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"Life can't always be sunshine, there has to be a few thunderstorms here and there... But just remember, thunderstorms come and go, but the sunshine is always there" - JobenX

Live Life Without Limits... Never let go of what makes you happy. Never give up on a dream that will one day become a reality. Cherish every moment that you live, because each moment left behind for yesterday is the key to tommorow. Stand up for your beliefs, and never back down. Embrace the future, because it's going to happen, one way or another. Be inspired by all things around, because a great imagination is the only thing that seperates us from our hopes and our dreams. Always greet the day with a smile, and keep your faith in all the things true in you're life. Push away the darkness, and embrace the warmth of the light and face your fears with an unwavering resolve, and they will instead fear you. Surround yourself with those who trust you, because they are the ones to trust back. Treat everyone as you would treat yourself, and you will never be alone. Love? Love is difficult, but don't spend all your time looking for it, and instead go with flow, and try to relax a little, so love always catches you unprepared, and sweeps you off you're feet, and you fall in love. Hope is one thing you should never let anyone take from you, protect it from the opressors, the bullies, and the attention-seekers. Just remember, you are who you are, and never let anyone change that, unless you really want to change, but think carefully about who you are, and what you will become, because there's no second chances, everything you do is imprinted into the history of your life... So face the day, face the night, face your fears and face your dreams, and never look back to regret, only look back to cherish your memories. Go, and live your life as you chose it to be lived. It's your life, and never let anyone tell you any different... I'm just a boy, not a prophet, I just want to share my views with the world, whether it wants it or not, because, like you all should, if you so chose, I live my life to the fullest...I Live My Life Without Limits...

Live Life Without Limits...

What's up people, I am the one and only Joben, also known as Joben, Jobe, I Can See The Sun, or if you know me well enough, Josh. I'm 17, and I live in Norfolk, England. Yes, that's right, I'm British. If you got a problem with that, then leave me alone. I don't care about where I come from, or what you think about where I come from. I'm here to have fun, make good freinds, and spread my word. Now thats out of the way, let the madness begin... (Link to my FictionPress profile)


Here's a few people who have given me guideance and support, and because of that, consider them a freind, maybe even the best of friends. This is in the order I met them.

Seifer Almasy 911 (Seif)

Umbrella's Worst Enemy (UWE)

secret vesper (Vespy)

Koumari (Kou)

no tears left to cry (Pein)

Bara Kuchiki (Bara)

ImagativeRainbowPenguin (Rainy)

Kori Blaze (Kori)

Emasari (Emmy)

Iron's Grasp (Iron)

Vampress Sofi (Sofi)

Auburn's Envy (June)

luna345 (Luna)

And now, prepare for randomness...


History, Movies, Video-Games and Books are filled with some really great lines, although some better than others...

Let's get one thing straight, all I got in this business are my balls and my word... and I don't break'em for anybody- Tony Montana, Scarface.

LICH KING: There can be only one prince of darkness! OZZY OSBOURNE: Sharon!- World Of WarCraft advert.

No Stairway? Denied!- Wayne Campbell, Wayne's World.

Dude... That was, like, a total Jedi moment... Hugo "Hurley" Reyes, LOST.

I don't like you the most... I just hate you the least... Me

That's why Eskimo's don't have rodeo... Roger Alan Wade, Jackass Number Two.

I will never be a memory... Sephiroth, Final Fantasy: Advent Children.

Remember Red... Hope is a good thing, maybe even the best of things, and no good thing ever dies... Andy Dufrane, The Shawshank Redemption.

God's gonna sit this one out... Frank Castle, The Punisher.

I've got half a mind to kill you... And the other half agrees... Church, Red VS Blue.

They can't see me... I can't see them... Caboose, Red VS Blue.

People come up to me and say "What's it like inside your mind?" and I tell them "When I find out, I'll let you know"... Me.

Life isn't about waiting for the storm to end, it's about learning to dance in the rain... Something written on my bathroom wall.

Life has many twist and turns. Its so weird and full of surprises... no tears left to cry.

He made me feel like... I had a heart... Axel, Kingdom Hearts.

Fear can hold you prisoner... hope can set you free... Tagline for The Shawshank Redemption.

Death is a cuddly goth who support you through your final journey... Umbrella's Worst Enemy

Think of polar bear porn... Me.

