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NOTE: "The Start of Something Sinister" is being re-written. Now that I'm older, I have more knowledge on character building and am planning on getting it published under my own original character's names (instead of Vocaloid) with the same general plot-line. So yeah, if you ever see a book with that title, you'd know it came from here originally and made to be catered for real life without the anime aspects to it. :)

I have deleted the story because of the pro-incest fanatics which I have ranted an explanation to below.


I still want to thank all my GOOD followers that knew that incest was negative and psychologically debilitating from the beginning. You guys knew why taboo relationships usually fail and understood why in real life things don't work out like they do in books/movies with taboo relationships.

And I want to thank you guys for having the maturity in knowing that love is not as simple as "as long as they love each other, who cares what others think?'

Thank you good followers in knowing that incest has so many cons that as its basis it's unhealthy from day one. Thank you guys for actually realizing this and acknowledging it/being against it. Kudos on your logic.

But for the few of you who kept pushing incest could work, try dating your mom or dad and see how well that works out for you.

I'm being serious here.

If that made you cringe or think about it seriously. Then I rest my case. Now for all you incest fanatics which made me delete the story...

I HAVE DELETED THE STORY BECAUSE I THINK IT WOULD BE BEST NOT TO ATTRACT MORE PRO-INCEST FANATICS (which I keep getting and is bothering the fuck out of me so I deleted the story).

Plus I think I might have better luck writing a star-crossed story with original characters than with non-original ones. It personalizes them and gives me more freedom. :)

Also...it seems that some of you do not get it through your thick heads that incest as a whole always has some psychologically debilitating factors (even if it IS consensual). *And has a shitload of negative outcomes versus positive ones.

I can literally write an entire book on the psychological, emotional, financial, parental and other issues that'll come with a taboo relationship and how it's only for people who want to live with regrets.

Seriously, you want to lie to everyone for ever just because you feel attracted to someone?

Look deeper than the surface feelings people.

Love is not just about adrenalin-rushing attraction and passion/romance. Love is about working through arguments, becoming a better person with them, and growing wisdom with them. Taboo relationships don't do this because they usually hurt some outside party and are thus hurting others more than growing and making this world a better place.

And if you really think "love is love" no matter whom you're with, you are a genuine moron. I cannot emphasize this enough. Love is highly complex and made of multiple factors, not just the phrase: "as long as they love each other and it's consensual, who cares".

I'll explain it like this: anytime some taboo relationship like this occurs, whether it's a teacher with their student, a cheating pair, boss and employee, older person with a younger person, or incest in the nuclear family, it's never just about the two people being together. It's about every close person connected to them too.

Friends and family and their surroundings are affected as well. We humans are part of a network of many many people, there are so many factors I literally wanted to slap every girl who kept saying "as long as it's consensual"...my ass. Especially that last girl who made me pull the plug on the story.

Blame her for me deleting it. >[

I've heard enough about the pro-incest argument. I actually wrote this (besides my own reasons) because one of my classmates was sleeping with his sister. His family found out and he committed suicide, not because he was ashamed he was caught, but mostly because he knew that he had hurt the family and his sister by doing so, by abusing their relationship where family was no longer "family" but something darker, wayyy darker. It's not just about two people, it's about the couple and every important person they know.

Why do you think families are destroyed when two people cheat? Or why co-workers file work complaints when a boss is fucking their employee? Or when families look down on an age-gap couple?

One reason: Imbalance.

If it's too far outside the bounds of healthy behavior and equality between the couple, then it won't work in the long run.

Incest is no different, imbalance in family dynamic and abuse of the relationship for "flighty passionate feelings" based more on surface emotions (than actual lifelong compatibility) is fucking shallow.

And for all of you whom say, "Who cares what others think, as long as they love each other?" You better care what others think! Especially if these are people that are important to you like your best friend or family! Do you people honestly think a relationship can function without ANY outside feedback or help from friends or family? I mean common people! Ever heard "You're marrying not just me, but the family and friends too?"

People usually object to taboo/unhealthy relationships like these for great reasons. Listen to them. These people often know you long before the taboo relationship started. People on the outside looking in often have the best advice to give you even if you may not want to hear it.

When it comes down to it, I think people are so hyped over that stereotype of "just us and nobody else" they don't even realize a 2 person dynamic is incredibly unrealistic/unstable if it didn't have any support from friends and family to help it grow. And it needs both to work if they are already a big part of your life.

Well that's my rant on why I deleted it. Even though I had over a hundred followers and watchers that liked my writing I couldn't care less. As soon as I saw more pro-incest fanatics I was all for deleting it. :)

The point of the story was to show that damaged people seek toxic unhealthy relationships, and that in the long run it won't work. Which is why they died at the end.

No happy endings here, just a long analytical look on why the psychology of incest is damaged from day one. It's not the over-stereotyped "as long as they love each other, who cares what they think", because love is not that simple, and it was never that simple.

A relationship is like ink being dropped into a fluid, it can either mix into the surrounding fluid and even out in harmony, or it can fight against it.

But the ink itself is never really alone in the container, the fluid is all around it. That's how love is, it's never really just about the two people and how they feel for one another, but everyone and everything associated with them. That is why incest will never work, it fights the surrounding fluid.