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Author has written 25 stories for Incredibles, American Dad, Digimon, Futurama, Sonic the Hedgehog, Lilo & Stitch, Animaniacs, My Little Pony, and Transformers.

The News With AK:

It has been some time since I updated this page. So here's what's going on. My love for the My Little Pony franchise is open now and I have no shame in admitting it. I am so sorry I haven't been updating as fast as I want to. But I'm trying to juggle life, a job, and other things at once. So bear with me and enjoy what I write.

Name:Not Important.

Age: Also Not Important.

About me: I live in Fresno, California as I have for my entire life. I enjoy skiing, golf, TV and writing of course. Not a lot of people that know me know about my stories. In fact, no one I know knows about this. They just wouldn't understand. My user name is AutoKnight01, but I like to be called "AK" for short.

Favorite Movies: Transformers, Incredibles, Transformers ROTF, and others.

Favorite Shows: Digimon 01 02 & Tamers, Futurama, Family Guy, American Dad, Sonic X, My Little Pony FiM and others.

Right Now, I am still working on a series that I plan to have going for a hell of a long time. It is called the AutoKnights. It is an all out crossover fic where many different characters from different shows and movies will finally meet one another and become one group led by my own character. I also plan to make some fics that involve couples from shows. (Mainly Digimon and Sonic)

Sonic The Hedgehog Couples:

Sonamy (Sonic & Amy): One of my favorite couples ever. I can definitely see Sonic giving in one day and letting Amy have him.

Knouge (Knuckles & Rouge): Their both treasure hunters, their both strong fighters, and they both can hardly stand each other at times. They're perfect for each other.

Taiream (Tails & Cream): I am honestly not sure who to pair Tails with. Both couples look so damn cute. But Cream looks cuter. No offense Taismo fans.

Taismo (Tails & Cosmo): They may be young, but that doesn't mean they don't know what love is. It just sucks that they killed off Cosmo. Well...sort of.

Silvaze (Silver & Blaze): Let's see, you got psychokinesis and pyrokinesis. I see chemistry here, don't you? I like it. Psychic and fire.

Bunnie & Antoine: Pretty weird looking, but it is a proven couple. I love it.

Shadikal (Shadow & Tikal): Even though they have never even met before, I can definitely see them together. I like it. Don't you?

Original character info:

Name: Trevor Jackson Bauer

Species: Human

Series: The AutoKnights

Gender: Male

Age: 17

Hair: Dark Blonde

Height: 6" 1

Eyes: Mix of Blue and Green

Bio: Trevor might not look much, but there's more to him then meets the eye. If he ever does show his dark side, there is a good reason. Trevor has been on his own for years ever since his life went down the drain. He never had a mom, but he did have everything else. A father, grandparents, and his twin sister, Amber. All of them died at different times for different reasons. The most recent one for Trevor was Amber, which he took the hardest. Ever since then, he has been on his own wandering the streets of any city he walks by. After he got his ring containing his AutoKnight power, his life began to up. Then he met the Parrs and soon made a close friendship with Violet. Ever since then he has had a watchful eye over her.

Since the incident with his sister, Trevor does not like to talk about the events due to the fact that when he does tell the story, he has to relive the events all over again. He has only told Violet and her family about this because he felt like he had to tell someone, but since then he has tried his best to avoid any conversation that would force him to tell. Violet has been keeping the truth about Trevor's family a secret ever since.

Trevor might not look like the most friendly person, but his actions show quite different. He is always ready to face whatever challenge comes his way, even if it means putting his own life on the line for someone else. He's not afraid to admit when he needs help from his friends, and when they need him, he never turns his back on them. Trevor has the true heart of a leader and the power he has of Optimus Prime shows it. He makes wise decisions in little time and they almost never go wrong. He never gives up in trying to save this world from Megatron so that everyone can have a better life than he had.

Name: Takamon (pronounced; Tah-kuh-mon)

Species: Digimon

Series: Digimon & AutoKnights

Gender: Male

Age: 260

Physical characteristics: Gold skin lined with a metal material. Wears silver armor on his chest and shoulders.

Eyes: Blue

Height: 3" 7

Abilities: Can make A silver and gold colored metal mining pick appear out of nowhere that can also serve as his combat weapon. It is made of chrome digizoid. Enhanced strength, stamina, speed, and reflexes.

