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Hi my name is Pheoniix but in my stories i am Moonbird!

I like:

Games-Kingdom Hearts I, II & 358/2 days, Spyro games, The legend of Zelda, Bakugan battle brawlers, Star Ocean, Final Fantasy (only a bit), Pet Society, Infinite Undiscovery, Super Smash Bros. Brawl, ect.

Anime-Kuroshitsuji 1 & 2, loveless, Shugo Chara, 07Ghost, Katekyoshi Hitman Reborn!, Amatsuki, Code Geass, Dinosaur King, Bakugan and Deathnote (sorta).

Manga-Kuroshitsuji, loveless, Shugo Chara, Shugo Chara Encore, Amatsuki, 07Ghost, Death Note, Kingdom Hearts, Sousoukyoku Nightmare and Katekyoshi Hitman Reborn!

and thats about it but i like to draw write stories and read but not all that much so don't push me!

I'm also on DeviantART as Dusks-Dawn, take a look at my pictures as well if you can!

Story Facts

For Royal Element Prince
-Snow in spanish=Nieve (my main character)
-Ash in spanish=Ceniza (Nieve's little brother)
-Burn in spanish=Quemadura (the fire element of the Royal Element family)


The REP Side-story; Hayle, Haunte and Tsuki
After Hayle's so called home was destroyed along with his creater and friends he was known as the famous clone, for a year before moving over intoo the newly rebuilt labortory where he meets Quemadura, Tsuki, Haunte & Nieve whome get along just fine until Quemadura runs away with Razeki leaving the rest of the to die...

Royal Element Prince; Bond of Paths-Everyeone's past
Que goes back to the future where he's ment to find the '10th Vongola' (Tsuna) but he's not only trying to find the Vongola and his guardians, he's trying to find his best friends brother and the rest of his own guardians group, unfortunately Razeki came back from his world again with unforetunate news which could ruin the generations of the their new group 'Elemento'.
Hurt/Comfurt/Adventure-Katekyo Hitman Reborn!

I've deleted my story Royal Element prince for the soul reason that I wished to restart it and make it sound a heap better than before after recieving two reviews from two flamers. NO FLAMERS!!!!!!! I niether tolerate them nor care for them.
NOTE: the name will probably be changed as well.

Schemeing in progress...DO NOT DISTURB!!

Expect more delays, Dusks wolf and REP ill not be updating soon, reasoning is in the chapter!

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