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Author has written 7 stories for Fullmetal Alchemist, Naruto, Dragon Ball, Shingeki no Kyojin/進撃の巨人, and Attack on Titan/進撃の巨人.

I'm ramenwriter15, so obviously I adore ramen. Still love Naruto and FMA, but will be an occasional oneshot uploader from now on.


9-8-09 this is a new thing I'm starting, because many people have been wondering if I'm still here. Yes and why haven't I post chapters in so long? well, my labtop is unable to connect to internet and I'll need to somehow get them on my old slow computer (which im currently typing on) My An Out of body Experience fans- WOW I haven't updated in a month, but I do have a chapter ready. I actually have the outline of the next five chapters. I may just write a few before I post, unless you think differently then sent me a PM, It Ended with a Bang fans- I have many ideas, I'm just having trouble how to put it together, but I promise good deitobi/deimadara moments guys, finally The Story Beneath the murder fans- I will be putting this on hold for a while until I get one of my other stories completed, if you feel differently then PM me. Thanks to all of you for reading and reviewing, you rock-ramenwriter15

9-16-09 Hey guys, I've been wanting to write more, but unfortunely I end up writing essays. not too happy about that, because I have 5 chapters in mind for out of body and I can't type them down fast enough. I know all you want more, but this is a diffucult time to squeeze writing into everything else that is going on. Keep being paitent and you guys rock-ramenwriter15

10-6-09 Jeaz, I haven't written anything in forever..sigh so much work and so little time. All I want to do is write! I estimated that I have at least 11 more chapters of Out of Body!! sooo..much, but I still love writing. I've been trying to get some writing in between classes, but it's so hard. I have HUGE plans for that story and haven't been able to write them down. As for It Ended with a Bang I estimated about 7 or 8 more, which isn't as much, but still a lot. I have most of the story planned out in my head, just not written down. grrr...i wish i had more time. I'm so sorry for to the people whose stories I love, I just don't have much time to read them all, but I wish I could. Thanks for waiting anyway guys, you rock as always. -ramenwriter15

10-19-09 Okay Okay, It's been so many months and now I feel as if I have done nothing. So far I have typed 1 and 1/2 of Out Of Body! I'm holding on posting them for right now, I still need to do review special. In ended with a bang I hand-wrote most of one chapter. So yah, mostly work is a big distraction from writing. I wish I could write, but sadly I cannot. sorry guys :(

10-27-09 I was getting very excited, because I could write some, but then I got a wonderful english project -_- that requires me to write. Instead i spend my writing time on writing for this project...sigh. Hopfully, I will be able to wite after this is over with.

11-11-09 Happy veterns day! okay I have really good news for my out of body fans!! I hopefully (depending on if my computer works) will post two chapters!! yes two! I'm sorry to the ended with a bang fans, i'll try to get to writing the next chapter, I hope soon. :) thanks for being awesome guys and gals-ramenwriter15

11-12-09It is 8:00 pm and I just posted two chapters of AOOBE! I feel so happy about posting new chapters.

11-22-09 I know I said that I was going to post this week, but unexpected essays came up, so I'm sorry to say I'm not sure when the next aoobe chapter will come

12-25-09(12:53 am, yes in the morning!) Yah! Just for my Ended with a bang fans, you get a special treat. NEW CHAPTER!!Really long(to me) too! I'm srry to my aoobe readers :( I wanted to make a chapter,but my time was wasted away, I apologize to you.

-(1:36 am) I am in such a joyous mood that I did a little chapter for you aoobe fans!! Just for the hoildays, so pleaz enjoy.

2-21-10Happy late new year! I'm sorry I haven't updated in sometime now. I have a lot of drama practice for the upcoming play I'm in and time between that I'm doing homework. :( please be paitent with me, I apologize in advance for my tardiness. My first chapter I'll be working on is an AOOBE chapter since I left you on a cliffhanger, all your unanswered questions with come clear. Then I'll get to an IEWAB next, probably a transition chapter.

4-6-10 Hey everyone! Updated AOOBE, but sadly its short and it ends on another cliffhanger( sorry!). I was planning on writing A LOT over spring break, but I got stuck with a 5 paragraph english paper on spring break, so I sadly cannot. I'm so sorry.