Hey, Caboose! You hear a noise behind you!- Sarge, I do? I wonder what it could be?- Caboose, Red VS Blue.

It can't rain all the time... Eric Draven, The Crow.

Victims; Aren't we all?... Eric Draven, The Crow.

A building gets torched. All that is left is ashes. I used to think that was true about everything. families, friends, feelings. But now I know, that sometimes, if love proves real, two people who are meant to be together-- nothing can keep them apart... Sarah, The Crow.

If the people we love are stolen from us, the way to have them live on is to never stop loving them. Buildings burn. People die. But real love is forever... Sarah, The Crow.

I hate having nothing to do. It gets me thinking too much... Squall Leonhart, Final Fantasy VIII

No matter what happens, even if you become the world's enemy, I'll be your knight... Squall Leonhart, Final Fantasy VIII

The way I see it, as long as you make it out of a battle alive, you're one step closer to fulfilling your dream... Seifer Almasy, Final Fantasy VIII

But...who cares!? I speak with passion, from the heart! That's what matters most... Laguna Loire, Final Fantasy VIII

Now! This is it! Now is the time to choose! Die and be free of pain, or live and fight your sorrow! Now is the time to shape your stories! Your fate is in your hands! ... Auron, Final Fantasy X

No matter how dark the night, morning always comes, and our journey begins anew... Lulu, Final Fantasy X

Because we do not know when we will die, we get to think of life as an inexhaustible well. And yet everything happens only a certain number of times, and a very small number really. How many more times will you remember a certain afternoon of your childhood, an afternoon that is so deeply a part of your being that you cannot conceive of your life without it? Perhaps four, or five times more? Perhaps not even that. How many more times will you watch the full moon rise? Perhaps twenty. And yet it all seems limitless... Brandon Lee's Epitaph, R.I.P.

Tomorrow is the most important thing in life. Comes into us at midnight very clean. It's perfect when it arrives and it puts itself in our hands. It hopes we've learned something from yesterday... John Wayne, R.I.P.

It's better to burn out than to fade away... Neil Young

Embrace your dreams. If you want to be a hero, you've got to have dreams... If you see Aerith, say Hi for me... Hey, would you say I became a hero?... Zack Fair (R.I.P.), Final Fantasy VII: Crisis Core

I think I know someone from almost anywhere, except Idaho... I know there's a cat named Dewy... but I think he's dead now... secret vesper


Yeah, sometimes, whilst in character, myself and my freinds will say some truly epic things...


Steve looked up.

For the first time that day, he wished his hair wasn't pink. Steven Crowe:- Black Hearts, Bloody Roses (Myself)


"I'm a fallen angel with broken wings" Gareth Knight:- Black Hearts, Bloody Roses (Myself)


"I'd rather die in your arms, than walk the world alone" Valentine:- Eragon RP (Myself)


"I'm a kid from yesterday stuck in the world of tommorow" Joey Valentine:- Black Hearts, Bloody Roses (Myself)


"It hurts when you want to help so badly, but you can't... even though you can help, you just can't find the strength to face your fears... One day, I'll face my fears, and I will help, so the hurting can stop" Gavin Gardener:- Black Hearts, Bloody Roses (Myself)


"Eventually, even a mighty beast can be stung enough times that it dies" WereSoldier Subject 00 "Brutus":- Black Hearts, Bloody Roses (Iron's Grasp)


"I feel like my heart is breaking and healing at the same time. I think I'm starting to fall in love again" Manea, AKA "Nyx":- Black Hearts, Bloody Roses (no tears left to cry)


"Charlie, Charlie it's a leoploradon Charlie," Angel muttered in her sleep. Haven "Angel" Matthews:- Escape (Auburn's Envy)


"Living in the past doesn't change the future..." Ramante Coblar:- Black Hearts, Bloody Roses (Myself)

"Living in the future doesn't change the past... Live for the present" Brutus:- Black Hearts, Bloody Roses (Iron's Grasp)


"Follow me not into oblivion, but rather chose to walk alongside me" Captain Zacharia Havenwood:- Black Hearts, Bloody Roses (Myself)


"Shed not a tear for the fallen heroes, but rather for those they fell for" Captain Zacharia Havenwood:- Black Hearts, Bloody Roses (Myself)


"My optimisim is opti-missing" Seraph Nightgale:- Black Hearts, Bloody Roses (Myself)


Don't be judging me by my musical choices. These songs either mean a lot to me, or they're just some of my favourite songs...

