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Normally, i'm quiet and reserved- but no-one knows me personally on here so imma just be out with it

Me: Quiet, Reserved, Stubborn, Studious (kinda: 80% avgs.), Playful, Procrastinator, Tend to Exaggerate, Wistful, Wishful thinker, Mostly Optimistc, Tend to 'Zone out' quite frequently when being spoken to, Daydream ALOT. :D :I :X : :J :P :Y ya gotta love the smiley faces...

Things I hate: People who to see a movie and presume to know all about the subject without reading the flippin' book, People who judge me as one thing just because of something i like, do or say, Teachers who ask stupid rhetorical questions, Mosquitoes, Fake/Plastic people, Falling asleep on the couch and waking up in a dark house at 1:00am coz no- one bothered to wake you up when they went to bed, Girls who buy music just coz the guy who sang it is 'Hott', Bad Music, Being treated like a loser just because you don't TRY to blend in, School assignments/Homework, And a lot of other things- too numerous to be listed here... Heh.

Things I like: Pasta, Chips, Waiting Ages to open a present, only to find out it's not what you expected- but it WAS exactly what you wanted, Adrenaline rushes, That feeling when your stomach seems to drop to the floor on a scary ride, Getting a fright, Hiccups, Taking a break from life, Having 'Shouting Conversations' with my sister for no reason (they're actually really really fun), Daydreaming and more.

Things i love: My dog, My cat, My Fish, CHEWING GUM, The Labyrinth, Thumbelina, Writing stories, Dreaming, Seeing my Friends And MUCH, MUCH more.

Things i OBSESS over: Playing music (Piano, Singing, Triangle), Reading, Fairy Tales (mostly disney's Beauty and the Beast and also Sleeping Beauty), Listening to my Faveourite Bands, PHANTOM OF THE OPERA, Stories of Star Crossed Lovers, Stories of Tragic or Unrequited love, Greek Mythology (Mostly Hades and Persephone), and Not Much More... :D.

Of all the Books That i have Read, My MOST faveourite are:

Wuthering Heights (Not Because Of Twilight!)

All of Darren Shan's Books

Wings By Aprilynne Pike


And many more books (mostly classics like the picture of dorian grey)

Of All of the Movies I have Seen, My Faveourites Would have to be:

Any Phantom of the Opera Movie

Pride and Predjudice (recent movie)

Sense and Sensibility (the One with Allan Rickman)

Twilight (ONLY because of Jackson Rathbone- SO HOT!)

The Labyrinth

Any Disney Princesses movie

And Many More...

I Have Heard many bands, But the ones That have certainly caught my eye so far are:

My Chemical Romance


Avenged Sevenfold (May The Rev Rest In Peace)



Anything By Andrew Llyod Webber! (Especially Phantom Of the Opera)

And many, many, many, many( 100000 billion) more that are also good, But not My FAVEOURITES...

Also, My Piano Teacher Is currently Working on an Album- She hints that it is Something Between Nightwish And Within Temptation so I WILL probably LOVE it!

Random Stuff!

eel races... they exist

... was that a llama?

don't follow in my footsteps, i walk into walls, doors, people... and unsuspecting stop signs

yes... like said tethered goat.

#1 "i got hit by a car this morning"

#2 "ouch! i hit myself in the head with a block of cheese"

#1 "you win..."

(Me and my Friend were bored on the Holidays and decided to have a "Who Had the Most Interesting Week" Competition- It's Sad to say that I was Person One and yes, i really did get hit by a car)

No one would listen, I alone could hear the Music

At last, a voice in the gloom, Seemed to cry 'I hear You!'

As you all probably know, i have wanted to ge a beta for a while now... sadly, no one seems to want to help me...

please, i beg of all of you.. i need a beta if i am to continue any stories.

I am really trying to improve the quality and quantity of my writing. PLEASE! SOMEONE! I NEEEEED A BETA SOON!


BTW, i am aware of a tragic, yet touching story called THE PHANTOM OF THE OPERA (dun dun dun dun duuuunnn!)

I am trying (quite unsuccessfully,I might add) to write a fanfiction for it. I think Erik and Christine should be together (not just because I hate raoul) but also because Erik seemed to love her more, and he did more for her. I dont just love phantom of the opera. you could say that i'm somewhat obsessed with it.

Now... on with the show!!!

Actually, my profile's not that important anyway so I'm gonna just put up random quotes...yep...

Quotes You probably will just skip over anyway!

"Erik is not truly dead. He lives on within the souls of those who choose to listen to the music of the night." - Gaston Leroux

"Poor, unhappy Erik! Shall we pity him? Shall we curse him? He asked only to be 'some one,' like everybody else. But he was too ugly! And he had to hide his genius or use it to play tricks with, when, with an ordinary face, he would have been one of the most distinguished of mankind! He had a heart that could have held the entire empire of the world; and, in the end, he had to content himself with a cellar. Ah, yes, we must need pity the Opera ghost..." - Gaston Leroux

"They played at hearts as other children might play at ball; only, as it was really their two hearts that they flung to and fro, they had to be very, very handy to catch them, each time, without hurting them." - Gaston Leroux

"The Die is Cast" - Julius Caesar

"Do You ever look at someone- truly look at them. do you see into their eyes and have their soul bared before you? Have you ever felt what it's like to live someone else's life? No? Then You must go up to them, say hello, Introduce yourself and walk with them, walk a hundred, thousand miles with them, then, only then, will you have truly lived." - Me (I Felt REALLY depressed one day and i had a talk with a complete stranger- We shared our troubles- It worked, I Felt Happy)

"All I wanted was to be loved for myself." - Gaston Leroux (Erik) -Isn't that what everyone truly wants?

I Love All my readers with an Intense Passion! But Please! Review or Just Email Me about Nothing, Anything, Your Worries, Your Troubles- I'm A Friend.

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two orphans from troubled childhoods, can they mend each ohers hearts? gets better later in the story. hopefully, not too boring or overdone! please review... or i shall die! not literally D involves the mafia...maybe...
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