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Name: Anna (アンナ)

D.O.B: 27th October

Origin: Malaysia

Comunicating Language: English, Malay, Japanese (a bit), Arabic (a bit)

Hey there!

First off, for you all who've known me from youtube as FallenAngelz13, well this is the exact same person you know! -waves- Haha.. I've been meaning to create a fanfiction account for quiet a while so I thought I should FINALLY give it a try... I'm new here so if there are any mistakes I might do in the future, inform me so I can correct it before anything unwanted happens..

Okay then, you may know me as Anna and I'm a Malaysian who's seriously addicted to anime/manga.. I've watched anime and read manga for only half a year but this addiction has been said to be VERY wild.. XD I'm also quite popular amongst my classmates as the 'Japanese-speaking girl'... Yeah, I earned that name after getting caught reading Hiragana-written phrases and able to understand them at school... Why did I have a paper filled with Hiragana-written phrases at school? Easy; I was practising.. I began learning this new language ever since I got obsessed with anime and I found the language to be amazingly interesting... I know how to read Hiragana and Katakana but I'm still in Grade 1 for Kanji... XP

I also can draw but my scanner's been acting weirdly for like, a year now and my dad isn't going to fix it up until the end of the year so I couldn't post much on dA.. I have an account there for those who doesn't know.. I edit pictures (mostly manga scanlations) with Photoshop.. I'm still learning but after watching tons of tutorials on YT, I think I might get a hold of it soon... Wish me luck!

Back to FanFictions. I have made a few Naruto stories with the fictional character I made but I think that is a little off and not many people would understand.. So, I've decided to create real fanfictions that had been stored in my head for quite sometime now.. I'll release them now!

I think that's all the main details you should know about me; an anime/manga freak (OTAKU), a Youtuber, a Deviant and now, a FanFiction-ist...?? I'm not sure... XP

Favourite Anime/Manga: Naruto, Naruto Shippuden, Bleach, Code Geass: Hangyaku Lelouch, Code Geass: R2, D.Gray Man, Death Note, Soul Eater, Princess Lover!, Shugo Chara!, Shugo Chara! Doki!, Ouran High School Host Club, Vampire Knight, Vampire Knight: Guilty, Elfen Lied, Pandora Hearts, KuroShitsuji, Junjou Romantica, Glamorous Lip, Rust Blaster, Beast Master, Kaichou Wa Maid-sama!, Dengeki Daisy, WANTED

Favourite Pairings:-

Naruto: SasuNaru, SasuIno, ItaSasu, SuiSasu, SuiKarin, NejiHina, KibaHina, NaruHina, ShikaIno, ShikaTema, NejiTen, SasoDei, KisaIta, SasuOC

Bleach: IchiIshi, IchiRuki, RenjiXRukia, HisagiXOC

Code Geass: LelouchXC.C, SuzakuXEuphemia, SuzakuXLelouch

D.Gray Man: AllenXLenalee, AllenXKanda, LaviXKanda, LaviXOC

Death Note: LightXL

Soul Eater: SoulXMaka, Black StarXTsubaki

Shugo Chara: Amuto

Vampire Knight: ZeroXYuuki, ZeroXKaname

Crossovers: Zeruto (Zero from Vampire Knight X Ikuto from Shugo Chara)


Escaping Fear - SasuIno

Everyone has fears and there are ways to overcome them. But what if the way to overcome one fear, develops another?

When a Bookman Loves - LaviXOC

"A Bookman has no need for a heart..."; or so Lavi says. When the Bookman prodigy finds himself the only one for him, can he truly be honest to his feelings or must he sacrifice his heart?

Personal Updates

July 5 2010

I am finally back from a long hiatus of almost 4 months after my last update. Blame school and its ridiculously busy schedule that they torture students with. Well, now that I am back, I'll be continuing Escaping Fear, hopefully and I am also starting a new Fanfic of D.Gray Man with an OC of mine. Be warned to not to read this fanfic if you hate OC (Original Character). I might as well state right now that I am always stuck with a busy schedule or just caught in video-editing so I really wish you could bear it with me. It's not like I'm going all DEAD on everyone who has been so supportive to me. Thanks everyone!





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