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Author has written 3 stories for Bleach, and Saint Seiya.

Sarahbeth has been writing Fan-Fictions and short stories based upon various self-created fandoms and popular fandoms since she was 13. She has written over 160 short stories and Fan-Fictions, some of the Fan-Fictions being posted for readers. She became a published author in 2013 with the publication of Bloody Thorn: Book One in the Thorn Trilogy.

The Thorn Trilogy follows three Lamia (Vampires) through their dark and dangerous world as they battle with their demons and the dark creatures that are hell bent upon their destruction. Bloody Thorn is story of dark romance, of danger and of passion. Daniel Thorn never thought he would find a woman who could love him for what he is. Then one night his world changed when he met Regan Scott, an American visiting London. He should have walked away from her. He should have disappeared, yet he found himself fallen into rapture with but one smile from her beautiful lips. One spoken word is all it took for Daniel to find his world turned upside down, and his life forfeit as he willing laid down the last drop of his blood to save the woman he knew could love him.

Find Bloody Thorn for purchase and for Kindle Download via and

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Currently, Sarahbeth is working upon 4 upcoming books:

1: Deadly Thorn, the second book to the Thorn Trilogy, featuring Rhain Thorn.

2: Temptations: Book One of Love Stories - a collection of short romance / erotica stories of different fantasy creations. (Out for purchase and kindle download mid April.)

3: Desires: Book Two of Love Stories - a collection of short romance / erotica stories of different fantasy creations.

4: Fantasies: Book Three of Love Stories - a collection of short romance / erotica stories of different fantasy creations.

5: Forever - a romantic adventure spanning across time from ancient Egypt to the modern era, following a curse bestowed upon Tekem, the grandson to Anubis, and Iva, the woman reborn to save his soul.

Sarahbeth also owns the first Holistic Dog Grooming Salon in Salt Lake City, Utah where she lives with her Scottish Terrier, Kaede, and her Chihuahua, Gus. The Salon is going on in its 4th year and has tripled in client numbers since opening.

Sakura's Garden: Zen Grooming for Dogs

Visit Sarah's Publication / Author page on FaceBook: Thorn Publications - Sarahbeth Lazic

Tumblr: Sarahbeth Lazic

Wattpad: Sarahbeth lazic

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The amazing avatar was done by Riam and is the covert art to my short story, Artificial Lover featuring my wonderful, sexy and powerful OC, 9 (Story 4 in Temptations: Book One of Love Stories - out next month). Please check out her gallery. She does amazing Bleach fanart and is almost always open for paid commissions! My Awesome Cover-Artist

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