estimated Completion Date: Late 2013.

Randomville: This fanfic features cameo characters fo example, Basil appers in one scene, and follows a detective who must stop Tigerstar from causing the town to be over populated. Complete. Has a sequel.

Things Firestar Must Never Do In Science: Fanfic I thought of one day, in a science class at Secondary. Some of the things in the fanfic is similar to what happened in my science lessons, such as burning a table. Rated K for safety reasons. Was once on hiatus but no longer. Third Chapter coming soon. Third Chapter to be edited, due to song lyrics. Chapters: 10. Estimated Completion Date: 2014.

Warrior Cats and Twitter: I first came up with this two years ago, and had begun writing this up last year. I wanted to write a good parody based off a website, but as there was a lot of "Fictional characters on Facebook" ones, I decided to do my own, but with Twitter. I'm amazed this has started a trend. This one will have regular updates. First Chapter being written. I think this one's my best Warrior Cats fanfic to date, especially the names of the cats in this. Note: This is actually a spoof. Warning: Contains Fourth Wall breaking. Humour/Parody. Really Random Person helped me with one scene. This will be fourteen chapters long.

A message to Fanfiction Writers: Draco's Blog: I wrote this fanfic after reading so many fanfics about him. I hated the way people made him OOC and I imagined if he came across Fanfiction that's exactly what he would put. I have nothing against the Golden Trio, though, but I much perfer Ron/Hermione, and Harry/Ginny. Another reason is a certain fanfic that had a Mary-Sue. Complete.

How The Triwizard Tournament Began: This is a little One-Shot that I came up with while rereading Harry Potter and The Goblet of Fire, and I thought "What was the orgins of the Triwizard Tournament". A companion piece to a future fanfic. Complete.

One Hundred drabbles on Hogwarts students: I came up with this when bored one day, and I thought about writing a hundred drabbles on life at Hogwarts from the POV of students. Each chapter will have a title with an event or life of a Hogwarts student. Rated K- T for mentions of a past poisoning incident. Chapters: 100. Current Status: On hiatus till If Warrior Cats Had Twitter and Ten Things First Years Must Never Do At Hogwarts is completed.

Hollyleaf's letter of Complaint: I recently read Starkit's Propercy and I thought "What if Hollyleaf discovered this story and is shocked by it" So that's how this came to be. I was a bit nervous about the "Shapeshitter" bit when writing it, as I have never cussed in any of my fanfics before, and that's the reason why it is rated a T, because of that outburst. Complete.

Future stories: (May or may not be written)

The Youth Club: Takes place after the events of "MySims Kingdom", the teenagers of the island set up a youth club, with help from Markita. Characters: Markita, Tim, Lily.

Unnamed one-shot: Harry Potter fanfic, centring on Colin Creevey. Plot yet unknown.

Untitled Pokemon story: Based on the DS game "Pokemon Diamond", this fanfic follows the adventures of Billy, a young kid who travels through the Sinnoh region on a mission for Professor Rowan. Joining him on his adventures is his father's Minun. Is for my brother. Warning: Contains misuse of honey. Adventure. It was orginally going to be based on "Pearl" but my brother won't let me borrow the game, saying that he is in the crucial stage of the game.Chapters: 50. On the "Top Priorities" list. I should begin writing up next week, as I'm currently at the Elite Four bit. (Can't beat Lucian, though)

Currently Untitled fanfic on Ravenpaw: Unknown.

A Gathering Later... Warrior Cats fanfic. Takes place one moon after the events of The Last Hope. Characters in this fanfic: ThunderClan: Bramblestar, Squrrielflight, Jayfeather, Lionblaze, Ivypool, Dovewing, Cinderheart, Sandstorm, Purdy, Owlheart and Blossomfall Apprentices: Cherrypaw and Molepaw. ShadowClan: Blackstar, Rowanclaw, Littlecloud,Tawnypelt, Tigerheart, Dawnpelt and Cedarheart. RiverClan: Mistystar, Reedwhisker, Mothwing, Willowshine. WindClan: Onestar, Ashfoot, Crowfeather, Harespring. Rated K for mentions of the Dark Forest. TBA 2013.

An currently Untitled One-Shot on Moody: Plot TBA, but will hopefully be up by the end of next month. Part of a series of twelve one-shots on Titanic characters. Rated T for safety. Drama. Suggested by Really Random Person recently. Status: Planning.

Why Mudclaw Hates The Internet: When Mudclaw, a WindClan warrior, notices that his clanmates have became lazy through a Virtual Hunting game, he sets off to ban it. Rated T for safety, sequel to Why Tigerstar Hates National Parks. Will be up soon. Chapters: 1 or 2. Update: Planning stage, put on "Top Priorities" list.

The Only Way is The Lake: A Warrior Cats fanfic. From Blackstar's Nightclub to Crowfeather's on-off relationship with Nightcloud, with Squrrielflight's extensive jewellery collection to Leafpool's boutique, and Sandstorm's cooking, you'll never see parties in the same way again. Spoof of Reality Television shows. Rated T for over-partying. Humour/Parody. Chapters: 12. Title refers to the show "The Only Way is Essex" Status: Planning stage. On the "Top Priorities" list.

Untitled fanfic based on The Last Hope: Characters: Hollyleaf, Mousefur, Ferncloud, Firestar, Unnamed ShadowClan kit, Bluestar and other StarClan cats. Plot TBC. Rated T. Drama.

An one-shot on Mousefur: Takes place during The Last Hope. Contains spoilers, rated T for character death. One-shot.

An Harry Potter fanfic that takes place a year after the Deathly Hallows: What happened at the Triwizards Tournament a year after the Battle of Hogwarts? Will anyone die? Will a fourteen-year-old's name be in the Goblet? What dangers will the champions face? Rated T for safety. I need suggestions for female Beauxbatons Champion and Male Drumstrang Champion. Characters: Horatio Brown,

From Ordinary Gryffindor to Legend: In 1294, there began a competition between three Wizarding schools. Every five years, each school selects a representative for the competition. Called Champions, they were given special privileges and did not do tests for their year group for a year. But what happened during the first of these Tournaments? Who were the three Champions? What magical skills did they possess? Rated T for safety. Current status: Being planned out, prologue due in December. Chapters: 30. Will have an epilogue at the end, relating to the sequel.

