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Hey people! I'm not updating my stuff because I've been rrrreeeaaallyyy busy.
So anyway, ya'll who love Inuyasha (I sure do) you are in for a treat.

I am for Kayasha (Inuyasha and Kagome) and I will be making a story for InuYasha. I even used my username for it.
My story won't be about Kagome and Inuyasha, but it will have the same themes with it. A hot blooded half demon guy (with cute dog ears) and a female heroine. But she will not be the damsel in distress like Kagome (nothing against her). Hope you enjoy!


This here ^ is a picture of Kori. I think it's kind of accurate (all I could find; I can't draw) and she looks dangerous. Well, click it! Just go down the page and you will see the girl demon. Ignore the other pictures! This is a picture of Damare down there. I can't really make an arrow. The picture shows a dog demon with the (cute!) dog ears. I imagine that's what Damare would look like stuck in the amulet. Bored and bbbbboooorrrreeeeddddddd!!!!!!!!!!!



This ^ is a pic of Kayasha and it shows her as a kind of ninja girl. Doesn't seem like a girl to mess with, right?

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A Feudal Fairy Tale: Kayasha Style reviews
Kayasha lives in the feudal era training as a demon slayer. Kayasha hates demons with all her heart and wants to kill them. Damare is a full demon trapped in an amulet by Kori, a human consumed by demons. He will do anything for the tainted Sacred Jewel.
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