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Author has written 3 stories for Annie, Merlin, and Hunger Games.

My name is Leslie AKA Ponygirl! I love slash, hate Mary-sues, and Iam a huge fan of fanfiction.

My Harry Potter pairings

Hermione/Fred (Ron: WHAT?! >:( Fred: Granger?! That's like dating my mother! Hermione: You can't be serious! Me: I'm not Sirius. I'm Ponygirl. ;)

Seamus/Dean (Seamus: Huh? Are ye kiddin'? Dean: Um...What? Me: Oh, you two KNOW that it's meant to be!

Harry/Tom (Harry: What is WRONG with you?! Me: I think it could be cute sometimes. Why couldn't it work? Harry: Oh, I dunno...HE KILLED MY PARENTS AND HE'S MADE MY LIFE A LIVING HELL AND- Me: Oh, pipe down. It's only fanfiction... )

Harry/Draco (Draco: NEVER! Potter and I would NEVER happen! Harry: You have GOT to be joking!)

Harry/Cedric (Harry: Why do you keep assuming I'm gay? Cedric: No way. Me: *Smiles* Harry: Can't you ship me with ONE girl? Me: Hmmm, Okay...)

Harry/Moaning Myrtle (It could happen! Myrtle: I agree. *Giggles* ;) Harry: No. Just...No. Me: You wanted a girl. :) )

Draco/Moaning Myrtle (Me: Yes, I know. I'm getting raised eyebrows right now. Draco: This pairing WOULD never happen! I suppose it's better than Potter, though... Myrtle: I like it.)

Ginny/Tom (Harry: YOu're just EVIL! Ginny: Do you even KNOW how much trouble he's caused?! Have you READ the Harry Potter series?! Me: Yup. I see it. Harry: URGH!)

Ron/Hermione (Hermione/Ron: *Blushes* Me: I approve of this one.

Moony/Padfoot Moony: *Blushes* Padfoot: Umm... *Blushes* Me: AWWW! Prongs: I saw that a mile away.

Lily/Prongs: Prongs YEEES!!! You rock, fanfic writer! XD

Lily/Snape: Prongs: TRAITOR! >:( Me: What?! Prongs: You suck. >.> Snape: :) Lily: Um, I see Severus as a friend. Prongs: YESS! Snape: O.o :( Lily: That doesn't mean that I fancy you, Potter! Prongs: O.o You will one day...

My Merlin ships

MERLIN/ARTHUR (Arthur: W-What?! *Defensive and blushing* Merlin: Um...Thats just- *Blushes* Gwen: :( Me: XD

Merlin/Gwaine Merlin: Um... Gwaine: Me and Melrin??? Arthur: What?! Are you crazy?! Me: A bit. Don't worry...I still ship Merthur the most! Arthur: I wasn't worried! *Blushes*

Gwen/Morgana Morgana: You're crossing the line! Gwen: I love Arthur. Me: Well, he's someone else's destiny. I'm sorry, Gwen.


Gwen/Gwaine: Gwaine: ;) Gwen: No... *Laughs*

Merlin/Lancelot: Gwen: I hate you. Lancelot: My heart belongs to Guinevere. Gwen: Um... *Smiles* Merlin: I do NOT approve. Arthur: This whole thing is STUPID! *Throws sword on the ground*

Leon/Merlin: (Occasionally) Arthur: *Screams with outrage* Merlin: *Smiles a little at Arthur* Leon: *Bursts into laughter like he does on that Servant of two masters episode that I love so much*

Morgana/Lancelot: Morgana: *Laughs* You're insane. Run before I kill you. Me:...*Runs* Gwen: I can help, Morgana. Lancelot: *Shakes head with disbelief*

My Hunger games ships

Katniss/Peeta Gale: *Glares* Peeta*Hands Katniss a loaf of bread in the shape of a heart" Katniss: *Accepts and hands him a dead bird* Peeta: Uh...

Katniss/Cinna Cinna: You didn't just go there... Me: Oh, I SO went there. I've done worse, actually. You two are cute, though. Age doesn't matter.

Haymitch/Peeta: Haymitch: *Wobbles from drunkness* What was that??? Peeta: NO. Me: "You don't deserve him..." (Quoting Haymitch in Catching fire when he was saying that Katniss didn't deserve Peeta.) Katniss: That-That was just... Haymitch: I didn't mean it like THAT! Me: Yeah, well, it gave me fanfic inspiration, so deal.

Haymitch/Katniss Katniss: You have problems! *Shoots arrow at me* Me: *Screams and almost is killed before Merlin saves me with magic 'cause he's nice like that and approves of my awesome username* Haymitch: Katniss doesn't deserve me either. Me: Oh, whatever.

Gale: Are you gonna ship me with Katniss yet? Me: Ew, NO. Gale: O.o >:( Me: What??? Sorry, Gale. You can go with Mage or something... Gale: >:(

Clove/Cato MovieGlimmer: I'll kill you. Clove: Hmmm. I out-live you and in the book, Cato begs me to stay with him when I die. I didn't see him do that over YOUR dying body. MovieGlimmer: He doesn't even LOOK at you in the movie! Cato: *Backs away slowly*

Peeta/Finnick: Finnick: Sorry to burst your bubble, Peeta...I know i'm incredible amazing, but's I'm taken. Peeta: Don't worry. So am I. This girl's just crazy.

Finnick/Annie *Finnick and Annie hug* Me: AWWW!

My boy meets world ships

Corey/Shawn Corey: Ya hear that, Shawnie? Shawn: *Grins* Topanga: URGH! I'm sick of this! *Storms out of the room*

Topanga/Eric Eric: Hmmm... :) Topanga: NOOOOO! Me: Hey, you wanted him in the past. Topanga: Back when I was a young moron and knew no better! Me: Back when you were awesome.

Past Corey/Past Topanga Me: Before Topanga turned into a brat...

My Narnia ships

Polly/Diggory Polly: Ha! Diggory: That's preposterous!

Edmund/Caspian Edmund: You're bonkers! Caspian: Yeah!

Lucy/Tumnus Lucy: He's so much older than me! Me: Well, I more see it when you're older... Lucy: We're only friends! Me: Hmmm :) Okay.

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