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Author has written 6 stories for One Piece, and Naruto.

I am a fan of Naruto Harems, preferably rated M with many lemons, as i like to indulge in my inner pervert.

My favorite pairings are (from best to meh)

Naruto x femKyuubi

Naruto x femhaku

Naruto x tsunade/shizune

Naruto x Kurenai/Anko

I Usually write stories containting lemons. Simply for the fact that while i am, like any man, a pervert. I think it's disrespectful to stare at women, and as such. i use things like this as an outlet for my perverseness. Then again i don't think you perverts mind it much :P

I dislike stories that are technically harem stories but result in one girl (usually Hinata) being so possesive that it might as well be a single pairing story

I dislike harem stories that will end up in the girls neglecting Naruto in favor of a female naruto who simply decides to become a character of herself. I have nothing against Yuri but reading it? I always think that it's terribly unfair for Naruto to have to stand at the sidelines as a shadow clone takes all the fun. Or the girls suddenly liking "BOTH" WHAT THE FUCK?

I also dislike the fact that many writers seem to have the disfigured idea that it's not fair for Naruto to be kickass powerfull. They seem to think that we "owe" the other characters a decent degree of power too. Well i think that this is nonsense. Is it fair that Naruto get's overpowered? YES! because he deserves it. If the world was fair why the hell was Naruto beaten on for most of his lives, and don't tell me that that is rare because 78 percent of the fanfics start this way. Naruto deserves to be paid back from all the shit that the village put him trhough. either by lots of sex, lots of power or BOTH. He deserves to be paid back with interest.

Recently i also have decided that i absolutely hate Tayuya. There's nothing wrong with the character though, it's the way that writers make Naruto react to her actions. I've never, EVER read a NaruTayu fic, or even one where they do nothing more then know each other in which the proceedings are anything but this:

1. Tayuya decides she wants to do something.

2. Naruto says he doesn't want to do it.

3. Tayuya lets out over nine thousand curses and threatens to cut his balls off.

4. Naruto submits like a whiny bitch/lapdog.

And this ALWAYS happens, even if Naruto is like seven thousand time more powerful than she is. Alright i get it she's messed up from a hard life, it doesn't mean it makes the story fun this way. Writers should think of a more realistic way to implement such things. I mean if you were hanging around with a woman that only curses, threatens, and beats on you, ANY guy would get something like, Fuck this i'm leaving. I've nothing against unrealistic things, i even like them, as long as its FUN. remember that? fun? you know what we used to have when we were kids before the harsh reality of the world came crashing down on us? the whole idea of fiction is to escape that world and immerse yourself into a character that embarks on an epic journey and fights in massive battles that we couldn't last a fraction of a second in, to watch as all his plans and dreams come to fruition, to watch as he gets the pretty girl in the end while wishing we were more like him. This whole purpose is destroyed when this character becomes nothing more than a dog on a leash, bound to do the will of the great TAYUYA or be beaten into submission by her colorful vocabulary and threats. it's annoying and it really turns me off a story.

I also dislike Hinata. In both ways. Before she becomes naruto's chick she's way to shy, basically a shy version of Sakura. Then she's always...ALWAYS trained by Anko, and then she becomes an anko clone. I mean seriously just have some balls and ignore the age difference itf you want Naruto paired with a sadistic bitch! And if they get in a relationship people think it may be fun to make her the dominant bitch that sends glares to naruto if he doesn't pay attention, and kicks his ass for no reason. WHAT THE HELL PEOPLE. HINATA POSSESSING NARUTO IS NOT FUN, IT'S NOT GOOD STORYTELLING. WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU THINKING?

Furthermore i'm getting kinda sick of the way these fictions portray men-women relationships. I mean common he's a kickass ninja but he runs away from his wife? Seriously:

.1 he's her guy, so in a normal world she wouldn't really get angry if he says something perverted to her, she would instead feel flattered.

.2 No woman is going to go psycho on her man if he doesn't always agree with her.

.3 Women don't always get their way.

I Just don't understand it, in the entire franchise it's always the men that are kickass and everything, and they are, they kick everyone's ass into next week but the moment she's female he submits and only wimpers pititfully while she tries to murder him. Now i have no problem with unrealistic things as long as they're fun, like giant swords, huge harems, unreal skills. but how in the hell is it fun to write someone beating the hell out of your main character every five seconds only for him to forgive her, because she hugs him afterwards!? ...sorry about that.

I don't have any problem with it if it's a minor character that get beats up, because that way it's more comic relief, a passing comment, rather than, what i feel as, a disruption from the story.

Just another little thing i have found annoying is this little sentence and its variations: "Let the tortu.. eh training begin!"

I mean seriously it was funny the first time i read it but every single fanfic author seems to put this in their fics, i mean come on guys, a joke isn't funny if you hear it for the 213th time! Is it some kind of fetish or something? Damn i really seem like a whiny bitch here don't i?

Again this is just my opinion, and you are entitled to your own but i simply think that these problems needs fixing. and i'll do it myself if i have to XD

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