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He ya’ everyone, well, just wanna greet everyone a Happy new year… well, last year I haven’t been bringing out my ‘neurotic’ self, and I’m trying to make her come out this year. She’s been busy watching undying Chinovelas… (which I myself can’t believe I’m watching right now. ) and because of the fact that the latter is abusing herself of trying to overcome her senses of disposing utterly preposterous daydreaming… (of her… actually me?! And Shin… (you don’t want to know who he is ^wink^)) Okay, enuff about non-sense talk let’s get down to business.

Suddenly, I’m back to having weird thoughts of my fics, so here goes my updates, I have already updated a chappy for Three weeks, but haven’t found time to update the other ones. I want to try and slow things up a bit (thought I’ve been slowing things since last year.) I tend to make new projects that I can’t seem to finish that eventually will be always pulled out. Okay here’s the catch, I have seen some people who reviewed my fics (which I am really grateful for such endearing, inspiring, heart-piercing criticisms and comments) who would like to request for a sequel for my one-shot fics, but unfortunately I can’t dish out the fact for a sequel since… a one-shot is just a one-shot for me… (sorry) but, I may dish out some new ficcies, related to S.d. ( with a slight Ru-Aya-chan, but with some hints of Ryo-chin on the side, and some… novelties… (I’ll put up Rukawa and Ayako in a bit… much later months.). Yuyu Hakusho.. hmm, I’ll be putting up… some chappies for my three weeks (oh… for the ‘person’ (I forgot your name) I thought you’ve already deciphered my story line but I guess… you didn’t… It’s a secret!!) well… OHWMMW (Other half… ) will have a new chappy by the end of the , month or so it seems…

^v^; (for people interested (only)üüüü

 okies, if you would like to be informed (if ever!! Not forcing), I would be grateful if you’ll e-mail me in this addy or send me a message in my friendster account using this e-mail, or e-mail me personally (if ever you want to talk about serious thingies, or giving me a violent reaction regarding some of my weird works…), EMAIL ME IF ANYONE KNOWS Shin Sung Woo... (^drools^)

Yay!! I’m turning 18 on april Yahoo!!

Oh… thanks to everyone who continues to read my fics… and to everyone who added me in their fav authors list… much thanks!! And to all the writers in this site!! You are all great!!! (yeahp!! Anyone who puts their imagination into any type of artistic works is great!!)

Well, Hanggang ditoh na lang Poh!! ~ciao!!

Distance can only make us strong!! Keep it going!!

Okay… this is getting way too long…


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