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Greetings, online world!

I am an avid reader of both fanfiction and the original works they are based on :P I'm a longtime reader but a first time writer (for fanfiction- I'm actually an English major), so be gentle! *wink* I was introduced to the fanfiction world through the wonderful characters of The Lord of the Rings (thank you, Tolkien!).

My very first ship was actually LegolasxAragorn (love me some sexy Elvish :P). I kinda developed an Orlando Bloom fetish after the release of the movies, so I was an avid Pirates reader for a time. I went through a manga/anime phase in high school but I've mostly moved on since then (unless you count Kingdom Hearts... SoraxRiku ftw!!). I mostly read Harry Potter fiction these days. My very favorite ship is HarryxSnape, but I also love HarryxRon, HarryxRemus, HarryxDraco, etc. I think you get the picture.

Since watching the last Harry Potter film I have a serious Severus and Lily fixation. My passion and desire burns for him with the white-hot fury of one thousand suns.

My two new obsessions are The Avengers and Teen Wolf. While I am mainly a slash/yaoi reader, but I'd never say no to a good het fic.

I have recently removed a great deal of stories from both here and AO3 because I want to go in a different direction with my writing and I feel like I have grown apart from the fandom as well as growing as a writer. Perhaps I reupload them after going through them with a very fine-toothed comb, but we shall see.

That's all, for now!!

Hugs and Kisses

By the way, check out my website for updates on my story progress or to ask any questions you may have :D

