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Author has written 5 stories for Twilight, Maximum Ride, and Avatar: Last Airbender.

The name's Brenda. My age is personal, for those nitwits, I'm a girl, I live in Singapore and I am a book-aholic.

Some of my favorite books and series are:

-Maximum Ride series by James Patterson

-House of night series by P.C. and Kristen Cast

-Sweep series by Cate Tiernan

-Twilight saga by Stephanie Meyer

-Vampire beach series by Alex Duval

-Darkest Powers by Kelley Armstrong

- Night World books by L.J. Smith

-Vampire Accedemy by Richelle Mead

-Uninvited by Amanda Marrone

-Dirty Angels by Andrew Clover

-Mortal Instruments series by Cassandra Clare

Here are some of my favorite quotes from some of my favorite books.

Max: "Will you quit that?"
Fang: "Quit what? Breathing?"
Max: "You know what."
The Angel Experiment, pg. 11

Gasman: "What does that mean" (points to a sign that says Stay Off the Third Rail!)
Fang: "It means the third rail has seven hundred volts of direct current running through it. Touch it and you're human popcorn."
The Angel Experiment, pg. 254

Fang: "Man, you weigh a freaking ton. What've you been eating, rocks?"
Max: "Why, is your head missing some?"
The Angel Experiment, Pg. 214

Fang: "Can I interest you in a bit of raw desert rat?"
Nudge: "Oh, no!"
Fang: (pops into mouth, chews, and swallows loudly) "Can't get fresher."
Nudge: "Ugh!"
The Angel Experiment, pg. 147

Dr. Martinez: "I take it you don't want me to call your parents?"
Max: "Um, no." Hello, lab? May I speak to a test tube, please?
The Angel Experiment, pg. 93

The Gasman: "This is nice. It's like summer camp."
Fang: "Yeah, Camp Bummer. For wayward mutants."
The Angel Experiment, pg. 216

Max: “I’m okay now. Maybe it’s a stomach bug or something.” Yeah, the kind of stomach bug that causes brain cancer.
The Angel Experiment, pg. 229

Max: “Sixty dollars?”
Fang: “He was a total jerk. Take him for all he’s got.”
Max: “You are evil. I like that.”
The Angel Experiment, pg. 168

Fang: “Yes! Freaks rule.”
The Angel Experiment, pg. 169

Mike: “Where’s your gear?”
Fang: “We don’t have any gear. Spooky, isn’t it?”
The Angel Experiment, pg. 267

Random Person: “Is this a movie?”
Max: Nah – this is too original for Hollywood. They do sequels.
The Angel Experiment, pg. 289

Agent: “And how do you spell that?”
The Gasman: “Captain, like the captain of a ship. And then terror, you know, T-E-R-O-R.”
School’s Out – Forever, pg. 37

Dean: “Max, we want to help you. But you’ve got to help us to. Fair is fair.”
Max: “You’re kidding, right? Please tell me you have a stronger motive for me than ‘fair is fair’. Life isn’t fair, Dean. Nothing is fair, ever. Try ‘I need you to help me so I won’t rip out your spine and beat you with it.’ I might respond to that. Maybe.”
School’s Out – Forever, pg. 39-40.

Max: “He’s gonna be fine.”
Iggy: “Can we see him?”
Max: “Ig, I hate to break this to you, but you’re blind. However, in a little while you can go listen to him breathe and maybe talk to him.”
School’s Out – Forever, pg. 46-47

Max: “Of course, the prince gets his own bed all to himself.”
Fang: “That’s right. The prince has a gaping side wound.”
School’s Out – Forever, pg. 49

Iggy: “Max? Can I come in?”
Max: “No – I’m in a towel.”
Iggy: “I’m blind.”
Max: “No! You’re kidding! Are you sure?”
School’s Out – Forever, pg. 84

Max: “Something’s wrong with me, but I don’t know what.”
Fang: “You’ll be okay.”
Max: “How do you know?”
Fang: “Because I know everything, as I keep reminding you.”
School’s Out – Forever, pg. 86-87

