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Hello! Welcome to my wonderful world . It's pretty amazing once you get to know me ;) I'm very imaginative (I think so anyway xD) and I love to act out what I write! I do it all the time, it helps me to get into the mood of the scene and helps me to describe the scene better :) Plus acting's fun! I write from the bottom of my heart and I get really exited about it as I go along xD I love it when I get reviews (doesn't everyone) So thanks everyone who has reviewed my story/stories. I am currently working on one story about Jasper and Bella and I have the whole plot in my head, the only reason it is taking me so long to upload is because I have this thing called school... xD and I get really caught up with school work, so sorry people D: I'm continuously trying to improve my writing skills as much as I can, and "Widen my range of vocabulary" as my English teacher says xD That's why I'm grateful when people give me reviews about how I can improve my style of writing ect ect. SO about me then...

I'm quite insane (might as well be truthful) and up for anything type of person xD as you have probably already established, I love to laugh xD and I hardly get insulted by anything... seriously, unless you're like really mean I suppose... Uhm The girl in the picture is me, so that's what I look like, in case you were wondering xD I absolutely ADORE reading stories, I get so dragged in by them, they like affect me for days! I'm quite picky when it comes to reading, I really have to like it, I don't know... I'm weird. SO moving on...

favorite movie: Gotta be Avatar

favorite book: Dark Heart Forever it's totally awesome!

favorite music: Oh I would be here all day but I would rather sit and read all the great stories in my alerts and favourites lists ;D I listen to pretty much all types of music EXCEPT: Metal, heavy metal, screamos and those types :/ I listen to country, classic to pop and sometimes rock.

favorite colour: red and blue, or to be more precise "Burgundy" and "turquoise" are the best 2 colours EVER!

age: !£ (13), !$ (14) now! Omg would you believe it? I am now officially !%(15) Gosh how time is flying by :S


lucky number:9

favorite phrases

"Shut the hell up and shove it up your arse" by one of my friends (Kiki)

"hanna box" by me and my other friends mariam, we were talking about what we watched and then "hannah" said a tv show non of us had ever heard before so made up the word hannah box

"Happiness can be found even in the darkest of places, if only one remembers to turn on the light" Albus Dumbledore, yes I know it was only in the movies but still.

"To the well organized mind, death is but the next great adventure." Albus Dumbledore

Some times the one who you don't expect at all stabs you in the back :/

Copppyyy and ppaaaste Tiiiiime xD

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What are your 10 favorite Twilight characters (in order)?: Oh gawwd this is hard >.

1.Jasper (he has know taken my top spot)

2. Alice

3. Esme


5. Carlisle

6. Emmett

7. Bella

8. Edward (not a big fan of him tbh xD)


10. Jane xD (seriously though she's just awesome!)

None of the charecters above were chosen because of their body build ;)) honestly tho xD They were chosen on their "personalities" Which were shown in Twilight, Newmoon, Eclipse and breaking dawn :)

well that's all for now buhbyee xD

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