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Author has written 4 stories for Evangelion, and Metal Gear.

I'm a guy who likes to write, keeps thinking about creating an origianal piece and has a lot of ideas about it, but never gets to write it down. So in the meantime, I write fanfiction about my favourite characters and series. I've written a ton of fics and one shots, along with a lot of material that I don't think I'll ever post because I never get around to finish them properly. As of now, I have about four or five projects in the works, which I won't publish until I'm satisfied enough with the plot.

Favourite games: Metal Gear Solid (the entire saga), God of War saga, Resident Evil 4, Fight Night Round 3, Hitman Blood Money, Uncharted series, GTAV, The Last of Us, Assassins Creed IV, and some others. I'm a gamer.

Favourite movies: Lord of the Rings saga, Jurassic Park, Bourne Trilogy, Fight Club, Kill Bill, Batman the Dark Knight and Lions for Lambs.

Favourite anime: Evangelion and Dragon Ball Z (Classics rule)

I'll be upfront about my current fics:

'Evangelion: Rise of Outer Heaven' is currently on hold. In other words, I haven't dropped it. To be honest, this was the fic that prompted me to join this site, about five years ago. This was the fic that I wanted to write and publish. As of now, it's on hold because I can't get the time it would take me to get back into the story and the characters. Both Metal Gear Solid and Evangelion are complex universes, with deep casts and a lot of elements to take into account, and I can't write about them when I don't have a good amount of time to think properly. I'm currently in my last year in college, so that could mean that by next year I could be back to publishing updates on this fic. I do have most of the next chapter ready, as well as an outline of all the following ones, so there could be an update later this year. I don't want to make any promises I may not keep, though, so don't hold your breath on that. However, I'll say this again, this fic is NOT discontinued. I just have to get back in shape to finish it.

Some pics about the story:

http:///gallery/#/d2weqnp (Big Boss, standing with Evangelion Unit 03 behind him)

http:///gallery/#/d2vod1c (Solid Snake, aiming his gun with the Three of Life on the background)

http:///art/Solid-Snake-Misato-Katsuragi-176587526 (Solid Snake and Misato, side by side and looking quite angry)

http:///art/Big-Boss-vs-Gendo-Ikari-176931669 (Big Boss vs Gendo Ikari)

http:///art/Snake-and-Misato-guns-drawn-177982760 (Snake and Misato, guns drawn and ready to give a severe ass kicking)

If you liked Rise of Outer Heaven, you know where to look for images now.

The Mercenaries is currently discontinued. I like that story, and it has a cool idea (I think), but I know I won't finish it. Why? Mostly because I've outgrown it as an author. I imagined that fic as one cool action sequence after another, with good stealth and nice villains. And that's nice, but there is no character development there, no personal growth for the cast, no underlying themes for the story. It was a good excersice, and I remember it fondly, but it's discontinued.

Vengeance is the other big story I have, and it seems to be the most popular. As of now, it's also on hold, for similar reasons to 'Rise of Outer Heaven.' Evangelion is a wonderful anime, but it's also extremely complex and personally demanding for me as a writer. I need to get back to that world if I want to write something good about it, and I don't have the energy for that now. It doesn't mean I won't in the future. For now, I'm not working on it, but I won't pronounce it dead, because I still think of it, and where to go next. I know I'll swing back into it, sooner or later. Sorry if this is disappointing to anyone, really, but if I were to keep going right now, the fic would suck.

My newest project is 'The Philanthropists.' It's the fic that got me back into this site, and I'm personally quite happy with it. I'm trying out new methods of writing with it, and I believe the story is sound. Moreover, the fact that the characters, their motivations, fears and dreams, are what drives the fic forward, that is what exites me the most. As of now, I haven't posted since November, because some things got in the way. If you're following this one, it is neither on hold nor discontinued. It's going strong, and I've recently outlined several more episodes. I've been making some adjustments to the story to fit in a few details, as well as correcting some mistakes. A light case of writer's block got me stuck in the newest chapter, right in the middle of an action scene, but I'm ploughing through it, don't worry. March should be the time to get that fic back on track.

I make a point of thanking those of you who leave reviews of my stories. You have no idea how much it helps to keep writing, as well as how useful it is to correct mistakes and to get new ideas to use. If you like one of my fics, leave a review. It will help me a lot to keep improving.

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