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Hi FanFiction Members! It's fic time!

Name: HollowKU or Hollow if you prefer.

Gender: Male

Interests: FanFiction, art, Pokémon, Mega Man

It's been a while everyone, but after 2 years of relax or lazyness to be more accurate XD I decided to return to the FanFiction world! To celebrate my comeback, I have started a new Pokémon fic, called The Parallel Challenger. Also, for the Mega Man fans, I shall tell you that I will finish what I started 3 years ago, and by that I mean The Dark Order! Since I'm already in college, posting the new chapters will be quite difficult, but I'll search for time to post them all. Thanks for your understanding =) Now, let's write FICS!

You can also find me in deviantart as HollowKU. Feel free to check my art!

Also, I'm a Moderator in the forum known as Synchron Cortex. We are basically a chat group, our purpose being gather as many as FanFiction members as possible, talk, become friends and become a close group. Also, I'm the Administrator in one of Cortex's roots: Cortex's Pokémon Stadium RP. Test your abilities and battle strategies by battling others and making your way to the top. I'm actualy the Elite Four's Leader, the second strongest trainer in the forum. Think you can take me on? Well, grab your Pokéball and let's battle!

Also, for all Advanceshippers: I would like you to join a site named Advancers Proboards, a forum of Advanceshipping content, both fanfiction and fanart. Well-known Advanceshipping authors such as PichuAuraGuardian18, Gerbilftw and The Shiny Gengar are in this site. If you're an Advanceshipper, I highly recommend to join this site, so you can discuss about this great pairing, although there are A LOT more topics to talk about. If you want to know, feel free to visit the site.



The Dark Series:

- The Feelings. - Geo's new adventure after the Meteor G incident. This time Geo and his friends have to stop a new threat, that it's linked to Geo somehow. How can our heroes stop this threat, since Sonia was kidnapped and Geo is dealing with the most powerful enemy: Love. COMPLETED

- The Dark Order.- One year after the Shade incident. Geo and Sonia are now together, but they have to stop the threat of Shade once again. But he's not alone this time. Shade has united a new group named the Dark Order, and with the help of Sonia and Solo's evil counterparts, he's not going to stop for nothing to have his revenge. Can Geo, Sonia and Solo defeat their evil counterparts and save the world once again? CHAPTER 9 IN-PROCESS *


Tears from a Mysterious Lady : Ichika discovers that his roomate, the Studen Council President Tatenashi, is behaving really weird. Ichika finds her alone and sad and it's up to him to cheer her up after the Cannonball incident. ONESHOT


The Parallel Series:

- The Parallel Challenger .- First part of the Parallel Series. Ash has just won the Unova League, and he's returning to his hometown to take a break, since he's going to challenge the Unova Elite Four in three months. All his friends are there to celebrate with him his victory. What Ash doesn't imagine is that in another place, Red (from the games), the Ultimate Trainer, wants a good challenger, and with the help of the mighty Arceus, he will trave between worlds to meet Ash, his equivalent in that world. How will Ash handle one of the most powerful trainers in the whole Pokémon history, knowing that he's practically going to battle himself at his full potential? CHAPTER 15 IN-PROCESS

- The Parallel ???: Second part of the Parallel series.

- The Parallel ???: Third and last part of the Parallel Series.

PAIRINGS! (Even if this are my favourite, I respect the other shippings =)


- Advanceshipping: The perfect pairing, in my opinion. I know that most of people see Misty as the perfect love interest for Ash, but almost every Pokéshipper like it because of she being the original Pokégirl. Even though there are hints, I never saw Misty as a girlfriend for Ash (and I watched Pokémon from the very beginning). Of course they have their moments, but I think that May with Ash would be a more suitable pairing. May is the only girl in the series that has been taught everything about Pokémon by Ash, from strategies to why you should love Pokémon, so she has really good reasons to like him. Also I think that Ash sees her more than a simple friend, and the other way around too, since they both have that Terracotta Half-Ribbon in their travels, as a good luck charm. I find that really romantic, even though I'm not that good with emotions XD. And the most powerful hint: the Temple of the Sea movie. Manaphy recognized May as her mama, and at the end of the movie it hinted that Ash was recognized as his father. Also, the part where Ash sacrifices his life in order to save May, Pikachu and Manaphy was really emotional. He almost drowns but he was saved by May's pray using Manaphy's Heart Swap, meaning that for at least a moment, both Ash and May's hearts were truly connected.

- Orangeshipping: Since I prefer Advanceshipping, my option for Misty would be with Tracey, since there is no way she would end up with Brock. I like this pairing even if it's the only option I have to choose for Misty.