The Gasman: (In Mr. Pruitt’s voice) “You ignorant little sah-vages. You malignant little fiends.” (Then in Max’s voice) “But sir, our parents are missionaries. Lying is the Tenth Commandment. They’re innocent of all wrongdoing. What’s a stink bomb?”
Iggy: “Is lying really the Tenth Commandment?”
Max: “No idea.”
School’s Out – Forever, pg. 134

Fang: “So I guess we just kiss the world good-bye.”
Max: “So funny. You’re quite the wit.”
Fang: “The ladies like it.”
School’s Out – Forever, pg. 173-174

Max: “Fang! This is a huge break! Of course we should go check it out!”
Fang: “But we’re grounded.”
(Stare at each other for a second and then burst out laughing.)
School’s Out – Forever, pg. 186

Fang: “Holy (insert a swear word of your choice here).”
The Angel Experiment, pg. 383

Max: “Did you know that wasn’t me, the other Max?”
Fang: “Yeah.”
Max: “When?”
Fang: “Right away.”
Max: “How? We look identical. She even had identical scars and scratches. She was wearing my clothes. How could you tell us apart?”
Fang: (grins) “She offered to cook breakfast.”
Max and Fang: (laughs)
School’s Out – Forever, pg. 398-399

Max: “Lay off the freaking horn!”
Nudge: “Sorry, it’s just so much fun – it sounds like a party.”
Saving the World and Other Extreme Sports, pg. 7

Max: “We’ll be like cavemen, trying to weave clothes out of plant fibers. We’ll have nothing! Nothing! All because you and the kids want to kick back in a La-Z-Boy during the most important time in history!”
Fang: “So maybe we should sign you up for a weaving class. Get a jump on all those plant fibers.”
Max: “I hate you!”
Fang: “No you dooonnn’t!”
Saving the World and Other Extreme Sports, pg. 40

Iggy: “Look, just because Max isn’t here doesn’t mean all the rules have gone out the window. She left me in charge, and I’m gonna make sure to do everything she would –” (Tries to hold a straight face then cracks up)
Saving the World and Other Extreme Sports, pg. 41

Max: “What the heck are you doing?”
Fang: “Helping you change your mind.” (Leans in and kisses her)
Saving the World and Other Extreme Sports, pg. 52

Fang: “We’re going to pretend nothing’s going on? That’s stupid. The only way to deal with any of this is to get it out in the open.”
Max: “Have you been watching Oprah again?”
Saving the World and Other Extreme Sports, pg. 63

Dr. Martinez: “Fang? Are you – like Max?”
Fang: “Nope. I’m the smart one.”
Saving the World and Other Extreme Sports, pg. 70

Max: “So, you have your price. Your soul for a cookie.”
Fang: (flips max off)
Max: (grins and then sticks her tongue out at him)
Saving the World and Other Extreme Sports, pg. 72

Fang: “You still want to do this? Bark once for yes.”
Saving the World and Other Extreme Sports, pg. 81

Max: “Fang?”
Fang: “Yeah. I’m here.”
Max: “I’m so glad you’re here.”
Fang: “Yeah, I got that.”
Max: “I don’t know what I’d do without you.”
Fang: “You’d be fine.”
Max: “No. I’d be totally unfine. Totally.”
Fang: “It’s okay. Just relax. Just… relax. Don’t try to talk.”
Max: “I don’t want my chip anymore. Actually, I never wanted that chip.”
Fang: “Okay, we’re taking it out.”
Max: “I just want you to hold my hand.”
Fang: “I am holding your hand.”
Max: “Oh, I knew that… Fang, don’t go anywhere.”
Fang: “I won’t. I’m here.”
Max: “Okay, I need you here. Don’t leave me.”
Fang: “I won’t.”
Max: “Fang, Fang, Fang. I love you. I love you sooo much.”
Fang: “Oh, jeez.”
Saving the World and Other Extreme Sports, pg. 84-85

Max: “What I said yesterday didn’t mean anything! I love everyone in the flock! Plus, it was the Valium talking!”
Fang: “Uh-huh. You just keep telling yourself that. You looove me. Pick a tree. I’ll go carve out initials in it.”
Saving the World and Other Extreme Sports, pg. 86

Fang: “There is one bright side to this.”
Max: “Yeah? What’s that?”
Fang: (grins) “You looove me.” (Holds arms out wide) “You love me this much.”
Max: (Shrieks)
Saving the World and Other Extreme Sports, pg. 102

