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helllooo peoples! I am little starr also known as starr dragon maiden or just laura if you prefer. I am the sisiter of the great author emi-kins! If you have read her stories, great! If you have not, I command you to!!

second of all; I am weird. Get used to it cause I don't plan to change it anytime soon. I suppose that since this IS my bio and free page I will write all of my random rantings and ravings here.

5/5/02: Happy cinco Te mato!!! no thats not it...I mean cinco de katchup!!! no thats not It either... Cinco de mayo! yeah! happy cinco de mayo!! lol. Thats almost as bad as open sesame seed. I'm hungry, can you tell?
oh, yeah, And theres this really funny comment by SHARON ARMSTRONG. I am sooo sorry! my scincerest apologies. She sent it to me in an e-mail so I thought it was hers! Its not her fault its mine!! soooo sorry!

DRACO: That's it, I'm going back to bed. (tries the door and finds it won't open)
HARRY: I knew it was Voldemort!
DRACO: Typical, Potter. Anyone else would say 'D@mn door, it stuck with the damp,' or 'Call a locksmith' but not Potter. No, 'the Dark Lord's come to kill us all!' Nobody loves a melodramist