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Author has written 22 stories for Sons of Anarchy, Resident Evil series, Twilight, Van Helsing, Tomb Raider, Aliens/Predator, Naruto, NCIS, Harry Potter, G. I. Joe, G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra, NCIS: Los Angeles, and True Blood.

Name: Not Telling.
Previous Pen Name: The Candy Spooky Theater.
Gender: Female.
Birthday: September 24, 1988.
Birthplace: San Francisco, California.
Appearance: 5'1, 135 lbs, peach skin tone, short brown hair and brown eyes.

Favorite Books:
Alice Borchardt- The Silver Wolf
Alyssa Day- Atlantis Rising

Carrie Vaughn- Kitty and The Midnight Hour
Carlton Stowers- To the Last Breath
Christine Feehan- The Carpathian Novels, Drake Sisters, Sea Haven, Leopard Series
Christine Warren- The Others

Dan Dye and Mark Beckloff- Amazing Gracie
Dave Nasser and Lynn Barrett Lee- Giant George
Dean Koontz- Watchers, Odd Thomas
Diana Palmer- Lawman
Don Davis- Hush Little Babies

Edith Hahn Beer and Susan Dworkin- The Nazi Officer’s Wife
Elizabeth Lane- The Santana Heir

Gaby Rodriguez- The Pregnancy Project
Gena Showalter- Lords of the Underworld, Alien Huntress series
Gregory Maguire- Wicked, Son of the Witch, Mirror Mirror
Gwen Cooper- Homer’s Odyssey

Irene Gut Opdyke and Jennifer Armstrong- In My Hands

Jill Gregory- Thunder At Dawn
J.K. Rowling- Harry Potter series
Julianne MacLean- Captured by the Highlander
Julia Romp- The Cat Who Came Back For Christmas
J.R.R. Tolkien- Lord of the Rings, The Hobbit Series
JR Ward- Black Dagger Brotherhood, The Fallen Angel series

Ken Englade- Celler of Horror
Kresly Cole- Immortals After Dark Warrior
Krystina Castella- Pops!

Lena Diaz- Tennessee Takedown
Linda Leal Miller- The McKetterick Cowboys, Holiday in Stone Creek
Lisa Rogak- The Dogs of War
Lori Foster- The Buckhorn Brothers

Madeline Baker- Reckless Heart
Mike Bender and Doug Chernack- Akward Family Photos

Nora Roberts- The Bride Quartet, The Garden Trilogy, The Irish Trilogy, The Key Trilogy, The Mackade Brothers, 3 Sisters Island Trilogy, The Circle Trilogy, The Donovan Legacy, Treasures, Lawless, Carnal Innocence, Winner Takes All

Paula Graves- Bachelor Sheriff

Rick Riordan- Percy Jackson, Heroes of Olympus and The Kane Chronicles
Robert Beattie- Nightmare in Wichita
Robyn Carr- Forbidden Falls

Sara Douglass- The Wayfarer Redemption Series
Sherrilyn Kenyon- A Dark Hunter series, Born to Be Bad
Sophie Littlefield- Garden of Stones
Susan Richards- Chosen by a Horse

Favorite Authors:
Nora Roberts, Gena Showalter, Christine Feehan, J.R. Ward, Christine Warren, Sherrilyn Kenyon, Kresley Cole, Rick Riordan, J.K. Rowling, J.R.R. Martin

Favorite Movies:
Howls Moving Castle (I love this movie!)
Final Fantasy: Advent Children
The Goonies (Best Movie Ever!)
Adventures in Babysitting
Jurassic Park (All Three)
Resident Evil (all)
Fast & Furious (all)
Labrynth (Awesome movie!)
Last Quarter (Japanese Movie)
The Horse Whisperer
Behind Enemy Lines
Rock-a-Doodle (Another awesome movie!)
The Mummy (All Three)
Voyage Of The Unicorn (Pretty Awesome)
Predator (1 and 2)
Tremors (First 3)
Queen of the Damned
Pitch Black & Chronicles of Riddick
Freedom Writers
Legend (Amazing Movie!)
Step Up (all)
Fantasia (Both)
Gone In 60 Seconds
Spirit: Stallion of The Cimarron
The Beast Master (the movie not the TV series)
Stick It!
X-men (2 and 3)
Hotel for Dogs
Black Hawk Down
Lord of the Rings (all 3)
Ninja Assassin
XxX: State of the Union
Th13teen Ghosts
Phantom of the Opera
Dream Keeper
Dead or Alive
Milo & Otis
Harry Potter (all)
Finding Nemo
Homeward Bound (both)
Aliens (All)
The Karate Kid (2010)
The Expendables (Both)
Soul Surfer
Tomb Raider (Both)
Four Brothers
Clash of the Titans (Both Versions)
Punisher: War Zone
The Princess Bride
The A-Team
The Three Musketeers (2011 Version)
The Man from Nowhere (Korean Movie, it's amazing! I recommend watching it, Go Won Bin!!!)
War of the Arrows (Korean Movie)
Going By The Book (Another Korean Movie, I also recommend watching it!)
War Horse
Chocolate (Thai Movie, I absolutley love this movie, you should totally watch it)
G.I. Joe (Both)
The Raid: Redemption
Olympus Has Fallen
The Hobbit (All)
Friends Never Die (Thai Movie)

Favorite Tv Shows:
CSI: Miami
CSI: New York
Birds of Prey
Beast Master
Viva La Bam
The Deadliest Catch
Dirtiest Jobs
Power Rangers (Dino Thunder and Ninja Storm)
Criminal Minds
Storm Hawks
Generation Kill
Relic Hunter
The Deadliest Warrior
Hercules: The Legendary Journeys
Xena: Warrior Princess
1st Shop of Coffee Prince (Korean Drama, I like this series, I recommend you watch it)
Devil Beside You (Taiwanese Drama, I love this series, I suggest you watch it)
Gokusen (All - Japanese Drama, I love this series, I suggest you watch it)
Goong (Korean Drama, I absolutley love this series, I totally suggest you watch it)
Hana Kimi (Japanese Drama)
NCIS: Los Angeles
Boys Before Flowers (Korean Drama)
Hana Yori Dango (Japanese Drama)
The Princess' Man (Korean Drama)
Hawaii Five-0
Sugarless (Japanese Drama)
Great Teacher Onizuka (Japanese Drama)
Spartacus: Blood and Sand, Vengeance, War of the Damned (RIP Andy Whitfield)

Favorite Animes & Manga: Saiyuki, Yu Yu Hakusho, Gokusen, Bleach, Naruto, One Piece, O-Parts Hunter, 7th Period is a Secret, Beast Master (so cute), Beauty is the Beast (so cute), Kamen Teacher (totally Awsome), Anatolia Story (Red River), Beauty Pop (very funny), Boku Ni Natta Watashi, Crimson Hero, Gintama, Samurai Deeper Kyo, Ouran High School Host Club, Hana Kimi, Fruits Basket, Katekyo Hitman Reborn!, Rurouni Kenshin, Hunter X Hunter, Prince Of Tennis, Case Closed, Ares, D.Gray-Man, Fushigi Yuugi Genbu Kaiden, Sugarless, GTO, and many more :)

Favorite Music: Anything But Classical.

If you've ever wished you could go into a book and strangle some of the characters for being so incredibly dumb, copy and paste this into your profile.

Pictures for Stories (PICTURES COMING SOON):

I am in need of a Beta whose good in:

1. Anime/Manga:
A. Naruto
B. One Piece
C. Area no Kishi
D. Ouran High School Host Club
E. Fairy Tail
F. Hakuouki
G. Wolfs Rain
H. Yu Yu Hakusho
I. Kenichi: The Mightiest Disciple
J. Howls Moving Castle
K. Katekyo Hitman Reborn
L. Saiyuki
M. Kuroshitsuji
N. Inuyasha
O. Bleach
P. Beyblade
Q. Death Note
R. Hellsing
S. Black Lagoon
T. Final Fantasy: Advent Children
U. The Bride of the Water God
V. Prince of Tennis
W. Yu-Gi-Oh
X. Sugarless
Y. GTO (Great Teacher Onizuka)

2. Movies:
A. X-men series
B. Aliens series
C. Black Hawk Down- (FunnyGinger08)
D. Predator series
E. Blade II
F. The Fast & The Furious series
G. Chronicles of Riddick
H. 300- (FunnyGinger08)
I. Terminator series
J. Lord of the Rings- (SmartBlondes)
K. The Expendables
L. Pirates of the Caribbean
M. King Arthur
N. Indiana Jones series
O. Forbidden Kingdom
P. Princess Diaries- (SmartBlondes)
Q. Centurion
R. Neverending Story series
S. Naked Weapon
T. The Labrynth
U. Ninja Assassin
V. xXx series,
W. Thirteen Ghosts
X. Anaconda 2: Hunt for the Blood Orchid
Y. Van Helsing
Z. Anastasia
Z-1. The Karate Kid 2010
Z-2. Punisher: War Zone
Z-3. The Mummy series
Z-4. Spiderman
Z-5. Iron Man- (FunnyGinger08)
Z-6. Serenity
Z-7. Four Brothers- (FunnyGinger08)

3. Books:
A. Harry Potter- (Alena13) - (SmartBlondes)
B. Carpathian Series- (YoungestCullen8)
C. Percy Jackson & The Olympians- (SmartBlondes)
D. Dark-Hunter series- (YoungestCullen8)
E. Inheritance Cycle
F. Game of Thrones- (MyFantasySoul)
G. Twilight- (MyFantasySoul) - (SmartBlondes)

4. Tv Shows:
A. NCIS- (Alena13)
B. Sons of Anarchy- (Bad Company)
C. Cold Case
D. Supernatural
E. Firefly
F. Generation Kill
G. The Saddle Club
H. Power Rangers Dino Thunder
I. CSI: Miami
J. CSI: New York
K. Army Wives
L. NCIS: Los Angeles
M. Johnny Kapahala
N. The Addams Family
O. Jackie Chan Adventures
P. Criminal Minds
Q. Beast Master
R. True Blood- (MyFantasySoul)
S. Spartacus: Blood and Sand
T. General Hospital
U. The Vampire Diaries
V. Hawaii Five-0
W. The A-Team

5. Cartoons:
A. W.I.T.C.H
B. Lion King- (SmartBlondes)
C. Storm Hawks
D. Batman
E. Kim Possible
F. G.I. Joe
G. The Avengers

6. Video Games:
A. Resident Evil
B. Star Wars
C. Tomb Raider
D. Dynasty Warriors
E. Doom
F. Turok
G. Pokemon
H. Devil May Cry
I. Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney
J. Ace Attorney Investigations
K. Drakan: Ancient Gates
L. Mercenaries 1&2
M. Uncharted 1&2
N. Mortal Kombat
O. Ninja Gaiden
P. Sleeping Dogs

UP AND COMING STORIES (I could use some help on some of the stories, if you want to be a partner or in it message me and also the story titles are temporary until I start writing the stories.

STORIES UP FOR ADOPTION (If you’re Interested PM me:

1. Naruto (Sound’s Princess) - (On Hold):
Running Away from Otogakure and her father Orochimaru, Kokoro runs and ends up in Konohagakure. Once she reaches Konoha, she’s taken into interrogation and meets the Hokage. For the life of her, she couldn’t figure out why her father wanted to burn Konoha to the ground, the village was so beautiful. Eventually she learns to trust the elderly kage and tells him about her father and everything he’s done. A month later the sound 5 find her and are ordered to bring her back but she won’t, she has precious people she has to protect now.

-Pairings: Tenzo/Kokoro.
-Sakura bashing, Sasuke bashing, Kakashi bashing, Council bashing.

2. Naruto (The Banished) - (On Hold):
Konoha banished their leader, and for some reason he wants to help them in their war between Oto and Iwa. For him they’ll curb their anger and will deal with the trouble making council when it’s all over.

-Pairings: Naruto/Hinata, Haku/OC, Kimmiaro/OC, Itachi/OC, Gaara/Matsuri, Nanami/OC.
-Nanami means ‘Seven Seas.’
-Has minor Kakashi Bashing.
-Living Kushina and has Kushina Bashing.
-Major Sakura/Sasuke & Civilian Council bashing.

3. Naruto (The Vongola Ninjas) – (On Hold):
Naruto gets Sasuke back but finds his effort unrewarded. The Civillian council in its infinite wisdom decided to execute him. Unfortunatley for them it never happens as a group called Vongola interferes. They help Naruto reach the level he should’ve reached if it wasn’t for people sabotaging his grades. After training he becomes their leader and takes the Akatsuki on. But when Konoha is in danger will he save them or will he let them burn?

-Pairings: Naruto/Hinata, Ren/Tristan, possibly Ren/Tristan/Ryuu, Akihiko/OC , Mitsuko/OC, Ayame/Takeshi, Jupiter/Ana, Temari/Shikamaru, Shino/OC, Kiba/OC, Lee/OC, Ino/Chouji (?), Neji/Tenten, Kurenai/Asuma, Tsunade/Jiraiya (?).
-Parts of this story will be rewritten probably.

4. Naruto (King of the Wastelands) – (On Hold):
Naruto loses Sasuke at the Valley of the End and becomes unconscious. Tsunade’s student finds him lying there and takes home to the Wastelands. Where upon waking up finds out he has family who survived Whirlpool’s destruction. What happens when Orochimaru and the Akatsuki start the 4th Shinobi War? Will Naruto be ready? Will he even help the village that hurt him?

-Pairings: Hoshiko/Ryuu, Yusuke/OC, Obito/OC, Tsunade/Jiraiya, Anko/Ibiki, Naruto/Hinata.

57. Naruto (Secret Life of a Rich Girl) - (Pending):
AU. Good girls follow the rules, follows the law, listen to their parents, don’t start fights and get good grades. Bad girls break the rules, get chased by police, do what they want, start fights and skip school. It’s also hard to have a double life and keep good grades as well.

-FemNaru (Naruko Namikaze).
-Pairings are unknown, I don’t know if it should be Sasuke/Naruko or Shino/Naruko.
-This story’s like ‘The Fast and The Furious’ movie.
-Sakura bashing.

73. Naruto (Get out of this Town) - (Pending):
AU. Naruto sick of being abused runs away. Hinata sick and tired of trying to get her father’s affection’s that she knows she’ll never get decides to run away. Hinata and Naruto meet on a school roof and realize that their similar despite different social class. As if thinking as one, they decide to run away together where many years pass before they’re heard or seen from again.

-Either a short story or a one-shot.
-Pairings: Naruto/Hinata.
-Living Kushina.
-Kushina bashing, Hiashi bashing.

110. Naruto (House of the Flying Dagger) - (Pending):
Several years after the Kyuubi is sealed Kushina finally has enough of the villagers BS. Taking young Shiki Namikaze she vows that they will regret spurning the child. Now the Chuunin exams Orochimaru’s invasion is haulted by the mysterious House of the Flying Dagger, will they find who they are or will the group continue to be mysterious?

-FemNaru (Shiki Namikaze).
-Living Kushina.
-Civillian, Council bashing.

175. Naruto (Yugure no Kakumei) - (Pending):
AU. The Twilight Revolutionaries are the protectors of the innocent and the nin-users. The people they clash with often are the ANBU, The Ninja Military Force; they protect the innocent by taking out bad guys of all shapes, sizes and connections. This is their story as they find acceptance in a world that hates and fears the nin-users.

-Not sure if it’ll be a femNaru or not.
-Title means The twilight revolutionary.