6-26-10Hey! It's been a while I have semi-good news. I have planned every chapter for AOOBE and IEWAB, so yeah! All I nee to do is write them, though it's it a little sad for it will be over :(. AOOBE should have 7 chapters left (which to me is still a lot!) and IEWAB should have four left(which is very little). I'm excited to show people a finish product, but sad that it will be ending.

7-31-10Yo! Sorry it's been a while, been through a lot of crap lately. I'm working on both fanfiics at the moment and AOOBE chap. should be up by tomorrow. I'm not sure about IEWAB, 'cause it will be a little longer due to it almost being over. So stay tune guys and gals.

9-29-10 Hey everyone! I must say I was freaked out today. I didn't know fanfiction.net was doing updates, so I was majorly concerned when I couldn't get on the website. I was afraid it had crashe, which would be a nightmare in my world. I love fanfic and you guys and gals who enjoy reading it. Okay, I sounded a little sappy. What I need to tell everyone is that school is a pain...I have so many hard classes that I'm literally doing 7 hours of homework a night. I'm so angry because it has kept me from doing what I really love writing. So due to school I have no idea when there will be chapter updates or Oneshot posts for that matter. I feel really bad to the people who I promised oneshots to, I hope you can be extremely paitent with me! So for oneshots I have a Deidara/Itachi request . I'll try to complete that first, then go back to chapters. I wish I had al the time in the world, too bad I don't

10-10-10 Happy B-day Naruto, haha! Well, again I must inform you that I am really busy, but I'm hoping to get some writing in the end of this week due to my lack of school! But theat depends on my homework level, :(, which have been extremely high lately. I thank you all for your patience :)

10-30-10It's been about 2 months ince I've written a thing and I'm very disapointed with myself. School is taking over everything in my life and it makes me so sad. I love writing and I miss it dearly!

11-14-10 I feel terrible for not having time to write! The good news is I have an outline for the request I recieved and for the next chapter of IEWAB. Now all I need is time to write them and post them. I know for sure that IEWAB has only two chapters left :( And I'm not too sure about Out of body, I would guess 6 more. Thanks for being very paitent!!!

12-30-10Hello! Happy late holidays everyone! and a Happy early new year! I completed the request one-shot(which I'm happy about). I didn't have time like I wanted to write more chapters over break. I still got homework over break (yup, it sucks). Where I'm at so far is I have a full outline of what I want for chapter 15 of IEWAB and chapter 16(the last chapter, I think) is sketched in my mind, I need to reread the manga to get what I'm fully going to do. For AOOBE I have breif outlines for the last (That's right 6 left). I know I'm progressing slowly, but at least I'm still progressing, right? Thanks for the paitence guys and gals.

7-13-11 Hey everyone! Sorry I haven't been on much. I've been dealing with a lot this year, so I hope you can understand. I have not abandoned my fanfics. They are still dear to me and I plan on finishing them. I'm hoping to get something up this month and finish them this year. Thanks for your undying support

9-10-13 So weird writing here! Both my old fics IEWAB and AOOBE will be on hitaus till farther notice. I have really trouble being motivated to go back to those since my writing style has evolved since that time, they are still my babies but definitely works in progress. For now I may upload a few oneshots I write i my freetime, but not often. Thanks to those who still follow me for some reason

I would like to thank all my reviewers for supporting me and for encouraging me to continue writing, thanks guys (you know who you are). Thanks so much for your kind words. ramenwriter15(one and only)


below are my stories, check them out if your a fan of the anime and they interest you. Also check out the favorite stories, they are all great stories and you might like them too! -ramenwriter15

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Death beyond the Walls reviews
This is is is the end of humanity. He was sure about that. Be honest, who can you trust in a broken world. A world where you have to be scared of your own kind. Jean thought he was better off alone, that is, until he met Marco. "The Last of Us AU" Do not need to know the story of it to understand the fic! Eventual JeanMarco
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Naruto - Rated: T - English - Romance/Tragedy - Chapters: 15 - Words: 35,852 - Reviews: 257 - Favs: 181 - Follows: 162 - Updated: 11/20/2011 - Published: 6/16/2009 - Deidara, Madara U.
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The Story Beneath the Murder reviews
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