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LF equivocates to Laughing Fool

Reading/writing fanfiction are two ways I love spending my time. There's also drawing and sleeping and browsing through artistry sights. There is also designing and creating SteamPunk ensembles for myself and my friends to wear at anime conventions and at various malls around town. I am 21 and I live in Nebraska, USA- it's kind of dull but I'm sure it's a little dull anywhere so that's fine. As long as we get internet ;P

The following are pairings that I enjoy reading about and support (in both terms of fanart and most certainly in terms of fanfiction)



ShikaIno - I love everything about them. They are awesome and full of action, jealousy, cool-angst, romance, hilarious potential. They compliment each other and I DO consider this cannon. The only cannon that counts, anyway. They have such chemistry together- I love them.

NaruSasu- This is totally excellent and I love it- but I'm picky with this pairing; Sasuke is fanfiction!Sasuke where he's NOT a total, irredeemable dick without any hope or common sense. I think that this pairing is hot and angsty and full of amazing potential for awesome fanfiction- I've read a LOT of good stuff on this.

NaruGaa- I think there's tremendous fluffy/angsty potential here depending on AU or setting. Kage!Love~!

NaruHina- This is sweet and I think these two are adorable together.

NaruSaku -The cool fanfiction!Sakura who is useful and not horrid. I think this is also potentially sweet but I'm picky here too.

KakaIru - I think someone put it best when they said; "I don't know who thought of this, but whoever did ROCKS"- because it's totally true. And they're like Naruto and Sasuke's parents- it's totally sweet!

NejiTen - I really like this pairing and I think it's hardcore and cool.

SakuLee - This one is just funny and sweet all in one. I think it's about time that Lee got his PRINCESS!

KibaHina - I think this pairing is sweeeeeeeet and cuuuuute and aaaaaawwweeesome.

(I also approve of some characters with OCs- AS LONG as the OCs are well-written and interesting and not intrusive to the plot. Examples are...)





--> Let me stress once again the QUALITY is important in any OC, particularly one I pair with a character I LIKE.

Those are the most prevalent naruto pairings I follow/look for. I like all sorts of fics from Naruto- angsty, fluffy, epic, AU, (Yakuza!), mystery, time-travel, regualr universe introspection- I like the gamut here.

Final Fantasy VII

SephiCloud- I'm kind of particular about this one too...I like there to be a consensual relationship but after Jenova freaks Sephiroth out, I don't buy any sort of two-way relationship that's healthy. I like time-travel for this pairing usually.

CloudReno- I think it's smexy and I like them as a friends with benefits kind of thing. Over all I like-

RenoTifa- I've read some fics that make this AWESOME and I base my like of this pairing on that.

ZackAeris - Flufffluffcute.

Black Butler-

SebastianCiel- I like this pairing because they are both so heartless and mean-spirited. I don't believe a fluffy pairing between these two because they're both entirely messed up and that just wouldn't work. But it's SMEXY. As for fanfiction, I don't follow it too much, but the ones I do are about the twisted relationship and the bargain the two of them have made.

Ruroni Kenshin-

I don't really have a pairing for this show that I super ship. I'm fine with KenshinKaoru but I'm fine without it too. I'm ok with a SanoKenshin, but like before, I can live without. I'm a fan of Kenshin and his wanderings as a samurai/ronin and those are the kind of fics I like to read from this genre.

One Piece

ZoSan - I've read several really good ones for this pairing where their relationship is rockin'. I think their antagonistic/nakama connection is interesting to read- and they are both pretty hot, which certainly doesn't hurt.

ZoNami - I think this has potential to be really cute, though I've never found any fics that have converted me to it.

I like introspection fics about Luffy and the whole Strawhat crew- I love action-packed stories in this category because pirates on the high seas are exciting!


IchiRuki- AbsoLUTELY. It's my Bleach OTP. Orohime can suck it, quite frankly, because everyone tries to pair her with ANY guy she talks to or is alone with for a scene and Rukia doesn't get nearly the credit she deserves. Ichigo adn Rukia have an antagonistic relationship that can get really very hot- their interactions are fun to read and I love them.

I recently got onto a kick of GinHitsugaya- which was really odd but I read this semi-noncon fic about it and...I really liked it.

I don't read many Bleach stories but the ones I like are mostly IchiRuki interaction and various fluff.

Kingdom Hearts

RikuSora- I think certain portrayals of this are interesting and I'm a fan. I like the post-game fics where they have to deal with their regular lives after the crazy events that have happened- though there aren't as many of them out there that I'd like...

SoraKairi- I think this is a perfectly acceptable pairing as well, but I do prefer their awesome friendship as opposed to romance over all.

Cowboy Beebop

SpikeFaye - Julia who?

Samurai Champloo

If ever I bought the three-way relationship; here it is.