5. Naruto/Yu Yu Hakusho (Clash of the Titans) - (Pending):
Thanks to the fourth ninja war the era of the ninja became almost nonexistent. All because of some mad mans plan to take over the elemental countries. He failed. I guess he didn’t count on a certain red head to be a bigger thorn in his side then he thought. The ninja world became so small that the ninjas eventually disappeared, leading the way to the era of the samurai, along the way we met another demon, her name was Chizuru, she had a problem with a stalker, who is also a demon, so we took care of the problem. Then we watched as the era of the samurai came to end and then came technology and the modern era, now the demon world is in trouble. The tailed beasts are now being unsealed and unleashed, now they got to leave their home to help, Koenma better be lucky we like him.

-Has femNaru (Shiki Namikaze).
-Pairings: Gaara/OC, Yugito/OC, Shiki/OC.

46. Kenichi: The Mightiest Disciple/Naruto (The Dragon’s Fist) - (Pending):
Shizuka Furinji’s goddaughter, Naruko and her mother Kushina, shows up one day. Hayato Furinji lets the two stay with them at the Ryozanpaku dojo until they find a house for them. 3 months later, Kenichi Shirahama, follows Miu Furinji to the dojo one day after school and is eventually allowed to train there. That’s when things started getting weird, with Ragnarok, random individuals looking for a fight and then Yomi. What happens when someone appears at the dojo that Naruko thought she would never see again? Will Yomi succeed in beating them? Or will they beat them?

-FemNaru (Naruko Uzumaki-Namikaze).
-Naruko /Tatsuya, Kenichi/Miu.
-My Male OC’s name: Tatsuya Arashikage.
-Tatsuya means ‘Dragon Assertive.’
-Tatsuya is either the son or the nephew of Storm Shadow.
-This story is slightly crossed over with the G.I. Joe series.

52. Naruto/Star Wars (A Kage Among The Stars) - (Pending):
It’s been almost a millennia since I’ve been in contact with humanity. Now I’m thrust into society as I come across a fallen ex-sith lord. Now I got to help the Jedi take down the sith’s and help the universe.

-FemNaru (Shiki Namikaze).

64. Katekyo Hitman Reborn/Naruto (The Shadow Guardian) - (Pending):
In Namimori there is a trouble making red-head who brings out the confidence in Tsuna, Namikaze Shiki and Sawada Tsunayoshi are friends though no one can figure out where Shiki came from and who she really is. The only person who knows her from somewhere is Reborn. In order to keep her secret, Shiki becomes a Vongola member as the Guardian of the shadows, seen but unseen by the enemy.

-FemNaruto (Shiki Namikaze).
-Pairings are unknown right now, maybe Hibari/Shiki.
-The Jinchuriki are being used by the bad guys but only Shiki has gotten a way.

78. Turok/Naruto (Of Bijuu and Mercenaries) - (Pending):
Once upon a time there were 9 Bijuu. One by one they were released before each were sealed in an item or a person. Naruko Namikaze is now the Jubi and a part of Wolf Pack before it disintegrated before leaving with Joseph Turok. A few years later we are hunting down out former leader, helping out Whiskey Company, and I hope we will survive this encounter.

-OC/Naruko, maybe Joseph/Naruko.
-FemNaru (Naruko Namikaze).

89. Bleach/Naruto (The Broken Road) - (Pending):
After the destruction of the elemental nations during the 4th ninja war, young Naruto finds himself in a desolate desert with white sand going in all directions with various sized dunes and white skeletal trees, and then a voice deep in the back of his mind says, “Now we are in hell.”

-Not sure if it’s a male or femNaru yet.
-Pairings are unknown.

91. One Piece/Naruto (When The Past Comes Back) - (Pending):
There is a Poneglyph that tells the void century, a history that the world government will do whatever it takes to make sure it stays hidden and unknown. Enter Shiki Namikaze, the holder of the Juubi, the hidden face of the revolution and one of few who knows the true history. This is her story on how she lives her life and her adventure with the Straw Hat’s all while dodging a certain annoying madman.

-FemNaru (Shiki Namikaze).
-Pairings are unknown, probably Shiki/Dragon.

267. Naruto/Ninja Gaiden (The Nine Beasts) - (Pending):
AU. The age of the ninjas has passed, it’s not the 21st century and again, there’s someone looking to use the power of the tailed beasts for themselves but the Mugen Tenshi, the Hayabusa and three of the jinchuriki themselves stand in their way. Will they succeed in stopping them or will they fail?

-FemNaru (Shiki or Naruko Namikaze).
-Pairing are unknown.

288. Naruto/Dynasty Warriors (General Fox) - (Pending):
Bringing back Sasuke back beaten, the civilian council goes behind Tsunade and the Shinobi council’s back and banished Naruko, but not without consequences. The villages that once had alliances with the leaf cut their deals and the Fire Lord, curious as to why these alliances fell came to the Leaf to find out why, when he did find out why he and Tsunade told the truth of Naruko’s birth and parentage, horrified and in disbelief the villagers try to get her back but she’s nowhere to be found. 5 Years later Sound, Iwa and Kumo declare war on the Leaf they turn to Liu Bei for help, but will they? And who’s the familiar redhead married to his tactician?

-Set after the VoTe.
-FemNaru (Naruko Namikaze).
-Pairings: Shikamaru/Temari, Naruko/Zhuge Liang, others to be mentioned later.

301. Naruto/G.I. Joe (The Legend of the Uzumaki) - (Pending):
AU. 18 years ago the Uzumaki Clan was attacked by the Uchiha, they were decimated but not entirely gone, the last two of the main family from the clan are a pair of twins, a boy (Naruto) and a girl (Soyokaze) were born to the Uzumaki Clan princess Kushina, and an outsider who was adopted into the Clan, Minato. This is their story as they grow, train and take down the clan who annihilated theirs, what happens when they catch the Joe’s attention? Will they accept the proposal? Or will they hunt the Uchiha alone?

-Kushina has twins, a boy & a girl (Naruto & Soyokaze), in this story.
-Not sure if it’s a Storm Shadow or Snake Eyes pairing yet, maybe Storm Shadow’s son.
-Not sure yet where this story will be placed during the G.I. Joe series.

310. Naruto/G.I. Joe/Call of Duty (The Miracle Fox) - (Pending):
Kiseki Uzumaki is one of the last few Uzumaki’s in the world. She joined the Japanese military straight out of high school and after 6 years later is selected to join Task Force 141 as their Chief Medical officer and explosives expert. 2 years later Task Force 141 is disavowed and now has to clear their name while not getting caught hunting Makarov with her brother and the Joes after them.

-FemNaru (Kiseki Uzumaki-Namikaze), Naruto’s twin.
-Kiseki- Miracle, Namikaze: Wind and Waves, or Discord.
-Pairings are unknown.

311. Basilisk/Naruto (Of Pale Flowers and Wolves) - (Pending):
The Kouga and Iga ninja clans have been feared for their unknown abilities, the Uzumaki have been known for their sealing abilities and large amounts of chakra, what happens when the runaway couple betrothed their daughter to the Kouga’s son, Arashi? What happens when Konoha finds out?

-Pairings: Oboro/Gennosuke, Hotarubi/Yashamaru, Naruto/Hinata, Aiko/Arashi.
-Minato & Kushina are alive, two brothers (1 Namikaze, 1 Uzumaki)
-My Female OC's Name Is: Aiko- Love Child or Child of the Morning Sun. Uzumaki.
-My Male OC's Name Is: Arashi- Storm. Kouga.

313. Naruto/Young Justice (The Raging Whirlpool) - (Pending):
Naruko is betrayed by most of the village, in order to escape her pursuers she opens a portal with the Kyuubi’s help and lands in Gotham City, and kills a would-be rapist, she then runs into Batman but is able to escape with the help of her Shadow Clones. Over the next two years she dodges the Justice League, running into several of them. What happens when the people from her past comes calling, getting the attention of the Justice League who reluctantly help them, they have a feeling that they’re not telling them everything. What happens when Naruko appears once again in Gotham, asking for Batman’s help with her pursuers, and it becomes clearer to the billionaire what’s going on, Will Naruko ever get rid of her past?

-FemNaru (Naruko Namikaze-Uzumaki).
-Pairings are Unknown.

68. Saiyuki/Dynasty Warriors (Winds of the Storm) - (Pending):
Wang Su-Li goddess of the weather; she befriended the Son Goku, the loveable happy monkey king and Nataku. Then came along Konzen, Tenpou and Kenren. A year passes before the heavens are rocked by betrayal, blood and violence, leading to Nataku being a vegetable, and the others being reincarnated to earth. Now 500 years later Zhang Su-Yen (Su-Li’s reincarnation), Genjo Sanzo, Sha Gojyo, Son Goku and Cho Hakkai go on a journey to stop the resurrection of the Ox King, they also run into an old friend, though they don’t know that.

-Zhao Yun/Su-Yen.
-Minor Sanzo/Gojyo/Goku bashing

197. Saiyuki/The Bride to the Water God (The Moon-lit Orchid) - (Pending):
Ran Tsukikage is one of the Sanzo party and the reincarnated wife of the water god and the previous goddess of Lightning. When the Sanzo party has to stop the resurrection of the Ox King, will they succeed? Or will they fail? Also what happens when Habaek finds out his supposedly dead wife is now reincarnated and he is angry that his mother kept the fact that his dead wife isn’t dead. He then decides that he’ll protect her anyway he can whether or not the emperor or his parents give permission.

-Ran/Habaek, unsure of other pairings.
-This story will use the Chinese/Korean gods.
-No Nakbin.

221. Prince of Tennis/Area no Kishi (Moon-Lit Lily) - (Pending):
Yuri Tsukikage is a soccer player, her twin Ryoichi is a tennis player. They are also related to Ryoma Echizen and Nanjiro Echizen. Yuri and Ryoichi had an older brother called Toshiro, one day on the way to school Yuri and Toshiro get into an accident but only one survives. After Toshiro dies her parents get into many arguments that lead to divorce and in order to keep us out of the line of our mother’s fire, their father sends them to live with their Uncle Nanjiro until everything gets settled. Watch as the twins come to terms with their brother’s death, their parents impending divorce, and finding love along the way.

-Pairings are unknown; I might put the OC with Sanada, Yukimura, Fuji or another OC.
-The OC is cousins with Ryoma Echizen.
-Will mostly follow the anime and manga.

318. G.I. Joe/Katekyo Hitman Reborn (The Lost Heiress) - (Pending):
Tsunako Sawada ran away at age 6 and runs into Storm Shadow and his son and becomes an apprentice to him. At 16 she starts dating Ryu Arashikage and they take a ‘vacation’ in Italy where she runs into someone really familiar to her. Will her father take her away or will she escape?

-FemTsuna (Tsunako Sawada).
-Pairings are unknown, probably Tsunako/Ryu, Ryohei/Hana, Gokudera/Haru, Takeshi/Kyoko, Hibari/OC.
-Not sure if this will follow the manga/comics/movies.
-Minor Nana bashing and Iemitsu bashing.

320. Hana Yori Dango/Katekyo Hitman Reborn (The Weed & the Sky) - (Pending):
AU. Makino and Tsunako have been friends for years but then the incident happens and Tsunako looses trust in almost everyone, and Makino has to move away which sucked but life goes on, Tsunako makes some new friends but not too many and Makino gets accepted into a rich school where she runs afoul of the f4, will Tsunako help her friend or will her fear of being hurt and betrayed stop her?

-FemTsuna (Tsunako Sawada).
-Pairings: Tsunako/Kyoya, Makino/Domyoji, Ryohei/Hana, Gokudera/Haru, Takeshi/Kyoko.
-Not sure if this will follow the manga’s.
-Iemitsu bashing.

338. Katekyo Hitman Reborn/Yakuza (The Unpredictable Skylark) – (Pending):
AU. Tsunako Sawada is the eldest child of Iemitsu Sawada, after accumulating massive debts; her father disappears leaving the family to fend for themselves against the Hibari Yakuza. Tsunako makes a life changing self-sacrificing decision and becomes the ‘property’ of Kyoya Hibari the eldest child of Hitoshi Hibari. This is the story of how Tsunako and Kyoya met, ‘dated’, and eventually marriage?

-FemTsuna (Tsunako Sawada).
-Pairings are FemTsuna/Hibari, Hana/Ryohei, Kyoko/Takeshi, Haru/Gokudera, Nana/Iemitsu eventually Nana/Tsuyoshi.
-Hitoshi means ‘even-tempered; level’.
-This story doesn’t follow the KHR story lines.
-Iemitsu bashing.

342. Sugarless/Gokusen (Tiger Lily) – (Pending):
Yuri Yamaguchi’s life sucks, first she has no idea who her father is, second her mom died in a robbery and now she has to go to Shiroken High while her cousin teaches there. Soon Yuri runs into a boy not much older than herself when he saves her from a mugging, he said his name is Itaru Aramaki, eventually several months later they start dating. She manages to keep her relationship a secret before someone at Kurogen spots the two on a date and informs her cousin who gets way to excited and starts to tease Yuri before Yuri turns the table on her. Now, she’s being transferred to Kujima High, where Itaru attends. What will happen now? Who knows.

-My OC’s name is: Yuri Yamaguchi.
-Yuri means ‘Lily.’
-Yuri is the cousin to Kumiko Yamaguchi.

6. One Piece (The Scarlett Witch) - (Pending):
Scarlett and Luffy have been friends since they were babies, she will join Luffy in his quest to become the next pirate king to keep him out of as much trouble as possible, unfortunately luffy just LOVES finding trouble.

-Luffy/Scarlett, Sanji/Nami, Robin/OC, Ussops/OC, Zoro/OC.
-Has spells and stuff from Harry Potter.

59. Harry Potter (Pranking for Dummies) - (Pending):
A list of pranks and how to do them without getting caught by Fred and George Weasley, with some from other characters.

-Any ideas will be cool, you will be credited for any ideas you share.
-The sent ideas should be in a bio like:
Title5/5 stars (the more the star the more difficult the prank)
Author or Creators (House, Year)
Victim(s) (House, Year)
Items used
How to set it up (the Prank or Pranks)
-A small one-shot will be great that has the prank set up and in action.

63. Harry Potter (Harry Potter and the Serpent Princess) - (Pending):
Many years ago before the Marauder’s time at Hogwarts Voldemort had a wife and a daughter. Years later at age 11 the daughter went to school with the marauder’s, did pranks, kicked death eater butt and became one of the most famous and dangerous Aurors’ on their time, but this proved to be her downfall when Voldemort attacked the potter’s and everyone then found out her relations to the dark lord, sent to Azkaban she was forgotten until she found the connection between her father and young Harry Potter. Watch as she comes back from the dark and into the light.

-Good Bellatrix, Rodolphus and Rebastian.
-My Female OC’s name is: (F) Arya (AHR Yuh)- Noble; Great; Truthful. (M) Merope. (L) Chopra (Descendants of Warrior Chaupat Rai).
-My Male OC’s name is: Emeric Quinn Targaryen.
-Ministry bashing, Dumbledore bashing, Weasley bashing (not Bill, Charlie and the twins), slight Hermione & Snape bashing.

111. Harry Potter (The Crow Queen) - (Pending):
Lily and James had twins and then Voldemort attacked. Daniel was named the Boy-Who-Lived while his sister Helena lived in his shadow for 6 years. When the twins are 6 years old the Potter family decide to take a trip to New York, and when it’s time for the family to leave they leave behind young Helena but she’s not alone for long. Marcus Cavazos, the Don of New York picks her and her new crow friend up and raise her for years until she’s 15 when her Hogwarts letter arrives, will Helena forgive her family or will she pretend they don’t exist?

