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Hi everybody! :)

First all, thank you to everybody who read through these silly little stories. I try to reply to all private messages and reviews when I am able to. However, when you sign in as a guest, I do not have the ability to reply to reviews. :(

I have to say to those who tell me how to write my stories to please save your energy. I will not accommodate you and your ego's need for me to change parts of stories or write a certain way just because your opinion will demand I do so. I write for myself first and for no other. It's the same thing I would tell a publisher / editor who thinks they have the right to tell me how to write or what parts of my books / characters / concepts to alter - bugger off. :3 So if you plan to write to me telling me what I should change (such as less lemons), you are going to be greatly disappointed for I will delete your note. 1 - I am a romance / erotica author, so those are the genres that I write. 2 - you and your ego are not that important for an author of any level to change their writings for. If you want to see a story written based upon your opinion, then write it yourself. :) You're not paying me to write a story based upon your desires and specific interests.

I am currently working on my 4th and 5th novels. I currently have two novels out on the market and will have a 2nd edition of my first publication out once again for my first book - Bloody Thorn: Book One of the Thorn Trilogy. :) If you're interested in finding out more about my writings, please feel free to find me on FaceBook and I am also working on the creation of my own E-book publishing company for romance / erotica authors. Feel free to contact me if you have questions on the amazing opportunities that self-publishing can offer us authors!

Sarahbeth Lazic - Thorn Publications

Sarahbeth Lazic - Fanfictions

Thorn Publication - professional writings

Links to artists pages who have done cover-art for my fanfictions and professional writings as well as internal images for my novels! :)

My avatar is by dear friend Sandrine of my beloved Alsadair Baird from my Thorn Trilogy Universe. :) She is an incredible Saint Seiya fanartist and has created multiple commissions for me that can be seen in my books and as cover-art for my SS fanfictions. You can find her work here on her dA page.


The cover to Warlock was done by my wonderful friend Mavrosh! She is also the owner of Candra who is the handsome Yunhai from my story Moon Ghost - story 4 in Temptations: Book One of Love Stories. Please visit her dA page if you enjoy amazing 3D rendered creations based upon fantasy smexiness!


DoubleLeaf on dA has done two commissions of my characters Kain and Rhain Thorn from my Thorn Trilogy Novels / Universe! Check them out. :)


My lovely friend Katarina has done the cover to Temptations: Book One of Love Stories as well as some internal images. She will also be doing the covers to Desires: Book Two of Love Stories and Fantasies: Book Three of Love Stories! She used my Seiji from Honey Eyes and will be using Ren and Cheveyo for the others. :)


Kaori Tanaka began doing commissions for my Honey Eyes Fanfiction back when I started the darn thing in 2007. See her gallery featuring many works of Ren, Seiji, Jo-ka, Cheveyo, and Shinji and Kazumi!

Kaori Tanaka

And of course, I couldn't forget the amazing Kibbi! He has done multiple commissions for my Thorn boys. His style of art is lively and amusing!


Warlock: A Thorn Trilogy Novel is available hardcover and kindle download on amazon and EU amazon sites / kindle download on the other amazon international sites.

Warlock: A Thorn Trilogy Novel

Temptations: Book One of Love Stories is available hardcover and kindle download on amazon and EU amazon sites / kindle download on the other amazon international sites.

Temptations: Book One of Love Stories

Also! My Bleach Fanfiction Honey Eyes will be going to hardcover, though not introduced to the market for purchase as is the condition of the story being a 'fanfiction'. It will be sold through me privately whenever I get the first part complete! :) I was actually asked by a Fanfiction organization on FB, who found it here on and dA, to put it to hardcover so it can be sold at conventions and through other Fanfiction groups! That's amazing! So far, Honey Eyes has gotten a lot of attention off of, and for that I am very thankful to the fans! I won't change a thing with the book as it is awesome as is! I plan for the Fanfiction to be in 2-3 parts depending on how many chapters will be finished. Remember, when I took this down originally there were 53 chapters and the story was only half way done. :) I'll post a notice here, on FB, and on dA about the publication date!

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This one night sealed centuries of passion. This one night would bring to fruition a promise of love spoken when their souls were first created. Wyvern Rhadamanthys, Judge of Hell and General to Lord Hade's army of Specters, had finally found his Starmate. Bethany new from one look to his eyes, she was never leaving his side. (Warning: Lemons)
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