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Author has written 3 stories for Spyro the Dragon.

Well As yuo all know i'm writing a new story Digimon: Blood of Two. The Spyro story will still be worked on, just untili think of another chapter to write and how i will write it, until then, the Digimon will be my main Story for now. And now, a little bio on each Character and what thier Digimon form are!

Name: Brandon

Age: 18

Height: 6.1

Likes: Video games, dragon, reading, candy, pizza, TV, protecting the one he cares for.

Hates: Anyone evil, anything green (AKA good for you green) bornign shows, idiots.

Catch phases: Fuck you! Idiot! What? We are so screwed now! Are you just insain in the membrain?

Hair: Black

Eyes: Green

Skin: Tan

Digimon: Rookie: Guilmon Champion: Growlmon Ultimate: Wargrowlmon Mega: Gallantmon Cruse: Megidramon

History: Brandon never knew who his father was, his mother tellign him that he was sent away just before he was born and she didn't know till i week later that she was with child. After a while Brandon started to see that he was becomign stronger, faster, and even more hungery then any other human he knew. When one day a Black wing Digimon took his mother away, he with three other joined the team of DATS to find out why, and to help bring them back. Brandon first leanred to turned into his Guilmon form when battling a Champion levle Birdramon.

more to come soon

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