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Hey, I'm Cadence Barrick and welcome to my profile.
It's a work in progress and very much so.

Big Disclaimer: IF You don't recognize it, then it was probably my idea.

Things I'm Working on:

Family Affair - Chapter 4 is up.

It Sucks to be You - Chapter 2 is up.

Surrealism - Chapter 1 is up.

The Vehicular Molester and the Legitimate Cat Girl - Prologue is up

Listen to the Rain - Chapter 1 is up

This Little Light of Mine - Chapter 5 is up.

From Metal to Feathers - Chapter 5 is up.

Mechs and Kittens - Chapter 2 is up.

Sunrise - Chapter 1 is up.

Beware of Human - Chapter 1 is up.

= I'm actually working on it.

Coming Attractions

Occupational Hazards - Three sisters come to find out that working for that Air Force can really bring out some unusual work hazards. Three rather large work hazards seemed to have taken up residence in one of the military hangers but it just so happens that is where the sisters have to park their jets, too. Things could get a little cramped, if you know what I mean.

Xtar Peregrine Zkreme
Lightning Volta Zkreme
Skyla Ravenheart Zkreme

=Within a Raptors' Spark - Mikeala ten year old niece, Zora Sky Banes, has come to live with her aunt and grandfather. One fateful night will come a dream that she will never forget as it would soon become part of her reality. A certain raven-colored jet finds this to be quite intriguing. How many times does a Decepticon get to see a fleshling with wings much less one who can assume the form of a certain ancient reptile.

Zora Sky Banes (Dragon)

Stranded - A young raven-haired Army mechanic is still stuck in the desert wastelands of Qatar having miraculously survived the attack at the old base which was oh five years ago. The reason she was never found was that she had run off in the other direction. What happens when a certain Pave Low isn't as dead as we all though and is now looking for his missing drone?

Anakia Kora (AK-47)

Times Change and Time Changes

Queen Natasha Richardheart
Princess Vanity Richardheart
Princess Tora Richardheart

=Frozen Hearts (TF: Armada)

Starlight of Death (Star Wars)

The Unholy Ladies from the Heavens Above (TF: G1)

The Hybrid Projects (TF: G1)

Named on a Dare (TF: G1)

Original Material:

Behind Hell's Fiery Gate
=Saturn's Reign
=Enchanted Galaxy Series

I do have a confession to make...

Please don't get mad at me for it. You might remember an author by the pen name DaughterofSkywarp. She and I are actually one and the same. The reason for the secrecy was that I was feeling a lot of pressure between writing and job hunting that I got scared and bailed. But have no fear I am still working on my other stuff. I have made some changes to some of them. If you don't believe me than you can feel free to ask me something you think only she would know.

Fics that will be returning are listed below:

Just My Luck

From Mechs to Kittens




This Little Light of Mine

UPDATE: I'm taking a break from Transformers. I have serious writer's block because I have way too many plot bunnies piled up from different movies, manga and the like that I've recently read or watched. So for now I'm going to be focusing on the Star Wars Universe. Like my Transformers fics, my Star Wars fics will be pretty much all 'bad-guy' centric.

I'm actually working on a fic call Captain's Pet. It's a Piett-centric fic about how he finds a strange object in his quarter's one morning that turns out to be way more than he was prepared to deal with. (Humor/Adventure)

Sort: Category . Published . Updated . Title . Words . Chapters . Reviews . Status .

Fleshling by iratepirate and Taipan Kiryu reviews
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Captain's Pet reviews
Captain Piett finds a strange object one morning while getting ready for his shift. It turns out to be a little more than he bargained for. Will he become attached to the little monster or will he end up putting its dismembered carcass down the trash bin.
Star Wars - Rated: M - English - Humor/Adventure - Chapters: 3 - Words: 3,873 - Reviews: 3 - Follows: 2 - Updated: 7/20/2010 - Published: 7/17/2010
The Vehicular Molestor and the Legitimate Cat Girl reviews
A girl who fantasizes about a certain breed of sports car and girl who is also a cat live together in a little apartment in the middle of Tranquility. Their lives are about to change when Meckenzy brings home a certain little boombox.
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This is another fic from my old account. The seeker elite are met with an unfortunate and an indignified accident that turn them small and furry.
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