- Cavaliershipping/Ikarishiping: It is pretty obvious that Dawn has taken interest in Gary, even if they met just for a little period of time. In the same way, Dawn has showed no emotion besides friendship for Kenny, so Penguinshipping is off the table. On the same way, Ikarishipping gets my attention for unknown reasons, so I don't know which pairing should I choose. Let's say I'm comfortable with both of them for now.

- Wishfulshipping: Why I like it? Simple. It's logical that they'll end up together. They have way many hints and I think that they would make a good couple.

- Pearlshipping: Not going to say much about this. I like Dawn (not as much as May, though), so if I had to choose from the other Pokégirls to be paired with Ash, it would be her.

- Specialshipping: From the Pokémon manga, I find this the most obvious couple (if you don't count Franticshipping). Yellow, who is madly in love with Red, who also blushes when Blue teases him with her and has showed to have deep feelings for her more than a simple friend. Also, they make a great couple.

- OldRivalshipping: Even if Green constantly rejects Blue and calls her an annoying or noisy woman, I think that he does that to hide his true feelings. Since he's the quiet guy from the Kanto Pokédex Holders, he obviously doesn't show his feelings normally. Blue would be a perfect match for him to crack the serious mask he has to be more emotional without losing his coolness.

- MangaQuestshipping: Gold has shown to have lots of interest in girls and women only by the outside, but I think in the deeps of him he like Crystal because of her personality. On the same side, Crystal always worries about Gold and sometimes she seems worried of what he thinks about her.

- Franticshipping: The first official pairing in the manga, since they both love each other. Sapphire has already confessed to Ruby, and so does he to her, but Ruby doesn't like to talk about the subject, saying that he 'forgot' everything after the battle with Groudon and Kyogre. When Ruby drops his obvious shyness he will reply Sapphire's feelings.

- Commonershipping: Even if Platinum met Dia and Pearl at the same time and she shared great times with both of them, she has shown to have more interest in Diamond, giving him not only a Mamoswine she personally caught for him, but also the Regigigas she also caught but by accident. Also, when she was still a serious person, Diamond was the only one who could make her laugh, even though she didn't admit it at that time.

- BurningLeafshipping: I like the idea of Red(from the games) and Leaf as a couple, since it would be nice for Red to be a little more talkative with Leaf's help. Even though Leaf doesn't appear in HGSS, I think she's a wandering person who's training really hard to be the very best, just like Red (but he's already the Champion XD).

Mega Man Star Force:

- Geo X Sonia: Both had suffered the same tragedies (even though Geo found his father at the end of SF3), and Sonia was the one who gained enough trust from Geo to perform a BrotherBand. It is obvious that Sonia likes Geo, she even says in SF2 that she liked someone really close to her. On the same hand, Geo considers Sonia more than a friend, since she was his first true friend, and obviously trust in her a lot. Also they look really cute together, so why not?

- Solo X Luna: I don't know why, but they seem a good couple even if they haven't met each other. Luna would be perfect to crack Solo's cold and hard attitude, since she's bossy and always want things to go her way. Just like Bulma did with Vegeta in Dragon Ball Z XD.

- Omega-Xis X Lyra: Even though they always argue, Lyra seems quite fond with Mega, but she obviously denies it. I think Mega is also fond with her, but since he has that macho attitude, he says he doesn't want to be near her. But you know what they say: opposites attracts.

My Mega Man Star Force OC's:

Name: Shade Stelar/ Hoshikawa Dakura

EM Wave Change Name: Dark Mega Man/ Dark Rock Man

Gender: Male

Attacks: Dark Sword, Red Gaia Eraser, Black End Galaxy, Darkness Big Bang Blast (time ago known as Blacked Endaia Galaser), Dark Typhoon

Description: Shade is the evil brother of Geo, since he was created with the remmnants of Meteor G, with Kelvin's and Mega Man's DNA. His personality is to be calm and bored, and sometimes happy, but when he EM Wave Change into Dark Mega Man, he transforms into a hot-blooded, psychotic warrior. He was killed by Geo and revived a year later. He's the first member of The Dark Order. Is revealed that he and Ken met each other before Shade started his menace against Geo and the others. It's rumores that he murdered Ken's parents, so Ken searched him, searching for revenge. He has a crush in the second member of The Dark Order, Rose Strumm. He serves Dr. Jak, leader of The Dark Order.