Unnamed fanfic Sequel: It's 1299, and five years has passed since three young wizards and witches participated in a Tournament. Now, the Triwizard Tournament is here again, and for Seventeen-year-old Violet Donovan, a Ravenclaw student at Hogwarts, those five years could mean if she could cope with the tasks or if she faces danger like never before. Rating: T for safety. Notes: The sequel to From Ordinary Gryffindor to Legend. Status: Won't be written till From Ordinary Gryffindor to Legend is complete, possibly 2014/2015. Chapters: 30.

Unnamed short story on Felicia McNarama: How did Gryffindor student Felicia McNarama saw the first-ever Triwizard Tournament? What role did she play during the event? Takes place during From Ordinary Gryffindor to Legend, will be up after said story is complete. Possibly the final story posted on here.

The Triwizard Tournament Handbook A handbook written giving background information on the history and the famous Champions of each Tournament. Side project to From Ordinary Gryffindor To Legend. Incorporates 90% Headcanon of mine.

Stories Co-written:

Broken Promises: This was co-written with Warmy (aka Really Random Person, when we both shared this account) who wrote the first three chapters, but I'll write the rest of the story for her. Currently on hiatus.

Randomville 2: The search for Owlstar's Treasure: Co-written with Really Random Person, who came up with the car insurance scene. It was posted on my birthday (August 18th).

Stories I'll write:(May or may not be written)

(After I finish my current stories)

Untitled Futurama fic: The story of Earth's battle to take back a comet. Based on a quote by Farnsworth in an episode. Rated T for safety.

Untitled Titanic fic: Centred on Lowe, third in an ongoing series of Titanic One-shots. Unknown yet.

Untitled Sims fic: Plot TBA.

Untitled Tudors fanfic: Plot unknown

Untitled Doctor Who fic: Based on the episode "The End of the World", this fic explains the dating system used in the episode to greater detail, and how it was invented. Humour. Rated K for random objects used. Note: Contains an OC. TBA 2012/2013. One-Shot.

The Battle For The Future: Warrior Cats/ Futurama crossover. When Tigerstar finds a time machine he causes chaos for Planet Express, prompting Firestar to head to the 31st Century. Date TBC. Rated T. (It won't be up till the rewrite of The Greatest Battle The World Will Never Know is complete) May be cancelled if it goes beyond the 2015 date.(i.e if The Greatest Battle the World Will Never Know rewrite isn't finished by 31st December 2015, then it won't be written)

Untitled Titanic fic: Plot TBA. Will probably centred on either Cora, Murdoch or Captain Smith. I won't know till I write it up. Fourth in a series of twelve one-shots.

Untitled Titanic fanfic: Plot TBA. Fifth in my series of Titanic one-shots. Character: Unknown.

One-shot Titanic fanfic number six: Plot unknown, Character unknown. (Though looking at the possibility of having Molly Brown in it)

One-Shot Titanic fanfic Seven: Unknown Plot and character.

Titanic fanfic One-shot eight: Unknown Plot and character.

Titanic fanfic One-shot nine: Unknown plot and character.

Titanic One-shot number ten: Unknown plot and character.

Titanic One-shot number eleven: Unknown plot and character.

Titanic One-shot number twelve: Unknown plot and character. Final One-shot.

Untitled Doctor Who one-shot: TBA.

The RiverClan cats Diaries:Unknown yet.

Untitled Night at the Museum fic: unknown.

The Youth Club: MySims Kingdom DS fanfic.

Untitled St.Trinian's fic: The events of the second film told in the point of view of the twins.

Untitled Movie X-overs fanfic: Unknown plot yet.

The Windclan cats diaries: Unknown yet.

Untitled Simpsons/Futurama crossover: Unknown.

Untitled fanfic based on MacBeth: Unknown.

It's a clan knockout: Firestar, Blackstar, Leopardstar and Onestar takes part in a game show, but when Tigerstar and Brokenstar comes onto the scene trouble escalates. Humour. Based on the T.V game show It's A Knockout! Rated K-T. (Won't know till I write it up)

Untitled Pokemon story: TBA. Involves a Machoke named Bob, a Charap named Michaela, a Togepi named Matt, a Deerling called Natalie, a Teddiursa called Autumn and a Magby named Harry, as they go on an adventure.

Untitled Crossover: Plot unknown.

Untitled Harry Potter fanfic: Unknown plot, characters: Harry, Dudley, Draco. AU. Rated K.

Untitled Book X-over/Anime X-over crossover: Will have one thing in common: TWITTER! Takes place before the "Warrior Cats on Twitter" story. Rated T.

Future Matilda story: Takes place ten years after the film.

Untitled miscellanious game fanfic: Plot unknown

Untitled Simpsons fanfic: Centred on Lisa.

Untitled MySims fanfic: Plot yet unknown, but will have Tim, Helen and Hector in the story.

Untitled fanfic on Ashfur: Unknown yet.

Future fanfic centred on the Weasley Twins: TBA soon.

Harry Potter fanfic set a year after the events of Deathly Hallows: TBA. Characters: Ginny, Luna, Hermione.

Untitled fanfic on Tigerstar: Unknown. Drama.

A Greek/Norse Mythology crossover: Unknown yet. Possibly a High School AU. Rated T for safety. P.O.V's in this: Alexandria, TBC.

Untitled Norse Mythology fanfic: This fanfic will feature the as-yet-unnamed Norse boy.

Untitled fanfic on Hollyleaf: Unknown.

Possible Warrior Cats fanfic on SkyClan: Plot unknown.

