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Hi I'm Rachel, I'm 17 years old and I love to write! :)

My other account is Cherryy13, but I kind of forgot my email for that... so I'm transferring my Hunger Games fanfiction over to here and starting over again.

175th Hunger Games Tribute List (updated everyday or so)

District 1

{M} Frost Hunt, 17

{F} Envy Jennings, 17

District 2

{M} Hesper Wishart, 18

{F} Lilith Cornelia, 18

District 3

{M} Jaden West, 18

{F} Tyler Wirespark, 14

District 4

{M} Drake Caspian, 17

{F} Chayenne Locke, 17

District 5

{M} Arjit Ranganjat, 15

{F} Micea Eben, 15

District 6

{M} Hunter Whitmore, 14

{F} Kasia Joan Hacket, 17

District 7


{F} Nessathrone Grandid, 14

District 8

{M} Bow Hertford, 17

{F} Caeli Syven, 15

District 9

{M} Viktor Pollock, 18

{F} Roselyn Marrett, 16

District 10

{M} Flynn Oskmanski, 18

{F} Trinity Rivers, 16

District 11


{F} Rider Arvid, 18

District 12

{M} Aron Ravenhart, 16

{F} Alexandra Silikov, 18

Rules and Regulations for Submitting a Tribute

Here are a few rules for the audience (you):

-You may submit no more than 2

-I am allowing anonymous reviews, but I will not accept tribute submissions done by anonymous persons. You must have an account to do that.

-Please follow the tribute submission format carefully. I want detailed descriptions! (Although I allow two tribute submissions if you submit a partially detailed Bloodbath character)

-I have full right to select tributes, move them into different districts if it is necessary, and make slight alterations if necessary also.

-I do not accept reservations.

-Please try to PM me your tribute submission.

I believe this is it for now. I may add on to it in the future. Thanks for listening (:

Tribute Form


Age: (12-18)



Hair: (color and style)

Body type/skin-tone:

Face, eyes, nose, mouth, etc: (freckles? Glasses?)


Family: (describe each family member please!)

Background/History: (DETAIL!)

Volunteer or reaped?:

If Volunteer, why?:

If reaped, what was the reaction?:

Career: (Yes or no?)




Weapon Preferences:



Quote for Interview:

Interview angle: (PLEASE be descriptive about this!)

Relationships?: (this can also include love interests)

Reaping Outfit:

Mentor: (description, personality, games they were in, how they won)

Stylist's Name: (description, personality, behavior towards character, etc)

Prep team: (3 names and brief descriptions for each)

Strategy in Arena:

Preferred Death:

(If you are submitting a Bloodbath character please mention it somewhere in the form)


I will have sponsoring of tributes once the games start. Check back to see my rules about sponsoring.

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