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Author has written 5 stories for X-Men, and Harry Potter.

For all following my stories, thank you!


Forget Me Not: Hank is feeling old and lonely the day Izabelle enters the sphere of his life. Izabelle has been isolated for so long by the cruel nature of her mutation. First as doctor and patient and later as like to like, the two are drawn together. But it is not so easy to let go of mindsets and Izabelle's belief in the lonely road her life "must" take is a stubborn deep rooted weed. In the larger world, MRD is forming and becoming a very real threat to mutantkind. In this darkening world, sometimes it feels easier to let go than keep fighting to hold on. But when it seems Hank has been lost forever, everything falls on the one woman who truly knows him to bring him back.

I recently made a pic to go along with this. I have never done this before and it's not terribly beautiful, so forgive me! :-)


Dark Pearls and Dangerous Lies: November and Remus are thrown together in their common need for refuge. Remus a werewolf and November on the books as being dead; they have nowhere to go but closer to each other. Remus suffers the usual insecurities about his lycanthropy but November may be worth the risk. However, these potentials are cut short when, in an accidental meeting, November catches Lucius Malfoy's attention. Now November must lead a farcical relationship with the Death Eater while the one she really loves is just beyond her reach. And should her true love be discovered there is no knowing what Malfoy might do...

And for this story as well! All are from other sources that are not me but I put it together. It's close to how I see them all in my head.


Unexpected Expecting: Izabelle and Hank find that she is pregnant a year into their marriage. Complications with the pregnancy begin and simultaneously Izabelle begins to feel that she is being followed. A mysterious mutant group is also causing problems for mutants with their brutal slaughter of those who would stand in their way. New mutants move to the school with increased outside dangers one of which is Anesthesia, who quickly catches Forge's eye. As Izabelle's due date approaches, each thread begins to weave itself together in a pattern that could separate Hank, Izabelle, and their baby forever.

The Wanting: Mircea is brought to live in Malfoy Manor after being recruited by the Death Eaters. Her job: plan for the overtake of the Ministry of Magic and maintaining control thereafter, and guard Lucius Malfoy. Both parties are convinced this is a far worse punishment for them, but attraction may just get in the way of their insistence on hating each other. When the Dark Lord moves into the Manor, their lives are thrown into a spiral they cannot control and which leaves them clinging to one another. And after a brutal tragedy rips a beloved person away from Lucius, he must face the growing doubt that he has chosen the right side after all.

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Howl's Moving Castle: In Which Fortune is Embraced by LadyAbnoba reviews
This FanFic and its characters are based upon the wonderful works of the late Miss Jones. Also, thank you for all of your kind comments! I assure you that I will find more time to write now that the weather here has been as soggy and dreary as ever! I must be off now, warm cup of coffee in hand, holding my umbrella against the watery wind. See you soon dear reader.
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Seven Years by ASWhite reviews
The longest Lupin fanfic in the entire world. I retell the entire HP series, from book 1 to 7, from Lupin's point of view. The story is canon but includes what Lupin gets up to when he's not present in the books, including his friendship with Sirius, falling for Tonks and adventures with other werewolves. Updates are sadly fairly infrequent, but I'm determined to finish.
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Sawdust & Diamonds by ShyUnicorn reviews
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Of Cabbages and Kings by teshara reviews
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The Wanting reviews
Mircea, a new Death Eater, is furious that she is forced to keep an eye on Lucius, along with her other tasks. They are drawn to one another despite their distrust and animosity, and their lives are thrown into a spiral they cannot control. After a brutal tragedy, both begin to question which side they should be on and if they will be able escape with their lives. AU, Book 7
Harry Potter - Rated: T - English - Romance/Drama - Chapters: 14 - Words: 66,731 - Reviews: 32 - Favs: 14 - Follows: 22 - Updated: 9/17/2013 - Published: 8/29/2012 - Lucius M., OC
Unexpected Expecting reviews
Izabelle is pregnant and she and Hank face the usual and less usual joys and stresses of this. But a dark mystery begins to unfold around the baby and the plans of a mysterious mutant group, the Morlocks. Plans in which Izabelle and Hank are only pawns. New chapters on Tuesdays and Fridays!
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Cora and Remus meet before the war, when Cora is pregnant with her son and her husband has abandoned her. They become very close and Remus is there for the birth of her son, but a painful decision must be made. Four years later, they meet again in Diagon Alley and all of the things they never said still seem to hang in the air between them. OOP and post-war. Remus/OC. One-shot.
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Forget Me Not reviews
Izabelle's mutation makes everyone to forget she exists. Will her mutation destroy her relationship with Hank? And how can she hope to save him from a MRD brainwash when all others have forgotten her? Hank/OC FINISHED!
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