An as yet untitled Pokemon fanfic: Based off the game "Pokemon White", this story will focus on Tania, who is travelling around the Unova region. Rated T just in case.

A possible Warrior Cats High School/College AU: Join Mousefur, a Sixth-Former, and her brother Runningwind as they go through exams, lessons, drama and chaos at Sanctuary Lake High School and Sixth Form. Rated T for safety. Human AU.

Untitled Professor Layton story: Plot unknown, but will be on the Azran Civilisation.

Future co-written stories:

Untitled Twilight parody: Will be co-written between me, Really Random Person and Crazy-Girl-Who-Loves-Vamps. (My first three-way fic. Won't be written till Really Random Person and Crazy-Girl-Who-Loves-Vamps have finished their current stories.)Rated T. Warning: This will be very random. I'm doing this fic to parody all the plotholes in the books. Status: Won't be written till One Hundred Drabbles of Hogwarts Students and If Warrior Cats Had Twitter is finished.

Untitled Co-written project: The fandom is currently unknown but will be written next year. Writers: Me, Really Random Person and Crazy-Girl-Who-Loves-Vamps. Unknown genre and will be rated T.


Titanic fanfic on Lowe: Reason why it was abandoned: Unknown. Elements from the abandoned fanfic will be used for an One-shot on him in the future.

Onestar's Discovery: Reason why it was abandoned: Suffered from Writer's block. Elements fom this fanfic will be used for Why Mudclaw Hates The Internet.

Story centred on The Face of Boe: Reason is the computer deleted it.I may one day write about The Face of Boe.

An Untitled Warrior Cats/Troy crossover: Reason unknown.

A planned Simpsons fanfic: Reason for abandonment: It was badly written, at a time when I was starting out with solo fanfiction projects.

Face The Strange: Diary of a Ravenclaw First-Year: Reason for abandonment: Confusing plotline, and the fact Thor and Freya Hilton hasn't yet been established in a previous fanfiction. (As a rule, before I start on another fanfiction with the same characters, I have to establish them first. However, I have planned for two other characters from the abandoned project to appear in One Hudred Drabbles of Hogwarts students to be established.)

The Medieval Students and Keanu read My Immortal: This will be posted on my DeviantART account.

Ongoing series of fanfics: (Bold are the complete/ongoing fanfics and characters, italics are next projects on the characters/groups/series featured in the planning stage. Characters/groups/series in normal are currently short-term.)

The Warrior Cats Diaries: Series of eight fanfics, each focusing on a Clan or a group of cats. Clans/cat groups featured: ThunderClan, ShadowClan, RiverClan, WindClan, SkyClan, BloodClan, Tribe of Rushing Water and Kittypets.

Series of Twelve fanfics on the Titanic: Each of the fanfics will feature on a character from the film. Will be One-shots. Characters featured: Wilde, Moody, Lowe, Captain Smith, Murdoch, Molly Brown, Cora,

Twitter Ye Not: Three Fanfics, each focusing on a series. Series: Warrior Cats, Simpsons, Futurama. There will be a book X-over/Anime X-over as well. The Harry Potter one has been scrapped.

Why Cats Hate Certain Twoleg Things: Four Warrior Cats fanfics, each focusing on a cat. Characters: Tigerstar, Mudclaw, Hawkfrost, Nightcloud.

The Pioneering Triwizard Series: Six Harry Potter fanfics, revolving around any of the first four Triwizard Tournaments. Stories written: How the Triwizard Tournament Began, From Ordinary Gryffindor to Legend, Untitled fanfic on Violet Donovan, Fanfic Four, Story on the Fourth Triwizard Tournament and Short story on Felicia McNarama.


Warriors Of Crouch End: It didn't work at all. Will never be completed.

Mayhem in the Clans: Plot needs sorting out. Will never be completed.

Broken Promises: Adopted by Really Random Person.

Featherwhisker's Casebook: Hiatus due to Writer's Block.

Why Tigerstar Hates National Parks: Hiatus for now. Reason: Have a dozen projects that need updating.It will be restarted, hopefully soon.

Stolen Elders: Brief hiatus, till I have an idea for Chapter Three.

The Greatest Battle The World Will Never Know: Hiatus. Being rewritten,due to it turning out not the way I intended. First Chapter of the revised version being written.

Mistystar's Cafe of Chaos: On the back-burner for now, due to work on One Hundred Drabbles of Hogwarts Students.

Top Priorities:

This list is for fanfics that are in the short-term writing list, and will have frequent updates (Once a month)

The Only Way is The Lake: Warrior cats fanfic. Should be started on within the next couple of months.

From Ordinary Gryffindor to Legend: Harry Potter fanfic set in the past. Should have prologue up soon.

Untitled Pokemon fanfic: Based off the "Pokemon Diamond" game. Should be started soon.

Why Mudclaw Hates The Internet: Planning stage, one or two chapters long.

One Hundred Drabbles of Hogwarts Students: Ongoing, regular updates. Looking at a Summer 2014 Completion date.

Poll results:

The fanfic idea Why Mudclaw Hates the Internet has got most of the votes. It will be written once I have some ideas on the plotline.

Roles I played at School:

An angel (In my primary school's annual christmas production)

Mary (One year in my primary school's annual production)

An elf (One year when we did a production of "The Elves and the Shoemaker")

A chicken (In a very weird play we once did at school.)

Lady MacBeth (In Secondary, when we did Shakespeare as part of our KS4 English)

But I am not a really good actress.

Random Facts:

The locomotive used in the "Harry Potter" films is a 4900 class.(AKA Hall, and is called "Olton Hall". It is the subject of a joke "The Hall that thinks it's a Castle", referring to the larger Castle Class of steam locomotive.)

