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Author has written 2 stories for Maximum Ride, and Sonic the Hedgehog.

More to come later!!

For now, just an OC:

Name: Mondenkind

Fan Affiliation: Sonic Universe

Nickname(s): Mond, Moon

Age: 7

Species: Mobian--Dog--Pomeranian

Gender: Female

Height: 43 Inches.

Weight: 38 Pounds. Cheeka. You need to eat.

IQ: 103

Personality: Keep in mind that she is still just a child, no matter her actions. To her friends, she is calm, talkative and sweet. To her enemies, she is a silent living nightmare.

Marital Status: ?? She’s seven, so no…just…no…

Crushes: Tails the kitsune.

DOB: Unknown! Aka I can’t tell you.

Birth Place: The inside of a chemical-filled tank. (Well, that sucks to be her.)

Residence: Amber-Let County (a play on “amber alerts,” since most of the kids there are runaways from Station Square)

Occupation: Outlaw

Social Class: Homeless

Economic Class: Also, homeless…a friggin’ hobo.

Alignment: Undecided. Sometimes she seems to lean towards good, other times she’s as evil and bloodthirsty as hell. Get your act together, child!

Top Speed: Mach One…though I’m supposing it’s not smart to go that fast….who knows where you’ll end up. She, like hedgehogs, can perform a spin dash.

Agility: 40

Speed: 40

Strength: 100(+)

Defense: 100(+)

Evasiveness: 24

Dexterity: 35

Intelligence: 30

Skill: Using her imagination. Seven years floating in chemical darkness tends to hone your imagination skills.

Abilities and Aptitude: Invulnerability. Killing things with her bare hands…usually in a torturous manner that is slower and more enjoyable than a quick whack to the head.

Hobbies and Talents: ROLLER-BLADING! Epic win! Spinning yarns as well.

Strengths: Her powers. Gotta love invulnerability and the ability to create lots of death without even trying that hard. I guess I could also say her strength lies in her lies and her trying to get people to like her, that could lead to something good for once, who knows…

Fears: Even the thought of swimming. Her whole life before now she was submerged and she never wants to have that happen again. Needles. Don’t we all fear those? (Unless you’re a friggin’ drug addict, then I dunno what to tell you.)

Weaknesses: Overtly trusting. Easily, VERY easily, falls for “I’m your friend, I’m here to help you…” lies. She has a hard time at getting away from things and an equally hard time at plotting, despite her imagination. Her brain power lies in fantasy, not in intelligence.

Family: None.

Friends: Sonic, Amy, Tails, Cheese, Tails, Shadow, Rouge, Tails, Big, Robotnik (‘Daddy’), Knuckles, and hey, did I mention Tails?

Rivals: Knuckles, Rouge, both in a friendly, game-sport manner.

Enemies: The Commander, G.U.N., Robotnik (they may be friends or even closer than that, but he’s still a huge enemy)

Likes: Tacos. Getting all dolled up. Playing make-believe. Spending fluffy time with Tails. Spending ‘father-daughter’ time with Robotnik. Rollerblading. The occasional torture of particularly evil enemies.

Dislikes: The Commander (she’d give him the worst sort of death if she could), G.U.N., being near more than a glassful of water or other liquid, hot sauce.

Food of Choice: Tacos.

Beverage of Choice: Lemonade.

Favorite Color: Clear.

Main Fur Color: Snow white.

Secondary Fur Color: Even more snow white.

Eye Color: Pink irises. Yep. We’ve got ourselves an albino.

Hair Color: ….wait for it…white!

Clothing: A denim skirt-all with a pink tee and black-and-white striped socks up to her thighs with ribbon-endowed black sandals.

Items: A junky backpack…full of…more junk.

Weapons: Mondenkind doesn’t need any.

Theme Song: Redemption by Gackt.

Quote: “Daddy, you know, Daddy Robo, I was alone inside there for so long that I started to worry you weren’t ever coming back for me. I counted the months, then the days, a-and, and then the minutes and the seconds…Then a year passed. It made me sad. I was alone for so long, just floating there, for so long that…well, I started to talk with the darkness, Daddy.”

Back Story: Mondenkind was born in a tank, to a specially selected and mutated set of sperm and egg. Nothing more luxurious could be afforded to her and the other seven of her “set.” After all, the Eggman prefers to work on robotics, not on live subjects. But the Doctor’s experimentation with her and the others continued, if meekly. Every day, he would talk to her instead of the others, teach her things, tell her dreams, give her a voice that none of the others could even dream of…this wasn’t out of favoritism. To him, it was an important part of the experiment, to see how a subject who had experienced human companionship would fare against those neglected. She was randomly chosen for this.

However, everything altogether halted the day Robotnik surrendered to G.U.N. He abandoned Mondenkind and the others (despite their potential to be insanely useful) to die of old age or else of eventual insanity, off to take on a new job.

A few years passed. The seven other subjects died of various causes. She lived on, in perpetual darkness, every single day, wishing for her ‘Daddy’ to come back. Wishing to just hear his voice, if that was all she could be allowed.

When he finally does return, however, he brings G.U.N. with him.

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