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Author has written 5 stories for Teen Titans, Danny Phantom, Gundam Wing/AC, and Detective Conan/Case Closed.

Random Quote: "Hey! I know where we are! We`re at that place where I didn`t know where we were before!" -Cyborg

My name is Patience Memory, but you can call me Pat.

I'm a teenager, a girl, home-schooled, Christian, and the 'quiet one'.

Favorite shows: Teen Titans and Danny Phantom. I realize that's startling since my first Fan Fiction is a TT/DP crossover (note sarcasm).

Favorite movies: The Chronicles of Narnia; The Lion the Witch And the Wardrobe, and The Dawn Treader, The Pink Panther, August Rush, Batman Begins, and The Princess Bride, The End of the Spear, Amazing Grace.

Favorite books: There are so many I can't quite choose. Ummm... I Am David, Chasing Vermeer, Holes, The Swiss Family Robinson, ALL the Chronicles of Narnia, The Bronze Bow, The Great And Terrible Quest, The Golden Goblet, The Westing Game, The Phantom Tollbooth, Dragon's Gate, The Giver, Mara Daughter of the Nile, A Wrinkle In Time, the Ravenmaster's Secret, Five Were Missing (previously known as 'Ransom'), My Side of the Mountain, Children of the River, any Sherlock Holmes or Arsene Lupin I can get my hands on, assorted Ellery Queen mysteries and SO MANY MORE! I know, my reading habits are quite voracious.

Personality: I am... unique. I like what I like, dislike what I dislike. I'm one of those people who always have something to say, but barely ever say it. I'm pretty much a loner, and get mildly (or not so mildly) irked when people see this as a bad thing. I love to write. Well duh, but yes.

That's about it!! Thanks, or err, something.

FAN ART FOR STRONG ENOUGH: (just take out the spaces)

http : // baggeralareinedumond . deviantart . com /art/ strong-enough -131324069

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FAN ART FOR THE LINE: (just take out the spaces)

http : // popcornbird . deviantart . com / art / The-Line -138710188

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Chapter 20, Child's Play has been published. Yay for hitting 20! It's mostly a plot moving chapter, so not much happens... I like it though. and if It's really terrible I blame it on Ibuprofen. I have a cold. SECONDARY UPDATE AS OF 3/28/10 Hi! Just thought I'd let you know the reason for no review replies and lack of updates is that my keyboard decided it would be a good idea to kick the bucket halfway through chapter 21. So no worries, it's coming... I just couldn't write for a while there. THIRD...ADARY... UPDATE AS OF 11/08/10 I am so sorry with how long this is taking. Real Life has been hammering me, hard. I WILL get a new chapter up, eventually.

Just to get it over with... BLANKET DISCLAIMER!! I do not own Danny Phantom, Teen Titans or any other recognizable characters I write about on FanFiction.Net

THE STRENGTH SERIES(A Teen Titans, Danny Phantom Crossover Fanfiction Series)

Listed in chronological order.

Intentions:COMPLETE. Prequel/companion piece to Strong Enough. After tragedy strikes, Danny Fenton takes a trip down the road paves with good intentions... oneshot.

Strong Enough: IN PROGRESS. Danny Fenton lost everything. Broken and alone he closes himself to the world, but when he meets a team as unique as he is things change. Can the Teen Titans get Danny to open up? Can they show him that the strength he lacks has been within him all along?

Phantom Pain: IDEA STAGE. Sequel to Strong Enough. Just as things get back to normal an impossible meeting leaves Danny unsure of where he belongs, or his own sanity. Does the past ever really die, or is it condemned to repeat itself? Will Danny's quest for the truth be successful, or will the search destroy him and his new friends? 2nd in the Strength Series. DP TT crossover

UNRELATED STORY IDEAS: Please don't use without permission.

((Danny Phantom))

At Witt's End: Hurt/Comfort

After all that's happened to Danny Fenton in his fifteen years, he is used to fighting for his sanity... and winning. But when he meets seriously ill Whitney Parker, nicknamed Witt, he wonders; is sanity all its cracked up to be? Does this 'crazy girl' actually understand life and living better than the 'mentally well'? We all know ignorance is bliss... but that doesn't mean bliss is ignorance. Might be converted into a TT fic.

