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Hey there, I'm the Septillionaire, and here are some facts about me.

• Country of Origin and Current Residence: United States, MD to be more specific

• Date of Birth: 7/13 (the paradoxical combination of the most perfect and the most unlucky number. Go figure.)

• Favorites: to come, as I had to do this twice since I accidentally hit the back button in my browser. Damn you, Safari.)

• Siblings: One, avialaordali on the site.

Note: I've designated the below area to be my personal blog space, to try to convince me to spend more time writing for this site and for as well.

Wednesday, August 19th, 1:50 A.M.

Yes, I'm aware it's very late, but chronic insomnia does that to you. It's been getting slightly worse the past few days, so I've decided to do something more productive than just stare at the ceiling and invent bizarre stories that I can't remember come morning. Namely, let out some of my frustration from the day. Maybe I'll make it a daily (or nightly thing), like a Nightly Hate. Hmm...not a bad idea.

The Nightly Hate: Online TV (or lack thereof)
I've recently gotten obsessed with The Mentalist on CBS, and so naturally I want to catch up since the second season starts mid-September. So I go on YouTube, and there's nothing but clips. I ask my sister for advice, and she gives me a link to a great website,, which works great on her computer, but only half as well on mine. After two days of watching proxies that are slow to load and not great sound quality, icefilms decides to die on me. I spent two hours today alone trying to find any episodes that I didn't have to pay money to see, download, or watch with foreign subtitles (French I could handle, but Korean and Japanese? I don't think so.) So now, I have resolved myself to simply give up and order the first season on dvd. Mind you, I did manage to get a good number of episodes out of icefilms before it took its vengeance, but seriously, how hard would it be for CBS to have at least a couple full episodes on their website? Just two or three sure things that I could watch when I'm bored; now THAT would be nice. But hey, welcome to the world as we know it: if it comes between losing money by making people happy and depriving a few cheap fans, companies will ALWAYS take Option B.

Well, that's all for tonight (or this morning, rather). I might as well try to get some sleep, and I'm sure you have more productive things to do with your time, like watch paint dry or clean the pennies in your piggy bank. See ya round.

~The Septillionaire

Saturday, August 22nd, 10:46 P.M.

Whew, I'm exhausted. Been a couple of days since I've been home; I was in Pittsburgh looking at colleges, and Point Park University felt like a second home to me. Anyone looking to go there or currently there, drop me a line so we can chat. I'm in an extremely good mood, so I might do a Nightly Like instead of a Hate tonight.

Nightly Like: Owl City
Wow, with a capital W. If you haven't checked out this band, DO SO IMMEDIATELY. Owl City is a light electronic band with a unique sound, and the lead singer has an amazing voice. I don't know much about them and I'm too tired to check, but I do know that normally I dislike strongly digitized music. Owl City takes some awesome beats and mixes them with echoes and NORMAL SOUNDING MUSIC. I would recommend Fireflies, The Bird and the Worm, Cave In, and Hello Seattle. I think the song Fireflies is still free on iTunes, but the entire CD is a steal. Good job, iTunes; I found Owl City through the Free Download of the Week, and bought the CD the next day. I've been listening to it for two weeks, and haven't gotten bored yet; Fireflies alone got me all the way to Pittsburgh (4 hours). Trust me, it's worth checking out.

Just posted Chapter Two of "Manta Rays and Memory Loss"; time to go write Chapter Three. See ya round.

~The Septillionaire

Sunday, August 23rd, 10:37 P.M.

Graaahhh, I'm tired. But I'm actually feeling sleepy, so I'm gonna head to bed. Just posted Chapter Four of "Manta Rays and Memory Loss", so check it out. And review! It's been a lot of fun writing it so far, and I'm nowhere near ready to stop. The rest of what I intended for this chapter will have to wait for tomorrow though; I haven't thought about Geoffrey too much yet, and I need to sleep on it to make him creepy enough to give Lisbon (and you, hopefully) the chills.

~The Septillionaire

Tuesday, August 25th, 2009, 6:16 P.M.

Unrequited love's a switch-with-a-b (from now on, I decree that this safe version of the word bitch shall be...switchby! Like rigsby, but with a switch.) Especially when you don't get to see the person except MAYBE once a month if you're lucky. And especially if you used to go to school with that person and fell in love with him after you left. Damn it.

~The Septillionaire

Friday, August 28th, 9:22 P.M

Had a pretty good day today; I've been sleeping better, so I'm feeling more refreshed. Just posted Chapter Six of "Manta Rays and Memory Loss", though I had a switchby of a time writing it. For my picture of Geoffrey Harrison (I see him as Rufus Sewell) hit up this link - - Also, my next chapter will also include a love rant for The Craft, with Robin Tunney, and I may make it the Nightly Like here as well.

~The Septillionaire

Sunday, August 30, 12:46 A.M

I'd like to give a shout to Debussy. He's too cool for something as trivial as a nightly like. And I'm tired. And my knees hurt.

~The Septillionaire

Monday, September 7, 1:20 A.M

Posted a new chapter; 9 out of 13...only four chapters left?! Holy crike! Anywho, no nightly hate/like tonight, just a poll. (Or I would if I knew how...someone PM me...too tired to figure it out on my own.) For the story. Thanks. Tired. Sleep. Yawn

~The Septillionaire

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