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Replaceable by StarSwathi reviews
Kurt's life spirals out of his control but he finds help in the unlikeliest people.
Glee - Rated: M - English - Hurt/Comfort - Chapters: 39 - Words: 184,005 - Reviews: 800 - Favs: 1,429 - Follows: 1,595 - Updated: 1/1/2016 - Published: 11/2/2010 - Kurt H., Puck
It's the Heart that Really Matters in the End by Emono reviews
Loki's fall at the end of "THOR" left him on a planet far away. Weakened, he expects death, but instead finds himself saved by his brother. Can Thor convince his brother that he loves him still? That they can return to how they were? Will the kingdom accept them? And if they do, will they get their heir? THUNDERFROST, LIGHT!MPREG, SMUT, H/C
Avengers - Rated: M - English - Romance/Poetry - Chapters: 4 - Words: 8,757 - Reviews: 51 - Favs: 440 - Follows: 120 - Updated: 7/10/2012 - Published: 6/1/2012 - Loki, Thor - Complete
Let's give it a try by Love of GLEEK reviews
Sequal to Don't be ashamed, Puck wants to teach Kurt to enjoy his body and Kurt isn't so sure. Boy pussy fic part 2 of the KBP series.
Glee - Rated: M - English - Romance/Hurt/Comfort - Chapters: 2 - Words: 3,738 - Reviews: 15 - Favs: 172 - Follows: 25 - Updated: 6/6/2012 - Published: 11/4/2010 - Kurt H., Puck - Complete
Midgardian Smut by LulaMadison reviews
Loki discovers slash fic on the internet. Naturally, he uses it to annoy Thor, Tony, and Steve. Pairings: Thor/Loki and Tony/Steve. Warnings: Naughty words & naughtier situations.
Avengers - Rated: M - English - Humor/Romance - Chapters: 2 - Words: 6,581 - Reviews: 218 - Favs: 1,137 - Follows: 243 - Published: 5/12/2012 - Loki, Thor - Complete
Sewn Lips Hide Secrets by empty blank reviews
Set after the Avengers as Thor takes Loki home. As punishment Loki's lips are sewn shut, he has so much to say, but no chance to say them...that is until Thor must pick a queen.
Thor - Rated: M - English - Romance/Angst - Chapters: 1 - Words: 5,604 - Reviews: 80 - Favs: 528 - Follows: 66 - Published: 5/8/2012 - Loki, Thor - Complete
The Thousandth Man by transemacabre reviews
AU. Loki was never adopted by Odin; instead he and Thor were betrothed at birth, with their marriage intended to bring about peace between Asgard and Jotunheim. The unwilling pair finally meet each other, but their bickering leads to Odin banishing them.
Thor - Rated: M - English - Romance/Adventure - Chapters: 7 - Words: 24,899 - Reviews: 67 - Favs: 617 - Follows: 150 - Updated: 2/5/2012 - Published: 1/18/2012 - Thor, Loki - Complete
Gypsy by inpurifyingflame reviews
Set in fictional Gypsy culture. They may know each other only a week but really, if it's true love does it matter? Rated M due to mature content. Full warnings inside. Mpreg.
Glee - Rated: M - English - Romance/Hurt/Comfort - Chapters: 5 - Words: 30,403 - Reviews: 61 - Favs: 147 - Follows: 51 - Updated: 11/19/2011 - Published: 9/30/2011 - Kurt H., Blaine A. - Complete
Scratches and Ranebows by PolkaMusic reviews
Reed decides to brave up and give Shane one unforgettable birthday present. CP Coulter's Daltonverse! ReedXShane smut. I think that if they did have sex then this is how it would happen, with Shane more concerned about Reed's pleasure than his.
Glee - Rated: M - English - Romance/Humor - Chapters: 1 - Words: 5,281 - Reviews: 43 - Favs: 167 - Follows: 5 - Published: 2/27/2011 - Dalton Academy Warblers - Complete
Together, We Are the Oceans by Aelora reviews
When the Warblers get the opportunity to perform on a cruise ship over the holidays, Kurt can barely believe his luck at spending the time with Blaine. What he doesn't count on is the friendships he makes, and the love he feels for his friend returned.
Glee - Rated: M - English - Romance/Humor - Chapters: 15 - Words: 115,553 - Reviews: 680 - Favs: 1,586 - Follows: 474 - Updated: 2/23/2011 - Published: 1/9/2011 - Kurt H., Blaine A. - Complete
Dreams Come True by ThatBitchIrene reviews
After 5 months together, Blaine surprises Kurt with a trip to Disney World. Lots of fluffy fluffiness ensues! Rating has been changed to M. I apologize if that now leaves some of my readers out of the loop but to be fair, I did warn that it would happen.
Glee - Rated: M - English - Romance/Humor - Chapters: 16 - Words: 58,303 - Reviews: 357 - Favs: 492 - Follows: 236 - Updated: 12/30/2010 - Published: 12/6/2010 - Kurt H., Blaine A. - Complete
Mail Order Bride by 1farmergirl reviews
It's 1855 and the east coast is tense with the possibility of a Civil War, but in Northern Minnesota Noah Puckerman knows nothing of such politics. He just wondering how his going to live with his new bride
Glee - Rated: M - English - Romance/Drama - Chapters: 12 - Words: 38,412 - Reviews: 140 - Favs: 356 - Follows: 128 - Updated: 11/29/2010 - Published: 9/3/2010 - Puck, Kurt H. - Complete
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What to Expect When You Never Planned on Expecting reviews
Prompt: Darcy never saw herself as a mom. She's thought of herself as a badass bitch, a party girl, a friend, a screwup, a fuckbuddy, and, lately, a kinda-sorta permanent fixture in the Avengers Tower, but a mom? Never. But then the second little pink line appears on the pregnancy test, and her life is going to need some rearranging.
Crossover - Thor & Avengers - Rated: M - English - Family/Angst - Chapters: 5 - Words: 36,873 - Reviews: 182 - Favs: 458 - Follows: 801 - Updated: 3/14/2014 - Published: 7/12/2012 - Darcy L., Captain America/Steve R.
Remembrance reviews
The five Avengers that just want to forget their first time and one that loves to remember. *Some dubious consent and a lot of feels within*
Avengers - Rated: M - English - Angst/Romance - Chapters: 1 - Words: 3,336 - Reviews: 5 - Favs: 29 - Follows: 3 - Published: 7/7/2012 - Complete
Shock and Raw reviews
It may come as a surprise to some none that Tony was a picky eater, had been since birth. His parents had catered to him shamelessly, never forcing him to eat something that made him wrinkle his nose or voice a protest as soon as he was able to formulate how to verbalize his displeasure. It just figures that the one time he goes out on a limb he ends up in the hospital.
Avengers - Rated: M - English - Hurt/Comfort/Romance - Chapters: 1 - Words: 7,472 - Reviews: 31 - Favs: 648 - Follows: 117 - Published: 7/6/2012 - Captain America/Steve R., Iron Man/Tony S. - Complete
By Its Cover reviews
The men and women Tony dated were young and beautiful and grew up in this modern world. Steve was still just that skinny kid from Brooklyn that didn't get asked to the Sadie Hawkins dance and never had hopes of going steady. Only now, he was just as awkward, twice as big, and painfully out of date. In which Thor is wise, Steve is wrong, and Tony is more than he seems.
Avengers - Rated: M - English - Romance/Angst - Chapters: 1 - Words: 12,281 - Reviews: 26 - Favs: 367 - Follows: 38 - Published: 6/26/2012 - Iron Man/Tony S., Captain America/Steve R. - Complete
Save the First Dance reviews
It had been decades since he'd been to a dance, at least how he remembered them, and the old sting of being the only unwilling wallflower never really goes away.In which Steve has his first dance and experiences another first as well.
Avengers - Rated: M - English - Romance/Angst - Chapters: 1 - Words: 5,038 - Reviews: 11 - Favs: 176 - Follows: 15 - Published: 6/15/2012 - Captain America/Steve R., Iron Man/Tony S. - Complete
Puppy Love reviews
"How have you never had a pet?" he asked in disbelief. Tony Stark: The Man Who Has It All apparently hasn't had it all. Tony rolled his eyes and stirred his coffee quickly, spoon tapping against the ceramic loudly. "I've had pets," he drawled. "I've made pets."
Avengers - Rated: M - English - Romance/Humor - Chapters: 1 - Words: 7,019 - Reviews: 26 - Favs: 537 - Follows: 64 - Published: 6/14/2012 - Iron Man/Tony S., Captain America/Steve R. - Complete
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Sam Evans was a rational person. So why was he leaving Dalton, again? Eventual Hevans with Blaine and Co. friendship. AU!
Glee - Rated: M - English - Romance/Humor - Chapters: 32 - Words: 303,728 - Reviews: 321 - Favs: 300 - Follows: 209 - Updated: 2/21/2012 - Published: 3/1/2011 - Kurt H., Sam E. - Complete