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Well met by moonlight, home-slice. They call me Supa Supa Bad Truly Mad Moves.

I am also Authentic Not-Manga on FictionPress: (well, okay, not really, totally dead profile, but it does contain a few original story ideas from long ago which I hope to return to someday)

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Here is my "List of Inspiring Things". Some of them have provided inspiration for fanfiction, and all of them are helping me with my original writing. It's not a list of everything I like—in fact, there are things on it that I don't like at all anymore—but it's things that changed me as a writer. The List is presented in the order in which I discovered these titles, and shall steadily expand as is appropriate.

PIXAR—Why this hasn't always been the first item on this list, I'll never know, seeing as it's been there since I was a baby and has never once diminished… but it's there now! That's all that matters. Some people say there are stains on the record, I say nope. Pixar hasn't made one single misstep; their worst films are still better stories than the world deserves. Perfect and beautiful, masters of story, atmosphere, and wild ideas.

Disney—My increasing obsession with all things Disney as I get older forces me to belatedly add it on the list, just like I did with Pixar. Technically, I discovered it before Pixar, but we're talking toddlerhood in either case here and Pixar, overall, is more inspiring. (And let's be honest here, once Disney had purchased Pixar and John Lasseter was put in charge of all Disney animation... ever since then, when it comes to Disney and Pixar, what the hell's the difference anymore?) I suppose I held off because this is supposed to be a list of things that changed me as a writer rather than just things I like… but since my Disney obsession nearly rules my life ever since I reached adulthood I think it qualifies.

Animorphs by K. A. Applegate—Ah, what can I say about Animorphs? The very thing that, when I was quite young, convinced me that I wanted to write… to create.

The Secrets of Droon by Tony Abbott—Yet another late addition needing to be squeezed in near the beginning. Droon is a kids' series which I haven't thought about for years, when it suddenly came back to me, and I realized that it introduced me to fantasy, and that many of the tropes I use to this very day were directly inspired by it. How could I have forgotten it for so many years? I must now begin a quest to track down the series again and rediscover it.

Myth Adventures by Robert Asprin—Everything I said about Droon just there also applies to Myth Adventures. Might as well just copy that whole entry. Except that MA is not a kids' series in the slightest, even though I read it as a kid. It's great comedy that taught me how to formulate and execute all sorts of really good jokes, even though as a child I didn't get a vast majority of them. I hope I will get them, and notice new ones that I never realized were jokes, once, like Droon, I find this series again.

The Infinity Engine computer games (Baldur's Gate, Icewind Dale, Planescape: Torment)—Heard of them? No? Hmm, I didn't think so. Well, they're PC role-playing games based on Dungeons & Dragons mechanics—basically, the Infinity Engine is the one and only name in western RPGs. One word: depth. The depth. No one person could ever probe all the secrets of Baldur's Gate, ever see all the different ways to play Icewind Dale. And Torment? Exploring all the possibilities of that indescribable world would be the hells' own task… but I'm trying.

Inheritance by Christopher Paolini—Derivative? Well, yeah. But come on, it's the 21st century and fiction has been around for quite a few more centuries than that. What the hell isn't derivative? I love this series, because without Paolini and his world that rips off all things fantasy genre, there would be no Christalss, my world that rips off all things fantasy genre. See FictionPress.

Chuck—My first experience with the concept of "dramedy". Magnificent show, just magnificent. Update, I've finally seen the final season. The whole thing is a marvel of writing, direction, acting, casting of both the regular and "stunt" variety, making special effects work under budget, and making comedy and tragedy blend together. Underrated: one of the best shows ever on television.

DreamWorks Animation's action comedies—You know, Kung Fu Panda, Monsters vs. Aliens, How To Train Your Dragon, and so on. Where they're lacking in exceptional writing, these films have mastered the number one quality I want stories to have: Sequences. DreamWorks' fight scenes rival those of every other movie of all time, always trying to make sure it's something no one's ever tried before, and they gave me a real appreciation for cinematography.

Twilight by Stephenie Meyer—Hmm. Is that still here? Well, I can't take it off now. I can't deny that I spent about a year feeling utterly in love with this quote-unquote saga and it had a hand in morphing me into the writer I am today. I'm over it now, I assure you. Happily over it. Stephenie Meyer... hey, she might be nauseatingly immature, probably thinks 'Every Breath You Take' is a love song, but I admire on principle anyone who can write a 500-page book. 'Cause I certainly can't.

Maximum Ride by James Patterson—If I'm being honest here… I don't like these books at all. The reason I don't like them is because I love them so deeply that every single page of the series causes me to burst into tears. I care so much for these people and what happens to them... emotional upheaval like that... I want to bring that out in other people. Damn you, Maximum Ride, for being so much emotional perfection.

Everybody Loves Raymond—After my above foray with literature, I developed an interest in sitcoms. Raymond is not a sitcom—it's THE sitcom. That's all I've got to say.

Gargoyles—All of history's TV dramas have nothing on this low-budget Disney Channel fare of the mid-nineties. It was too good to last, as they say.

God of War series—Epitome of one very excellent genre: Ass-Kicking with a subtle side dish of Sexy. Everything with a measurable demographic tries to be that genre... but God of War succeeds. High art, ladies and gentlemen. High art.

Kingdom Hearts series—Legend tells that someone from Disney and someone from Square met in an elevator. The legend? Not entirely true. The result? Utter magnificence. This series got me convinced that not only can a video game have incredible dramatic story arcs, but also that gameplay itself can be an art. Also, if I may just throw this out there, it's a Disney series first, Square-Enix second. I say that because, well, the series' fans tend to forget that fact... a lot.

