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Yo. I am Nekothorn!! AAAAAAnd doesn't this smiley look like it has a double chin?!! :D) LMFAO!!!!!!! XD

Anyways! As some of you may know, I have written a total of 7 stories on here. Thank you all for reviewing and even just reading them! Some of them have a mature rating so beware your virgin eyes chitlins!! hahahahaha ^^ Unfortunately, I have deleted two because they were an embarrassment and one was my first rated M story on here and it sucked majorly, and the other one just sucked. They were named, Problems and We Meet Again. :/

Unfortunately, I do not do sequels, prequels or anything else that ends in "-quels." I believe the story should end when you switch the status from "in-progress" to "complete." :/ And it usually ruins the story if the story isn't already bad, no offense to sequel or prequel lovers. I am a critic and will tell you if your story is bad. I don't mean to be mean (no pun intended), I'm just trying to help people become better writers.

Also, I do not do crossovers. Those just make things weird for everyone Bahahahahahahaha! ^^

I'm an artist actually. I'm an UBER music freak, I like anime, I love to write, I'm pretty good at that aaaaaaand thats pretty much it, story of my life. DONT HATE!!!! APPRECIATE!!!!! whiteness hehe ^^ nah I don't care about all that racist stuff. Not my thing.

My favorite anime is Ghost Hunt undeniably!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Other ones I like/love are Hana Kimi, Godchild, Darker Than Black, Death Note, FullMetal Alchemist, and Ouran High School Host Club. I love scary, psychological, and romance animes/books. So if anyone's got some scary and/or psychological animes that I didn't list please msg them to me! Thhhhhhank u :D

So I love to read though I'm not a book nerd people,I ABSOLUTELY L.O.V.E. The Hunger Games!!!! I worship those books!!!!!

I am a HUGE lover of music,I mainly play the guitar, piano, clarinet, and a lot of other instruments and I can sing(though I don't really like to :P) My favorite music is Rock, screamo, death metal, heavy metal, techno, jazz, swing, funk and anything but country and rap :/ hip-hop or pop I don't like but its tolerable.

(._.) BUNNY!!!!!! XD

A friend 'o' mine said this and it is just...well AWESOME!!!!! lol

lolo 14998-

if you can't beat them join them

if you can't join em black mail them

if you can't black mail 'em kill them

if you can't kill them

then you'r in deep sh*t. -

isn't THAT the truth??? lol ^^

One bright day in the middle of the night,
Two dead boys got up to fight.
Back to back they faced each other,
Drew their swords and shot each other.
A deaf policeman heard the noise
And ran to save the two dead boys.
And if you don't believe it's true,
Go ask the blind man, he saw it too.

Girl: Do I ever cross your mind?

Boy: No.

Girl: Do you like me?

Boy: No.

Girl: Do you want me?

Boy: No.

Girl: Would you cry if I left?

Boy: No.

Girl: Would you live for me?

Boy: No.

Girl: Would you do anything for me?

Boy: No.

Girl: Choose—me or your life?

Boy: My life

The girl runs away in shock and pain and boy runs after and says..

The reason you don't cross my mind is because you're always on my mind.

The reason why I don't like you is because I love you.

The reason why I don't want you is because I need you.

The reason I wouldn't cry if you left is because I would die if you left.

The reason I wouldn't live for you is because I would die for you.

The reason why I'm not willing to do anything for you is because I would do everything for you.

The reason I chose my life is because you ARE my life.


~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~BOOM!! POEM #1

Forbidden love I curse you

I hate you to the core

you always happen to find me

and throw me to the floor

when you're done you leave me

in misery and pain

and stare at me with hatred and all the world's sirring vain

I cry and whimper but no one hears

you don't even see my crystal tears

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~BOOM!! POEM #2

I know I won't be good enough

I know you wouldn't care

I just wish I could tell you

But I would never really dare

I love your talents and your deep loving eyes

who care about everyone

even those you despise

I promised, I promised

I won't give up

but how can I keep it

if I've had enough

the pain is just too much

I get from just one single touch

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~BOOM!! POEM #3

I feel so strong when by you

like I can do anything I want to

like tell you I love your eyes, voice, and smile

but I just couldn't stand your denial

so here I type my feelings for you

about how I wish, I hope you knew

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~BOOM!! POEM #4 LAST ONE!!!

I just love you

I hope you love me too

because this is really unbearable

being without you

I cry everytime

I remember you're not mine

I know I'll never have you

right before our deadline

Man: Where have you been all my life?
Woman: Hiding from you.

Man: Haven't I seen you someplace before?
Woman: Yes, that's why I don't go there anymore.

Man: Is this seat empty?
Woman: Yes, and this one will be if you sit down.

Man: Your place or mine?
Woman: Both. You go to yours, and I'll go to mine.

Man: So, what do you do for a living?
Woman: I'm a female impersonator.

Man: Hey baby, what's your sign?
Woman: Do not enter.

Man: How do you like your eggs in the morning?
Woman: Unfertilized.

Man: Your body is like a temple.
Woman: Sorry, there are no services today.

Man: I would go to the end of the world for you.
Woman: But would you stay there?

Man : If I could see you naked, I'd die happy.
Woman: If I saw you naked, I'd probably die laughing.

Man: If I could rearrange the alphabet I'd put u and i together
Woman: Really, I'd put f and u together

FAKE FRIENDS: Never ask for food.

REAL FRIENDS: Are the reason you have no food.

FRIENDS: Call your parents by Mr. and Mrs. and Grandpa, by Grandpa. BEST FRIENDS: Call your parents DAD and MOM and Grandpa, GRAMPS!

FAKE FRIENDS: Bail you out of jail and tell you what you did was wrong.
REAL FRIENDS: Will sit next to you saying “Damn, that was some fun shit!”

FAKE FRIENDS: Never seen you cry.
REAL FRIENDS: Kick the ass of whatever made you cry.

FAKE FRIENDS: Borrow your stuff for a few days then give it back.
REAL FRIENDS: Keep your junk so long they forget its yours.

FRIENDS: Asks you to write down your number. BEST FRIENDS: Has you on speed dial.

FAKE FRIENDS: Know a few things about you.
REAL FRIENDS: Can write a book about you, with direct quotes from you.

FAKE FRIENDS: Will leave you behind if that is what the crowd is doing.
REAL FRIENDS: Will kick the whole crowds ass that left you.

FAKE FRIENDS: Will knock on your front door.
REAL FRIENDS: Walk right in and say “I’M HOME!”

FAKE FRIENDS: Are for awhile.
REAL FRIENDS: Are for life.

FAKE FRIENDS: Will take your drink away when they think you’ve had enough.
REAL FRIENDS: Will look at you stumbling all over the place and say “Come on, drink the rest of that, you know we don’t waste.”

FAKE FRIENDS: Will talk shit to the person who talks shit about you.
REAL FRIENDS: Will kick their ass to hell and out!

FAKE FRIENDS: Say they are too busy to listen to your problems, but when it comes to them they expect you to have all the time in the world.
REAL FRIENDS: Not only kick everything out of their schedule to listen to whats wrong, but help come up with the most vindictive plans to make you feel a whole lot better!

FAKE FRIENDS: Say no when you want to talk to them at odd hours of the night, or even just hang out at odd hours.
REAL FRIENDS: Talk on the phone or come right over and hang out with you, until you either fall asleep, or kick them out.

FAKE FRIENDS: Will ignore this
REAL FRIENDS: Will repost it

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