This world will never be, what I expected, and if I don't belong, who would have guessed it. I will not leave alone, everything I own, to make you feel like it's not too late, it's never too late... "Never Too Late" by Three Day's Grace.

And I wanna moment to be real, wanna touch things I don't feel, wanna hold on and feel I belong. And how can the world want me to change? They're the ones that stay the same, they don't know me 'cause I'm not here... "I'm Still Here" by John Rzeznik.

Sometimes I give myself the creeps, sometimes my mind plays tricks on me. It all keeps adding up, I think I'm cracking up! Am I just paranoid? I'm not sure... "Basket Case" by Green Day.

'Cause nobody wants to be the last one there, 'cause everyone wants to feel like someone cares. Someone to love with my life in their hands, there's gotta be somebody for me like that... 'Cause nobody wants to go it on their own and everyone wants to know they're not alone. There's somebody else that feels the same somewhere, there's gotta be somebody for me out there... "Gotta Be Somebody" by Nickelback.

You think you're special... You do... I can see it in your eyes, I can see it when you laugh at me, look down on me, and walk around on me... Just one, more fight, about your leadership, and I, will straight up leave your shit, 'cause I've had enough of this... And now I'm pissed... Yeah! This time I'ma let it all go now, This time I'ma stand up and shout! I'ma do things my way, It's my way, my way or the high way... "My Way" by Limp Bizkit.

My best freind gave me the best advice... He said each day's a gift and not a given right, Leave no stone unturned, leave your fears behind... And try to take the path less travelled by, That first step you take is the longest stride... If today was your last day, and tommorow was too late, could you say goodbye to yesterday? Would you live each moment like your last, leave old pictures in the past, donate every dime you have?... If today was your last day?... "If Today Was Your Last Day" by Nickelback.

Some things in life are bad, they can really make you mad, some things just make you swear and curse, but when you're chewing on life's gristle, don't grumble! Give a whistle... And this'll help things turn out for the best, and... Always look on the bright side of life... "Always Look On The Bright Side" bt Monty Python.

Each passing day, every passing face seems like such a blur. I long to be, home silently, lying next to her. Just to get back by her side is all, all I need to be. I went away, what I really left, left behind was me... I need to be, getting on my way...Home... A milion miles away... "Million Miles Away" by The Offspring.

I finally know just what it means to let someone in, to see the side of me that no one does or ever will. So if your ever lost and find yourself all alone, I'd search forever just to bring you home, here and now, this I vow... By now you know that I'd come for you, no one but you, yes I'd come for you, but only if you told me to. And I'd fight for you, I'd lie its true, give my life for you, you know I'd always come for you... "I'd Come For You" by Nickelback.

I believe in a thing called love, Just listen to the rhythm of my heart. There's a chance we could make it now, We'll be rocking 'til the sun goes down... I believe in a thing called love... "I Believe In A Thing Called Love" by The Darkness

My fears come alive, In this place where I once died. Demons dreaming, Knowing I...I just needed to realign... "Re-Align" by Godsmack

We want fun! And you better believe it! We want fun! Yah ya love it or leave it! We want fun! No you don't understand, You got to, Hey! Hey! Hey! Hey! Make your demands! We want fun! And you never can see it! We want fun! So ya take it or leave it! We want fun and ya might as well face it... We want to have fun and we want to get wasted!... "We Want Fun" by Andrew W.K.

Now it's my time... It's my time to dream... Dream of the skies... Make me believe that this place isn't plagued by the poison in me...Help me decide if my fire will burn out before you can breathe... Breathe into me! I, Stand Alone, Inside I, Stand Alone... "I Stand Alone" by Godsmack

Do the things you wanna do, and let your spirit guide you through, in a life worth being remembered. Don't look back, you won't regret. Forgive, forget and never hate, isn't it how you want to be remembered?... "Remembered" by Firewind

What have we done with innocence? It disappeared with time, it never made much sense... "Monkey Wrench" by Foo Fighters

Home... Now that I'm coming home, will you be the same as when I saw you last? Tell me how much time has passed.. "Into Oblivion" by Funeral For A Freind

I don't wanna waste my time, become another casualty of society, I'm never gonna fall in line, become another victim of your conformity and back down... "Fat Lip" by Sum 41

