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Author has written 19 stories for Twilight, Harry Potter, Mamma Mia!, and Dear John, Nicholas Sparks.

Hey! I'm Renesmee The Musical Werepire. I love vampires and werewolves, so that's why I'm both, and i LOVE musicals!. Oh yeah, and I LOVE Jacob. I also like Edward too but... i can't decide. If i were Bella, i'd be STUCK in Eclipse (my fav book in the series!), i wouldn't go onto Breaking Dawn, i'd be stuck (like i said). Yes, i came up with the story lines about Nessie and stuff (in exception to x overs.)

I'm not on team Edward, or Team Jake (well, i am if i were to marry him), or Switzerland... I'm on team JEdward! This is who Jedward is:

Looks like Jacob and Edward (VERY good looking!), friendly, listens, plays piano, AWESOME family, half werewolf, half vampire (like me!!), good sense of humour, not SO over protective, able to tell me ANYTHING ect! He's my DREAM guy!! sigh

BUT I'm also on TEAM GREEDY! (New thing in Forks!) I WANT THEM BOTH XD


LMK if you also have one!

You a fan of my stuff? Have Twitter? follow me:

I would like to thank ramboducky1213/HumanoidFilms for writing 3 Twilight's Sun inspired songs on youtube! Remember Me and Last Resort and Leaving unfortunately these songs are no longer available due to her deleting them and her rudeness -_-. Thank you Sharonxxx56 making Twilight's Sun.

I would also like to thank BlackNailedReviews for making a fanmade trailer for Twilights sun



CLICK HERE TO GET "The Dear Jacob Theme":



Thanks to Sharronxxx56 for making a twilight's sun sims :): (first part)

join my face book group for Twilight's Sun and everything else I write for updates and just to hear me talk:!/group.php?gid=137381982963321&v=wall&ref=mf (Sorry, I can't friend you guys! Security purposes)

Be sure to LIKE me on Facebook (Rosalie and Emmett are always looking at it -_- Like them too!):

Twilight's Sun is now a sims on YouTube (Starring yours truly as Renesmee, Emmett and Jasper)!! It was once by twilight4eva121, but was canceled due to unreliable voice actors. But ramboducky1213 and SuperRedSoxNation were re-making it, then canceled again. Then KenziiProductions volunteered, then lost all her stuff needed for it. Now, Sharonxxx56 made it :) Watch it on youtube! I don't think I'll be asking anyone to make the rest of the saga because it's the past and it's time to move on, so to speak.

Sorry you HP fans if u don't like my HP and Renesmee story i wrote (Renesmee... meet Harry Potter). I've never read the books, only seen the movies. i changed the name to "Harry Potter and the Half Blood Vampire". It has nothing to do with the Half blood prince. if u guys have any ideas, lmk by reviewing! I know i haven't updated in a while, but i have NO IDEA what to put in... I like Harry Potter, but no hard core fan.

No, I'm not Stephanie Meyer in disguise or what ever you think (i really think it's weird you think that but I'm flattered).

Stories in progress (status)

Harry Potter And The Half Blood Vampire- On hold and need ideas... may not continue

Dear Mom- On hold... may not continue

Forbidden Woods- Updating every Friday (Forbidden Friday!)!

Fav Character: Jacob Black (James in Twilight but Jake the rest of the time)

Why: He's funny, sweet, reliable, cool, hot, my imprint, my dream guy, we have a lot in common (like we're both funny, a great friend, have a secret we can't tell anyone!), we're very much alike. (I like James because he tried to kill Bella. Not that i have anything against her i just found the best scene the Ballet Studio because of the Action. Yeah, I'm an action person! I loved the action in New Moon, but I have to admit, (I'm sorry) It was the worst movie ever... Eclipse on the other hand :) THAT was a movie worth waiting for (Watched it at midnight, w/ my friend and in Port Angeles, sat in the same seats as TayL and KStew)

why not Alice: Well, i have nothing against Alice. It's just that i have a personal Alice in my house who's giving me constant makeovers... HELP! Alice is really cool, and i'd like her as my aunt or something.