There is a place in Norfolk called California. (It's near Great Yarmouth, and it's a village)

There hasn't been a King of England called Richard since 1485. (Considered unlucky, one of the names unused in centuries, along with Stephen (unusued since 1154), John (Unusued since 1216), Alfred , Harold (Unusued since 1066), either they were unlucky or in the case of Alfred, risk of overshadowing (There was always going to be only one King of England called Alfred))

The main protagonist from the show CSI: Crime Scene Investigation is named after a real person!

It is possible to visit two railways in one day! (The Kent and East Sussex Railway and the Romney, Hythe and Dymchurch Railway are only twenty minutes drive away from each other, and that's on a good day.)

Arsenal has never been relegated from the top-flight of English football since 1919! (That's a long time, and I reckon they'll be there in 2019!)

The UK is the only nation to launch a satellite into space, and then lose indigenous launch capabilities.

The TV Game show Knightmare was the first game show to show interaction between humans and Computer-generated settings!


"Fire Power" My brother, on Friday, while playing on a game.

"It was an anime mash up" Me,to my brother. (Explanation: I was playing Yu-Gi-Oh! card game with him and he shouted "Pikachu, go!")

"At last! Finally got one!" Me, after catching a Skarmory on Pokemon Pearl, after a dozen attempts of getting it. (My brother no longer has it)

"There's another message" Warmy, last night on Facebook.

"I just had to fight these ailens five seconds ago, and still I had to defeat them again" Me, while playing on The Sims 2 DS last night.

"Until Pi Day comes round again, the number is 3.14" Kayleigh Wintercrest, The Sims 2 DS.

"Oi, Guy, over here. There's a box we can sit on" A random student to a lad in my year. (The cardboard box ended up broken, and there was really a lad named Guy in my year.)

"Come back here Ross and Nathanial" Me, to two boys in my year. (I never heard the song "Don't stop me now" in the same way again, that was the song Nathanial had on when he was chasing Ross)

"Where's the keys?" A girl in my year.

" Natasha would love it here" Me, to my nan, on my sister. (We were in the crypt of St.Paul's Cathedral in London)

"That must have been uncomformtable" My nan, on a spacecraft in the Science Museum, London. (No, I'm not joking about the spacecraft in the Science Museum)

"Natasha and oranges don't mix" Me, to mum, when my sister was hyperactive (She drank some orange juice.)

"How about: Voldemort gets thrown into an Internet Prison" Warmy, on a new fanfiction idea. (Inspired by her college having an internet prison)

"This is supposed to be a comedy show, oh well, next we have Stupid Deaths" Rat from an Horrible Histories episode. (It was a two-part segment)

"Best thing that ever happened to me? Winning a local radio contest" Me. (Yes, I really did won a local radio contest with a classmate)

"Don't eat a sandwich, they contain sand" A boy who was a friend on the word sandwich.

"Why is it always me?" Neville Longbottom, in Harry Potter and the chamber of Secrets.

"Pupils' Fireworks Plea" newspaper headline.(About my school's win in the local radio contest. I was on holiday when my school won the "Bonfire Night Safety Campaign")

"May Construction" Sign somewhere in Burnham Thorpe. (Discovered it on Google, when bored.)

"Spottedleaf is no longer in StarClan" Bluestar, in The Last Hope.

"We had only ordered the game yesterday, and it's arrived" Mum, on my brother's HeartGold game she ordered. (He's been wanting it for weeks)

"Well, I'm keeping away from all things Political till next year" Me, earlier today. (Failed epicly)

"He's as inspiring as a wet cabbage" Some random person on a political leader.

"Not many youngsters would be voting" A person, last night. (According to this person, I was the only young person from my area to vote that day. Nobody in the area I live don't care about Politics at all.)

"I'm thinking of going round the neighbourhood posting leaflets saying "Don't feed this cat"" My dad, on Mikey who always goes round the neighbourhood demanding to be fed (Even though he had his dinner)

"What about the beach ball?" Me, on watching Match Choice last night, on West Brom-Arsenal and the fans were throwing beach balls and balloons on the pitch.(It was a party atmosphere.)

"Great! More rubbish programming" Me. (When doing a bit of channel surfing and couldn't find anything good on)

"Here is the news at 1066" From a Horrible Histories episode. (It was part of a Medieval sketch.)

"Always late, that's your trouble" Mousefur's last words, from The Last Hope.

"Why does it say Number 28 when it's Number 36 on the door" Me, when google street Viewing a friend's house.

"What attractions? A street full of twenty-five takeaways a few seconds away" Someone, on a place.

"Didn't StarClan tell you to stay away from the other medicine cats?" Goosefeather, in The Last Hope.

"Shall we head to the Cafe?" My nan, when we were at St Paul's Cathedral in London.

"Only in an Olympic Opening Ceremony do we see Voldemort being defeated by someone other than Harry Potter" one commentator.

"If they're going to break down, why don't they take their cars to the nearest hard shoulder" Dad, in a case of road rage.(During a three-hundred-mile long journey from visiting relatives)

"Will each county send two kids to take part in these forced competitive games? I'm beginning to see some parallels here" A person, on school sports are to be made more competitive. (Someone later said it was a reference to a certain series of Sci-fi novels.)

"For all those that are saying that Harry is short for Henry, have you never heard of the name Harold? Thought not" Some random person, on the argument of the day. (Is Harry short for Henry or Harold?)

"Sorry if I haven't been writing my stories recently, my muse decided to go away on holiday" Note on my Fictionpress account. (Good excuse for having Writer's Block)

"What? There's a Pirate Festival? I didn't know that" My nan, when in Hastings. (Well, there was a Pirate Festival going on that weekend.)

"This train is powered by Fairy Dust" Sign on a diesel locomotive at Hastings' Miniature Railway. (Hastings does have a miniature railway)

"He is not hungry" My nan, on her cat Tom Kitten, who was begging for food. (Tom Kitten had a brother, named Gizzy Too, as Gizzy Too was the second cat she owned named Gizmo. Sadly, Gizzy Too died this year, aged fourteen.)

"Tiny's been bouncing around all morning" Me, on my kitten.