-FemHarry (Helena Lillian Potter-Cavazos).
-Living Lily and James.
-Potter bashing, Ministry bashing, Dumbledore bashing, Weasley bashing.

151. Harry Potter (Harry Potter and the Rune Master) - (Pending):
Apollina Faraday Slytherin is the daughter of Salazar Slytherin. One day she disappears from the world and appears in the vampire world as a power rune master and sorceress. But then centuries later someone frames her for murder and she is sealed away forever, but now 7 years later something lonely and in pain is calling out to her. She then breaks out of her prison and searches for the one calling to her. She finds him and takes him under her wing and teaches him the way of magic and runes, turning him into a very power wizard at the age of 16. What happens when the wizarding world find Harry Potter. Will they take him from Apollina? Or will she let Harry choose for himself.

-Grey Harry.
-Harry/OC or Harry/Hermione.
-Ministry bashing, Dumbledore bashing, Weasley bashing (Not Bill, Charlie, Fred & George), minor Hermione and Snape bashing.

154. Harry Potter (Harry Potter and the Dragon Queen) - (Pending):
The night James and Lily died, Dumbledore left baby Harry on the Dursley’s doorstep. Eight years later, finally having enough of the abuse, little Harry runs away and he finds himself on some beach. He then hears a female voice telling him to come to the edge of the surf. He then meets the queen of the dragons and becomes a prince. What happens when the wizarding world finds him? Will he scorn the wizarding world or will be accept his role in the oncoming war?

-Not sure if it’ll be a femHarry or not.
-Ministry bashing, Dumbledore bashing, Weasley bashing (Not Bill, Charlie, Fred & George), slight Hermione bashing and Snape bashing.

186. Harry Potter (The Monster Within) - (Pending):
After fighting the Basilisk in the chamber of secrets, Harry Potter started feeling weird. He then realizes that he can smell when someone’s lying. Realizing something’s wrong he gets to Knockturn Alley and meets people who have been through the same things he is going through and gains a family he never had.

-Not sure if it’ll be a FemHarry or not.
-Based off the song Monster by skillet.
-Creature Harry (kind of like Medusa minus the snake hair), Gray Harry.
-Dumbledore, Snape, Ministry and Weasley bashing (minus Bill, Charlie and the twins).

200. Harry Potter (The Riddled Hawk and the Wolf) - (Pending):
Esme is the sister of Tom Riddle a.k.a. Voldemort. Apollo Valerious is from a long line of grey wizards, neither light nor dark. During 5th year Apollo and Esme started dating despite Tom’s objections since not because Apollo was a half-blood but because Apollo terrified Tom. Several years after they graduate from Hogwarts Esme finds out what her brother’s been doing and tells Apollo and they decide to tell Dumbledore but before they could do that Tom who found out they knew what he was up to cursed them with a curse that separates the two lovers so that they can only see each other for a moment before one of them turns into an animal, Esme a hawk during the day and Apollo a wolf at night. They eventually got to Dumbledore, but it was too late, Tom had killed the Potters. Now Dumbledore is searching for a way for the two lovers to reunite again.

-Esme/Apollo, Harry/Hermione or Harry/Daphne or Harry/Susan, Fred/Angelina, George/Alicia, Neville/Luna.
-This story Tom Riddle will have a sister.
-loosely based on the movie Lady hawk.

229. Harry Potter (Of Saviors and Traitors) - (Pending):
After the Triwizard tournament, Hayden waits for her relatives and hours pass before the realization sinks in. They abandoned her. Not far away were Fleur Delacour and her family. Apolline then decides to take her with them back to France. Where in the two and a half months in France, she meets a man who makes her breathless. When the Order goes to pick up Hayden at her relatives, they realize that the Dursleys have moved and Hayden is nowhere to be found. Two days later Hermione gets a letter from Hayden that tells her she’s in France with the Delacour’s. Will her friends find out who her lover is? Or will they remain clueless? And what happens when her lover switches sides? Will they accept his proposal? Or will they send him to Azkaban?

-FemHarry (Hayden Lillian Potter-Delacour).
-Rabastian Lestrange x FemHarry (Hayden Potter) or FemHarry x OC (Rodolphus/Bellatrix’s son).
-Ron bashing/ maybe Hermione bashing.
-Title may change to endlessly.
-I was inspired by nightingale’s ‘A Summer Escape.’

235. Harry Potter (A Time for Us) - (Pending):
AU. James Potter is the son of Lord Charlus Potter, he is also filthy rich. Lily Evans is the daughter of the local baker, she is also a commoner. What happens when they start having a secret romance? Love, and betrayal. What happens when Lily and James decide to elope and run away? Chaos, especially with an unrequited love for Lily Evans by Severus Snape, son of the local doctor.

-A Romeo and Juliette/Westside Story type story.
-James/Lily, Sirius/Dorcas, Remus/OC, Andromeda/Ted, Rodolphus/Bellatrix, Lucuis/Narcissa, Regulus/OC, Frank /Alice.
-Will be Snape/Lily at first but then goes to James/Lily.

29. Harry Potter/W.I.T.C.H (The Guardians) - (Pending):
5 Friends come to Hogwarts and find a necklace that changes their lives forever as they become the new guardians.

-W= Willow Faraday, descendant of Morgan Le Fay.
-I= Izabel Tigerlilly.
-T= Tabatha Dolohov.
-C= Corinne Wentworth.
-H= Hikari Fujiwara.

33. Harry Potter/Carpathian Series (Dark Lover) - (Pending):
Haylin Potter finds out the truth, she disappears into the world, traveling the world she meets new people and new things, of course constantly having to dodge ministry officials and death eaters was not so much fun, but maybe rescuing those twin girls was a good thing.

-FemHarry (Haylin Lillian Potter).
-Either a Zacarias De La Cruz pairing or an OC, not sure yet.

60. Harry Potter/Howls Moving Castle (A Wizard’s Circus) - (Pending):
At the age of 5 young Potter is left abandoned at a circus his/her aunt, uncle and cousin went to. Taken in by the ring master young Potter gets a family that he/she always wanted. Eventually a letter from Hogwarts arrives and he/she’s life is thrown through a loop, watch as Potter lives his/her life, dance around the manipulator’s and liars, get friends and take down Voldemort and his minions.

-Not sure if it’s a femHarry or not.
-Pairings are unknown.
-Dumbledore bashing, Ministry bashing, and Weasley bashing (minus Bill, Charlie, Fred & George).

65. Harry Potter/The Addams Family (The Other Family) - (Pending):
After being left at the doorstep of her aunt’s house, her aunts husband wants to get rid of her so aunt Petunia calls the other side of her family. The Addams family then takes in young potter and raises her as one of them. Watch as young Potter takes on the wizarding world and survive many attacks by Voldemort and his death minions, manipulations by Dumbledore and fan boys.

-FemHarry (Haylin Lillian Potter now Kilmeny Ivy Addams).
-Has some elements of Kuroshitsuji.
-Pairings are unknown, maybe Kilmeny/Sebastian.
-Ministry bashing, Dumbledore bashing, Weasley bashing (Minus Bill, Charlie, Fred & George).

76. Kuroshitsuji/HP/The Addams Family (The Hero Bride) - (Pending):
Once upon a time the Potters and the Phantomhives’ had a long standing friendship, when one person needed help; the other would do whatever they could do to help, but now only few live in both families. Before the Potters died there was a marriage contract but it was lost when the Potter’s house burnt down, now 15 years later, the Phantomhives’ notice a girl who looks remarkably like Rachel’s friend Lily but with Black hair, what happens when young Potter-Addams finds the contract thought to be lost or destroyed, watch as she blows stuff up, tortures death eater intruders, deal with an arranged marriage and see through an old man’s constant meddling.

-Pairing: Haylin/Ciel, Hermione/Draco, Neville/Luna, Blaise/Daphne.
-FemHarry (Haylin Lillian Potter).
-Ministry bashing, Dumbledore bashing, Weasley bashing (Minus Bill, Charlie, Fred & George), some Hermione bashing and Snape bashing.

95. Harry Potter/Pokemon (Power of One) - (Pending):
Young Ivy Potter was left at her aunt and uncles house when she was a year old. 2 years later Mewtwo feels her pain and loneliness and takes her as his own child. Now many years later young Ivy or Takara is now fifteen and a Pokémon trainer, watch as she gains Pokémon friends and deals with the wizarding world when they come knocking.

-FemHarry (Ivy Lillian Potter).
-Takara means ‘Treasure.’
-Not sure if James and Lily will live yet.
-Pairings are unknown.
-Some bashing will happen.

102. Harry Potter/Dark-Hunter (Tears of the Moon) - (Pending):
Voldemort is defeated. But now they betrayed Ivy and threw her in Azkaban. But Ivy escapes and disappears and finds a Dark-Hunter following her. She eventually winds up in New Orleans where she meets the one who will change her life. Eventually the wizarding world finds out that Ivy is innocent they search far and wide for her, and when they find her will she forgive them or will she push them away?

-FemHarry (Selene Lillian Potter).
-Pairings are unknown but its Acheron, Savitar, Takeshi or an OC.
-Bashing will happen.

105. Harry Potter/Van Helsing (Harry Potter and the Wolf Pack) - (Pending):
Haylin Potter decides to go around the US while practicing her magic. While traveling she catches the attention of a certain alpha’s son. Watch as she dodges her admirer, practice her magic, fighting death eaters and takes on Voldemort and hides from Dumbledore. Will she accept her feeling for the werewolf or will she ignore her feelings?

-FemHarry (Haylin Lillian Potter).
-Pairings: Haylin/Derek, Hermione/Draco, Neville/Luna.
-My Male OC’s name is: Derek Aldrich Moonstar.
-Aldrich means ‘Old King.’

106. Harry Potter/Beyblade (Rage of the Blade Spirits) - (Pending):
In England baby Potter is left in a garbage can in an alley, not long after Kai Hiwatari on the urging of Dranzer find the young baby and decides to adopt her and takes her to Japan with him where she grows up in with the rest of the blade breakers families, what will happen when the wizarding world find her? Will she go with them back to Britain to save them from Voldemort or let leave them alone?

-FemHarry (Harley Rose Potter or Shinsei Hiwatari).
-Shinsei means ‘Sacred.’
-Pairings are unknown.

115. Harry Potter/The Labrynth (The Goblin Princess) - (Pending):
Just before Lily Potter dies she pleads to the Goblin King to take her baby. Moments later the king appears and watches as Lily Potter falls as well as Voldemort. He quickly takes the baby will him as another goblin comes through the door of the throne room with another baby named Tieran Lestrange. Will Ivy want to come back to the Wizarding world with Tieran or will she stay in the Goblin Kingdom?

-FemHarry (Ivy Lillian Potter).
-Ivy/Tieran, Draco/Hermione.

116. Harry Potter/Devil May Cry (The Half Devil’s Lover) - (Pending):
Just before Helena’s fourth year at Hogwarts Dumbledore sends a bodyguard to make sure she’s safe until Voldemort’s defeat. What he doesn’t expect is for his ‘weapon’ to fight back and develop a sizzling romance with the half devil.

-FemHarry (Helena Lillian Potter).
-Pairings are unknown either Dante, Virgil or an OC.
-Dumbledore, Ministry and Weasley (not all Weasley’s) bashing.
-I was going to put Nero up for pairing but then I remembered he has a girlfriend.

126. Harry Potter/X-Men (Harry Potter and the Phoenix Heir) - (Pending):
When Helena is seven she is involved in a devastating accident which makes the Dursley’s give her up, abandoning her at the hospital but is saved by an unknown figure. What happens when the entity of the Phoenix enters her body, bonding to her and saving her life? What happens when she finds out the truth behind her parent’s murder, her god father being sent to prison without a trial and the fact people are stealing from her and that Voldemort is her grandfather on her mother’s side, will she join her grandfather or will she help Dumbledore and become his weapon?

-FemHarry (Helena Lillian Potter).
-Good Voldemort and death eaters.
-Ministry bashing, Dumbledore bashing, Weasley bashing (not Bill, Charlie, Fred & George), Snape bashing.

127. Harry Potter/Power Rangers Dino Thunder (The Green Raptor) - (Pending):
Helena Potter and the Dursley’s go to Reefside, California for vacation and leave her there to be found by Mesogog. Will Helena fall deeper into the darkness or will she come back to the light?

-FemHarry (Helena Lillian Potter).
-Pairings are unknown.

132. Harry Potter/Black Lagoon (The Cunning Lioness) - (Pending):
Reeling from her godfather’s death, Helena goes to the will reading and finds out that she has several vaults and that some people have been stealing from her. After getting the vault situation under control and in the hands of the Goblins, Helena Potter leaves 12 Grimmauld place making sure no one else can use the house thanks to the wards and heads through Europe, dodging Dumbledore, the order and death eaters before landing in Roanapur, Thailand to start training in magic. When the truth comes out, will her new friends accept her? Will she go back and take out Voldemort? Will she forgive her old friends for stealing?

-FemHarry (Helena Lillian Potter).
-Dumbledore/Order of the Phoenix/Weasley bashing (not all the weasley’s).

133. Harry Potter/Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney (The Wrath of the Phoenix) - (Pending):
Phoenix Wright, Miles Edgeworth along with their friends investigate a child abuse case their comrade Gumshoe told them about when he was visiting his cousin in England. After the Dursley’s trial, the wizarding world tries to take back young Potter but Potter is nowhere to be found in England. Little do they know Potter is in Japan with his adoptive family. When Potter’s 14 the Triwizard tournament comes back, Potter’s new school is also one of the schools that are participating. What happens when Potter’s real identity is found? Will Potter accept his/her new found role in Voldemort’s defeat or will Potter leave the man who put him/her with the Dursley’s to face Voldemort himself?

-Not sure if it’s a femHarry or not.
-Pairings are undetermined.

152. Harry Potter/Lord of the Rings (Of Red Kings and Emeralds) - (Pending):
Helena Potter is the daughter of James and Lily Potter, older twin to Charles Potter. When James and Lily died Dumbledore chose Charles at the Twin-Who-Lived and practically abandoned Helena. One day seven years later Dumbledore takes Helena somewhere and tries to place her in an Iron mask, though he only succeeds on the right side of her face and then a bright light and Helena finds herself in Middle-Earth. Will Helena be welcomed? Or will she once again be ignored?

-FemHarry (Helena Lillian Potter).
-Pairings are unknown.
-Has mentions of an Iron Mask.

153. Harry Potter/X-Men (The Mercenary Wizard) - (Pending):
One day Deadpool finds a baby on his steps when he returns from being out. After a moment he decides raising a child will be easy. Little does he realize that it’s harder than it looks. Watch as Harry Potter takes on enemies big and small and normal and magical.

-Not sure if it’ll be a femHarry or not.
-Pairings are unknown.
-Weasley bashing (not all weasleys), Dumbledore bashing.

193. Harry Potter/Mercenaries 2 (The Magical Merc) - (Pending):
Young Harry Potter was 7 when his family decided to take a trip to Hong Kong, China where the Dursley’s are trying to get Grummings Drill company a contract there when the Dursley’s abandon Harry when they don’t get the contract after beating him to within an inch of his life. Harry is then rescued by Jennifer Mui and gets taken to a hospital then gets taken in by Jennifer and is taught how to be a Mercenary. But then Harry starts exibitating accidental magic and then gets taught by some of the masters in the Wizarding world, though not all of them are good guys. What happens when Dumbledore and the ministry find out Harry Potter is alive? Will they succeed in their mission? Or Will Harry tell them to screw off?

