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Author has written 3 stories for Twilight.

I'm Charlotte Emma, and I am absolutely inlove with the Twilight saga, I don't know how I surived before it appeared in bookstores.
I love receving mail, so do write to me. And If you have any good story that you think deserves to be read by me, please do mail me the link and I will be sure to read it! x

I have soo many friends here now, and I love to talk to them, especially; Maggie, Paige and Amy! You are absolutely wonderful. x - so sweet.

I have just recently written a story - Nessie runs away. Please do read it!! I know it doesn't sound so exciting, but it does get more exciting later on!!

Some things you should know:

If you SLAP anyone who tells you that Edward Cullen is not real, copy and paste this into your profile.

If you HATE Jacob Black WITH A PASSION, copy and paste this into your profile

You’re up in 5 am just to check are there any news, when you walking up stairs to the 5th floor and thinking: "I wouldnt have to walk this much if I was a vampire”

You make all your friends sit down and look at all the pictures you have collected of Edward Cullen.

You force your teachers to read twilight

You consider naming your children after anyone in the Twilight saga

You humor yourself by noting how many people walk to the cash register with a red and black book in their hands . . . and you cannot rest until you know which one it was.

You hear thunder and your immediate thought is that vampires are playing baseball.

You read the saga for the millionth time and still cry/cheer/laugh out loud and hope like hell you can find a love like that.

You want to become a vampire

You give one of your Edward posters a kiss every night.

You try and convince everyone you know to read and love twilight as much as you do!

You occasionally bite yourself.

You Won’t Let Anyone Borrow Your Twilight Books.

You are immediately attracted when a guy tells you his name is Edward.

You want to take ballet because Bella did and because Alice walks gracefully like a dancer.

You ask your local movie theatre if you can have the massive twilight posters after they’re done with them.

Want to go urgently to Forks.

Someone says something and you quote the movie back to them in response.

You got you parents obsessed with it too and all you ever see is twilight, all you ever think of is twilight, and your #1 trait in a guy is if they’re a vampire.

When you do something really cool or spontaneous, you like to say ”It’s cuz I’m secretly a vampire.”

Everywhere you go, you’ll think of the Twilight characters and wonder if they have ever been there.

You know you are a twilighter when you remember the exact lines of special scenes of the movie.

You put glitter on yourself so you too can sparkle in the sun like a vampire-and you did this before you heard about the body glitter they are selling a Hot Topic.

Everytime you see the word twilight you freak out even if it has nothing to do with twilight.

When you look over in history class and see a girl reading a black book so you crane your neck and see the line “something with her scent on it”. you turn to your best friend and proclaim “IT’S ECLIPSE!”

Every time you turn on ur pc the first thing u look for is about Twilight.

You cry every time Edward leaves, even though you have read the book 3 times.

You start a conversation about a movie and some how you mix up the guy role with Edward Cullen or Robert Pattinson.

You apply twilight to real life.

You breath,eat and live for the Twilight saga

You look at apples in a completely different way.

People ask you if you want to go to the movies and you automatically try to convince them to see Twilight for the millionth time.

bella’s lullaby is in your top most played songs on your itunes.

You Go to the see The Twilight Movie more then once.

You name Your Favorite Teddy Bear “Emmett”

You wrote I Love Edward Cullen in all your school books!!

When you are talking about pancakes and you finish talking about Edward Cullen

Put Your Toy Lion Next to Your Lamb Toy.

Instead of screaming OMG! you start screaming Oh My Edward!

While washing the dishes you think “I wouldn’t have to wash stupid dishes if I were a vampire!”.

Someone Says Edwards Not real You yell: “EDWARD IS REAL AND HE’S MY BOYFRIEND!”

You look at your boyfriend and think “Dammit, why dont you sparkle!”

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