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After reading 5(ish) fan fics we came up with a plot, it's our first one so far. there might be more, but we will do one at a time.

we have a "shrine" at work dedicated to twilight...it's kind of disturbing if you haven't read the books.

so what else is there really to say about us? we have extremely busy lives, but here we are writing a fan fic... maybe we have nothing better to do? i don't know.

we're known as "the wives" because we spend so much time together, but we are happily married to amazing men who seem to understand our obsession.

bella's writer is actually italian, although she's not fluent...its helps a little. she has a soft spot for happy endings.

edward's writer is sarcastic and alot of their characteristics are the same...she is a bit on the Dyslexic side, so be forgiving :)

we're not perfect, but we are testing the waters here... reveiw/critique and let us know what you think!

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...~FAQ Chapter 1-20 (WARNING! There may be some spoilers!)~...

I'm confused...Why does the story start in Italy and now their suddenly in Chicago?

Italy is present time, Chicago is kinda like a flash back. Eventually they'll be back in Italy!

Why is Edward an asshole?

Honestly, he doesn't try to be one...it comes naturally.

Why does he leave Bella?

Really? We can't say...yet! You have to keep reading.

Why is Edward hiding his identity from Bella?

He doesn't want to ruin her because Edward sees her as the image of perfection. And also his past experiances with women have left him a little...pissy.

And why doesn't he want his family knowing?

Esme and Carlise have almost taken Bella under their wing, Edward doesn't want to disrespect his parents by tainting Bella.


I really don't understand Edward's character at all, please explain why he's such a douche throughout parts of the story?

Edward is guarded a bit, he's had some rough past relationships where girls have used him for money etc, thats why he wants to hide his fame from Bella. As far as the cocky/douche bag mentality goes, Edward needs something or someone to warm his cold black heart and that will come as the story continues to progress.

Why the hell did you throw Tanya into the story? Is he going to cheat?

As much as we have disliked Tanya in ALL the fanfics we have read, she will play a medium roll in our story. As for if Edward is going to "cheat", we don't like to write about such things, but our chapters change so much with each edit that we can't guarantee it.

In Chapter 25 Bella is wearing a blue dress, is that the same dress from Chapter 3?

Yes. It is the dress that Edward loves, and it also appears in more upcoming Chapters. If you are curious as to what it looks like, check out our blog, there is a picture there.

In Chapter 29 you mention that Bella's relationship with Edward is "holding her back"...how can that be if she already has a regular clientele?

He doesn't want what happened between Jessica and him happen to Bella. He doesn't want to chance her loosing her license, in a way he's being protective but at the same time he's also hurting her. Also there are many ways of moving up in the business, the next chapter actually explains that Angela chose another staff member to be spa manager, when that could have been Bella's opportunity.

Why is Esme trying to force Edward and Tanya together?

That will all be explained later, for now the best we can say is that Tanya is a bit conniving and two faced, so just keep reading!

I don't get the dream sequence in Chapter 31 at all.

I got the vision from an episode of Vampire Diaries, if you are watching the show you know what I'm talking about. Anyways, he was dreaming of Bella, but subconsciously Tanya's voice was coming through that's why Bella turned "into" Tanya, he wasn't at ALL fantasizing about her.

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