-Not sure if it’ll be a femHarry or not.
-Pairings are unknown.
-Dumbledore bashing, ministry bashing, Weasley bashing (not Bill, Charlie, Fred & George), Snape bashing, slight Hermione bashing.
-Gray Harry.

196. HP/the Bride of the Water God (Harry Potter and the Bride of the Water God) - (Pending):
Many years ago before James and Lily died, Lily almost drowned while pregnant but gets saved by Habaek and in return if the child was a girl, she would be the water god’s bride. The day arrives when Lily would have hers and James child, the child born to them was a girl, her name is Helena ‘He-Ran’ Potter. But a year after little Helena was born an evil man found their hidden home and killed her parents before trying and failing to kill her. Throughout young Helena’s life at the Dursley’s Habaek would come and visit usually when it rained. Now 16 years old Habaek asks Helena or He-Ran to marry him and she agrees. Will Habaek and He-Ran get married in peace? Or will a certain meddlesome old man get in-between them?

-FemHarry (Helena Lillian Potter a.k.a He-Ran).
-He-Ran means ‘Grace and Orchid.’
-Pairings are unknown.
-Based off the manhwa of The Bride of the Water God.
-Not sure if Nakbin will be alive or dead.
-Dumbledore bashing, Ron bashing.

210. Anaconda 2/Harry Potter (The Freedom to be Comfortable) - (Pending):
Helena Potter has had enough of people thinking she’s crazy and attention seeker. She finds out something’s that changes her relationship with her friends. Leaving the wizarding world behind, Helena runs into Bill Johnson in Borneo, Indonesia. She joins Bill, Tran and Kong on their adventures while practicing her magic. Eventually she tells Bill and Tran who she really is but they don’t care that she’s the-girl-who-lived, to them she’s Helena Potter, their friend and family. What happens when the wizarding world finds her? Will she leave with them back to England? Or will she stay with Bill and Tran on the Bloody Mary?

-FemHarry (Helena Lillian Potter).
-Pairings are unknown, maybe Helena/Bill or Helena/Tran.
-I’m not sure if Tran will die or not.
-Sirius is still alive.

214. Harry Potter/Supernatural (The Witch Hunter) - (Pending):
The night young Helena Potter survived an attack that killed her parents, she was then left on the doorstep of her aunt’s house. Three years later she’s abandoned in a random place where she runs into the Winchester’s who adopt her and give her a new name. Now Helena Potter is dead and has become London Winchester, Supernatural hunter and Witch. Watch as she kicks supernatural butt, fight death eaters, and make friends.

-FemHarry (Helena Lillian Potter).
-Harry will now be called London Mary Winchester.
-Pairings are unknown.
-Slight Dumbledore bashing, slight Hermione bashing, slight Snape bashing.

234. American Dragon Jake Long/Harry Potter (Of Dragons and Magic) - (Pending):
After the events of first year and the face off again Quirrell and Voldemort, Rosalie discovers a new part of herself; she can turn into a dragon, A Dragon! She also finds out she has family in New York City in the United States of America and spends her summers there learning how to control her dragon ability and get to know her family. What will happen when Rosalie comes back to Hogwarts? Who knows?

-OC/FemHarry (Rosalie Lillian Potter).
-Not sure who the OC will be, if you have any Ideas let me know.

239. Young Warriors of Yang Clan/Harry Potter (Air: Book 1) - (Pending):
Chun-Li is a half-blood witch from the Zhang family who migrated from China centuries ago. Jian Yang is a pureblood wizard from the Yang family who’s mostly based in China. There’s a marriage contract between the two families. Chun-Li is also friends with Harry Potter. What happens when Harry has enough with people interfering with his life? Chaos and betrayal.

-Pairings: Chun-Li Zhang/Jian Yang, Harry/Hermione.
-Jian- strong, indefatigable.
-Weasley Bashing (not all the weasleys), Dumbledore bashing, ministry bashing.
-Starts in first year.

240. A-Team/Harry Potter (To Be Loved Again) - (Pending):
Helena Potter during a trip to Bristol, England with her relatives is abandoned and then found by the A-team and adopted by their leader, Hannibal Smith. Of course the Dursleys don’t get off scot free. Now years later when she’s 15 years later, the Order finds the missing Girl-Who-Lived. Helena now called Bristol, along with her friends Alexander Sosa-Peck, Aaliyah Baracas and Emerson Murdock get thrown into the wizarding world on extreme protest, since the wizarding world wants her to get rid of Voldemort. Will she do as they ask? Sure but she’ll do it her way. Watch as the old and new generation of the A-team goes to war... again.

-FemHarry (Helena Lillian Potter a.k.a. Bristol Lillian Smith).
-Pairings: Emerson/Bristol, Alexander/Ginny, Aaliyah/OC, Draco/Hermione.
-Hannibal Smith- adopts femHarry- Bristol Smith
-Templeton Peck/Charissa Sosa- Alexander Sosa-Peck.
-Bosco ‘B.A’ Baracus/OC- Aaliyah ‘A.K.’ Baracus.
-Murdock/OC- Emerson ‘Mad Hatter’ Murdock.
-Dumbledore bashing, Ministry bashing, some Snape bashing, Weasley bashing (Not Bill, Charlie, Fred & George).

242. Criminal Minds/Harry Potter (Rainbow Dreams) - (Pending):
AU. One evening the Potter family sits together on the living room floor sorting through the Halloween candy when a man in black breaks in and attacks them. After the attack the man in black leaves and the Potter family slowly die, the mother dies first with her daughter and husband barely hanging on when help arrives, on the way to the hospital the father dies and the child survives the brutal attack. The man who attacked them is called Tom Riddle Junior a.k.a. The Basilisk but he disappears. When Ivy Potter disappears off the grid, she eventually catches the eye of the FBI and gets a job at 19. 6 years later The Basilisk is back and only one person survived his attacks that could identify him but will she?

-FemHarry (Ivy Lillian Potter).
-FemHarry’s 5 at the beginning of the story.
-Pairings are unknown, maybe Derek/Penelope or Derek/Ivy or Ivy/Hotch or Ivy/OC.

252. Harry Potter/Ninja Assassin (Emerald Eyes and Shuriken) - (Pending):
One day while not finishing her chores, Rosalie is beaten to within an inch of her life and dumped in an alleyway where Raizo comes across Rosalie’s beaten and bloody body and takes her in renaming her Hitomi. Now years later when Rosalie or Hitomi is eleven a Hogwarts letter makes its way to her and she and Raizo decide if she should go. What happens when the wizarding world figures out Hitomi Tsukiyomi is actually Rosalie Potter ‘The-Girl-Who-Lived’? Chaos and Manipulations.

-FemHarry (Rosalie Lillian Potter a.k.a. Hitomi).
-Hitomi means Doubtly Beautiful or Eye.
-Tsukiyomi is Raizo’s last name since it was never discovered in the movie.
-Not sure if there will be bashing in this story yet.

253. General Hospital/Harry Potter (The Golden Serpent) - (Pending):
Harrison and Rosalie Potter are twins; Harrison was sorted into Gryffindor and Rosalie to Slytherin. Having enough of the pressure of their fame, the twins disappear after defeating Voldemort, never to be seen again until several years later when an Order member spots them in Port Charles, New York, in a bar called The Golden Serpent. What will happen to them when their past comes back to bite them in the ass? Read and find out.

-Potter Twins (Boy- Harrison and Girl- Rosalie)
-Unknown pairings.
-Set after Voldemort’s defeat.
-Weasley bashing (not Bill, Charlie, Fred & George).
-Fred is alive in this story; he was severely injured in the war.

269. The Fast & The Furious/Harry Potter (The Serpent Driver) - (Pending):
Rosalie Potter was abandoned by her relatives at the age of six in Los Angeles during a vacation. She was then picked up by the Torettos and gets adopted into their family she becomes Rosalie Toretto. Then when she’s 11 she gets accepted into a magic school in the LA area, Rosalie catches the attention of Dumbledore and the Order of the Phoenix. Will she help the Order defeat Voldemort or will she ignore them?

-FemHarry (Rosalie Lillian Potter).
-Pairings are unknown.
-Title may change later on.
-I don’t know which movie it starts in.

271. Call of Duty/Harry Potter (This Is War) - (Pending):
Harry Potter after the second wizarding war was betrayed by almost everyone he knows and gets sent to Azkaban but then escapes after two years. But when war breaks in the Muggle world, but now the Wizarding world need Harry Potter again, but when they find him/her will he/she help them or let them rot.

-Not sure if it’ll be FemHarry or not.
-Pairings are unknown.
-Ministry bashing, Dumbledore bashing, Snape bashing, slight Hermione bashing, Weasley bashing (not Bill, Charlie, Fred & George).

274. Harry Potter/Yu-Gi-Oh (It’s All In The Cards) - (Pending):
One day the Dursleys make Hadley clean the attic where she finds a box filled with a couple books and dozens of cards. She manages to hide the box in the cupboard under the stairs. Years later and many won games, Hadley Potter has become the number 1 in the underground dueling tournaments, and then when she’s 11 she gets a letter for Hogwarts, Will she go or will she not care?

-FemHarry (Hadley Lillian Potter).
-Pairings are unknown at the moment, maybe Hadley/Seto.

278. Harry Potter/Twilight (Of Fangs and Paws) - (Pending):
AU. After the Voldemort’s defeated Cyrene’s creature heritage that she didn’t know she had comes out and the wizarding world is furious. So Hermione decides that they should leave, Draco, Neville, Luna and Blaise decide to leave along with Draco’s parents, Andromeda and Teddy to America to Forks, Washington, to get away from magic, but alas nothing is easy for Cyrene, now she’s involved with Vampires and Shape shifting wolves.

-FemHarry (Cyrene Lillian Potter).
-Unknown pairings, Cyrene/OC, I’m not sure if she should be with a Vampire or a shape shifter.
-FemHarry’s name means Sovereign Queen.
-Not sure if Sirius, Remus and Nymphadora are still alive yet.

283. Batman/Harry Potter (Raised a Thief) - (Pending):
Sick and tired of the abuse at the hands of the Dursleys, young Rosalyn Potter runs away and runs into Selena Kyle who takes her in and becomes a mother to her and teaches her how to be a thief and kick ass. What happens when the wizarding world catches up to the young thief? A lot of chaos.

-FemHarry (Rosalyn Lillian Potter-Kyle).
-Pairings are Unknown.
-Gray FemHarry.
-Thief FemHarry.

285. Step Up/Harry Potter (The Magic of Dancing) - (Pending):
The night Voldemort attacked changed everything, having enough of how my parents and brother were treating me, my godfather Sirius Black took me in and we left for the states, New York to be exact. Now many years later I’ve joined the Pirates dance crew and go to one of the top magic schools in the world, and then I met kid darkness, and then my past came back to bite me in the ass when everyone finds out that Dumbledore picked the wrong child-who-lived.

-FemHarry (Amaryllis Black) a.k.a. Pandora.
-Wrong Twin Who Lived, living James and Lily.
-Kid Darkness’ real name in this story is Landon Quartermaine.
-Pairings: Tyler/Nora, Moose/Camille, Luke/Natalie, Julian/OC, Kid/Amaryllis.

291. Highlander/Harry Potter (The Mistress of Death) - (Pending):
After the defeat of Voldemort, Dumbledore who was thought to be dead emerges and says that Willow has become too powerful so he erased her memories, bound her magic and threw her back in time. Willow when she awakens is in a new and confusing place with no memories of who she is or what she can do, she gets taken in by a shaman and renamed Circe after the minor Greek god of magic, three years later her village is attacked and she is killed but then she awakens confused and decides to travel changing her identity several times as to not be caught. Eventually her memories return and she is furious and decides to bide her time, eventually she returns to Britain and meets a young Tom Riddle (Voldemort) and adopts him, what happens when an immortal named Duncan MacLoud finds her, they become friends and then a series of books appear and everyone gathers to read, will they like what they find?

-FemHarry (Willow Lillian Potter).
-Generally follows the HP book series with some changes.
-Pairings are unknown, maybe Willow/Duncan.

292. Mummy Series/Yu-Gi-Oh/HP (The Pharaoh and the Orphan Girl) - (Pending):
On Halloween night, Voldemort attacked their twin children and Dumbledore picked John as the one who survived the attack and told James and Lily to give their daughter away. So Lily dropped their daughter Rosalyn off at her sisters and then left, not giving her another thought, but Petunia didn’t keep the girl, instead she dropped her off at an Orphanage where several weeks later was adopted by Evelyn and Rick O’Connell and renamed Astoria. Now many years later, the baby grew into a beautiful young woman which made Rick paranoid of any boys near her, she also got into the Duel Monster’s, she’s then invited to Japan for a Dueling Tournament where there she meets several people who she felt she had met before but didn’t know where, and for some reason ghostly figures dressed in ancient Egyptian clothing appeared behind a couple of them and just as things start going well, she runs into the wizarding world’s ‘boy wonder’ who looked a lot like her but she was too busy to notice and now her birth parents want to get to know her, what’s a girl to do?

-FemHarry (Astoria ‘star maiden’ O’ Connell). Japanese name- Akemi (Bright & Beautiful) Fujiwara (Wistera Fields), Egyptian name- Mehi (lion-headed goddess).
-Pairings: Luna/Seto, Astoria/Yugi-Yami, Tristan/Serenity, Joey/Mai.
-Tea, Dumbledore, Weasley (not all) and Potter bashing, wrong twin who lived.
-Yugi is taller and not as naive in this story.

294. Harry Potter/Resident Evil (Magical S.T.A.R.S.) - (Pending):
Shortly after Voldemort falls for the second time, Amaryllis Potter is betrayed by the very people she fought to protect and her supposed best friend. The DA, most of the Weasley’s help smuggle Amaryllis and the Tonks family out of Britain and into the US where they’re welcomed with open arms and they move to Raccoon City, and Amaryllis catches up on her Muggle education and learns some more magic at the Evergreen School of the Gifted before joining her new friend Claire Redfield in the search for her brother in Raccoon and run into a rookie officer, a kid and Umbrella’s own security services and gaining the attention of one, what is a girl to do?

-FemHarry (Amaryllis Potter) renamed Amaryllis Tonks, Code Name: Sparrow/Taipan.
-Pairings are: FemHarry/Vector, Chris/Jill, Leon/Claire, Draco/Hermione.
-Vector’s name will be: Reizo Sunotaka, his 1st name means Cool; Calm; Well-Groomed, his last name means Snow Hawk.
-Fred, Remus and Tonks are alive.
-I’m not sure if Hermione will betray Amaryllis or not yet.

295. Harry Potter/Katekyo Hitman Reborn (The Mage Guardian) - (Pending):
Betrayed by the people she trusted, Iris Potter runs to Gringotts where she finds out about her family. On the way to Italy she runs into someone called Rukudo Mukuro and travels with him and his group to Japan while dodging Dumbledore and his order of the flaming chicken. While getting settled in Japan, she meets with the Magical Japanese Government (or MJG) and Tsunayoshi Sawada. Will she help her friend Mukuro or Tsuna when they clash? Or will she stay neutral?

-FemHarry (Iris Potter), Japanese Name: Ayame.
-Pairings are unknown yet, possibly Hibari or Mukuro, maybe Ryohei.
-Bad Dumbledore, Weasley bashing (not all), slight Hermione and Snape bashing.