Attacks: Taka Blast; Chrome Spear

Level: Rookie

Catchphrase: "Let's kick it up!"

Bio: Being the last of his kind, Takamon is not used to having anyone talk to him. He has been living underground in the shadows of the digital world ever since the rest of the Takamon died out. Before that, Takamon lived happily as a miner of chrome digizoid metal. He uses his staff as his mining pick and as his main weapon of choice. His staff can fire from the pick end, his Taka Blast attack. He Is skilled in many styles of combat and is always ready fight.

Even though he is the last, Takamon hopes that one day his people will be born again and his life as a miner will return. Until that time comes, he has taken it upon himself to protect whatever is left of his people. He doesn't really have any friends, but if he did, he would always be there fore than above ground or not.

Takamon may not look much but underestimating him is always a grave mistake. He may only be a rookie level digimon, but he is far stronger than most of them, even Renamon. He is the only one at his stage to posses a weapon made of the strongest metal in the digital world. Along with his armored chest and shoulder pieces, Takamon is not the kind of guy you want to piss off. But if he is acquired as a friend, he can always be counted on to be by your side no matter what.

Personality wise, Takamon is a very kind-hearted person who will do anything to help his friends. And since his wife finally returned to him, his anti-social side has completely vanished. He looks forward to being a father and he only has a few more months in which to wait.

Name: Blaze (No not the cat)

Species: Digimon

Series: Digimon and AutoKnights

Gender: Female

Age 235

Physical Characteristics: Pink skin lined with metal material; Long pink hair with natural orange streaks that flows down halfway down her back and partially in front of her eyes. Traditionally wears a tight red top with thin shoulder straps and tight black pants. Wears no shoes.

Eyes: Yellow

Height: 3" 4

Abilities: Pyrokinesis,. Can generate and manipulate fire with her mind. Flight capable using powers in feet as rockets. Can blast fire at opponents in whatever way she wants.

Attacks: Too many to name

Level: Rookie

Bio: Blaze is a very different Takamon. Her data had crossed with another entity and in doing so gave her her fire powers. She has leaned over time how to control her powers and therefore use them for battle and for good.

She is the husband of Takamon and she has loved him dearly. She first worked as a welder in the underground village where she lived. But she often made trips to the surface to have a look at the sky with Takamon. She is a very loving Digimon, but some say she like her powers a bit too much. She can often overuse her pyrokinesis and wants to use it in situations that don't really call for it. But still, when she does use them, she's extremely powerful. She also hates anyone who looks at Takamon the wrong way. If you develop a crush on Takamon, Blaze will burn you.

Tragically, Blaze perished when the Dark Masters attacked the digital world. Takamon's heart was broken, but he tries to not show it as much as he should. But now she has been revealed to be alive. Her heart still burns with love for her beloved husband and nothing will change that.

Blaze, although scary when she lights up, is very loving. She's been married for ten years and she'll love no other like her husband. But if she thinks there's another female who's the least bit interested in Takamon, she'll come after you with every degree of heat she has. She is anticipating being a mother, but has no idea what to name it.

Name: Gukkumon (pronounced guh-koo-mon) "GK" for short

Species: Digimon

Series: Digimon & AutoKnights

Gender: Male

Age: 248

Physical Appearance: A bird like digimon. Feathers are orange on the tips of his wings, his tailfeathers, and mostly his stomach. The rest of his feathers are green. Has a short orange beak.

Eyes: Red

Height: 3' 7

Abilities: Supersonic flight, incredible/disgusting sexual reputation, professional bass guitar skills

Attacks: Beak Shot; Bird Blitz

Level: Rookie

Bio: Gukkumon "GK" is a very special bird digimon. He and his kind were the only kind to be able to reach supersonic speeds while flying at only the rookie level. Aside from Blaze who uses her fire to reach that speed. GK was also killed during the Dark Master invasion, but he has been reconfigured again and still enjoying life.

Back in the day, GK was Takamon's best friend, and a very good friend to Blaze and there fore he was their only friend who wasn't another Takamon. GK always made trips down to the village of the Takamon to see him and Blaze. He was friends with them even before they got married. At first, GK was against the marriage because he wasn't a fan of marriage altogether. But he made an exception for Takamon and Blaze because he knew that they were perfect for each other. And he was very happy to be the best mon at the wedding. He was also part of the band that played the song the two of them danced too as the bass player.

