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Author has written 8 stories for Halo, Left 4 Dead, RuneScape, and Homestuck.

Well...uh...what to say?

I'm twenty years old, I live in Pennsylvania, I'm attending West Chester University for Theatre Arts, and, obviously, I enjoy writing.

I've been writing since sixth grade, it all started out with drawing dumb little comics in elementary school, then giving the pictures narratives, then eventually writing rudimentary stories in script format. It was easy going until I became dissatisfied with the lack of depth of those stories, so I started experimenting with 1st and 3rd person POV short stories. Finally, several years later, I've grown into writing full-fledged stories, ones with fleshed-out characters and a solid plot-line. I took no classes, I had no professional help; I taught myself to write with years of experimentation, trial and error. Basically, the stories I post on here are the nuggets of gold on top of a vast mountain of crap. That's something I'm particularly proud of, crap mountain and all.

While I could create an original universe and setting to base stories in, I'm kind of lazy, so I decided to delve into other universes, mainly that of Halo. I have a knack for taking something that already exists, turning it upside down and onto its ass, and filling in the cracks with my own imagination. There's nothing quite like shining some light on the 'shadowy' parts of an established canon.

Writing started as a simple pastime for me, but it has gradually grown into a passion. I used to think it was a good was to escape the boring real world, but now I view it as my way of 'infusing' fictional settings with elements of the real world (which is quite a bit less boring than I once thought).

In any case, I hope the readers out there enjoy my work.

Current Projects


Reclamation, Restoration, Redemption

This story will be, for the most part, following three main characters.

-Aten 'Oenairemee is the protagonist. His is is the only portion of the story that is told in 1st Person POV. For Aten, this can basically be boiled down to something along the lines of a 'coming of age' deal. He starts out as a lowly member of a warrior creche and will have to work his way up through the ranks of the infantry to survive. He is probably the closest equivalent to Alley Garris in that he occupies no position of particular importance; he is simply another soldier among hundreds of thousands.

-Niro 'Ovarumee is the deuteragonist. While Aten fights his way up through the ranks of the infantry, Niro is a veteran Shipmaster. His fighting, for the most part, takes place in outer space. Unlike Aten, Niro has already been fighting for a long time. He is weary of the war, but is not foolish enough to advertise such feelings. He can be summed up as a kind of man who neither hates nor loves his duty; he simply performs it as best he can.

-Uros 'Oenairemee is the tritagonist. His segments will most likely not be as frequent as those of the other two main characters. He, too, is a veteran of a previous conflict within the Covenant, but he retired from the military before the outbreak of the Great War, so he has never fought Humans. In this story, he serves as a member of the High Council and rarely ever sees combat. Instead, his story focuses more on cloak and dagger-esque conspiracies that are occurring within the Covenant leadership.

STATUS: Inactive, with occasional spurts of activity

Left 4 Dead

An American Odyssey

This story, much like its description states, follows a diverse group of individuals as they try to fight their way down the East Coast, trying to reach the safe zones further south. While there may be an important plot device entering the story later on, for now it is simply following these people as they try to survive. For this story, I have pretty much done away with most of the mechanics of the game. No safehouses, no molotovs, no pipe bombs, no bile jars, no ammo piles, a group with more than four survivors. No magical first-aid kits, either; if someone gets hurt, they stay hurt.

I suppose, to sum things up, I've tried to make it as realistic as possible, not bound by the physics of the game.

STATUS: Dead, with some small potential for resurrection


The God Wars: Growing Darkness

This story follows four main characters during the final years of the God Wars. The events of this story do not necessarily break canon; they simply fill in the large gaps already present in the accepted canon of the God Wars. And considering the fact that this story takes place thousands of years before the game, it's easy to take some creative license. Basically what I've done with this story is make the universe resemble the game as little as possible. Runescape physics, Runescape gameplay, Runescape mechanics; all of that went out the window. But I'll let you figure out the rest by reading it, if you're interested.

STATUS: Inactive, with intent to return pending completion of ongoing projects


Ashes to Ashes, Grist to Grist

This story is the first one I have started on this website outside of the 'games' archives. Unless you have read the webcomic 'Homestuck', by Andrew Hussie on, it may be a little difficult to understand what all is happening, but it should not be impossible. Basically, this story is about a group of eight teenagers who are all seniors in high school, who all inevitably end up playing a certain game that causes the end of the world. But the thing is that, while this game destroys the earth, it is also the characters' only chance of survival; if they keep playing it, they'll be able to escape annihilation.

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