299. G.I. Joe/Resident Evil/HP (The G.I. Mage) - (Pending):
London Hauser once had a different name, a different life before a certain meddling old coot decided that she should go. And go she did. One day she’s at Potter Manor and the next she’s at the Dursley’s being abused when one day the abuse becomes too much and the Dursley’s dump her near dead body in an alleyway, where she was quickly picked up and taken to the hospital by the Hauser’s who saw the Dursley dump her body. The Dursleys are quickly arrested and put on trial, where they are found of child abuse and attempted murder, she adopted by the very people who found her. Later the Hauser’s find out about Magic and Harley, now London, goes to Evergreen Academy of Sorcery and there she meets Claire Redfield. What happens when Claire searches for her brother in Raccoon City? What happens when London joins her on her search? What happens when London’s real family wants her back?

-FemHarry (Harley Rose Potter) renamed London Hauser.
-Pairings are: Duke/Ana, Storm Shadow/OC, Ripcord/Scarlett, London/Naoki.
-Stories go alone with both series but it’s slightly altered so that it fits.
-Harley Potter is adopted by Duke or Conrad Hauser’s family.
-Storm Shadows Son (Naoki Arashikage) will be paired with (London Hauser).
-Naoki means Honest Tree.
-Wrong-twin-who-lived, plenty of bashing (haven’t decided who yet).
-Not sure if this story is before or during the G.I. Joe or the Resident Evil series.

312. Harry Potter/Batman (The Lioness and the League of Assassins) - (Pending):
Cataleya Potter was betrayed by almost everyone she knew and gets sent to Arkham Asylum. There she meets Batman and the villains of Gotham City. Not long after her arrival there, she is sprung free by her Great-Aunt and is brought before her Grandfather, she is then trained like an assassin. What happens when the Death Eaters start showing up looking for her? Will Batman stop her? Or Will Voldemort get his wish with her death?

-FemHarry (Cataleya Maysun Potter).
-Cataleya or Cattleya is a flower from Costa Rica and Maysun is Arabic for Beautiful.
-FemHarry is related to Ra’s al Ghul, as his granddaughter.
-Official Pairings are unknown, maybe Dick/Cataleya.

315. Harry Potter/Boys Over Flowers (Waiting For The One) - (Pending):
AU. I don’t know what I’m going to do with this story yet.

-FemHarry (Cataleya Potter-Black).
-Pairings are: Geum Jan Di/Goo Joon Pyo, Chu Ga Eul/So Yi Jung.
-I don’t know who Cataleya will be paired with, either Yoon Ji Hoo, Song Woo Bin or an OC.

317. Harry Potter/Freedom Writers (The Star Maiden Diaries) - (Pending):
AU. A series of diary and one-shot entries from Astoria’s point of view throughout the HP series, and will have some mentions of people from Step Up and has Hetalia countries mentioned in the story.

-FemHarry (Astoria Lillian Potter), Wrong-Twin-Who-Lived, Living James/Lily.
-Astoria means ‘Star-Maiden.’
-Pairings are unknown right now.
-Will feature characters from Step Up and Hetalia- Axis Powers.
-Will be written almost like a diary that will span the HP books, Step Up movies and Hetalis manga series.

324. Ninja Gaiden/Harry Potter (The Emerald Dragon) - (Pending):
While on a trip to England, Joe Hayabusa and his family come across a half-dead Harry Potter and adopt him into their family. Now year’s later letters of acceptance to magic schools come from around the world. Harry eventually accepts the International Academy for the Gifted (IGA), what happened when the Quadwizard tournament is brought back? Will Harry be found or will he slip by the ever manipulation fingers of Dumbledore?

-Harry James Potter is renamed: Hideyoshi Hari Hayabusa.
-Pairings are: Ryu/Kasumi, Ayane/Hideyoshi/Hermione.
-Name meaning: Hideyoshi (m)- Excellence, Esteem, Good Luck.
-Dumbledore bashing, Ministry bashing, slight Hermione/Snape bashing, Weasley (not all Weasleys’) bashing.

326. Harry Potter/The Expendables (The Lost Sovereign) - (Pending):
After finding out the betrayal of Dumbledore and her ‘friend’, she wasn’t sure about her other friends, Cyrene disappears into the world. In the meantime, bribing her Aunt, Cyrene is able to finish her Muggle Education and enroll into the British Military as a Sniper, she excelled at her job until her deployment into Afghanistan, she and a fellow Sniper and her leader leave the Military and get drawn into the Expendables where Cyrene runs into her mother and Aunt’s half brother, Lee Christmas who was surprised that she was alive this entire time. She stays with them until she is spotted by an Order member. Cyrene doesn’t know her life’s about to change again.

-FemHarry (Cyrene Wynter Potter).
-Name Meaning: Cyrene- Sovereign Queen.
-Living James and Lily.
-Dumbledore, Ministry, Weasley (minus Bill, Charlie, Fred and George, maybe Ginny), slightly Hermione bashing.

329. Harry Potter/Alcatraz (60’s to the Future) - (Pending):
AU. Odette Potter was abandoned by her Aunt and Uncle in San Francisco before being found by the Hallowell’s. Now years later after attending the International Academy for the Gifted (IAG) before graduating and starting working with the San Francisco PD. She becomes partnered with Rebecca Madsen and William Peters; Odette likes Rebecca but is suspicious of Peters. But when supposedly dead men start coming back to life things in Odette’s life becomes more interesting, and what happens when figures from Odette’s past comes back into her life?

-This stories a crossover of Charmed/Harry Potter and Alcatraz.
-Wrong-Twin-Who-Lived, Living James & Lily.
-FemHarry (Odette Lillian Potter-Hallowell), male OC- Tristan Adrian Cascaval.
-Pairings are: Odette/Tristan, Hermione/Draco, Ginny/Dean, Luna/Neville, Daphne/Blaise, and slight Lucy/Emerson.
- Odette’s name means ‘Wealth,’ Adrian is Latin for ‘Black, Dark’ and Tristan’s grandfather is a 63: Adrian Joseph Cascaval (#2083).

330. Harry Potter/The Three Musketeers (Trials of the Musket’s) - (Pending):
AU. Kerrianne, Hermione and Ginny have been friends through everything, soon being called the three musketeers. They become Vigilante’s for hire, protecting anyone from criminals, they get ironically called the Musketeers since from the beginning they knew there were three of them, they are also called the Acrobat (Kerrianne), the Planner/Athena (Hermione), and pyromaniac (Ginny), and they are joined by their good friend Luna who became the tech girl.

-FemHarry (Kerrianne Lillian Potter).
-Pairings are unknown.
-Cast of Actors (Let me know if the cast is okay):
Athos: Hermione Granger.
Milady de Winter: Draco Malfoy.
Aramis: Kerrianne Potter.
Porthos: Ginny Weasley.
D’Artagnan: Luna Lovegood.
Constance: Neville Longbottom.
Duke of Buckingham: Lavender Brown.
Cardinal Richelieu: Albus Dumbledore.
Rochefort: Severus Snape.
King Louis XIII: Remus Lupin.
Queen Anne: Nymphadora Tonks.
-Kerrianne means black.
-I’m not sure if there will be magic in this story or not.

332. Harry Potter/Dead or Alive (Never Poke A Sleeping Dragon) - (Pending):
Amaryllis and Harry were abandoned in Japan by their relatives the Dursleys’. They were on the streets for two weeks before pick pocketing Joe Hayabusa and then got taken in by him. Joe then adopts them and gives them new names, Amaryllis is now called Riko Hayabusa and Harry is now called Ryu Hayabusa. They become friends with the Mugen Tenshi clan especially Hayate and Kasumi. Years go by and Hayate and Akemi had eventually started dating and when Akemi turns 18 Hayate asks for her to marry him. Just as they are getting ready Akemi and Ryu’s former family come into their lives demanding their forgiveness but the twins aren’t fooled. Will the twins help the wizarding world? Or will they let them suffer?

-Pairings are: Akemi/Hayate, Ayane/Ryu, Kasumi/OC, Leifang/Jann.
-FemHarry (Amaryllis Jasmine Potter/Akemi Riko Hayabusa) and Harry is Ryu Hayabusa).
-Amaryllis means ‘to sparkle’, Riko means ‘jasmine child’ and Ryu means ‘Dragon Spirit.’
-Amaryllis and Harry are triplets along with Daniel Potter.
-Triplets-Who-Lived, Living James/Lily.
-Manipulative Dumbledore.
-Dumbledore Bashing, Potter family bashing, some Hermione bashing, Weasley bashing (except the twins, Bill & Charlie).

333. Harry Potter/Sleeping Dogs (The Beautiful Serpent) - (Pending):
Haylin Potter was left at her Aunt’s house but then 8 years later is abandoned in Hong Kong but gets found by Winston Chu’s mother and she adopts her. Her family finds about her magic and she runs away in fear they won’t keep her anymore and she runs into Conroy Wu who brings her home and he becomes a part of Winston’s crew. Then years later when Haylin now Mei-li is 17, a man named Wei Shen comes into her life. Will she fall for Wei or will the truth of who he really is separate them forever? And what happens when Mei-li’s real family who happens to be alive when she was told they were dead come into her life along with a twin? Why did they appear now just as she’s happy? Will she help them or will she tell them to leave? What happens when the prophecy is found out to be fake?

-FemHarry (Haylin Jasmine Potter/Mei-li Chu).
-Mei-li= (Chinese) beautiful and graceful.
-Living James/Lily.
-Pairings are unknown, maybe Haylin (Mei-li)/Wei Shen.
-Manipulative Dumbledore.
-Ministry bashing, Dumbledore bashing, Potter bashing, slight Hermione bashing, Weasley bashing (not Bill, Charlie, Fred & George).

335. Harry Potter/Troy (The Black Queen) – (Pending):
Andromeda Lillian Potter has disappeared at age 8 and finds herself back in time way before the Trojan War. Prince Hector finds her unconscious in the wild and takes her back to the palace where his father lets her stay. Eventually at 18 Andromeda now called Andromache and Hector marry where after 7 years of marriage gives birth to a son but a year later Paris, Hector’s brother causes a war by stealing the Queen of Sparta. Will Andromeda and Hector live happy ever after? Will the war kill them both? Will Dumbledore interfere in her life just as she found happiness?

-FemHarry (Andromache/Andromeda) and Wife of Hector.
-Pairings: Draco/Hermione, Andromeda P./ Hector, Paris/ Helen, Briseis/ Achilles, Blaise/Daphne, and Neville/Luna.

336. Harry Potter/Hawaii Five-0 (Magic in Paradise) – (Pending):
Amaryllis Lillian Potter had a loving home and family but when Voldemort came to their house, everything changed. With her brother Michael mistakenly chosen as the boy-who-lived, Amaryllis faded into the background before being left at her Aunt Petunia’s house and after 9 years of abuse, the Dursley’s move to Hawaii due to a promotion and she is sent to the hospital not long after their arrival, with the Dursley’s being arrested for child abuse and embezzlement, Amaryllis is adopted by the Faraday family who are close friends with the McGarret’s. What happens when the family who abandoned her in hell wants her back? What happens when the prophecy is found out to be fake? Will the Potter’s figure out Dumbledore’s manipulations before it’s too late?

-FemHarry (Amaryllis Lillian Potter) renamed Willow Lillian Faraday.
-Living James/Lily, Wrong-Twin-Who-Lived.
-Pairings unknown, maybe Steve McGarrett/Willow.
-Potter family bashing, Dumbledore bashing, Weasley bashing (except Bill, Charlie, Fred & George).

338. Sugarless/HP (The Fighting Flower) – (Pending):
AU. Iris Potter was beaten and left for dead by the Dursleys while in Japan. Fortunately for Iris the Dursleys were spotted in the process and were arrested. She’s then adopted by the family who found her and renamed Ayame which is the Japanese version of her name. Iris, now, Ayame is healed and now enrolled in martial arts classes and eventually goes to Kujima high where she catches the eye of Shake, the King of the school. Will Ayame let herself become his? What happens when Ayame’s past comes back into the picture to get her back?

-Alternate Universe.
-FemHarry (Iris Lillian Potter/Ayame Yuri Namikaze).
-Pairings: Ayame/Shake, Shiiba/Haruka, Urabe/Yui, Shiro/OC, Marumo/OC.
-Ayame means ‘Iris’ and Yuri means ‘Lily.’
-Namikaze means ‘Wind and Waves, or Discord.’

339. HP/Game of Thrones (House Peverell) – (Pending):
S-AU. I don’t know what I’m doing with this story yet.

-Slight Alternate Universe.
-Twins (Harrison and Persephone Peverell).
-Pairings: Robb/Persephone, Eddard/Catelyn, Jon/OC, Gendry/Arya.

342. Red Dawn/HP (The Noble Rebel) – (Pending):
AU. Adelaide and the Dursleys move from England to Spokane, Washington, for a job transfer for Vernon when Adelaide is 8. After nearly beating Adelaide to death, the Dursleys are arrested and she is then adopted by Sheriff Eckert. 9 years later, Adelaide’s life changes again when Russia and North Korea invade the United States. Will Adelaide survive? Or will she die?

-Alternate Universe.
-FemHarry (Adelaide Lillian Potter).
-Pairings are unknown, definitely Jed/Toni, Matt/Erica.
-Adelaide (Old German) - Noble Sort.

215. Percy Jackson & The Olympians (What Was The Future Is Now The Past) - (Pending):
Two years before the actual series starts, a mysterious package arrives at Mount Olympus. The package is several books all bearing the name Percy Jackson, and for some reason Poseidon is acting funny.

-I’m 50/50 on this story; I may or may not write it since FF is cracking down on series like that.

217. Percy Jackson & The Olympians (Revenge of the Damned) - (Pending):
After the defeat of the Titan King, Percy, Thalia and Nadia were betrayed by the very people they were trying to protect. Several years go by before strange things begin to happen, the suspects leave behind little clues to who they are. The only people who can figure out the clues are the ones who know them best. What happens when Percy, Thalia and Nadia are found? All hell will break loose.

-FemNico (Nadia Persephone D’Angelo).
-Pairings are unknown, maybe Thalia/Percy/Nadia.

12. Twilight (Howl at the Moon) - (On Hold and Being Rewritten):
Bella’s cousins come to surprise her but they find out that she’s become a zombie due to her boyfriend leaving her. No one realizes that the cousins have a secret themselves and the boys and girls of La Push are about to find that secret out.

-Part 1 of my supernatural series.
-Set after the Cullen’s leave.
-Morgaine/Paul, Akira/Leah, Hannah/Jacob, Seth/Renesmee.

13. Twilight (Time in the Night) - (On Hold):
The world is changing much faster than we had anticipated, on the run from hunters, fighting granite vampires, trying to keep my new family together while our kinds are coming out into the light, this is our story.

-Part 2 of my supernatural series.
-The Sequel to ‘Howl at the Moon’ and Prequel to ‘The Vampire King.’

14. Twilight (The Vampire King) - (On Hold):
The king lost the most precious thing in his life, his human lover was taken away from live to cruelly, he then retreats into the shadows for centuries, waiting for the light to enter his life once more and awaken him from deep slumber.

-Part 3 of my supernatural series.
-The Sequel to ‘Time in the Night.’
-This story is slightly crossed over with Tomb Raider.