"I will not believe in this car park excavation unless they find his car" A person, on an archaeological dig in Leicester. (They didn't have cars in 1485!)

"I think the headline "Local Council takes 527 years to find body" should be used" Random person on the dig in Leicester.

"I think that the village of Burnham Thorpe sounds like a popular place to visit" Me, on a random Google Search. (Was on the place name mentioned. It's a famous place)

"I hope I get to visit Portsmouth soon" Me, after Warmy visited the place. (I hope to visit soon)

"Is it going to be an Espeon, no, it's a Leafeon" Warmy, this morning while evolving an Eevee. (It became a Leafeon, even though it was intended to be an Espeon. She got an Espeon eventually.)

"That took a while, but it was worth the wait" Me, after catching a Cobalion on White. (I no longer have it, as someone decided to start again, but I will catch another on White soon. My brother has this thing of completing his Pokemon games then deleting the game file afterwards.)

"She's gone to the pussy cat doctors, Summer" Mum, to my cat Summer, who was looking for Tiny the kitten, who is at the vet's. (Summer behaves like a mother to Tiny.)

"Why is there eggs in my box labelled Fire? I can't remember putting my Ponytas in the daycare" Warmy, while playing on Pearl, and she discovered two eggs. (Had to explain later on to her that my brother had wanted to have a Magby.)

"Why is there two Dittos in the Daycare?" Warmy, while playing on Pearl. (She banned my brother from putting any more Pokemon in the daycare while on her game.)

"I know I should have saved the game before meeting Entei, it took me a while to get Growlithe" Me, this morning, while playing on my brother's HeartGold. (He didn't want me to play on the game while he tries to catch a Latias, which was on the loose, so I'm banned from playing HeartGold.)

"How did you manage to defeat the Team Galactic Boss?" My brother, last night. (We were both on two DS' simultaneously, playing on Diamond and Pearl respectively)

"That was quick" Me, last night, after catching a Dialga. (My brother and I were trying to see who would catch a Legendary first)

"My brother will kill me if I get the eighth badge before him, but he completed White though" Me, when playing Diamond.

"How did you know I had a Lucario in my team" Me, last night, when battling my brother, who was on Pearl.

"It took me a while to defeat him, so now I'm getting a Squirtle" My brother, while playing on HeartGold, a few weeks ago.

"Okay, so my brother will be in shock when he helps me out tonight" Me, after transferring a Growlithe from my brother's HeartGold to Diamond.(I still haven't got the National Dex yet. It was the Growlithe I caught for my team which didn't materialise.)

"Where did you get that Torchic?" Me, to Warmy. (The Torchic has since evolved)

"If the Eevee you get is a shiny, it's mine" My brother.

"You didn't use the Radar, yet you found a shiny Kricketune?" My brother,when he discovered that he has a shiny Kricketune in his team. (Well, it was random how I found it)

"So this statue was put up, then vanished, then returned?" My nan, when me, her, my sisters,my mum and my brother was walking in London. (It has been moved, again, to Greenwich, as of March 2013)

"How come it says "Dudley Southern By-Pass" on Google Street View when it has clearly been renamed" Me, when Google Street Viewing Dudley, West Midlands.

"Who knows you might meet here?" Me, to my parents, this morning.

"Tried to Google Search my school in 2004 but didn't work." Me.

"Okay, I'd much rather be in the year 1758 than suffering from endless advertisements of the final Twilight film" Me, when bored and ended up Google searching a certain date in that year.

"Congress postpone End of the World to 2013" From a Simpsons episode.

"The entire population of Mountain Class 4-8-2 in the UK consists of a pair in Kent" An article on the 4-8-2 wheel arrangement (No, I'm not joking about the pair, having seen them both at the RHDR. One of the locomotives appeared on an episode of Coast. The RHDR stands for Romney, Hythe and Dymchurch Railway, a famous 15-inch gauge railway)

"Anyway, I think he should be buried in York, the King not the playwright" A person, on the discovery on the remains found in a car park in Leicester. (Now we know it's who we thought it was.)

On a Youtube Video: Hurricane leaving Hythe. (No, it's not an actual hurricane. It's actually a locomotive called Hurricane, found in the same area as the two Mountain locomotives, also on the RHDR)

"You are going to be so jealous, I've got a shiny Lillipup" Me, to my brother, last night, after I caught a shiny Lillipup on White 2. (I evolved her, so she's a shiny Herdier. Somehow, I seem to be very good at encountering shiny Pokemon, as it was my second time I encountered and caught a shiny at random, and the third time in total. The third time was a shiny Frillish, but didn't know it was a shiny till after I defeated it.)

"Now, who's next on the list" Some person, after the dig results are announced.

"Breaking News: MacBeth found in Tesco's in Bolton" Comment by a person, following the results of the dig. (It's actually a spoof of the dig)

"Prehaps they can try to revive an earlier attempt in 2006" Random person. (There was an attempt in 2006 to find another lost king, but failed after one of the organizations refused to help)

"Why can't the local Council fix the potholes, my car is getting damaged" My mum, when we went out and hit a pothole. (I tell you what, the roads where I'm from is terrible, so many potholes, and that's everywhere you go, except in London.)

"This is going to take a while" Me, while playing on The Legend of Zelda Phantom Hourglass game yesterday, and was stuck in opening the door on the Sixth floor of the Temple. (Did get through eventually)

"Whoever comes up with these Thunderbirds references to describe a failed Politican's new job is a legend" Me, today, after a failed politican got a job at International Rescue.

"Should fast cars be catergorised as Dangerous Cars?" A person, on a debate on "Dangerous Dogs".