GK hate's marriage and often makes cracks at Takamon for being married, but they know he's kidding. But there are things about him that Takamon and Blaze find to be a bit disturbing. GK has hit on countless females and has slept with most of them. He has slept with over one hundred women and that record still stands in the digital world. GK is a womanizer, and has a negative view on relationships, dating and marriage, as well as commitment in general. Takamon often finds the lies he tells women to get into bed, and the things he does to them are appalling. But other than all of that, GK is a very good friend. He just doesn't know when to shut up sometimes. Or when to holster his private parts.

Name: Avohkiimon (Pronounced: Uh-vah-KEE-mon)

Species: Digimon

Series: Digimon & AutoKnights

Gender: Male

Age: 260

Eyes: Blue

Height: 15'

Abilities: Super strength; swordsmanship; combat skill; enhanced speed, agility, and reflexes.

Attacks: Shining Blade; Titan Slash

Level: Champion

Bio: Avohkiimon is the digivolved form of Takamon in the champion level. His look doesn't change all that much. His ashed that extend out of the back of his head become longer and pointy at the end, he gains more armor on his body, he's huge, his skin is more rugged, and his staff is swapped for a giant chrome digizoid broadsword.

Avohkiimon is always ready to use his own body as a weapon when in battle. Armed with his new sword, nearly nothing can stop him when he starts moving. It would be wise not to get on this guy's bad side because if you do, you're royally screwed.

Name: Suterusumon (Pronounced: Soo - teh - ROO - soo - mon)

Gender: Male

Age: 260

Eyes: Blue

Height: 30'

Abilities: Mega stength; combat skills, infinite ammunition, invisibility.

Attacks: Caliber Barrage, Golden Bullet

Level: Ultimate

Bio: It's never wise to piss off an ultimate level Digimon. Especially if it's Suterusumon. As the ultimate form of Takamon, he's dead dangerous and never holds back when in battle. His melee weapons are now gone and he his now armed all over his body wit high powered guns hidden away in his armor.

One tiny disadvantage to this new form. He moves a bit slower than before. But not a whole lot. His new power of invisibility makes up for that. Using his new powers, he weakens them up front, sneaks up from behind cloaked, and then finishes them off. So if you ever come across this guy, try to be friendly unless when you want to be crushed.

Name: Emma "Ember"

Species: Digimon

Gender: Female

Age: 0 (She's still a baby)

Eyes: Blue

Abilities: Pyrokinesis (Due to her newborn status, she can't control it)

Bio: Emma is the baby daughter of Takamon and Blaze. Hopefully she will blossom into a beautiful womon someday and make her father proud. Can't really say much about her since she's only a baby and all.

The Shikibu Siblings

The three Shikibu siblings, Miki, Yuriko, and Hikaru are brothers and sisters who all suffered a terrible accident. After their parents were killed by the Japanese Military by mistake, they were forced onto the streets. An explosion filled with deadly chemicals nearly killed them. However, that same day, the Autobots and Decepticons found them. Not at the same time. All three were saved with new robotic implants in their bodies. But one of the three went another way.

Name: Miki Shikibu

Species: Human/Cybertronian

Series: AutoKnights

Gender: Female

Age: Physically 20/Chronologically 82

Physical Appearance: A Japanese girl with traditional black hair. Hair is tied up in two pigtails and goes down to her back. Outfits vary.

Eyes: Red

Height: 5' 7

Alliance: Decepticons

Bio: Miki is the eldest of the three siblings. After the explosion, she was found by the Decepticons. Megatron only took Miki because he thought she had the most potential out of the three. She was healed and given new robotic limbs and weaponry by the Decepticons. When she was told what happened, she turned against the human race and joined Megatron in attepting to bring them down.

Miki is mainly used as a spy for the Decepticons seeing as how she can blend in with the humans perfectly. She is very good at tricking other humans with her skills and never hesitates in killing someone if she has to.

Like most Decepticons, Miki resents the human race. She believes that the humans are very selfish and must be brought to order. Whenever she is on Earth doing a job, she is always somehow found by her brother, Hikaru, and her sister Yuriko. She hasn't succeeded in killing them yet, but she has made it clear that she intends to.