The main pairing in Skisho is the only one I really care about. And for the record- (spoiler alert- if you haven't seen the end, skip this next part-) WHAT was with them NOT have smex in the end? That was completely RUDE on the part of the animators and the story-boarders; COME ON. It was teasing the whole time and then- nothin'. I am still irritated to this day about that blatant slap to the face.


I love history and it's kinda weird pairing countries together- not gonna lie. I think various pairings are sexy and all, but I don't actually ship anything from Hetalia. I love the fanart, though. Some artists can make brilliant analogies through art by using Hetalia as a means to do it.


I think FryLela is cute- if only Lela would lighten up and stop being so mean to him and all. I've never read fanfiction from that, though...

Final Fantasy VI

LockeTerra- I think those two are really cute together. That may be because I just like both of them a lot. There's such a vast and cool cast of characters but I don't really have a lot of pairings for them- I like them as a group of fighters most of all. But I will admit that I think Darzy and Rem and kinda cute in a fluffy little kid way...

Final Fantasy VIII

SquallRinoa! Love!

I also think that Zell and Selphie could be kinda cute together, but I mostly care for a friend dynamic for them.

Final Fantasy X

I don't have a pairing for this fandom. Strike that, I think I support IfritShiva, if I had to choose one. Also, I don't know who I'd pair her with but I need a quick shout out to Rikku for being extra awesome.

Ouran High School Host Club

TamakiHaruhi- I think this is adoreable and it has my full support and approval. Fluff, oh the fluff!

KyoyaTamaki- I think this is fluffy/smexy as well. I like this one a lot as well.

Twincest Hiitachin- all the way! Love it.

I don't down MoriHunny, but I don't really follow it either.

I'm alright with a little HikaoruHaruhi but I PREFER le twincest- those two are just awesome together and that's the way I like it.


No pairings yet- just getting into the show- and I'm excited to see what it's all about. It looks good.

XXX Holic

I'm alright with DouWata and WataHima- I like the fanfiction about Watanuki the best and introspection.

Princess Princess

I have no pairings in this show because I think it is silly and I don't care for it. I don't get the point and everyone acted stupid throughout the entirety of the show. Everyone. I don't recommend it.

Code Lyoko

Oh a blast from the past indeed. I was alright with the cannon pairings here; JeremyAieka, and Orikand the other girl- whose name escapes me right now...

And speaking of graveyard fandoms-

Sailor Moon

DarienSerena- a dreamboat fantasy, romancy pairing to be sure.

MalichiteZoisite - An evil and tragic duo, was my 10 year old opinion. I loved them.

Darker Than Black

No pairings. But AWESOME anime. Very epic.

Dragon Ball -ECT (meaning any of the various forms it takes)

Once again, no pairings. Not epic like Darker Than Black, but my little girl self had all the romantic interest in Sailor Moon, DBZ was all about the 40 episode long fight scenes. No time for romance at all.


LinkZelda- Of course.


SosukePonyo- is CUTE! Also, I think that the Ocean queen and Fujimoto is fluffy too.

Kiki's Delivery Service

TomboKiki- I think it's sweet and that they would have lots of fun with flying together. Pure fluff. I can't really see angst in Kiki's delivery service, you know?

Howl's Moving Castle

HowlSophie all the way! I love their little family that they have together and this replaced Serena and Darien as my magical romancy pairing for suresies.

Princess Mononoke

AshitakaLePrincess. I'm noticing my like of all Miyazaki cannon pairings here. Huh.

Pandora Hearts

Not really into any pairings here.

Soul Eater

I love that the story is not romantically-driven, but I do really support a MakaSoul pairing. I think it's really very sweet.

That's all for now folks!

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Sort: Category . Published . Updated . Title . Words . Chapters . Reviews . Status .

Broken Reality reviews
Everyone has a breaking point. Sasuke finds his in a future he never wanted and a reality he cannot face alone. So he won't. Time travel and I suppose mild AU, if we're getting picky.
Naruto - Rated: K+ - English - Angst/Adventure - Chapters: 2 - Words: 10,472 - Reviews: 53 - Favs: 77 - Follows: 119 - Updated: 6/8/2010 - Published: 5/20/2010 - Sasuke U., Naruto U.
The Art of Being Alone reviews
The anniversary of his clan's massacre had always made Sasuke want to be alone, but with all the sake in his system, he's not really sure what he wants anymore. Maybe Naruto can help him figure it out-involves hammock, Clueless!Naruto and Brooding!Sasuke
Naruto - Rated: K+ - English - Angst/Humor - Chapters: 1 - Words: 6,407 - Reviews: 2 - Favs: 13 - Follows: 2 - Published: 12/20/2009 - Sasuke U., Naruto U. - Complete
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