28. Blade II/Twilight (The Other Half-Breed) - (Pending):
AU. Renesmee Swan is the daughter of Isabella Swan and Edward Cullen. When it was known that Bella was pregnant Edward wanted to get rid of the baby but Bella wasn’t having it, when Edward was busy with the luggage man she called Rosalie. With Rosalie and Emmett’s help they hid Bella until it was time for the baby to come. Of course not long after hiding Bella, the rest of the Cullen’s minus Edward appear. A week later, the baby is born nearly killing Bella if it wasn’t for Carlisle’s quick thinking. Three days later Bella is a vampire, Carlisle and Esme offer to distract Edward while the others hid Bella at an old frienemy. Bella raises Renesmee there with the help of Rosalie, Emmett, Jasper, Alice and the occasional help from Carlisle and Esme. What happens when a new breed of Vampires come into their lives? Will they overtake the Cullens? Or will they survive?

-Snowman/Renesmee or Renesmee/Jacob or Renesmee/OC.
-This story deviates from the Twilight story, especially with how Renesmee was born.
-Renesmee (Ruh-nez-may).
-Edward bashing.

220. Twilight/Young Warriors of Yang Clan (The Eternal Warrior) - (Pending):
Astarte is the youngest daughter of a Spartan general who followed King Leonidas to hold off the Persian army. She is then attacked and left for dead by one of Theron’s goons. As her world goes dark someone kills her attackers. When she awakes again, she finds out she is a vampire. Years go by as she learns how to be a vampire, feasting on the evil men and women before coming across a dying man. She turns him and finds out his name which is Yang Wu Lang. Where in turn she teaches him what she knows before traveling the world before running into a Carlisle Cullen and becomes a part of their family, where she goes to school as she looks to be 18. What happens when Edward, their youngest brother falls for the human Isabella Swan? Well, we’ll find that out.

-Astarte/Wu Lang or Yang Yan De, maybe Astarte/Si Lang.

23. Sons of Anarchy/The Fast & The Furious (Kiss My Lucky Charms) - (Pending):
One day Meghan is attacked (& got a scar on the left side of her face) as she was walking home from her friend ‘Kerrianne’s’ house. She didn’t tell anyone who did it; because she knew no one would believe her. Though her father wasn’t fooled, Meghan waited until the time was right and returned the favor; she knew if they found out what she did she would be dead. So she ran to LA where she runs into the Toretto’s who give her a place to stay and work. Eventually she became one of their family members. What happens when she spots a figure from her past? Will she get caught and killed? What happens when a new person enters the Toretto family’s lives? What will Meghan do when it starts to fall apart?

-My OC’s name is Meghan Muirenn Faraday.
-Meghan means ‘Pearl’ in Irish which is the Welsh form of Megan.
-Muirenn means ‘Born of the Sea’ & is a variant spelling of the Irish/Gaelic Muirgen.
-I don’t know which movie or season this story will start in yet.

34. Cold Case/Sons of Anarchy (The Lost Boys) - (Pending):
In 1993 a woman was murdered in her home, leaving behind a husband and a daughter and twin 1 yr old sons. 16 years later in 2009 a letter and a ring comes into the police station giving the cold case detectives ample reason to re-open the case, they learn that no one tried hard to find her killer, now someone will.

-Pairings: Caleb/Renata, Jax/Tara, Sam/Sam, Opie/Lyla, Gemma/Clay.
-Is a sequel to ‘Of Alligators and Swamps.’
-Character deaths.
-Has some NCIS/JAG characters but does not fully crossover with the series.

203. SOA/X-Men (Mutants and Crows) - (Pending):
Yu-ri Birdsong is the daughter of a Mohawk father and a Korean/American Mother with the ability to wield fire and turn into a human torch along with ability to fly when in torch form. Tristan Rothwood-Rijker is the son of Sons of Anarchy Nomad President Quinn Rijker whose ability is to shape shift into and speak to animals. Yu-ri and Tristan meet at Xavier’s School for the Gifted and Tristan and after a rocky meeting become friends then they start dating each other. What happens when someone attacks the school? Will Yu-ri get taken? Or will she escape and fight back? What happens when Zobelle finds out about Tristan? Will Zobelle succeed in his quest at breaking SAMCRO? Or will his plan backfire?

-Tristan/Yu-ri, Clay/Gemma, Jax/Tara, Opie/Donna then Opie/Lyla.
-Yu-ri means ‘Glass.’
-Yu-ri’s ability is the same as Johnny Storm from the fantastic four.
-Tristan’s ability is to shape shift into animals (Modern, Prehistoric and Magical), he can also speak to them, see through their eyes and borrow a part of them (like bat ears or gills).
-Set during some part of SOA season 1 and goes through season 2 & 3.
-Set during X-men’s 2nd movie.

222. Sons of Anarchy (Of Alligators and Swamps) – (On hold):
Caleb Tigertail and his wife (Renata) had just finished dinner and their daughter (Lily) was in her room when the cops came banging on their front door. The cops had said they’d just wanted to talk to them; two hours later they inform Renata that they’re arresting him for murder. Renata immediately makes several phone calls and now all she can do it wait. Will her husband get free? Or will he remain in prison?

-Pairings: Renata/Caleb, Sam/Sam.
-Has a slight crossover for JAG and NCIS.

254. Sons of Anarchy/Madea’s Family Reunion (Southern Charm and Outlaws) - (Pending):
Xiulan Song is a half-Chinese/half-American orphan who was then placed into Mabel Simmons care. Many years later she goes to meet the father she never knew. She then opens up a small martial arts studio in town and then man who makes her heart beat fast appears. What will happen with Xiulan, the Sons, and the ATF? Read and find out.

-Not sure the pairing yet, maybe OC/OC.
-Xiulan means ‘Beautiful Orchid’ in Chinese.
-Set during the first season.
-I don’t know who Xiulan’s father is, let me know in a PM of whom you think it should be.

169. NCIS/Naked Weapon (Missing In Action) - (Pending):
Astoria Cascaval was 8 years old when she and 40 other girls were kidnapped and sent to a private island to be trained as assassins. Now 21 there is a last test where only three of them are left. Five years later only two of them want don’t want to kill anymore, but one last assignment grant them their freedom. Their targets are two top ranking military men, will they complete their mission? Or will they die trying?

-Pairings: Tiva, McAbby, Astoria/Tatsuya.
-My Male OC’s name is: Tatsuya means ‘Dragon Assertive,’ Arashikage.
-Slight crossover with G.I. Joe.

184. X-Men/NCIS: Los Angeles (The Immortal Soldier) - (Pending):
Aurore Howlett was born in 1896 to James Howlett and Adelle Dupont in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. After her mother’s death when she was 9, Aurore and her father James traveled around the country and when she was 18 James went to join World War 1, leaving Aurore in France with her boyfriend. After her boyfriend’s death in the war, Aurore and her father leave France when the wars over before getting involved with World War 2, The Cold War, and the Vietnam wars. Aurore then takes up an old friends offer to join NCIS in Los Angeles. What will happen when the team finds out she’s a mutant? Will they accept her? Or will they treat her like she’s a disease?

-Aurore/many OC’s, Logan/Jean or Logan/Ororo.
-James and Aurore have the same healing ability though her fingernail/fingertips and toe nails.
-Follows the movies.
-Adelle’s name is the French form of German Adala which means ‘noble.’
-Aurore is the French form of Roman-Latin Aurora meaning ‘dawn.’

204. 44 Minutes/NCIS (I’ll Never Tell) - (Pending):
Noelle Matasareanu is the daughter of bank robber Emil Matasareanu. When her father dies in a robbery, the cops find out quickly that one of the robbers has a 6 year old daughter who was there in the bank, hiding under the desk behind the bandit barrier. One of the detectives called Frank McGregor finds her and takes her with him to the police station. She then gets adopted by the same detective who found her. Many years later in Washington Noelle runs into a Marine named Rabastan Borealis and starts dating him, and that’s when someone harasses Noelle for the 2 million dollars her father and Uncle Larry hid away somewhere. Will the harasser find the money? Or will the money be hidden away forever?

-Pairings: Noelle/ Rabastan.
-Noelle is Latin & Old French for ‘Christmas.’
-The name Rabastan may be a play on Rastaban, the traditional name of one of the stars of the constellation Draco. It is derived from an Arabic phrase "Rās al-Thubān” meaning "head of the serpent." The star is also known as Alwaid, meaning "who is to be destroyed" in Arabic.

281. NCIS (Things The NCIS Characters Shouldn’t Do) - (Pending):
A list of things the NCIS and NCIS: Los Angeles characters shouldn’t do.

-Any fans of the show if you want to help; please let me know and you’ll be credited for your idea.

290. NCIS (Gibb’s Rules) - (Pending):
Multi-Shots of Gibb’s Rules.

-First two Season rules will feature Kate; the rest will be with Ziva.
-Pairings: Tate then Tiva, McAbby, Jibbs.

319. NCIS/The Condemned (The Lost Soldier) - (Pending):
Quinn Natalizio was supposed to go on deployment when he disappeared and was eventually listed as AWOL, leaving his pregnant fiancé, Jung-Ah, worried sick before weeks later when his fiancé comes across a website and sees his picture, she phones NCIS and they’re on the case to locate the missing soldier, find out why and who took him and bring him home. But will they find him before its too late?

-Pairings: Jung-Ah/Quinn, some Tiva and McAbby.
-Jung-Ah means ‘Beautiful Water.’
- My Female OC's Name Is: Jung-Ah Lillian Park.
-My Male OC's Name Is: Quinn Thomas Natalizio.

17. Aliens (The Human Xeno) - (On Hold):
The humans tried to control the Xenomorphs, tried to bend them to their wills but it didn’t work. Next they combined Xeno and Human DNA... they succeeded, what they didn’t think of was us fighting back.

-Pairings: OC/OC.
-My Female OC’s name is: Baja.
-My Male OC’s name is: Seven.

47. Mummy/Uncharted (To Hamunaptra We Come) - (Pending):
Evelyn and Rick met in the Egyptian Desert at an archeology site, they eventually married two years later, a year after their marriage they had two children a boy named Alex and a girl named Maysun. Now 25 Maysun runs into someone she didn’t think she’d see again. Will Maysun finally admit to herself her feelings toward Nathan Drake? Or will the opportunity slip by when they meet Elena Fisher?

-Part 1 of my mummy series.
-Pairings: Nate/Maysun, Evelyn/Rick.
-My Female OC’s name is: Maysun Cyrene O’Connell.
-Maysun means ‘beautiful’ in Arabic and Cyrene means ‘Sovereign Queen’ in Greek.
-Maysun was born first, then ten years or so later Alex was born.
-I’m changing the timeline a bit so I can make it more modern and make some sense to me.

48. The Mummy Returns/Uncharted (Here We Go Again) - (Pending):
Nathan Drake and Maysun O’Connell are back again. This time they’re trying to rescue Maysun’s little brother Alex who was kidnapped and was wearing a bracelet that will kill him if not brought to the right place at the right time. Now that the two are dating, will Nate finally propose? Or will his fear of commitment end their relationship?

-Part 2 of my mummy series
-Pairings: Nate/Maysun, Evelyn/Rick, Ardeth/OC.
-I’m changing the timeline a bit so I can make it more modern and make some sense to me.

49. Mummy: The Tomb of the Dragon Emperor/Uncharted (The White Lotus) - (Pending):
After a long and turbulent relationship, Nate and Maysun have finally married and now are on their honeymoon in China. Ironically that’s exactly where her little brother was as he is uncovering his very own mummy. A week into their honeymoon they’re drawn into the chase of killing the Dragon Emperor that came to life, they are joined by their parents, uncle Jon and the Chinese girl who saved Alex from being killed by Roger Wilson and his conspirators. Now, the O’Connell’s and the Drake’s must stop another mummy but will this mummy succeed in killing them where the others have failed?

-Part 3 of my mummy series.
-Pairings: Nate/Maysun, Evelyn/Rick, Ardeth/OC, Lin/Alex.
-I’m changing the timeline a bit so I can make it more modern and make some sense to me.
-I may change the title later.

66. Star Wars (The Life and Times of Cersei Cascaval) - (Pending):
Cersei Cascaval was a Jedi Master but a terrible incident caused her to go to the dark side and after 50 years she got a wakeup call that made her come back to the light, now she’s helping the order take down sith’s and any criminal that crossed her path.

-Pairings: Cersei/OC, maybe Revan.
-This story starts way before the movies during Sith Revan’s time.

84. Indiana Jones/Uncharted (The Adventures of Indigo Jones) - (Pending):
Indigo Jones is the granddaughter of the Adventurer Indiana Jones, hearing the adventures her grandfather, young Indigo makes a promise to herself, a promise to find her father, against the wishes of her mother, Indigo leaves on an Adventure of love, archeology, and family love.

-Pairings: Indigo/Nate.
-My Female OC’s name is: Indigo Nefertari Jones-Drake.
-Indigo is the reincarnation of Nefertari, the wife of Ramesses II.

90. Princess Diaries/Goong (From Commoner to Lady) - (Pending):
Soo-jin, Lilly, Michael and Mia have been friends forever. When Mia’s Grandmother comes to visit, it’s revealed that Mia is a Princess, Soo-jin is the only friend of Mia’s that stands by her side as she is about to be a Princess. What happens when Soo-jin’s mother drops the same secret Mia’s mom had kept from her daughter? Will Soo-jin accept her future princess role?

-Pairings: Soo-jin/Hyun-Shik, Shin/Chae-kyung, Mia/Nicholas.
-My Female OC’s Name Is: Princess Soo-jin Park.
-My Male OC’s Name Is: Prince Hyun-Shik Lee.
-My male OC is the cousin to Prince Lee Shin.
-Hyun-Shik means ‘Wisdom and clear; honest,’ Shin means ‘Truth’ and Soo-jin ‘Treasure; excellence & Truth’ in Korean.

97. True Blood (The Story of Anastasia Cullen) - (Pending):
In Russia in 1901 Anastasia Nikolaevna was born, she grew up to be a loving child, and then a loving woman before her supposed death in 1918. Now in present day, Anastasia or Anya Northman lives her life as a vampire with her ‘father/maker’ in Shrieveport, Louisiana. Eventually the vampires are out in the spotlight when the vampires come out of the coffin. What happens when someone finds out the Russian Princess is still alive?

-Pairings are unknown, possibly Sookie/Eric, Anastasia/OC.
-May or may not use one of the brother’s from Warriors of the Yang Clan.

131. Lord of the Rings (The Dark Huntress) - (Pending):
To the humans they call her Whitney (White island) and to the Elves she’s called Silivrentoliel, they both call her the dark huntress, a hunter who follows her prey wherever they are and will go through anyone or anything. They also know she works for Sauron, what happens when Whitney meets Frodo before the journey to destroy the ring. Will she kill Frodo to get the ring to Sauron or will she help him destroy the ring, freeing middle-earth forever?

-I’m thinking it’ll be a Legolas pairing but I’m not sure yet.
-I’m not sure which movie this will be in, it may be set before the series.

171. xXx/Naked Weapon (Assassin X) - (Pending):
Axelle Herveaux is assassin in prison for multiple counts of murder. The only reason she’s alive is because she knows the location of Madam M’s base where she trains her assassin’s. She then gets a visit from a man named Gibbons and listens to his offer. Three days later she disappears from the maximum prison and into Gibbon’s awaiting helicopter and to their headquarters where she becomes the new xXx. This is her story.

-I’m not sure if there will be any pairings.
-Set before and during State of the Union.

181. Van Helsing (To Whom It May Concern) - (Pending):
One day in the 21st century some Vampire hunters find an abandoned castle in Romania. Upon searching the castle they come across the master bedroom that hasn’t been slept in several centuries. One of the hunters find a book and skims through it and is shocked to discover that the book belongs to an ancestor of their leader’s. The name on the book was on the cover and it said Sorina Dragomir. He and his partner then leave and head towards home and contact their leader and then gather the other hunters. They then read the life, death and after life of Sorina Dragomir, the Queen of the Vampire race.

