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Hi, thanks for looking at my profile. You're probably here to know more about me. The why is what makes me wonder...Anyway, I'm a fan of video games, anime, virtual pet sites :cough: Ichumon :cough: and role playing. I know I'm not an interesting person

Besides that, I'm a 21 year old college student living in Mexico although I am actually from the U.S. But who cares about my personal life, right...

Oh yeah, and I'm a girl.

So anyway, the FAQ (Oh the excitement...:sarcasm:)

Why Gummy Dice?

I became addicted to the whole Virtual Pets thing when Neopets appeared way back in the day. The games were addicting, the plots were awesome and I was a very bored and lonely kid. So then this game came out called "Attack of the Gummy Dice" and I fell in love with it.

Sadly though, Neopets sold out and the site got boring but I only go there once in a while to play my favorite game.

Do you go by any other names?

Yes, I do. I'm known in some other spaces as Havoc or Havocyin.

Where does your inspiration come from?

Honestly, I have no idea. I simply tend to come up with an idea and go from there.

Do you think you're any good at what you do?

Not really. I, as a writer, am very limited. Humor, horror and suspense are genres I can't work with, even if my life depended on it. I'm only semi-good with romance, which is kind of ironic since I have very little experience in that field. I admit that I have a very limited vocabulary in both languages that I speak. But hey, I can dream about some day being a good writer, right?

Of all your stories, which one is your favorite?

Hmmm...I'm going with "When I Saw Your Eyes".

Who's your favorite all time character?

Link from the Legend of Zelda. I have had the biggest crush on him since I don't know when. But Boyd from Fire Emblem has really taken a huge leap on my crush scale.

What do you hate the most?

I hate a lot of things which include: clowns, mimes, grass hoppers, cockroaches, hypocrites, liars, cheaters and so much more.

By the way, I read on someone's profile that they hated when people said that they themselves hated hypocrites. In all honesty, I felt that the comment was aimed directly at me. I know it wasn't (or at least I hope so) but whatever.

Do you have any wishes?

I have many but the one I focus on right now is to be a well respected and famous member of I want people to be excited to read one of my stories. I want for people to be like: "Yeah, GummyDice has some good sh...stuff there." and so forth.

But my permanent wish is to live a happy life.

To be continued...


When I Saw Your Eyes: Personally, I hate Mist but she's Boyd's cannon pairing so there's nothing I can do about it. Anyway, I wrote this story after I dreamed about it.

Fiona's Heart: One a very boring afternoon, I was checking out all the characters and I laughed when I saw that Fiona's section was empty. So I started to toy with the idea of having Fiona fall in love with someone (Boyd, actually) but it failed since I tried to make it comical. Then I started to remember how I restarted the Dawn Brigade missions of Radiant Dawn since she died on me the first time I played and then hit myself for doing it after I realized that she was a failure. And that was when the idea came.

11 Hours: I went shopping for a birthday gift for a friend and found the most perfect and cutest shirt. Knowing my friend would love it, I bought it. Later on, I was sitting in the food court enjoying my pizza when she and her mother appeared. I tried to hide the bag but R.K. is really nosy so she pulled the shirt out. I was right, she had loved it. She also happened to find the gift card (which had one of her favorite characters on it) and immediately knew it was for her. But I still wanted to surprise her some way so I began the 11 Hours project writing it exactly to her liking. Apparently, she's the only person who truly liked it. But since it was for her, I guess that's fine...

Priscilla's Men: This girl is an absolute favorite of mine. So I was re-reading my support conversations of FE 7 when I noticed that she in fact only supports with men. I found it amusing and began to play with the idea of how those guys would try to win her over. It originally started out as a bunch of one-shots but then I decided to make it a long story. I don't know what I was thinking...

A Night of Stories: Some dude laughed in my face because he thinks it hilarious that I want to be a writer but that I can't make anybody scared. I know it's true but it still hurt me to have someone say it so bluntly. That's the only reason why I'm bothering with this project.

Florina's First Time: I don't know where the idea came from. It's supposed to be a joke. I thought about it while choking on some popcorn...


In no order:

1. I have plans to write something involving Juliet and Curio (from Romeo X Juliet, the anime).

2. I'm also working on a retelling of FE9 with an new character added to the mix.

3. A story about Gatrie being a total ladies man

4. My newest idea is about a Fire Emblem character appearing in our world...

If by any chance you find any of these ideas interesting, let me know and I'll work on it.


The only thing we free lance writers have for us to keep going are the well intentioned reviews that are readers give us. Please, if you read something, review it. Be it a good review or a bad review (not bashing) but any is better than none. Seriously, it takes only a minute or less.

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