Phineas and Ferb—A rousing torrent of cleverness in a world desperately in need of it. From Phineas and Ferb, anyone can learn the proper way to put together a story and the proper way to write a song.

My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic—Yes, you're looking at a certified Brony. It's new, it's hip, it has dignity and grace, heart and timing, worth celebrating the world over. "But it's still My Little Pony," you say. Well, to that, my response remains: "Ah, spoken like a true 'person-who's-never-watched-it'." Just watch it. Once you party with ponies... yeah, baby.

Marvel Cinematic Universe—The one that began with Iron Man and led up to The Avengers. I can't stop watching The Avengers. Over and over and over. I've never been the superhero type, but the sheer humanity mixed in with all the action is just plain universal, to say nothing of the unique impact it will certainly have on cinema history. And of course, bringing multiple storylines together is the best thing about nerd culture. Greatest superhero franchise there has ever been, and The Avengers itself, the best movie, superhero or otherwise. Eat me, Dark Knight. And it just keeps getting better and better, with The Winter Soldier and Guardians of the Galaxy knocking it out of the park... and Age of Ultron, my God, Age of Ultron is now my Bible for telling a balanced and complex story... or maybe Civil War is! I had no idea how Phase Three could continue being as good, but my gosh, so far it absolutely has, becoming grander, more heartfelt, more unashamedly comic-booky... it's beautiful. Will it continue being as good when Phase Three is over? I can't imagine... but maybe it can. If not, Phases One through Three will stand as a testament to amazing storytelling.

This is the EndYes, you read that correctly, the Seth Rogen movie. A little odd, I know. It doesn't make the list because of the comedy; it's because of the apocalypse. Everybody makes fun of me for saying this, but it's the scariest movie I've ever seen. And when that happens, whenever something new tops your list, you shift as a writer. The sheer level of the destruction and carnage and pure Biblical terror… maybe I don't get out enough, but I'd never seen anything like it. Because of this movie, I now know how to write an apocalypse should I ever try it. And someday, I want to try it.

Pacific Rim—Oh, hell yes. How often do you run into an action film with an intelligent script, well-developed world, well-developed characters, and not one moment where you wonder what the hell is happening? Living proof that big-budget blockbuster movies are art, and not to be scoffed at. Or at least this one is. You know what the best thing is about Pacific Rim? It's really well-lit. Most action movies these days have whole scenes that take place in the dark, which is fine when you're watching them in a dark theater, but at home on your TV, you end up with whole scenes of nothing but sound and vague shapes. Not once does that happen in Pacific Rim, despite most of the fight scenes happening in the dark. I think every lighting crew in the world should take notes on that.

The Hobbit trilogy—Maybe it's a bit too early to say, but I think it's time for this one to make the list. An adaptation expanding upon its source material is a very thrilling prospect to me. Turning a single small book into an epic film trilogy... ooh, how it gives me chills! And a trilogy that manages to stay interesting at all times, to boot: I find it much more watchable than the Lord of the Rings trilogy, which I still can't sit through without getting bored halfway through each movie. And when An Unexpected Journey came out, I knew that I would never be able to finish writing a story again until the trilogy was finished, which definitely qualifies it as influential. Having now seen the whole trilogy, I feel refreshed, inspired, and ready to roll.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel—I pulled up Buffy once, just so I could have something to watch. It stunned me. This is a master class in fiction, the very epitome of episodic storytelling. The season-wide arcs, the self-contained episodes that go between arc episodes, the foreshadowing and the extremely natural progression of the changes in the status quo, so subtle you don't even see them happening until at the end you're watching a completely different show than you were at the beginning. I could go on, but I really need to compose my singing of the show's praises first.

Team StarKid—Best known for A Very Potter Musical, I discovered this team by accident at a time of my life when I was really interested in writing a musical. As with Buffy, I happened to stumble upon exactly the master class I needed. StarKid's musicals have silly premises and completely embrace the inherent humor of musicals, and yet the music and writing are unashamedly awesome and you're guaranteed to shed a tear by the end of the show. They showed me how a musical should truly be put together. I'm not sure I learned it, but I was shown, at any rate.

Critical Role—Two things have defined almost all of the interests that I have. One is professional voice acting, another is Dungeons & Dragons (both of which originated way up above in the Infinity Engine). Critical Role is about professional voice actors playing Dungeons & Dragons. So, yeah, that's my jam. I spent a whole year catching up on its episodes (nearly 100 of them, of 3-5 hours apiece) and to commemorate that, sent them the first piece of legit fanmail I've ever written. It's beautiful, truly. The most intimate story I've ever had the privilege of following.

Once Upon a Time—I've had more than one original writing idea which rest on the notion of combining fairy tales, especially of the Disney sort, with high fantasy. And what I've known for a while is that I'd have to watch this show for inspiration. So, this show earned its spot on the list before I ever even saw it! I'm watching it now and eager to see what else it has in store for me.

RWBY—So often I've heard this series talked about as one would talk about any anime series. Only recently did I discover that it's American-made, CGI, and made for YouTube by the gaming comedy company Rooster Teeth. And yet people talk about it as though it's a legit anime! Avatar: The Last Airbender doesn't even get talked about that way despite being a slavishly Miyazaki-esque anime in its own right. So, I've been watching RWBY and it's easy to see why it has that distinction, it truly is a legit anime in every way, and more to the point it's a really good anime. But homemade! And that's so inspiring. Just like Team StarKid, it makes me believe I can achieve something similar.

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