Jeb: “Any nausea? Headache?”
Max: “Yep. And it’s standing here talking to me.”
Saving the World and Other Extreme Sports, pg. 116

Jeb: “The truth is, Max, nothing is as it seems.”
Max: “Uh-huh. Is that what the aliens told you when you quit wearing your foil hat?”
Anne: “The truth is, Max, you’re at the School.”
Max: “No freaking duh. And uh, wait – let me guess – I’m some kind of bird-kid hybrid. And you captured me. And, and, I’m strapped to a hospital bed. I bet I even have wings. Am I right?”
Saving the World and Other Extreme Sports, pg. 117

Ter Borcht: “You haf a malfunctioning chip, you get debilitating headaches, and your leadership skills are sadly much less than ve had hoped for.”
Max: “And yet I could still kick your doughy Eurotrash butt from here to next Tuesday. So that’s something.”
Saving the World and Other Extreme Sports, pg. 136

Ter Borcht: “Vhat ozzer abilities do you haf?”
Gazzy: “I have x-ray vision.” (looks at ter Borcht’s chest and then looks appalled)
Saving the World and Other Extreme Sports, pg. 137

Ter Borcht: “Do you haf any qualities dat distinguish you in any way?”
Nudge: “You mean, like, besides the wings?”
Ter Borcht: “Yes. Besides de vings.”
Nudge: “Hmm. Besides de vings. Um… I once ate nine Snickers bars in one sitting. Without barfing. That was a record!”
Ter Borcht: “Hardly a special talent.”
Nudge: “Yeah? Let’s see you do it.”
Gazzy: (in ter Borcht’s voice) “I vill now eat nine Snickers bars, visout bahfing.”
Saving the World and Other Extreme Sports, pg. 138

Ter Borcht: “Does anysing on you vork properly?”
Iggy: “Well, I have a highly developed sense of irony.”
Saving the World and Other Extreme Sports, pg. 139

Ter Borcht: “You don’t speak much, do you?”
Fang: …
Ter Borcht: “Vhy do you let a girl be de leader?”
Fang: “She’s the tough one.”
Max: Dang right.
Ter Borcht: “Is dere anysing special about you?”
Fang: “Besides my fashion sense? I play a mean harmonica.”
Saving the World and Other Extreme Sports, pg. 139

Gazzy: (in ter Borcht’s voice) “I vill now destroy de Snickuhs bahrs!”
Saving the World and Other Extreme Sports, pg. 140

Max: “Now, let’s say they come get us.”
Iggy: “And, like, the halls are full of zebras.”
Gazzy: “And suddenly tons of bubbles everywhere.”
Nudge: “And then everyone starts eating beef jerky.”
Iggy: “Yeah, I’ll grab a zebra; Gaz, you fill all the bubbles with your trademark scent, so people are choking and gagging; and let’s throw beef jerky right into their eyes. Now that’s a plan!”
Saving the World and Other Extreme Sports, pg. 149-150

Ter Borcht: “It is time to eliminate you. You haf failed all de tests. You are not useful.”
Max: “No, but we’re dang cute.”
Saving the World and Other Extreme Sports, pg. 154

Mortal Instruments Series by Cassandra Clare

(An angel statue has a sign that says "1234, NEPHILIM: FACILIS DESCENSUS AVERNI")
Jace: "That's the motto of the Nephilim - Shadowhunters - there on the base."
Clary: "What does it mean?"
Jace: "Shadowhunters: Looking Better in Black than the Widows of our Enemies Since 1234."
Clary: "Jace-"
Jeremiah: "It means 'the descent into hell is easy'."
Clary: "Nice and cheery."
City of Bones, pg. 179

Clary: "It's so... dark."
Jace: "You want me to hold your hand?"
Clary: "Don't talk down to me."
Jace: "Well, I could hardly talk up to you. You're too short."
City of Bones, pg. 180

Clary: "So what's with the 'hey' thing?"
Simon: "What 'hey' thing?"
Clary: "The 'hey' thing that guys always do. Like when you saw Jace and Alec, you said 'hey', and they said 'hey' back. What's wrong with 'hello'?"
Simon: "'Hello' is girly. Real men are terse. Laconic."
Clary: "So the more manly you are, the less you say?"
Simon: "Right."
City of Bones, pg. 339