-Pairings: Sorina/Drake.
-This story deviates greatly from the movie.

182. Van Helsing (The Moons' Song) - (Pending):
Larkin Birdsong is just a regular woman who works in a bar. Adrian Westenra is the local area's werewolf pack leader. Larkin and her best friend are walking towards Larkin's car when something attacks her friend and drags into an alley. Larkin in her moment of stupidity runs after her friend who lies in the alley covered in bite marks, gashed and blood. A week after the incident Larkin spots a tall, dark, tattooed and handsome man walk into the bar which makes her friend lower her head and keep working. When the truth comes out will Larkin accept her friend or abandon her? Will Larkin accept her feeling for Adrian or let him go when he tells her what he is?

-Larkin/Adrian, OC/OC.
-Set in the modern setting.

205. Anastasia/Thirteen Ghosts (The Riddled Princess) - (Pending):
AU. In Russia in 1901 Anastasia Nikolaevna was born, she grew up to be a loving child, then a loving woman before her death in 1918 by a family friend. Due to how she died she became a ghost that haunts the Peter and Paul Cathedral where she was buried. Then Cyrus Kriticos comes and traps her in a box with Latin inscriptions all over it. Then Cyrus’s brother comes to check the house out and one by one the ghosts are released. Will someone release the ghosts and help them? Enter Nolan Montenegro, ghost helper extraordinaire. Can he help them? Or will the other ghosts kill him?

-The Angry princess has been changed.

207. Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift (The Mobster and the Drifter) - (Pending):
He-Ran Han is the younger sister of Han Lue, she is also a drifter like him and to save her brother she makes a deal with the Yakuza, if she can make back the money her brother stole from the Yakuza then both she and her brother can go free. Enter Makoto Namikaze, the enforcer of the Yakuza to make sure that she does what she’s supposed to do. During the time she gets the money Makoto and Kagerou get closer together. Will their relationship survive the Yakuza? Or will their love continue to burn brightly?

-Pairings: Neela/Sean, He-Ran/Makoto.
-My Female OC’s Name Is: He-Ran Han.
-My Male OC’s Name Is: Makoto Namikaze.
-Makoto means ‘Sincerity’ and Namikaze means ‘Wind & Waves, or Discord’ in Japanese.
-He-Ran means ‘Grace and Orchid.'
-The female character is Han’s cousin.
-Han doesn’t die in this story because I love him.

208. 300 (The Spartan’s Wild Rose) - (Pending):
AU. Nasrin in the Princess of Persia and the daughter of Xerxes, King of Persia. Unlike her father who is known for his cruelty, Nasrin is known for her beauty and kindness. 17 years after the war with the Spartans, Xerxes decides enough is enough and is willing for an alliance of sorts with the Spartans so he gives his daughter’s hand in marriage to the Spartan Prince Lysander. Will Nasrin willingly accept the proposal? Or Will Nasrin and Lysander kill each other? And just what is Xerxes planning now?

-Pairings: Nasrin/Lysander, Gorgo/Leonidas.
-Nasrin means ‘wild rose’ in Persian and Lysander means ‘he who will free us’ in Greek.
-This story does not follow 300 or any actual events.

230. Batman/Spiderman (Fractured Guardians) - (Pending):
Shinsei Alexander grew up with Bruce Wayne and fought villains by his side until her family is massacred and some black substance takes hold. Her mind fractures slightly and she goes crazy, becoming the very thing she was fighting against. Eventually Bruce or Batman stops her and gets her the help she needs at Arkham Asylum. What happens when Joker takes over Arkham? Will Shinsei join Joker’s cause? Or Will Shinsei be healed enough to help her longtime friend?

-Pairings: Bruce/OC.
-Shinsei= Sacred in Japanese and Alexander is Greek= Protector, helper & defender of mankind.

247. Four Brothers (The Mercer Sister) - (Pending):
Yu-ri Kang-Mercer is the youngest Mercer child raised by Evelyn Mercer. Being the youngest of four brothers is frustrating especially when you’re trying to get a boyfriend. Slowly one by one her brother’s leave, Jeremiah was the only one that was really around. While visiting a friend who moved away when they were younger she runs into the hottest and most dangerous man ever. Quinn Carnevale was hanging out with his cousin and his cousin’s girlfriend when he runs into the most beautiful and stubborn women he’s ever had the pleasure of encountering. Turns out his cousin’s girlfriend and the mysterious women are friends. One night on the town Yu-ri and Quinn have too much to drink and sleep together not knowing the life that was starting to grow inside. Two months after they part ways Yu-ri finds out she is pregnant and Quinn is the father, seven months later their son is born unknown to the father until Evelyn Mercer is gunned down in a convenience store and Quinn, his cousin and his cousin’s girlfriend attend the funeral and notice a familiar sight. What happens when Quinn finds out he’s a father? Or when the men who killed Evelyn Mercer come calling? Will he stay and protect Yu-ri and his son or will he walk away?

-Pairings: Yu-ri/Quinn, Angel/Sofi, Jeramiah/Camille, Bobby/OC.
-Yu-ri means ‘Glass.’

268. True Blood (Of Blood and Royalty) - (Pending):
Anne and Hector are vampire mates in the employment of Eric Northman as a bartender and a bouncer. Things change when Bill Compton and Sookie Stackhouse walk into the bar and catch their boss’s attention. What happens when they find out what Bill and the Queen have in store for the part-fairy? In the meantime, Anne and Hector reminisce on how they were turned into vampires and how they met.

-Pairings: Anne/Henry then Anne/Hector, Sookie/Eric.
-Anne is Queen Anne Boleyn and Hector is the Prince of Troy.
-Bill and Queen Sophie-Anne bashing.

19. Resident Evil/ G.I. Joe (The Red Eye) - (On Hold and Being Rewritten):
Umbrella made us into what we are; they used and tortured us, made us into something that wasn’t all human. We escaped, blowing up the facility that held us, and now we are going to make the world see what Umbrella has done and are doing.

-Pairings: Snake Eyes/Scarlett, Storm Shadow/OC, Duke/OC.
-Storm Shadow in this story is now a good guy.

69. The Expendables/Lara Croft (The Other Croft) - (Pending):
Emerson is a member of the Expendables, one day Emerson gets a strange phone call from his cousin whom he hasn’t seen in or spoken too in a couple of months. That phone call is the start of a rescue/treasure hunting mission with the Expendables where they run into a formidable opposition. What happens when Emerson and his cousin Lara run into a figure from both of their pasts? Soo-Yun Meadows works for the CIA undercover with a group who calls themselves Ravenheart, she didn’t expect her cover to be blown and makes a call to the last person who she thought would help her after their nasty breakup. Will Emerson help? Will Soo-Yun make it to the safehouse before the Ravenheart group kills her?

-Pairings: Emerson/Soo-Yun, Lee/Lacy.
-My Male OC’s name is: Emerson John Croft.
-My Female OC’s name is: Soo-Yun Meadows.
-Soo-Yun= Perfect Lotus Blossom.

70. Doom (Tinkerbell) - (Pending):
Tinkerbell joined the RRTS straight out of high school and then joined Sarge’s unit. Many years later they get a mission to Olduvai and then hell broke loose. Will the monsters kill them? Or will they survive?

-Pairings: Reaper/OC, Kid/OC.

85. The Saddle Club (The Spirit of the Wind) - (Pending):
Charlotte Ravenwood and her family move to Australia after an accident, her father and grandfather sign her up at Pine Hollow Equestrian Center as the rest of the family help out at the Ravenwood Ranch.

-Pairings are unknown.
-Has some elements of the horse whisperer.

98. X-Men/Punisher (The Beast Master) - (Pending):
Kendall Castle is the nephew of the Punisher Frank Castle and a resident of Xavier’s Institute for the Gifted with the ability to shape shift into any animal, whether it’s mythical or prehistoric or regular animals, he can speak to them, see through their eyes, and borrow their features for a short time. Hyun-Ae Kamihanketsu is a half-Korean/Japanese & American mutant with the ability of Invisibility. Kendall and Hyun-Ae find each other on the streets and they travel to the institute where Hyun-Ae meets Xavier and starts living there, watch as Hyun-Ae fights bad guys and the world. Will the mutants get registered? Or Will the Government see that their actions are wrong?

-Pairings: Hyun-Ae/Kendall, Logan/Jean, Gambit/Rouge, Shadow Cat/Colossus.
-Hyun-Ae (HYOON eh) means ‘Wise and Loving.’
-Kamihanketsu means ‘Divine Judgement’.

142. CSI: Miami (Kisses In The Sun) - (Pending):
Eric and his wife spend the day at the beach.

-Pairings: Eric/OC.
-Part of the Murder at the Stables series.

143. CSI: Miami (Dancing In The Rain) - (Pending):
Eric and his wife have fun in the rain before taking it inside.

-Pairings: Eric/OC.
-Part of the Murder at the Stables series.

144. CSI: Miami (Christmas Fun) - (Pending):
Eric, his wife and the team spend Christmas together.

-Pairings: Eric/OC.
-Part of the Murder at the Stables series.

145. CSI: Miami (Murder At The Stables) - (Pending):
Several days before a big show jumping event, a contestant is found dead. Who wants him dead and why? Does it have to do with the show jumping event that’s to take place in a couple days? And the only people who have motive have solid alibis. All except one. But did she do it? Or will the killer get away with the win and away with murder?

-Pairings: Eric/OC.

176. Firefly (Finding Serenity) - (Pending):
Odette Emerson was a Ninja/Bounty Hunter. Derek Crown was a brown coat with his friends Zoe and Mal and a member of Serenity. Odette and Derek’s relationship gets tested when the siblings Simon and River Tam come aboard. Will the group fall to the alliance? Or will they survive and stay one step ahead of the Alliance?

-Pairings: Odette/Derek, Mal/Inara, Zoe/Wash, Kaylee/Simon, maybe Jayne/River.
-Odette means ‘Wealth.’
-Set during the firefly series and goes into the movie.

194. Anastasia/Uncharted 1&2 (Of Princesses’ & Music Boxes) - (Pending):
Siblings Anya and Alexander along with their friend Nathan have been friends since they were kids. Though Alexander didn’t get a sense of adventure still sometimes joined them on their hunt for legendary objects. Now they’re after Grand Duchess Anastasia Nikolaevna. Will they succeed in finding what they’re looking for? Or will the bad guys win?

-Pairings: Nathan Drake/OC, Elena Fisher/OC.
-My Female OC’s Name Is: Anya Willow Cullen.
-My Male OC’s Name Is: Alexander Illich Cullen.
-Anya means ‘Favor; grace’ in Russian.
-Cullen means ‘"good-looking lad; handsome’ in Gaelic.
-Set before Uncharted 1 and goes through both games.

227. Criminal Minds (Origami Dreams) - (Pending):
22 years ago a serial killer kidnapped multiple children from their parents and hid them from their families, leaving cryptic messages to get a piece of their children’s location; one of those children was Kerrianne Meadows. She was rescued by her father just in time, and in return got panic attacks and a huge fear of the water. Now, it’s happening again, and only Kerrianne knows the killers true identity. Can the BAU Agent Derek Morgan break through the walls she built and bring back forgotten memories? Or will the killer get away with murder?

-Pairings: Morgan/Kerrianne, Hotch/Haley then Hotch/Emily, Garcia/Kevin, Reid/OC, JJ/Will.
-Based off the video game Heavy Rain.

231. Mortal Kombat (Of Ice Men and Princesses) - (Pending):
Shinju Tsukiyomi is the princess of outworld, half-sister to Kitana and her body guard along with Jade. Before the tournament Shinju runs into a secret Shao Kahn will kill to keep silent. When Shao Kahn finds out Shinju knows about Mileena, he orders her to be executed for treason but she escapes with the help of Kitana and Jade. Now years later, the tournament has started and Shinju is on Raiden’s side fights to keep outworld from taking over earth.

-Pairings: Sub-Zero/Shinju, Kitana/Liu.
-Shinju means ‘Pearl’ in Japanese.
-Tsukiyomi= is a deity and brother to Amaterasu and Susanowo or an Illusion in Naruto.
-I’m not sure if Mileena will be a bad guy or not.

236. Ninja Gaiden/Tomb Raider (Jade Sword of Destiny) - (Pending):
Astoria Willow Croft is the niece of Lara Croft. One day, a mysterious package arrives at Croft Manor with her name on it. Inside the package is a sword and a letter, a letter from her mysterious father, the sword turns out to the Legendary Jade Sword of Destiny. But why does the Sword appear in her life now on the request of her father, a father she never knew. Just after the sword arrives, a ninja arrives. But what is this ninja up to? Is he here to steal the sword? Or is he here to protect the sword? Read and find out.

-Pairings: Astoria/Hayate, Ryu/Kasumi.
-Ayane bashing.
-Astoria or Astera means ‘Star-maiden’ in Greek.
-This story is set before the DOA or Ninja Gaiden series.

241. Criminal Minds/Resident Evil (The Mad Hatter) - (Pending):
Umbrella’s having a problem. Their top scientists and heads of their departments are dying one by one. They want to keep it quiet; unfortunately things don’t go exactly as planned. Several of the murders caught the eye of Interpol and the FBI’s Behavioral Analysis Unit lead by Supervisory Special Agent Aaron Hotcher and his team. After every murder, the killer leaves behind a picture of the Mad Hatter from Alice in Wonderland, soon the killer is nicknames ‘The Mad Hatter’. Watch as the team and every law enforcement agency tries to capture ‘The Mad Hatter’ before he strikes again, but when they do finally catch up to our mystery killer and find out the killers’ real gender, not all is what it seems. There is a method to the killers’ madness but can the BAU figure out what it is?

-My Female OC’s Name Is: Chun Hei Bledel.
-Chun Hei (Chun he) means ‘Justice and Grace’ in Korean.

287. Teen Titans/Alien Huntress (The Case of Starfire) - (Pending):
Someone found out Starfire of the Teen Titans is an Alien, and they’ve called the Alien Investigation and Removal Agency saying she was dangerous and needed to be taken out, but when the agents meet the innocent Tamaran can they really believe she’s dangerous - well maybe to the enemy, but as the agents investigate they find out things in the Tamaran’s past that may be the clue they need to figure out who wants her taken out and why.

-Pairings: Nightwing/Starfire, Beastboy/Tara, Cyborg/Raven.

289. Teen Titans/Danny Phantom (The Phantom Titan) - (Pending):
When Danny’s parents find out she’s the phantom they disown and kick her out, staying with her friends for a couple days before making her way to Jump City where after stealing necessities gets found by the Titans who instead of arresting her decides that she should join them, after thinking about it she joins up with them to help take down Slade and the other villains. What happens when Danny’s parents come to town? Will she hate them or forgive them?

-FemDanny (Danielle Fantasia Fenton).
-Pairings: Robin/Starfire, Beastboy/Tara, possibly Raven/Cyborg, Danny/Superboy or Danny/OC.

300. G.I Joe/Naked Weapon (The Assassin & the Ninja) - (Pending):
Astoria Abernathy was 10 when she went missing, her father tried everything to find her and he’s never given up. Now 12 years later she resurfaces at the side of Storm Shadow. What happens when Madam M tries to assinate her father and herself? What happens when General Hawk realizes how close his daughter was?

-Pairings are: Snake Eyes/Scarlett, Duke/Baroness, Astoria/Storm Shadow.
-My OC’s name is Astoria Lillian Abernathy.
-My OC’s first name means: Star Maiden.
-Not sure if this story will be started in ‘Rise of Cobra.’