If you were to go out with one Cullen who would it be: Well, if Jacob doesn't count, i'd pick Emmett because he's funny and was always my fav Cullen. We're both funny and make jokes out of serious situations! :P

Why not Edward: To be honest, i really didn't like Robert Pattinson in the movie. I love him in other movies, and he's really cute and all, but in Twilight... I don't know. I know he's not the real Edward (because he's fictional) but i don't like Edward that much. I like how he plays piano and stuff but for some reason i don't like him. He used to be my fav character (and i really liked him) in Twilight, but when i read New Moon and felt how much Edward hurt Bella, and Jacob came into the picture, i "moved on". I was angry at Jake for ratting Bella out from the motorcycle incident but then i forgave him. Then when he kissed Bella, i was angry again but was also happy. :)

Okay, you do know that Jake imprinted Renesmee, do you want to kill her because of that so you could be with Jacob: I wish!! But i was glad Jake got his happy ending. I really think he was such a rotten person as a wolf because he loved Bella and knew he couldn't be with her because of Edward and he didn't imprint her which meant they weren't meant to be. But at the same time, he didn't believe in imprinting. But when Renesmee entered his life, did you notice be became the HUMAN nice Jacob again? So, i see that Jake's happy with Renesmee, even though we only see her as a baby in Breaking Dawn. But what i am doing is I'm going to marry Taylor Lautner! When i was 11, i was in love with him (and I'm not only saying that. It wasn't a crush i LOVED him!!). I called him SharkBoy at the time (yeah, he was 13 then when he filmed that movie) his name was written all over my dream journal (and thankfully, writing about us in it made my writing marks get much higher, that's why i write fan fiction now, because he inspired me). I'm thinking of giving TL my journal when/if i die. I know he's 4 years older then me (and people ask me if we're related... weird) but at least want to be his friend. We have a lot in common... from what i read. =/

Are you on Team Jacob if you like him so much: Well... i really don't know. I would say team Jacob but Edward's pretty cool too. Did you notice people pick teams for different things? There's for who you'd rather be with and who you think Bella should be with. Who i'd rather be with: Jedward but mostly Jacob. Who Bella should be with: Edward because then there's no Renesmee and one angry Jacob.

Random stuff about Nessie (Me)

Fav band: The Mitch Hansen Band

Fav album: Love Strong (Christina Perri)

Artists I admire and/or listen to(why): Christina Perri (for her strong heart on her way to the top), Taylor Swift (for teaching me how to write better meaning full songs... and teaching me that not every boy will treat me right), Idina Menzel and Kristen Chenoweth (WICKED! AND SOME OF THE MOST AMAZING SINGERS ON BROADWAY), Adele (for her amazing voice), Katy Perry (for doing what she has to, but has enough respect for herself and the rest of us, as well as the good songs), The Beatles (for being the only band me and my family connect with), Journey (for being the one band my dad and I connect with), Green Day (for being the one band my brother and I connected with... in past tense), NeverShoutNever (for staying strong until the end), Owl City (for making random cute songs about whatever he wants and to still make it beautiful), Lady Gaga (for her catchy music and ability to express herself without shame), One Direction (just because xD their songs are pretty awesome and its all people talk about now so why not? XD)

Fav actors: Oh please... I'll go on all day.

Fav author: Nicholas Sparks (sorry Stephenie...)

Fav books: The Twilight Saga (duh), the BooksByYou books, Nicholas Sparks books (the Guardian is my fav!), Tuck Everlasting, The Wish, Ladybird Ladybird, Without You (a memoir about Anthony Rapp), Bridge of Scarlet Leaves (sobbed from reading it xD)

Family: Real life? Fine, I have an older sister (whom i call Alice when i talk about her), a younger brother, and my mom and dad are just who they are xD

Most likely find me: At Tim Hortons, at home on my computer, Facebook, YouTube, Hotmail, reading fanfiction :P, shopping with my friend(s), singing and playing guitar, baking (sometimes someone else's bday cake xD), skype, writing fanfiction or my diary or songs, listening to music

Favourite drink: I love milk :P But going out, I'll say a Tim Horton's Ice Capp or a caramel frappachino with extra whip from Starbucks

Favourite toothpaste: Mint

Favourite food: I love hotdogs and hamburgers :) Steak when at a fancy restaurant, and anything chocolate for the heart ;) Watermelon is my fav fruit

How I eat my Hamburger: Lots of ketchup, tomatoes, onions, lettuce

Weird food I hate: I've ALWAYS hated cheese for some reason (except on pizza)... and I hate eggs in the morning and any other time, i hate grapefruit and papaya, Egg salad, candy (except Chocolate and cotton candy) and other stuff I can't remember at the top of my head xD

Fav homemade dish: Call me weird, but I've always loved hotdogs, pasta and margarine since I was little xD Try it!

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i made this up MAMA MIA MIX AND SONG . my friend thought it was HILARIOUS! See my other stories as well! yes, i made a Twilight parody too, i didn't put it up though . R&R THIS AND MY RENESMEE STUFF! If you want more of this, tell me.
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