I don't want this moment, to ever end, where everything's nothing, without you. I wait here forever, just to, to see you smile, 'cause it's true, I am nothing, without you... "With Me" by Sum 41

On the tale of a falling star, on the quest for Tommorowland, I close my eyes and I make a wish, bring me home to Tommorowland... "Tommorowland" by Savage Circus

Just like everybody else, I feel the pain each time I try, but I'll fight the bitter end, to shout the anthem of our lives... "Anthem" by Zebrahead

Let me light up the sky, light it up for you. Let me tell you why, I would die for you. Let me light up the sky... "Light Up The Sky" by Yellowcard

You are not alone tonight, imagine me there by your side, it's so hard to be here so far away from you. I'm counting the days till I'm finally done, I'm counting them down, yeah, one by one. It feels like forever till I return to you... But it helps me on those lonely nights, it's that one thing that keeps me alive... Knowing that you wait for me, ever so patiently... "Wait For Me" by Theory Of A Deadman

You are my faith, you are my friend, your are my family, and I am coming... So we can live, forevermore, in total love, so we can be there when victory strikes again... "I Love Music" by Andrew W.K.

1. Put your iTunes, Windows Media Player, ETC on Shuffle.
2. For each question, press the next button to get your answer.
4. Put any comments in parentheses after the song name.

1. What would you say about your girlfriend?

"United" by Judas Priest

2. What is the first thing you say in the morning?

"(Don't Fear) The Reaper" by Blue Oyster Cult

3. Your teacher is...

"Living Bad Dreams" by Judas Priest

4. What's written on your classroom's blackboard?

"The Neverending Story" by Dragonland

5. How would you describe your next-door neighbors?

"The Beautiful People" by Marilyn Manson (...Haven't even met my neighbours)

6. What would your Best Friend say about you?

"Renegade" by HammerFall

7. How do you feel right now?

"Makes No Difference" by Sum 41

8. What’s on your bedside table right now?

"Punk Rock 101" by Bowling For Soup

9. What did you do when you woke up this morning?

"Learn To Fly" by Foo Fighters (...I wish...)

10. When you open your wardrobe, you see...

"The Good Left Undone" by Rise Against

11. What did you say after you last attended a concert?

"(Good Riddance) Time Of Your Life" by Green Day (Never been to a concert before :( )

12. If you had to write a Fan Fic right now, what would it be called?

"Never Too Late" by Three Days Grace

13. A song you would sing at your school's talent show.

"Prayer Of The Refugee" by Rise Against (Aww yeah...)

14. Your life's theme song?

"Long Live The Party" by Andrew W.K.

15. How would you describe what you are doing this moment?

"Fake It" by Seether

16. If you had to go and jump off a building, what would your last words be?

"Suffocating Under Words Of Sorrow (What Can I Do?)" by Bullet For My Valentine

17. Your motto is...

"Don't Stop Me Now" by Queen

18. If you could buy anything in this world, you would buy...

"Holiday" by Green Day

19. What did you dream about tonight?

"Operation Ground Pound" by DragonForce

20. Any last words?

"I'd Come For You" by Nickelback.

Instructions: Put your ipod or music player on shuffle and the song that pops is the answer to each question.

1.How does the world see you? "I Get Around" by The Beach Boys

2. Will I have a happy life? "Living Is A Problem Because Everything Dies" by Biffy Clyro

3. What do my friends really think of me? "Psychosocial" by Slipknot

4.Do people secretly lust after me? "Still Waiting" by Sum 41

5. How can I make myself happy? "You're Gonna Go Far, Kid" by The Offspring

6. What should I do with my life? "Sieze The Day" by Avenged Sevenfold

7. What is some good advice for me? "Make Sex" by Andrew W.K. (XD)

8. How will I be remembered? "Heroes Of Our Time" by DragonForce

9. What is my signature dancing song? "The Right Side Of The Bed" by Atreyu

10. What do I think my current theme song is? "Always Look On The Bright Side Of Life" by Monty Python

11. What does everyone else think my current theme song is? "I Stand Alone" by Godsmack

12. What song will play at my funeral? "Like The Angel" by Rise Against

13. What type of men/women do you like? "My Immortal" by Evanecsence

14. What is my day going to be like? "The Good Life" by Three Days Grace

15. What will tomorrow bring? "Heaven Knows" by Rise Against


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