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Hi, I'm bored of this being a blank page so I've decided to write something on it even if I come back and change it later!

I only recently discovered the world of fan fiction ('where have you been?' I hear you cry!) and was delighted to find it wasn't just me that liked to borrow the characters from their favourite books, films and TV shows and run off and play with them. Mostly I used to just day dream about what happened to them, reserving my actual writing for original fiction, but now I've seen the wonders of fan fiction and realised the possibilities and I'm enthusiastically writing my first fan fictions (though I won't be abandoning writing original fiction - I enjoy it too much even if no one ever reads it!).

I can never seem to concentrate on writing one thing at a time and I keep hopping between three different fan fictions that I'm writing. One will be a Chronicles of Narnia fan fiction, one a Casualty fan fiction and one a Thunderbirds fan fiction (I actually only discovered a love of Thunderbirds through some of the wonderful stories authors have written and published on this site). I'm not sure yet which one I'll publish first - it's one thing to start writing and another to be brave enough to actually start publishing something I've now found! Hopefully I might publish a first chapter soon though.

In the mean time, I'm happily reading lots of other fan fiction (when you've only just found the site, it's like having a back log to catch up on, though it's a very welcome back log) and have ventured to review some on my favourites. I will definitely start reviewing more in the furture now that I've broken the ice on that front.

As per usual, I never know how to end anything (it's the worst bit of story writing I find and it now appears also profile writing!) so I'm going for a few quick basics about me instead. I'm 23, I'm female and I'm from the UK. I studied history at university and recently graduated with an MA - not sure if that's relevant to my writing, but I'll throw it in here anyway. My worst faults in terms of writing are that I chronically over use exclamation marks and I can never keep anything short, though I shall be challenging myself in the world of fan fiction to do something about these issues. Once I start publishing, constructive criticism would be welcomed to point out other 'issues', but please make it constructive - 'I don't like it' doesn't really help if you can't say why - and I shall try to be open to accepting any pointers other writers (or readers) can give.


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