Dorothea: "Didn't I read your tea leaves, Shadowhunter? Have you fallen in love with the wrong person yet?"
Jace: "Unfortunately, Lady of the Haven, my one true love remains myself."
Dorothea: (roars in laughter) "At least you don't have to worry about rejection, Jace Wayland."
Jace: "Not necessarily. I turn myself down occasionally, just to keep it interesting."
City of Bones, pg. 345

Isabelle: "Wait. What did you say that name was? The one in Clary's head."
Jace: "I didn't. At least, I didn't finish it. It's Magnus Bane." (grins mockingly at Alec) "Rhymes with 'overcareful pain in the ass'."
Alec: (retorts into his coffee, something rhyming with "ducking glass mole")
City of Bones, pg. 197

Alec: "There she is." (waves Isabelle over) "Over here. Watch out for the phouka."
Jace: "Watch out for the phouka?"
Alec: "He pinched me when I passed him earlier. In a highly personal area."
Jace: "I hate to break it to you, but if he's interested in your highly personal areas, he probably isn't interested in your sister's."
Magnus: "Not necessarily. Faeries aren't particular."
City of Bones, pg. 237

Simon: "I, for one, am enjoying myself immensely."
Clary: "Mmm-hmm."
Simon: "I feel that this evening DJ Bat is doing a singularly exceptional job. Don't you agree?"
Clary: (rolls eyes and says nothing)
Simon: "Meanwhile, I wanted to let you know that lately I've been cross-dressing. Also I'm sleeping with your mom. I thought you should know."
City of Bones, pg. 6

Alec: "What's this?" (Looks from Clary to Jace and Isabelle)
Jace: "It's a girl. Surely you've seen girls before, Alec. Your sister Isabelle is one."
City of Bones, pg. 12

Jace: “Are you still mad?”
Alec: “I’m not mad.”
Jace: “Oh, yes you are.”
Alec: “I am not. Just because you said dragon demons were extinct-“
Jace: “I said mostly extinct.”
Alec: “Mostly extinct is NOT EXTINCT ENOUGH.”
Jace: “I see. I’ll just have them change the entry in the demonology textbook from ‘almost extinct’ to ‘not extinct enough for Alec. He prefers his monsters really, really extinct.’ Will that make you happy?”
City of Ashes, pg. 9-10

Alec: “How do you manage never to get mud on you?”
Isabelle: “I’m pure at heart. It repels the dirt.”
Jace: (wiggles muddy fingers at her) “Filthy inside and out.”
City of Ashes, pg. 10

Simon: “Rule number one of anime: Never screw with a blind monk.”
Clary: “I know. For some reason they’re always way better fighters than monks who can see. Are those guys dancing?”
Simon: “That’s not dancing. They’re trying to kill each other. This is the guy who’s the mortal enemy of the other guy, remember? He killed his dad. Why would they be dancing?”
City of Ashes, pg. 14-15

Simon: “I’m tired of this anime. I can’t tell what the plot is and no one ever has sex.”
Clary: “Of course they don’t. Anime is wholesome family entertainment.”
Simon: “If you’re in the mood for less wholesome entertainment, we could try the porn channels. Would you rather watch The Witches of Breastwick or As I lay Dianne?”
City of Ashes, pg. 16-17

Jace: “I take it that you don’t serve Silver Bullet here. Too many bad associations?”
Bat: “Actually, we don’t serve it because it’s really crappy beer.”
Jace: “And what are you drinking? A little hair of the dog that bit – well, everyone?”
City of Ashes, pg. 31-32

Luke: “He’s not in a very good mood. I shut him up in Freaky Pete’s office after he nearly killed half my pack with his bare hands. He wouldn’t talk to me, so I thought of you.” (Looks at Clary’s and Simon’s baffled expressions) “What?”
Clary: “I can’t believe he came here.”
Simon: “I can’t believe you know someone named Freaky Pete.”
City of Ashes, pg. 42

Jace: “I don’t want to be a man. I want to be an angst-ridden teenager who can’t confront his own inner demons and takes it out verbally on other people instead.”
Luke: “Well, you’re doing a fantastic job.”
City of Ashes, pg. 45

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