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If you are reading me right now, you have likely come from one of my stories.

Thanks for reading!

It's about time I updated this page. Last time was perhaps two years ago? Maybe three. I haven't put much effort into this profile page in the past because I'm really not sure what to say, other than 'Hello!'

These days I am writing Ashes to Ashes, Grist to Grist, a project which so far has spanned over five years. We are getting close to the end, and that's real bittersweet. I spend a lot of time in Ashes and Grist's world, and I'll miss that when it comes time for the story to end. However, that hardly diminishes the excitement of moving on to new projects, and falling in love with new characters.

Sharing my work here is one of the best choices I've ever made. There have been times when I've come close to giving up and leaving Ashes and Grist unfinished, and each time I've pushed through. Mostly because readers such as yourselves made it known to me how my work has touched your lives, and that gives me immense fuel. Without that circuitry in place, without you, I doubt Ashes and Grist would have lasted twenty chapters.

Although right now I am playing within the Homestuck universe, what first drew me to write on this site was Halo. I could not stop thinking about the SPARTAN-IIIs - in Ghosts of Onyx we meet over three hundred SPARTAN-IIIs from Gamma Company, but by the time Plot arrives at Onyx, only three squads of SPARTAN-IIIs are left on the planet. The other 315 SPARTAN-IIIs in Gamma Company had already left Onyx to be deployed, and that is the last we ever hear about them. What happened to them? Where the hell did they go? This curiosity led to the birth of Spartans of Gamma Company, which follows Team Rapier - a five-person team of Gamma Co. Spartans who are deployed to participate in the Battle of Earth.

Survivors of Gamma Company came next, mostly because I loved Team Rapier so much that I wanted to do more with them. I personally think it's a clunky story, but it did lead to greater projects. The best thing to come out of Survivors was Alley Garris. Alley appeared in Survivors essentially as a throwaway character. I had no plans for him, and I had no idea who he would one day become. There was one point in Survivors when Garris mentions that he fought on Installation 04, and although I never went into detail about his experience, somehow I 'knew' that I'd just touched upon one little piece of a powerful story.

Alley Garris never quite left my mind after that. So when I dove back into Halo for a third time, I decided it was time to take a break from Spartans and examine the Human-Covenant War from the perspective of someone without augmentations, someone without fancy armor and energy shields. In addition to this new challenge, after playing the Halo games for years I was feeling immensely dissatisfied with how the marines are viewed as ragdolls. I wanted to help bring awareness to the truth that every single 'disposable' marine has a story, a life, dreams and desires. THEY ARE PEOPLE, NOT FODDER. Alley Garris was a perfect fit for this exploration, and thus From Harvest to the Ark was born.

Even after I started writing Harvest to the Ark, I never anticipated how many people would read it. Even now, nearly six years after completion, I still receive email notifications of new readers following Alley Garris's story, and this is very moving. I've started work on a revised edition of Harvest to the Ark, but I don't see much more progress being made on this project until Ashes and Grist is complete.

I will add more to this profile page as we go along, but I believe this is sufficient for now.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask. Some people like to post their questions in a review, and I respond to those questions via PM. You can also directly PM me questions. Just be aware that you need to have a Fanfiction(dot)net account for me to be able to respond to you. If you ask a question while reviewing a chapter as an anonymous Guest, I will have no way to answer you.

Enjoy your lives. Being alive is a beautiful thing.

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