"Don't evolve, Horatio!" Me while playing on Pokemon Diamond and an Eevee named Horatio decided he was going to evolve. I decided he was going to be a Jolteon instead. (He and another Eevee wasn't going to evolve orginally, but they both did)

"This has got to be the lowest level I ever evolved an Eevee into a Glaceon" Me, on Arctic, an Eevee who did evolve into a Glaceon at level Six (Well, I was training Lightning, a Jolteon of mine, and Flame, a Flareon of mine on Route 217, on Diamond and Arctic just evolved)

"Sometimes you find some strange facts." Me, while doing a random Google Search on trees. (Wait, what? That's what I think if I type in something to do with trees.)

"If you think there's something a bit strange about a tree, chances is that it could be a Moon Tree" A result on Google.

"I think I need a screen break" Me, today.

"You, Corned Beef, you made history" Me to a pack of Corned Beef in a supermarket. (A Corned Beef sandwich was the first food to be smuggled into space!)

"No wonder why people call me the Walking Encyclopaedia the amount of interesting trivia I seem to recall at random moments" Me. (Mainly due to my excellent memory that I can recall facts at random moments, basically, I have a Photographic Memory.)

"Are these soccer players getting hungry in matches? Seems like it" My sister, on a soccer match.

"I think I shall call him Nigel" My dad on a newt in our fish pond. (He found the newt near the pond while cleaning the area yesterday)

"My old Maths teacher will be pleased" Me, after the FA Cup Final last night. (The team my old Maths teacher supports is Wigan, who won the FA Cup. They have only been in existence for eighty-one years)

"But the problem is, I can't knit" Me, at Christmas last year when I received a "How to knit" kit. (However, I can sew though, and is working on a throwover at the moment.)

"Now, if I can have my own sewing box, that would be great" Me, after I received a basic sewing kit for Christmas. (I hope to get it in August though for my birthday. I did get a sewing box for my birthday.)

"They'll come back" My mum, after watching the football last night, and Wigan got relegated. (They've been in the top-flight for eight years though)

"Are these people in Soccer suddenly retiring?" Me, after the third announcement of someone in soccer retiring. (So far, one manager and two players retired this week)

"Hey! That Squirtle is for Warmy!" Me, after my brother nicked a Squirtle I got from Diamond. (Well, I was going to give it to Warmy in exchange for a Torchic. My brother recieved a Squirtle from HeartGold but has a habit of starting over all the time)

"If I decide to start again on HeartGold, I'll give you a Bulbasaur and a Mudkip" My brother, to Warmy. (He gave the Mudkip to me to look after for a few days while training his Ivysaur)

"I don't know why I'm singing festive songs, I think it's because of the fact Tiny's got extra bells on her collar" Warmy, this morning, on our cat Tiny. (She had extra bells put on her collar after hunting some birds that regularly visit our garden.)

"But they're wannabe nachos" My sister, on a packet of tortilla chips.

"Well, you did say that the garden will have roses flowering at the same time, well, they are" Me to my mum. (As of December 2013 they're still flowering.)

"Where did you get the coconut from?" Me, to Warmy, who had a coconut she brought from the market this morning.

"Both of you, behave. You're setting a bad example to small children" My mum, having a go at my sisters who were shouting insults at each other on the train, this morning.

"I must have been quite well behaved today" Me, on the way back home on the train after going shopping with Mum and my sisters.

"Can you record my Glee?" My sister, last week.

"Now, where's my Amethyst?" Me, today. (Yes, I do have an amethyst crystal which I got a few years ago, when I went to a zoo.)

"So I'm going away, with my brother, for a fortnight in the middle of nowhere?" Me, this morning.

"I'm taking my cousin Mallard out" A tweet from a steam locomotive. (No, I'm not joking about this. Some people like to create accounts on twitter for trains.

"That was a good goal" My dad, while watching the Arsenal Vs. Tottenham match, on Sunday.

"A team that had spent millions on new players, beaten by a team that didn't spend anything at all." A commentator after the North London Derby on Sunday. (At that point, Arsenal didn't spend any money on new players at all.)

"Right, the next time Capital FM decides to lose me a life I am going to complain about their stupid advertisements" Me, while playing Panda Jam on Facebook. (Everytime I try to skip their ads I end up with one less life)

"If there is going to be a power cut in the near future, at least I'll be able to do some astronomy" Me to my dad last night. (I was watching the news with my dad and one of the reports is about a possible power shortage.)

"I am getting fed up with your brother putting Cheats on my new game" Dad, on Sunday, while playing on the Playstation 2. (Well, my brother has found cheats to unlocking a hidden team, a cheat to get Commandos at Level 1, and a transfer cheat and my dad found it annoying as he can't upload his save file so he had to use my sister's team instead.)

"Guess the Cobalion is on the back-burner for now." Me, while playing on Pokemon White on my DS last night. (I was going to catch the Cobalion but had hardly any Pokeballs left.)

"Great, now whoever is being an idiot in my hometown will end up making it the Nation's Laughing Stock" Me, after it was announced that my hometown's Christmas Lights Switch On will be broadcast on The One Show. (My hometown's full of idiots, we have lost the good shops to Bury, too many takeaways.)

"That'll never attract shoppers" My mum, on the local story that shoppers are to get free car parking over Christmas. (Most shoppers would rather go to Bury, Wigan or Manchester. Bury has an award-winning market, Wigan has the speciality shops and Manchester has the Shopping Centres.)

"That is an awesome attack" My brother, while playing on the Playstation 2. (One of his Grunts hurled a grenade at an enemy from the other side of a hill.)

"Devonport, that rings a bell" Me, while bored.(Devonport is near Plymouth and Devonport is famous for a certain Antarctic explorer among other things.)

On a Meme: "It took Snorlax just fifteen years to get off his backside" (The meme refers to the fact Snorlax now stands up on Pokemon X and Y)

"Okay, Basil, just take out that enemy before he kills you" Me, while playing on a strategy game. (Basil, one of my Grunts, had only nine percent health left while the enemy had fifteen percent health left. Basil took him out and I ended the level with all men alive.)

