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I am submitting a reworked version of From Harvest to the Ark on Inkitt dot com.
I am not rewriting it so much as I am cleaning it up.
Much as I love Harvest to the Ark, I'll be the first to admit there are many parts of it that are clunky. I've wanted to rework the story for some time, now.
When I am finished the updates on Inkitt, I will then update the story here on Fanficion dot net.
The main reason I'm posting this is so the skeptical will be reassured that the updated version of the story is genuine.

An Introduction

My name is Connor.

I fucking love writing.

I recently graduated from West Chester University with a degree in Theatre Performance. Acting and Writing are my two biggest passions. The beauty stems from the fact that any progress I make in one of these fields automatically progresses me within the other. As my writing style improves, so too does my ability to create a character from someone else's text. The reverse is true, as well - my experience with creating characters from text helps me to peg down my own characters' voices in my writing.

I have been writing on this website since 2009. I am a self-taught writer - the stories I write here are my classrooms. I learn more from diving in headfirst and DOING something than I ever will from sitting in a desk listening to someone talk.

Current Project

Ashes to Ashes, Grist to Grist

This is a Homestuck fanfiction that follows the story of eight teenagers who play Sburb, a futuristic game that causes the end of the world. This project has been ongoing for over three years. It is one of my greatest classrooms.

Some Stuff About Me

I love standing outside and watching storms roll in. I used to be terrified of thunder as a child, but now I'm hopelessly attracted to it. I may get struck by lightning one of these days, but so far it has not happened yet. You cannot see it, but I just knocked on wood.

I get angry when I am interrupted or ignored. A conversation should involve complete presence on the part of both individuals. If I am interrupted or ignored, it means the other person was never truly listening to me in the first place, hence the frustration. What I am working on is how to communicate this anger in a way that does not wound. I cannot control feeling anger, but I can control the way it is communicated.

A few years ago I had a mental breakdown and convinced myself the entire world was a hallucination. The way I got out of it was by pretending and living as if the hallucination were real. Eventually I no longer needed to pretend and life returned, though to my fascination and enjoyment it never quite returned to the way it was before.

My favorite ice cream flavor is mint chocolate chip.

Some of my greatest teachers during my years spent in college were a group of four kids who jumped me in a back alley and beat the crap out of me. I escaped, though in a way they never truly left me because I always look over my shoulder when I go out walking. They taught me that I have an inviolate core of being which fists and feet cannot touch, and that I have the power to patiently bounce back from any trauma.

I love rainy days. Rain is very relaxing. I never feel in a hurry when it rains. Sunshowers are the best. Double rainbows, too.

I also love dreaming. Dreams are freaking awesome - you can do anything in them and the only limit is the reach of your imagination. If you have not already, I highly recommend keeping a dream journal next to your pillow. The details of a dream slip away very quickly, unless the dream was especially poignant; so the key is to write down as much as you can as soon as possible after waking up.

I believe there is no shame in crying, and those who would have you believe otherwise are dillweeds.

Baking is a wonderful way to work out stress.

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