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Author has written 19 stories for Glee, Greek, Wrestling, One Life To Live, and Hunger Games.

HEY!! I'm Soliepower a.k.a Megan.

So I have been reading stories here for a while, but just started writing stories. Right now I am writing a GLEE story, but I will probably write some for other tv shows. I also have a few Wrestling fics...

I'm a HUGE Chicago Blackhawks fan! And I have been one for 5 years now, it didnt just start because they're doing AMAZING in the playoffs.
On a side-note I just want to say that a huge pet peve of mine is band-wagon fans. Meaning they dont give a crap about a team until they're doing good. The amount of Blackhawks merchandise worn at school has doubled in recent months and that makes me mad. Where the hell did all these fans come from???


I just read the Hunger Games and the sequel and soon I am going to read the 3rd book and I just have to say that I AM OBSESSED! I LOVE the books. I heard there should be a movie soon and I cant wait!!!

Superstars I support-
Shawn Michaels--I know he was an ass back in the day, but I respect his career
Christain--He is and always will be my fav WWE wrestler. He needs a world title like...NOW
Edge--He's cute and has some amazing skills
CM Punk--loved him since ECW days
Dolph Ziggler-Great charisma and super talented
AJ Styles--He is my fav TNA wrestler. I feel like he deserves better than what TNA is now. He is a big fish in a small pond
Chris Sabin--I am amazed at some of the things he does in the ring
Alex Shelley--Again, I am amazed at some of the things he does in the ring
Eric Young--I will always love EY, whether face or heel, I will love me some Showtime Eric Young
Kaz--He needs to have a title shot. He has so much potential
Tag Teams
DX--I perfer the original DX, with the Outlaws and Chyna, because they were edgier but the 2006 version was ok...I DID NOT like the 2009-2010 version
Legacy--They were young, and full of talent
Hart Dynasty--Full of wrestlers trained by the best.
Hart Foundation--Prob will always be my fav WWE tag team. I LOVED Bret, Owen, Jim Neidhart, Brian Pillman and British Bulldog
Motorcity Machine Gunns--They are my fav TNA tag team. They need their TNA tag titles like NOW
Beer Money Inc.--tied for 2nd fav tag team. I LOVE Robert Roode and James Storm
Americas Most Wanted--tied for 2nd fav TNA tag team. Again I Love James Storm and Chris Harris Gail Kim
Divas I support-
Mickie James--I miss her already. She was one of the best things WWE had left
Trish Stratus--In my opinion, one of the greatest ever
Lita--The Queen of Extreme. She paved the way for the future Divas
AJ Lee--Super fun to watch. Her crazy storyline was amazing. Love her with Dolph.
Daffney--She is new version of Lita and I love it
Angelina Love--Loved her when she left the Beautiful People. She's so talented
Tara--She is prob the smartest diva to leave the WWE. She went to TNA and her career shot up. It was a mistake on TNA's part letting her go
Traci Brooks--Ms. Brooks, Traci...whatever her name, she is amazing. Kaz is a lucky man
Christy Hemme--Loved her since I saw her in the Diva search. She's spunky, fun and has a great on screen personality


Superstars that I HATE-
Jack Swagger--I hate that he was like a ECW Champ then went on the win Money in Bank then Champ. It happened too soon, plus he's got no personality
Triple H--I feel like he is just a star because of who he married
Sheamus--He was in the WWE for what a year? And was then champ? Thats bull.
Ted Dibiase--I liked Legacy, but I fell like Ted was kinda boring and still is
Kofi Kingston--I dont know why, but I dont like him
Hulk Hogan (AT THE MOMENT)--I feel like he NEEDS to retire and stop ruining TNA.
Ric Flair--I used to like him but now I feel he just needs to retire as well
Rob Terry--he scares me
RVD--I just feel like he got the title a little too soon.
Tag Teams--
Goldust and Yoshi Tatsu--I felt it was a wierd tag team
The Colons--Just never liked them
The Band--I've said this before, but some people just need to learn when to retire.
Kelly Kelly--She cant wrestle if her life depended on it. I only liked her in her storyline with CM Punk
Rosa--Does she do anything
Maryse--Flipping her hair around the ring IS NOT Wreslting
The Bellas--Is there a reason why they still are with WWE
Eve--She's improving, but I dont think she was ready for the title
Michelle McCool--I feel she's only champ because of her 'friendship' with the Undertaker
Layla--Just no, I have no other words, Just NO
Lacey Von Erich--She's really pretty, but not such a good wreslter.
Madison Rayne--She just rubs me the wrong way


Couples I support-


Rachel and Finn- they have such amazing voices. You just know they will end up together

Emma and Will- Will may be married, but I think something just might happen.


Casey and Cappie-they are sooooo cute, and still in love. They are soulmates.

General Hospital-

Jason and Sam- modern day Bonnie and Clyde. Enough said.

One Life To Live-

Starr and James- James brings out a side of Starr that has been gone for a long time. So CUTE!!

Hunger Games-

Peeta and Katniss- Peeta has loved her forever, and he was always the one that could get her through anything.



End of the World--complete

Casey's Choice--complete



One Life to Live--

Right Choice--complete

Can't Stop--complete

Hunger Games-

I Hate the Capital--complete


Charmed Love--complete

DX Got their issues--complete

DX Triple H's revenge--complete

The Proposal--complete

One Drunk Night--complete

Torn Between Two Lovers--in progress

Mickie's Blue-eyed cutie--complete

Shattered Hearts--complete

Shattered Lives: Sequal to Shattered Hearts--in progress

When it All Falls Apart--in progress

It's about Time--in progress

Here are the links to the dresses for Mickie's wedding in the story Shattered Hearts.

Mickie's Dress--

Traci's Dress-- (YELLOW)

I'm planning on finishing all of my stories. I know that I kinda stopped making some, but I WILL finish all of them. Here is the order I plan on doing it.

1.) Torn Between Two Lovers

I Also have some other WWE/TNA stories that I will write after I finish those. Here are the upcoming stories/storylines--

Kurt Angle/Karen Angle/AJ Styles--this story will be focused on the 'affair' storyline in 2008, but real life.

Karen Angle/AJ Styles--one shot

Mickie James/AJ Styles--Picks up after the one shot

Mickie James/AJ Styles/Randy Orton--no storyline yet

Traci Brooks/Kaz/Robert Roode--based on their mini-storyline in 2008, but real life

AJ Styles/Karen Angle/Kurt Angle--High School pregnancy storyline

Stephanie McMahon/Chris Jericho--no storyline yet

Miz/Maryse-- one shot/no storyline yet

TNA Knockouts/WWE Divas--based on the Oxygen reality show, The Bad Girl's Club

AJ Lee/CM Punk- no storyline yet

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