303. A-Team/G.I. Joe (The Lily and the Ninja) - (Pending):
Lillian LeGrow-Abernathy is a Sergeant First Class (or SFC) in the army; her specialty is martial arts and sniping. She is the only girl in the A-Team lead by Colonel Hannibal Smith, she’s run into Storm Shadow several times for the past five years and they eventually become lovers. What happens when she has to go on the run with Hannibal, Face, B.A and Murdock? What happens when the Joe’s find out her connection with Storm Shadow? Will she join the Joe? Or Cobra? Or will she continue to be on the run?

-Pairings are: Lillian/Storm Shadow, Scarlett/Snake Eyes, Cover Girl/Beach Head, Lady Jaye/Flint, Charisa/Face.
-OC’s name is: Lillian Faraday LeGrow-Abernathy.
-My OC is the niece of General Hawk.

305. G.I. Joe/Jurassic Park (Prehistoric VS Modern) - (Pending):
Pandora Dare is the niece of General Clayton Hawk. She is also works with Dr. Alan Grant as an assistant and goes with him to check out a theme park. What happens in a life or death situation when the power shuts off and the Dino’s escape? Can Hawk come to his niece’s aid? Or will the Dino’s get to her first?

-Pairings are unknown, probably a Storm Shadow or Duke pairing, or maybe Pandora/SS son.
-OC’s name is: Pandora Allure Dare.
-My OC is related to General Hawk as his niece.

306. Expendables/G.I. Joe (The Mercenary & the Ninja) - (Pending):
Maysun Hidalgo is a part of the Expendables crew and a part of the Joes. What happens when she starts noticing more of Cobra in the area where she and the expendables are working it? What happens when she falls for one of the Cobra’s?

-Pairings are unknown, either Snake Eyes, Storm Shadow or Duke.
-OC’s name is: Maysun Astoria Hidalgo, first name means ‘beautiful’ in Arabic & middle name means ‘star-maiden’.
-My OC’s the niece of General Hawk.

307. G.I. Joe (Things Joes & Cobras Should Not Be Allowed To Do) - (Pending):
A list of things that the Joes and Cobras should not be allowed to do under any circumstances unless the situation calls for it.

-Pairings are: Scarlett/Snake Eyes, Junko/Storm Shadow, Lady Jaye/Flint, Beach Head/Cover Girl, Destro/Baroness.
-If anyone has any idea for this story please let me know, I would do this myself but I’m not too familiar with the series unless it’s the movie version, of course you’ll be credited for you idea.

308. G.I. Joe/Ninja Gaiden (The Dragon and the Shadow) - (Pending):
Yuriko Hayabusa is a member of the Hayabusa (or Dragon) ninja clan and is the lover of Storm Shadow. She was there the day his uncle was killed and followed him wherever he went, during the brainwashing phase she became his rock, his last link with his sanity. What happens when she meets the Joes, and Snake Eyes the man she once had a crush on? Will she stay at Storm Shadows side or will she join the Joes, effectively betraying her lover?

-Pairings: Yuriko/Storm Shadow, Scarlett/Snake Eyes, Cover Girl/Beach Head, Flint/Lady Jaye, others are unknown.
-My OC’s name is: Yuriko Elle Hayabusa, and is the sister of Ryu Joseph Hayabusa.
-My OC’s first name means ‘Lily Child’ (I believe) in Japanese.
-Will have characters from the Ninja Gaiden and Dead or Alive series.

341. Resident Evil/NCIS (Cities of the Dead) – (Pending):
The Alpha unit in STARS is sent to Arklay Mountains to investigate why the Beta team hasn’t responded. What they found was a bunch of undead stumbling around. When only four members of the Alpha team and one from the beta team survives, they try to warn the population of Raccoon city but are not believed until the city is overrun with the undead. Now they have to survive the city as the population tries to eat them. Then once Raccoon city is nuked, they thought it was over but then random acts of cannibalism and the dead coming back to life, the survivors, once again, have to fight to survive.

-My OC’s Name is: Adelaide Rothwood.
-Slight Crossover with NCIS: LA.
-Pairings are unknown, possibly Tiva, McAbby.
-Adelaide means ‘Noble sort’ in Old Germanic.

1: Multiple Crossovers/One-Shots (The Honeymoon Suite): This story will be multiple One-Shots of the honeymoon of my various characters.

-Pairings: Alice/Cameron (Days of the Dog) – MORE COMING SOON.

2: Things my characters are not allowed to do:

-If you read any of my stories PM if you think of something that they’ll do.

3: Things you don’t know about my OC’s:

-This story will about the things that aren’t in any of my stories.

4: Things that Percy Jackson Characters aren’t allowed to do:

-For the PJO fans, if you have any ideas PM me and let me know, of course you’ll be credited.

5: Character/Author Interviews: -For anyone who wants to ask the characters or Slytherin Studios questions.

11. Twilight/True Blood (The Two Samurai) – (Currently writing):
After Bella’s birthday party at the Cullen’s house Edward, in his infinite wisdom, decides that the Cullen’s need to leave before people get suspicious. Edward leaves Bella alone in the forest but a friend of the Cullen’s found her before anything bad happened to her. Tired of his daughter being a zombie, Charlie Swan sends his daughter to her cousin Sookie’s house. What happens when Bella runs into a different kind of vampire? What happens when she meets the former vampire sheriff of Area 9 from Dallas, Texas? What happens when Edward comes back for her? And where is Victoria? Does she still want vengeance? Or will she let it go?

-Pairings: Bella/Godric, Rosalie/Emmett, Alice/Jasper, Esme/Carlisle, Sookie/Eric, Tomoe/Kenshin, later Sue/Charlie.
-Edward bashing, Bill bashing, Queen Sophie-Anne bashing.

26. NCIS/NCIS Los Angeles (The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo) – (Currently writing):
6 years ago, my friend and I saw something that we shouldn’t have and now he’s gone. I’m the only one who can help them but I can’t get caught by those people. Guess I should watch who I run into at the airport, now I have NCIS agents on my trail too.

-Pairings: Chun Hei/Jin-Ho.
-I’ve changed my Heroine’s name from Soon-Ah to Chun Hei.
-Chun Hei (chun he) means ‘Justice and Grace’ in Korean.

286. Naruto (Trials of the Cherry blossom) - (Currently Writing):
Sakura Haruno is sent to prison for the ‘murder’ of her husband Rock Lee where she meets the most famous female killers that she’s only read about in the papers, this is her story of her stay at Konoha County Jail, her trial, but the question remains - did she really kill her husband? Or was she framed?

-Chicago Musical Set.
-Pairings are: Nariko/Sasuke/Karin, Sakura/Lee, Hinata/Shino, Ino/Chouji, Kurenai/Asuma, Tsunade/Jiraiya, and Temari/Kiba.
-FemNaru (Nariko Uchiha) as Velma Kelly, Karin as Veronica Kelly, Sasuke Uchiha as Charlie ‘Velma’s hubby’, Sakura Haruno as Roxie Hart, Chiyo as Matron ‘Mama’ Morton, Hinata Hyuuga as Hunyak, Shino Aburame as Hunyak’s hubby, Shizune as Mary Sunshine, Rock Lee as Amos Heart, Ino Yamanaka as June, Chouji Akimichi as Wilbur, Kurenai Yuhi as Liz, Asuma Sarutobi as Bernie, Tsunade Senju as Annie, Jiraiya as Ezekial Young, Temari Subaku as Mona, Kiba Inuzuka as Al Lipschitz, Kakashi Hakate as William “Billy” Flynn.

325. G.I. Joe/Harry Potter (The Shining Serpent) - (Currently Writing):
After killing the Dursleys for betraying their master, the Baroness (Ana Lewis) and Storm Shadow noticed a half-dead Amaryllis Potter in the cupboard under the stares, they decide to take her with them back to France. The Baroness (or Ana Lewis or Anastasia DeCobray) decides to adopt her, and her husband agrees since it made her happy, Baroness also got Storm Shadow to train Amaryllis when she was healed enough to train. What happens when Dumbledore finds out his favorite weapon is missing and the Dursleys are dead? What happens when an order member locates the missing Girl-Who-Lived?

-FemHarry (Amaryllis Lillian DeCobray).
-Adopted by the Baroness.
-Not sure if it’ll follow the comics/books or movies.

327. Harry Potter (Lady of the Evening) - (Currently Writing):
AU. Everything was excellent in the lives of the Potter family but then Voldemort attacked. When Dumbledore mistakenly declares Sandrine’s Brother John as the Boy-Who-Lived, Sandrine’s life is forever changed. She is left at her Aunt and Uncles house before at age 9 when her Uncle Vernon sells to a Pimp, who happened to be a disowned Pureblood. Once Sandrine hits age 14 she is given to the Pimp’s wife who is trained in the art of prostitution and Stripping. When she hits 15 is when she becomes a stripper/prostitute, one day while dancing she runs into her ‘mother’s’ old friend who she ends up dancing and servicing him before he realizes who she really was when he got home. Then Sandrine’s life is rocked again when she is being forced to go to Hogwarts, but while being forced there she ends up turning several girls and some boys into being prostitutes/strippers, what happens when the truth comes out about Dumbledore and her family? What happens when the prophecy is fake?

-Pairings are OC/Sandrine/OC, Draco/Hermione, Blaise/Daphne, Luna/Neville.
-FemHarry (Sandrine Minerva Potter-DeCobray).
-Sandrine is French for ‘Defender of mankind.’
-Stripper/Prostitute femHarry.
-Creature femHarry (Siren).
-Living James & Lily, Wrong-Twin-Who-Lived.
-Dumbledore bashing, Potter bashing.

Stories that are complete:
NCIS (Days of the Dog)

One-Shots that are complete:
Sons of Anarchy (Trick or Treat)
Harry Potter (Getting Out Of Here)
Naruto (Behind Blue Eyes)
Harry Potter (As You Start to Fall)
Naruto (Catch Your Breath)
G.I. Joe (Brother My Brother)

Stories complete that are in a series:
None Yet

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Crossover - Harry Potter & Game of Thrones - Rated: T - English - Adventure/Fantasy - Chapters: 57 - Words: 272,970 - Reviews: 3893 - Favs: 10,084 - Follows: 11,470 - Updated: 12/23/2023 - Published: 4/19/2016 - [Harry P., Daenerys T.]
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Guardians of the Galaxy - Rated: K+ - English - Romance/Hurt/Comfort - Chapters: 6 - Words: 5,818 - Reviews: 23 - Favs: 50 - Follows: 48 - Updated: 5/20/2023 - Published: 8/12/2018
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Crossover - Harry Potter & Avengers - Rated: T - English - Drama/Family - Chapters: 11 - Words: 82,011 - Reviews: 1467 - Favs: 4,753 - Follows: 5,625 - Updated: 4/19/2023 - Published: 3/15/2014 - Harry P., Iron Man/Tony S.
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Harry Potter - Rated: M - English - Chapters: 2 - Words: 4,700 - Reviews: 3140 - Favs: 5,361 - Follows: 5,972 - Updated: 10/31/2022 - Published: 6/5/2008 - Harry P., Hermione G., Draco M., Neville L.
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Crossover - Harry Potter & Game of Thrones - Rated: M - English - Adventure - Chapters: 23 - Words: 299,560 - Reviews: 5665 - Favs: 16,647 - Follows: 18,425 - Updated: 9/3/2022 - Published: 3/22/2015
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Game of Thrones - Rated: M - English - Drama/Romance - Chapters: 43 - Words: 295,861 - Reviews: 555 - Favs: 977 - Follows: 1,107 - Updated: 8/26/2022 - Published: 11/18/2012 - Robb S., Cersei L., OC
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Chicago PD - Rated: T - English - Drama/Romance - Chapters: 30 - Words: 51,448 - Reviews: 109 - Favs: 214 - Follows: 226 - Updated: 8/18/2022 - Published: 12/16/2018 - [J. Halstead, OC] A. Olinsky - Complete
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Cursed by an enchantress, Prince Michael was turned into a horrific beast until someone fell in love with him. He had long given up hope of that happening, for who could love a beast. That was until the adoptive daughter of Viktor, Selene, took her father's place as prisoner. Can he get her to fall in love with him before that last petal falls? l Beauty and the Beast AU
Underworld - Rated: T - English - Romance - Chapters: 2 - Words: 2,824 - Reviews: 13 - Favs: 27 - Follows: 21 - Updated: 4/12/2017 - Published: 3/22/2017 - [Selene, Michael C.] Kraven
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Lost Boys - Rated: T - English - Romance/Supernatural - Chapters: 13 - Words: 44,364 - Reviews: 53 - Favs: 83 - Follows: 56 - Updated: 3/17/2017 - Published: 12/24/2016 - [David, OC] Marko, Star - Complete
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Hannibal - Rated: T - English - Family/Hurt/Comfort - Chapters: 16 - Words: 21,436 - Reviews: 113 - Favs: 274 - Follows: 319 - Updated: 3/8/2017 - Published: 2/16/2015 - Will G., Hannibal L., Alana B., OC
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100 - Rated: T - English - Romance/Adventure - Chapters: 16 - Words: 33,325 - Reviews: 8 - Favs: 48 - Follows: 57 - Updated: 2/20/2017 - Published: 6/3/2016 - OC, Bellamy B., Raven R.
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Harry Potter - Rated: M - English - Fantasy/Family - Chapters: 6 - Words: 21,301 - Reviews: 82 - Favs: 368 - Follows: 415 - Updated: 9/14/2013 - Published: 11/8/2012 - Harry P.
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Naruto - Rated: T - English - Crime/Mystery - Chapters: 9 - Words: 20,537 - Reviews: 11 - Favs: 13 - Follows: 23 - Updated: 8/4/2013 - Published: 11/12/2012 - Sakura H., Naruko U.
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There was a time that all I had to worry about was acing an exam. Now i'm on the run, my friend and I saw something I shouldn't have and now they want me dead.
Crossover - NCIS & NCIS: Los Angeles - Rated: K - English - Romance/Drama - Chapters: 3 - Words: 9,750 - Reviews: 4 - Favs: 4 - Follows: 10 - Updated: 3/26/2011 - Published: 10/29/2010
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Naruto - Rated: K - English - Humor/Adventure - Chapters: 12 - Words: 42,397 - Reviews: 2 - Favs: 16 - Follows: 14 - Updated: 1/31/2011 - Published: 10/14/2010 - Naruto U., Hinata H.
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The Red Eye ON HOLD and BEING REWRITTEN reviews
They did this to us, they used and tortured us, made into something that wasn't all human. The world will know what they have done, there is no place that they can hide. SExOC, SSxOC.
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I'm finally coming home, to a place where I belong, now i'm back, i'm not looking for forgiveness, just a place to call home. TIGxOC, CHIBSxOC, HAPPYxOC.
Sons of Anarchy - Rated: M - English - Romance/Adventure - Chapters: 12 - Words: 37,485 - Reviews: 15 - Favs: 31 - Follows: 37 - Updated: 8/5/2010 - Published: 10/22/2009 - Happy
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Naruto - Rated: T - English - Humor/Adventure - Chapters: 1 - Words: 368 - Reviews: 2 - Favs: 3 - Follows: 2 - Published: 6/27/2010
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Aliens/Predator - Rated: K - English - Romance/Sci-Fi - Chapters: 1 - Words: 239 - Reviews: 2 - Favs: 2 - Follows: 5 - Published: 6/27/2010
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