"Now there's a scandal, Clam-Gate" Me, while reading a BBC news feature. (The scandal involved a shellfish aged five-hundred-and-seven years old being killed)

"There are so many cards you can buy at the shop for about anything, in ten years you will receive a card with the words "Congratulations on your new washing machine" written in it" A comedian, on an advert for a Television show.

"I don't care what you say, I am doing the Steel type Elite Four member last" Me, to my brother, while discussing Pokemon X and Y. (He wants me to defeat the Steel-Type Elite Four first instead of the Fire-Type Elite Four trainer, which I orginally planned to do.)

"I am Two-Hundred years old, do not use me" Sign on a Spinning Mule in a museum. (For those that do not know what a Spinning Mule is, it's a cross between a Water Frame and a Spinning Jenny.)

"So my older sister can't revise, but I have to. My memory's terrible" My sister, while revising for her GCSE's. (GCSE stands for General Certificate of Secondary Education, and it was first introduced in 1988, and my mum was one of the first people to take the exams. The bit about me not revising is true.)

"It's hard to believe, Nan, that these Nautilus has been around far longer than us" Me, at an aquarium looking at a tank full of Nautilus.

"Is that a Great Auk?" Nan, looking at a stuffed Great Auk in the Natural History Museum. (The last three Great Auks was killed in July 1844, a pair on an island and one in Britain, but the bird wasn't declared extinct till 1852. It is also the only bird that bred in the British Isles to have been extinct in Modern Times, meaning Post 1500AD)

"So I won't be able to play my new game till December 25th" My brother, on his new Pokemon Y game he got this morning. (It's his birthday today, and he got the game before he gets to school)

"If they are going to bring back The Crystal Maze can I be a Contestant?" Me, in 2010. (Most people are against the idea of bringing The Crystal Maze back as they might say it won't be the same as in 1990. There was also a Christmas Special with teenagers during it's original run, but it ended when I was three.)

"Note to self: Train up Scott" Me making a personal reminder for Pokemon Diamond to train up a Glaceon. (To this day I still don't know how I called my Eevee Scott for, it was just randomly popped into my head.)

"I nearly froze to death in there, all because someone forgot about the milk" Me, after popping into my mum's shed for the milk. (Being in a cold shed, with no light, in freezing temperatures, wearing pyjamas. Not a good experience.)

"No, that's not for you, Brindle, that's for Max" Me while feeding Brindle and Max. (Max only likes fish-flavoured cat food while Brindle prefers meat-flavoured cat food. Yes, I have a cat named Brindle, named after Brindleface from Warrior Cats.)

"Those lorry drivers are surprised that there's a cat in a car." Me, after taking Summer away on holiday. (She was getting bullied by Princess, another one of our cats, and we decided to take her with us on holiday.)

"Tiny, don't you dare catch that pigeon" My mum to Tiny the cat, who decided she was going out hunting with Sam and Max. (We dub them the "Three Musketeers" due to their pelt colour being white.)

"No, I am not getting another kitten" My nan after Gizzy Too died.

"So I have all four advantages over the Elite Four" Me to my brother while playing Pokemon Y.

"One down, three to go." Me after defeating Malva in the Pokemon League. (My brother took a while to defeat her.)

"Now I have to fight mummies!" Me, while playing on my Professor Layton and the Miracle Mask game. (When I was going through the ruins I had zero Hint Coins,but usually after my first playthrough I restart in case I miss anything, but the only time I don't restart is when I almost completed all puzzles.)

"They sold out, sorry" My mum at Christmas. (The nearest GAME store sold out of Professor Layton and the Azran Legacy when my mum went shopping with my sister.)

"There's someone wearing a suit of armour in the Battle Chateau" Me, while playing on Pokemon Y. (It is expected at the rank I'm on, that the Elite Four would turn up at the Battle Chateau.)

"Can you help me with this battle of wits?" My sister.

"He just used Swagger on me, I think I'm going to lose this one" Me, while doing the World Leaders Tournament on Black 2. (Yes, I had defeated the Johto Leaders Tournament, and I did end up against that dreaded Miltank of Whitney's in the final round.)

"No, not the dreaded Miltank" Me, after defeating Bugsy in the Johto Leaders Tournament. (I was up against Whitney in the final round after defeating both Morty and Bugsy on my route to the final.)

"I'm going to see if I can have rematches against the Kanto and Johto Gym Leaders" Me, after losing in the World Leaders Tournament on Black 2.(I am going round getting all the Gym Leaders phone numbers on HeartGold so that I can work out a tactic to defeat Pryce, Clair and Falkner in the World Leaders Tournament.)

"That guy's just got the Idiot of the Century award." Me, this morning, while picking up my sister from University. (Mum and I was in a car when an idiot overtook us on a corner just so that he can go to the pub.)

"Nan, didn't those tourists read the sign?" Me to my nan while in St.Paul's Cathedral and was in the crypt. (There were several tourists all taking photos, even though there were no photography signs all over the place.)

"That's half the country underwater, and yet the top story is about energy firms" Me. (There's been severe weather going on since October last year and people are mad at the fact there is no coastal defences at all, part of the railway at Dawlish was washed away, and Somerset is underwater, and it' getting much more worse.)

"Better give my brother back his shiny." Me, while playing on Y this morning. (He lent me his shiny he got from the Black Tower on Black 2 to me till I caught one on Y. Now that I have caught one (Shiny Pancham, female, has a brave nature.) I should give the shiny back to him.)

"Crockett Bank tries to defeat steam locomotive, and fails." Youtube Video.

"Students at a Taunton School has a Science lesson with celebrity locomotive 6024." A headline. (The celebrity locomotive used is currently out of action as it is undergoing an overhaul.)

"Missed Choo!" A headline in a national newspaper on April 5th 2011. (Said article concerns a launch party for a steam locomotive at Didcot following a Twenty-One year long restoration from scrapyard condition. A letter a few days later pointed out the fact the locomotive is blue and has the name "Edward" as part of it's name, but has the number 6023, and has the wheel arrangement 4-6-0, and happened to be "King-sized"...)

