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I am a big fan of NCIS, Blue Bloods, and mainly any crime TV show. My favorite shows are NCIS and Blue Bloods.

The NCIS Characterization

-mostly only shows real emotions when he's mad and goes all grumpy/gruff at his agents or suspects..
-smirks / grins smugly very often
-smiles not very often (only when he’s very satisfied with something it seems)
-slaps his agents on the head (never Abby) (Ziva and McGee not very often)(Tony very often)
-drinks coffee.. a lot.. addicted to star bucks
- talks not in long sentences/much (cause others can do that @ cases)
-is called: (Boss by Tony and McGee);( Gibbs by Ziva and Abby); (Jethro by Jenny and Ducky); (Leroy by his father), (Agent Gibbs by Palmer and Director Vance (Also Vance called him Jethro sometime)
- calls McGee mostly with last name (only in extreme situations like death of team member or close dying of them its Tim)
- calls Tony mostly with last name also once in a while a Tony comes out too not a real pattern
- calls Ziva mostly Ziva, David if he's annoyed/angry with her or angry at the case in general
- calls Abby, Abby or Abs (Abs more)
- calls Ducky Duck (never with y, also if he speak about him its Ducky)

-mostly hides his true feelings behind jokes
-till season 4/5 a player
-the undercover op with Jeanne Benoit (season 4/5) made him grow up
-constant movie references (also it weren't many in season 6)
-seems to have ever growing feelings for Ziva in season 6
- likes to tease and flirt with Ziva
- called Tony by everyone (except Ducky), (Dinozzo by Gibbs) (Anthony by Ducky) (Little Hairy Butt by Ziva season 3), (Dinozzo by the FBI guys)

- doesn't use contractions (!!)
- doesn't SHOW emotions
(doesn't mean she hasn't them, only shows them when nobody is watching, like when Gibbs got bombed she cried in the bathroom with no one around and after Abby slapped her saying she’s an ice queen for not caring or in Gibbs hospital room when she helped him remember his past, she actually cried in front of him)
- can kill 18ways with paper clip lol
- likes to tease and flirt with tony
- was jealous of Tony's mysterious girlfriend (Jeanne benoit)
- had a relationship with Michael rivkin (who got shot by Tony in the end of season 6 and seemed to have used her the way tony used Jeanne benoit)
- called Ziva by everyone (Also Vance calls her Officer David sometimes)

- Goth with too much caffeine in her blood lol
- loves Caf POW
- always bubbly and talkative (except when something happens to the team, then she's either sad and has a mop with the picture of the team member -which isn’t there atm- standing around. OR she's all worried and the bubbly nature of her takes over and she talks 1000miles a minute.
- called Abs by Gibbs & McGee (later seasons); (Abby by Tony, Ziva and Palmer), (Abigail by Ducky) (Ms. Scuito by Leon Vance)
- has a farting stuff Hippo in her lab which she gives to everyone who is sad.. also uses it as pillow if she sleeps in her lab

I got this (the following above) from a friend and I think it will help you understand each character if you are new NCIS fan or you just don't know much about them. I hope it will help you because it shurely helped me. It helps me write the stories I write.



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