Define Freedom:

I'm free from the secrets. Except for the occasional Anti-Ghost activist the world accepts me. I should be happy, but I'm not. The world loves me, but all I am to them is a hero... sure, in some ways I'm free... but in others I'm trapped in a way I never was before the Desasteroid. Then again, that depends fully on your definition of freedom. Idea inspired by The Diary of Anne Frank, and the oneshot "Human", by Donteatacowman.

The Light Brigade:

And when the world becomes a nightmare and your heart is torn to shards, and all you know to do is fight back just as hard, when enemies are closer and freinds no longer laugh, when you feel that you are stranded on an ever sinking raft, of pain and dark and trials, screams and trouble new, when the world becomes silent, and all thats left is you, two options will be yours, two options you will see, fall and save yourself, or die saving me.

My Favorites:

I have a reason for the stories I have on my favorites list. If a story made it here, I feel it deserves honor. So, here are the reasons behind my choices. (in alphabetical order):

A Shakespearean Tragedy:

This is a well written, loose parody of Hamlet (a play I love), is brilliantly done and has Danny Phantom in it. What more can I ask? The characters and plot line is amazing, and having the Ghost Writer writing it all... that's just genius.


A nice one shot off of the book "A Wrinkle in Time" which skillfully highlights how life is lived by choosing who you are, and how not everything is black and white. You don't have to have read the book to understand either.

Ghosts Can't Feel Electricity:

Cute and fun and completely in character. This is a Static Shock/Danny Phantom crossover. I love how Danny Phantom is viewed by the other heroes in this one. Can't wait for it to continue.

Indiana Jones and the City Of Phantoms:

Completely original, well thought out and promises amazing things (even though it hasn't been updated in forever). If there's one thing I love it's original crossovers, and this is a well done, well merged story that defines originality.


This is a DP fanfic. I'm a stinker for Lancer-finds-out stories. It's got a plot I like, an interesting take, and it's written by Cordria. Need I say more?


This is THE most original Teen Titan/Danny Phantom Crossover I have ever chanced upon. It's well rounded, astoundingly well written and one of those stories I have to go reread from beginning to end every now and then. I absolutely love this thing.

Phantom's Schetchbook:

Ah yes, the Lancer-finds-out scenario again. This one is full of Lancer's unique musings and prospective, and a not as common ending. Worth the read in my opinion.

Running Blind:

Another greatly unique crossover. The cop perspective was something I hadn't encountered before, and I thoroughly enjoyed it. The two worlds bled surprisingly well, and I couldn't help falling in love with this tale. I mean a CSI/DP crossover? How can I say no?

Take it for Granted:

A sobering DP drapple that hit me emotionally. Though only a few paragraphs long this work tells a story that grips you and makes you think; the take on Danny's powers is stunning.

The Battle With the Unseen Enemy:

Three cheers for one of the few non-Teen Titan or Danny Phantom stories to make it here (although as a Batman fic it's not that far off). This is a story showing a softer side of Bruce Wayne, and an interesting take on his and Tim Drake's relationship as the two heroes battle a very realistic enemy... the unseen enemy. Not exactly cannon, but worth it.

The First Journey:

Cute and witty, this is a one-shot off of one of the lines in the show Danny Phantom. I adore this Clockwork/Danny, father/son thing. It reminds you what the phrase "Clockwork is all knowing" means.


Finally, this is a Teen Titans story. It's a recount of what might have gone on between the episodes "Apprentice Part 1" and "Apprentice Pat 2". I really have no words. Plot development, character development, delightful hints at both Robin and Slade's pasts and intricate attention to canon. This work is amazing, and I wish I could find more Teen Titan stories like it.

You Can't Possibly Win:

This one-shot is a great look at possible repercussions caused by the events in PP. The author does an amazing job tying the old to the new, exploring those things that have hurt Danny in the past and showing his ability to rise above them.

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