"Golfers Crossing" A sign in Highley, England.

"Maybe I should promote my Engineer." My dad, while playing on his game.

"I don't want Big Brother, in fact, I don't even watch the show" Me after accessing my email account.

"I just found a Trollfic" Warmy last night.

"People are sending me Helix Fossils" My dad on Facebook.

"Better move your cake away from Brindle." Me to my mum. (Brindle has a thing for cakes, last year she ate a cake slice)

"I've just found Princess" Me while Google Street Viewing my house. (Princess is one of my cats, and is a tortoiseshell-and-white. You can find her on Google Street View.)

"Puts the Politicians to shame" On an article on the restoration of HMS Victory (It is the world's oldest warship, and predates the USS Consitution by thirty years)

"Sorry, there's no events for Monday, 21st October 1805 at this place" A search result concerning a multi-venue building in the UK. (This happens whenever you type in a date in history and it comes up with that.)

"Wait, what, a Shiny?" Me last night while playing on Pokemon Y. (I was just walking around when a shiny Venipede came out at me. I did catch him and named him "Edmund". He's now a shiny Whirlipede. Y is the only game I currently own, though I might get the Hoenn Games and FireRed and LeafGreen.)

"So it's Arsenal versus Hull" My mum on the FA Cup Final.

"All hail the goalkeeper" A post after Arsenal's victory against Wigan in the FA Cup Semi Final. (The Arsenal goalie saved Wigan's first two Penalties during the shoot-out. But he is due to leave at the end of the season, though.)

"Dad, you are on Street View" Me to my dad. (First Princess, now Dad. What's next? My brother?)

"Should I get Pokemon Ruby, Sapphire or Emerald?" Me, after learning that my brother wants his Diamond back. (I only own Y but am borrowing Diamond till I get Ruby, Sapphire, Emerald, FireRed, LeafGreen, SoulSilver and Black. My brother has Diamond, Pearl, Platinum, HeartGold, White, Black 2, White 2 and X, totalling eight games)

"So what are you going to get out of the Ruby and Sapphire remakes?" Me to my brother, last night. (I might get Omega Ruby while my brother could get Alpha Sapphire, probably for Christmas, but at the moment I can't play on my 2DS)

"SPAM CAN!" Comment on a picture of locomotive 34067. (It look like a can of Spam, hence the nickname. It's called a "Light Pacific")

"Has Arsenal won yet?" Mum last night. (Arsenal won the FA Cup in a match described as epic.)

"Sussex is a battleground, which does make sense as several battles were fought in the county" Me on the upcoming Local Elections. (East Sussex is a battleground and yes, several battles were fought in the county, one in the Eleventh Century and one in the Thirteenth Century)

"I've been searching for a shiny for years but I have been quite lucky" Me, after catching a third shiny, a Gothitelle which I nicknamed "Polly". I still have her and Glimmer, but they evolved since catching them.

"Well, beating Chelsea isn't a major feat" Comment on a picture. (Battle of Stamford Bridge can refers to two things: A battle in 1066 and a fight between Chelsea and Arsenal fans in the 21st Century)

"More and more missing kings are being discovered" Me after a second discovery of a ninth-century king. (Well they are looking for an Iceni Queen at a McDonald's in Birmingham, despite another group of archaeologists saying she is buried under a train station in London)

"Hey, I know that guy. He's a jouster at my medieval fair" A comment on a picture.

"Okay, show Mum and Dad the video of my younger brother and sister dancing" Warmy this afternoon. (Mum and Dad was out shopping and my sister decided to do a bit of dancing with my brother.)

"Why are you complaining about an internet provider on a news story about an upcoming Space mission?" A comment on a news article. (No, I am not joking. Someone complained about their internet service provider on a news story about a manned space flight due for launch next year, but it's a big story where I live)

"Briton goes into Space, his Prime Minister gets memed" News article. (The Prime Minister tweeted a picture of himself watching the rocket launch and within five minutes it became a meme.)

House I would be in if I was at Hogwarts: Gryffindor.

Copy and Paste section:

Announcement (For those that can't stand Twilight):

Stephanie Meyer is not God. And her stupid series is not the Bible. You cannot claim "Twilight Fanatic" as your religion on a legal government document - so stop trying. Changing your name to Bella Swan and moving to Forks, Washington will not get Edward Cullen to marry you. He is a fucked up figment of your imagination. In fact, doing said motion above will get rotten food thrown at your head.
You will be laughed at. FACT: the actor who plays Edward Cullen is Robert Pattison... remember him from anywhere? No? I thought not. He played Cedric Diggory in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. Didn't think you thought he was hot when he only had 32 lines and the biggest scene was when he died, eh? Oh no, he's so dreamy now. Omgz. /FACT Saying Twilight "is better than Harry Potter" is really awful, JK Rowling can't help that she writes books with substance. Shame on you. I mean, she's gotten requests to write books with brained plots for 12 year old little girls before, but she can't please everyone. She thought Stephanie Meyer would be swell for that. Thumbs up. :D Twilight is the wonder-child birthed by Myspace, which means it's a fad; it's also endorsed by MTV which makes it doubly a fad because we all know that MTV spends it's time taking fads and making bank on them (see: Fall Out Boy). Not all of us like Twilight and think it's "omgz tha bestest book evRR!!1" A lot us think it's shit and a JOKE compared to real stimulating literature. Bram Stoker is rolling around in his grave right now. Enjoy your time now little "Team Edward is the bestest" kiddies because in a years time Twilight will be dead. Just like it ought to be. Thank God. Realize that your precious little books are nothing special - then go slit your wrists.

P.S. if you agree with the above message copy and paste it to your profile and add your nickname. Twii, Willow, Jili, Prindel, Sleepstar,

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Rant time: If you hate a fandom then don't write about the fandom. Or write "Hatefics" on that fandom. It's offensive to those who actually like the fandom you hate.

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