Name: Yuriko Shikibu

Species: Human/Cybertronian

Series: AutoKnights

Gender: Female

Age: Physically 17/Chronologically 79

Physical Appearance: A Japanese girl who slightly resembles her sister, Miki. She has long black hair that she wears in a single ponytail.

Eyes: Blue

Height: 5' 7

Alliance: Autobots

Bio: Yuriko is the middle child of the three siblings. When she and her brother were found by the Decepticons, they were left there to die. Only Miki was taken. Luckily, the Autobots were trailing the Decepticons and found her and Hikaru. They were given robotic implants similar to the ones Miki received. But theirs were less weapon stocked. And they can't transform their entire bodies to robot mode. The can only change half.

With nowhere to go, Yuriko and her brother stayed with the Autobots and made a home. They first lived in the city of Vos. But it soon was destroyed. The destruction was caused by Miki herself. Yuriko and her brother were among the few survivors of the attack and had to re-locate to Iacon.

Yuriko is a very wise and strategic girl. She also has a strong sense of curiosity and is very interested to learn about new things. She has a serious side and still retains her sense of humor. She is very protective over her brother Hikaru and is concerned about him at times. Whenever Yuriko runs into Miki, she always tries to convince her to see that the Decepticon's path is not the right one to go down. She hasn't convinced Miki to come back, but she will never give up on her sister.

Name: Hikaru Shikibu

Species: Human/Cybertronian

Series: AutoKnights

Gender: Male

Age: Physically 15/Chronologically 77

Physical Appearance: A Japanese boy with black hair like his sisters. It is shorter, messy and a bit spiked down the front.

Eyes: Blue

Height: 5' 5

Alliance: Autobots

Bio: Hikaru is the youngest of the three siblings. Like Yuriko, he is a very strategic soldier and a master of tactical planning. When it comes right down to making tough decisions, he is usually the quickest to come up with a solution. He knows Yuriko is over-protective over him and he does not like it one bit. Every time he leaves to go out on his own, Yuriko usually shows up sooner or later asking him if he's alright.

Hikaru does like to meet new people, but he is not very good at letting anyone get close to him. He has lost hi parents and his sister has betrayed him. He forbids himself from having a relationship because he is afraid he will lose someone else who is close to him. The only person Hikaru lets get close to him, is Yuriko.

There has always been a debate between Hikaru and Yuriko over the Miki controversy. After Vos was destroyed, Hikaru found Miki and was angered at her happiness of destruction. Hikaru attempted to kill Miki but he was stopped by Yuriko. Yuriko thinks there is still some good in her sister somewhere and she wants to find it. Hikaru on the other hand believes the Miki that was his sister is gone and she must destroyed. Above all that, Hikaru still loves his sister. He just wants to end her misery.


The AutoKnights VII: The Battle for Paradise

The knights have been through a lot. But what they thought was going to be a nice getaway hidden inside a mission for the final ring, is about to turn into a full on battle for all the islands for Hawaii. And with Lilo, Stitch, and 625 cousins on their side, it still might not be enough to overcome this threat.

The AutoKnights VI.V (6.5): The Months In Between

This story will explain what happened in that huge time hop in between chapters 34 and 35 of Knights of Chaos. Romance, Humor, Drama, Friendship, and even music! Read it all in here! Now in Progress

It's Blazing on the West Side

When Blaze the Cat moves to California, Silver decides to track her down so he can finally admit his feelings. Will he be able to find her in one of the biggest and most populated states in the country or will he never see Blaze again? On Hiatus

The Flightless Fox

The sequel to A Spy's Day Off. Tails had his legs broken and was confined to a wheelchair. He has to spend 5 whole months in said chair without doing anything he loves to do. But Cream has promised to visit him every day until he gets better. This will be my first shot at a full on Taiream. Now in progress

That 70's Hedgehog

Funny stuff will come to this site. This will be a re-creation of the best episodes of That 70's Show, but all the characters will be replaced with characters from the Sonic the Hedgehog universe. (Eric Foreman - Sonic, Donna Pinciotti - Amy, Steven Hyde - Shadow, Michael Kelso - Knuckles, Jackie Burkhart - Rouge, Fez - Silver) On Hiatus

The AutoKnights I: The Beginning (The Re-Write)

Experience the beginning of the whole series all over again. Re-written, revamped, and even more awesome than before. On Hiatus


Kat the Dog drew a picture of A Spy's Day Off on deviantart. Here it is.


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