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Author has written 3 stories for Legend of Zelda, Gundam Wing/AC, and Forgotten Realms.

Current Status:

I have been on a 2 year hiatus. I should be updating my stories at least once every other month. I will be adding a few short stories some time in the next six months.

Standings on Writing:

What can I say, other then updates will happen when they do, I don't like doing things half-assed so all my stories will be completed eventually, and that even if I don't thrive on reviews they are appreciated. Also I usually won't write in pairings unless it is extremely important to the plot or I am specifically asked to do so.

Also I won't stand flaring, if one of my stories is not to your personal tastes too bad and get over it, or better yet just don't read it. To everyone else thanks for reading my stuff. There is no personal information about me that I feel is necessary to post, because it will not effect any of my works.

Current Stories:

Title: Crossing Worlds

Rating: Mature

Information: This story is a crossover between the Zelda games and the Forgotten Realm Books specifically the Legacy of Drizzt Books. In this story the Hero of Time and Twilight are one and the same person. this story takes place after the events of the Twilight Princess, and between the Legacy of the Drow series and the Paths to Darkness series. I created this story off of a comic that I am currently making.

Summary: An urgent calling is thrumming through Link a few months after the events of twilight. A call that had been increasingly hard for him to ignore. Finally, giving in to it Link finds himself traveling to a place that he had not been back to in over a hundred years. A place that had once held long lost friends and a now disappeared culture of immortal child elves. From there he makes his way to the Forest Temple were his friend Sara had once been the Sage guardian. Once he reaches the Temple grounds powers beyond his control take his body hostage and forces him to the chamber where he had once fought Ganon's shadow as the Hero of Time. There he meet the Goddesses of his world that bring him terrible news. His world is dying along with another due to the fact that the Triforce is incomplete. Now Link must travel to the other world and take back the Silver Triforce with the person the Goddess Mielikki has chosen as the Guide, who is the ever reluctant surface Drizzt Do'Urden, who thinks that Link is a very confused and young surface elf playing a practical joke, and has vowed to dragged him back to the closest settlement of his light skinned cousins. Now, Link must convince the drow that it isn't a joke, and save both worlds before time runs out. This will be his biggest challenge ever.

Current Status: In-complete

Title: Dark Passion

Rating: Mature

Information: This story comes from my very sick and hostile imagination. There is nothing that resembles even the vaguest idea of kindness. This story is dark, really dark. There is also a lot of gore. Absolutely not recommended for young impressionable minds. It is a Gundam Wing supernatural/horror story. It was an idea that has been floating in the back of my mind for a long time so I finally did something with it.

Summary: She had snorted back at the crazy old man, and laughed a long with her friends when one of the younger boys snuck up behind the outrageously dressed coot and kicked him in the back of his knee. Her group walked off as Howard had gotten up cursing the kid and yelling how it was bad kids like that one who would become the creature's next meal if his ways didn't change. She should of listened. If only she had heeded the tales and stayed in bed that night this wouldn't be happening.

Current Status: Complete

Title: Let's Play Tag

Rating: Teen

Information: It is a crossover between Gundam Wing and Jing the Bandit King. One shot, ever wonder how a meeting between two famous thieves would be like. Well here is my take on it.

Summary: A meeting, a talk, some theft, and a short game. The winner of this game could gain or lose anything. It's the King of Bandits vs the famous Shinigami. Read and find out who wins this duel.

Current Status: Complete

Upcoming Stories:

There are a couple of stories that I have been toying with whether or not to post.

Title: Hide and Seek

Rating: Mature

Information: This story is the follow up story of Let's Play Tag.

Title: Nine Shadows and a Wish

Rating: Mature

Information: The story is a crossover between Naruto and Inuyasha. There will be a heavy amount of gore, violence, and cussing.

That is about it for now, though I am throwing around ideas for a Final Fantasy 7 fanfiction, and maybe a D. Grey-man or Descents of Darkness. I take requests so if there is anything specific that my reviewers want written then I will see what I can do.

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