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Author has written 18 stories for Naruto, Bleach, Soul Eater, Durarara!!/デュラララ!!, Fairy Tail, and RWBY.

Hello. I'm Air Siren and this is my noise! So as some fans(if I have any) would notice, a few of my stories are, well, gone. That's because I went through and purged all of the stories that were either:

A)Complete shit

B)Pointless pandering

C)Stories I would never in a million years finish

List of Stories (oldest to newest):

Ninja Warrior Sasukes Attempt: My first ever story on Fanfiction and really one of the first things I wrote outside of school. Honestly, the only thing that kept this fic from being thrown out with the A) category is the simple fact that it was this fic that got me started here. 1/10, Shit!

Byakuya At His Worst: My longest running story, home of many grammar mistakes, pointless jokes and an OC that is probably a Mary Sue. Still, it was this one that helped me grow the most as a writer, which you can see if you read the first chapter and compare it to later chapters. Anywhere from a 4 to a 7/10. Bad to good.

A Day In Excalibur’s Life: Hands down the greatest thing I've written. I don't care if you've never seen Soul Eater. Read it. 10/10. Perfection.

This One Goes to Eleven: This was essentially a story to practice writing a choreographed fight scene, using the titicular fight scene from RvB, and replacing the characters from Durarara. I think it turned out well. 6/10. Alright.

Shizuo’s Job: Debt Collecting 1 & Shizuo’s Job: Lucky Burger: I had a lot of fun making these one shots, and it feels good to know a few others enjoyed them too. As for why one is called ‘Debt Collecting 1’ it's probably because I thought I’d make more. I was wrong. 7/10. Good.

Okay, Truth or Dare: My first attempt on Fluff and quite possibly my most popular one shot! It's a crack pairing, too! 8/10 Great.

Shizuo Plays: Demon Souls: Attempting to make Let's Plays via Text didn't turn out well for me, huh? This was the last of my Durarara one shots, too. 5/10. Mediocre.

How Many Kin Does it Take to Screw in a Lightbulb, Zancrow’s Final Moments, Misunderstandings, & Zancrow in the Afterlife: Yeah. For a while I had monopolized the Zancrow and Meredy fanfics, and they all drew in a decent crowd. 7/10. Good.

We Are Fairy Tail: Originally supposed to be a collection of one shots based on the Fairy Tail forum of the same name, I ended up on a year long hiatus during which the forum was closed down. For pure sentimental value, I leave this fic even though no one outside of the forum will know the characters. 8/10. Great.

Annals of Beacon: A story based off of the second best RP forum I've ever been apart of, this is one of my three stories that I am actively working on. I probably give this less attention compared to the others due to it being essentially just an ad for our forum, I still have loads of fun writing it.

Next chapter: 0%

Mercury No Basket: Unlike Annals, which I write for my friends, and Deploying which I’m trying to write with my passion, Mercury no Basket is my gag fic. It was supposed to be a joke. Not be taken seriously. Yet with over 1000 views in the month I've made it, it is easily my most popular story. Honestly, I could probably work on this for an entire month and finish it if I wanted to, but nah. I'll drag it out.

Next Chapter: 0%

Deploying!: A mechanized AU that needs a better name. This is also my favorite fic to write for so far because of how different it is compared to the others. I hope chapter 2 does better than 1 because I really want this one to be great!

Next Chapter: 3%

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