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What to say about me...hmm...

Well, hi, I'm Miki! I'm 23, and have been writing fic since I was 16. So seven years. Damn. I didn't realize it had been that long. hehe I started writing HP fics, and I have two chaptered ones in the works now. Last April I discovered Twilight fic as well, and it has taken over my life. I've thought about dabbling in House of Night fic, but I haven't gotten there. Yet. hehe

My husband doesn't understand why I write fic. He thinks I'm a talented writer and that I'm wasting that talent writing about another person's characters. I tried to explain to him that this helps me. Sure, I can't sell my fic as my own but, for the most part, this is still my writing. Yes, the characters and their surroundings are Meyer's or Rowling's, but the fic is mine. I put those words on the page, I wove them together. That's enough for me.

I write my own stuff on top of fics. I've written countless poems, dozens of short stories, one screen play, and am working through three novels. I have a hard time finishing the chaptered stuff when I get writing it, but I'm working on it. hehe

I'm an awful speller (I'm sure I've made at least one mistake in this profile alone), so if you catch a mistake that I missed, please PM me with it. I won't be mad. I'm of the firm belief that reviews are meant for praise and constrictive criticism. Just don't be cruel about it, and I can handle it.

That goes for everything else you review. Please keep in mind that these authors pour their heart and souls into their fics. If you don't enjoy what you're reading, that's perfectly fine. You can even let the author know that it wasn't your cup of tea. But just because you don't like something, doesn't mean that other people don't. We are all different and unique, with equally unique tastes. So please don't flame an author because he or she wrote a Blackwater fic. Either don't say anything (since saying "Blackwater sucks!" is neither nice nor constructive), or, if you must post a review, please be considerate.

Same goes if you are pointing out grammatical or spelling errors. Yes, that little beta button is at the top of our screens for a reason, but not everyone knows it's there. If a story is truly terrible, completely unreadable (which there are a good number of those on this site in particular), it is okay to inform the author of this, just do so gently. Instead of criticizing their ignorance of the proper use of a comma, help them. Tell them about how they can go about getting a beta, either through this site, Project Team Beta, or through some other way that you know of. If it's a couple minor mistakes (they continually have wonder instead of wander), point this out in your review, but balance it with a positive comment. And please keep in mind, this is recreation. This isn't what many of us do for a living, and it's not anything I think any of us should be taking too seriously. If you find yourself becoming snarky, pointing out mistakes with a venomous touch, please remember this: you can pick up almost any novel and find errors in it. Typos, missing punctuation, misspelled words, whatever it may be, it's usually there. And these have been gone over countless times by people who do this for a living. If they can let mistakes through, why do you expect your fanfic author and beta to be perfect. The truth of the matter is that we aren't machines, we are human, and as such mistakes are likely to get through.

steps off soapbox

I am in the process of trying to go back to school, but at the moment I'm dealing with awful customers in a grocery store. So please, I beg you, next time you have a problem at the store, try not to be a complete ass. It might be me you're bitching at. So if there's an especially awful OC in one of my fics, you pretty much know it's some customer that was terrible to me, and this is my revenge.

I also write a story called The Girlfriend Experienceover on Twilighted with wolvesrmyhomeboys, my soul Twin. It is only on Twilighted, and will not be coming over to ffn. Twilighted now has a way to view stories on a white background, however, so the viewing experience would be much the same. It is wonderful, and I highly suggest you read it. There is also a threadon the Twilighted forums where we play with our readers.


That made me feel like Unsolved Mysteries. Tee hee. Anywho, I just wanted to let everyone know that if my stories start disappearing, you can find them on my Twilighted account, I realize that my Twilight themed stories are in violation, and honestly I didn't realize that before. Guess this is my wake up call to actually read Terms and Services when they fall into my lap. I'm probably going to start pulling them myself, but I will link to them in my profile.

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