Name: Rose Strumm/ Hibiki Momoiro

EM Wave Change Name: Heartless Note

Gender: Female

Attacks: Notes of Despair, Guitaxer, Slash of Madness, Slaugh of Darkness, Scream of Pain

Description: The second member of The Dark Order. She was created with the DNA of Sonia Strumm, like Shade. She has a rude personality, since she considers everyone as fools, but she's more rude when Shade talks to her. She can EM Wave Change into Heartless Note, a guitarrist that resembles Harp Note with a dark style, like Dark Mega Man. When she's bothered, she can change her personality into a berserk and psychotic one, making her even more crazy than Shade in his EM Wave form. It seems that she's starting to feel romantic interest in Shade, after this last saved her from Hawk Raider.

Name: Sorian

EM Wave Change Name: Scourge

Gender: Male

Attacks: Not revealed yet

Description: Not too much is known about him, only that he is Solo's brother from Mu, who was exiled to the Zone of the Vanished: a zone where Murians where exiled to pay for their crimes. He was liberated by Dr. Jak Metsubo and now is the third member joining the now complete Dark Order. His EM Wave Change name is Scourge, representing this name for all the crimes he committed in Mu. But, unlike Solo, he is more polite while talking with people and has more social abilities than Solo.

Name: Dr. Jak Metsubo

Gender: Male

Description: OC of techan from deviantART.com. A scientist who believed in good and bad side of a human. He built a machine that could clone people and make evil clones. He was fired from WAZA, and disappeared. He's the leader of The Dark Order. He is the responsible of the revival of Shade Stelar, the creation of Rose Strumm and the freedom of Sorian.

Name: Ken Rage/ Tsuyoshi Ikuto

EM Wave Change Name: Kaiser Synchrolance

EM Partner: Kaiser

Gender: Male

Attacks: Kaiser Claw, Kaiser Sword

Description: Ken is a mysterious character that appeared one year later of Shade's death. He has a serious personality and he prefers to work alone in search of Shade, but that changed after a conversation with Geo and Mina. It's revealed that Shade killed Ken's parents, so he's searching for revenge against Shade. He appears in some situations, but mostly if Shade shows himself. He can EM Wave Change with his EM partner Kaiser to form Kaiser Synchrolance. He was friend of Mina Hawke in the past, but they got separated, and united again years later. Kaiser is presumed to be the copy of Cybeast Gregar. After talking with Geo and Mina, he analyze the error of his ways and united completely the WAZA warriors.

Name: Mina Hawke/ Taka Mina

EM Wave Change: Hawk Raider

EM Partner: Hawk

Gender: Female

Attacks: Hawk Slash, Hawk Scream, Hawk Katars, Hawk Explosion

Description: The creation of this OC is dedicated to MeGa21 (MegaGirl123). Mina Hawke is a girl who can EM Wave Change with Hawk to form the quick Hawk Raider. She was Ken's best friend years ago, but for some strange reason, they separated from each other. She's an hyperactive girl, who is always happy and teasing Ken with hugs. Her first appeareance was during the battle with Rose Strumm. Hawk is presumed to be the copy of Cybeast Falzar. She was brainwashed by Shade, transforming her into Hawk Fox Raider.

Name: Fox

EM Wave Change Name: Fox Devil

Gender: Male

Attacks: Fox Flame, Fox Claw, Fox Inferno, Speed Unleashed, Fox Sword

Description: Fox is an EM Being who serves Shade Stelar, the main enemy in my fic "MMSF: The Feelings". He has the ability to EM Wave Change into Fox Devil without the help of a human partner. It seems that he was created by Shade to serve him. His personality is very strange, because sometimes he acts like a stupid and a fool, and suddenly he becomes a serious and concentrated warrior. He has some problems with one of Shade's servants, Rhino, because he always want to make him look like a fool. He has the ability to transform into Crimson Fox Devil with the help of the ability "Speed Unleashed". He was deleted in the last chapter of my fic "MMSF: The Feelings".

Name: Rhino

EM Wave Change Name: Rhino Hulk

Gender: Male

Attacks: Rhino Fist, Rhino Speed, Rhino Stampede, Power Unleashed

Description: Rhino is an EM Being who serves Shade Stelar, the main enemy in my fic "MMSF: The Feelings". He, like Fox, has the ability to EM Wave Change into Rhino Hulk without the help of a human partner. Also like Fox, he was created by Shade to serve him. His personality is not revealed yet, but he acts and says that the only thing that matters in the world is the strength, and it seems that he has a little problems with Fox. He seems to have the ability "Power Unleashed", who was created by Shade to fight Mega Man's crew, transforming him into the powerful Crimson Rhino Hulk. He was deleted in Chapter 7 of "MMSF: The Feelings".

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