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This is an account of der-gestiefelte-kater and wofl1.

4 May 2013

For everyone wondering if we're still alive: Yes, we are... and our story is not abandonned! Fear not! It's just that wofl1 has a lot of real life problems right now (aka tons of assignments for university, last one due 14 May) and partly because of that der-gestiefelte-kater disappeared into the mysterious worls of online gaming... (because she's partly waiting for wofl1to get all of her stuff done... though she is a bit of a lazy bun right now...) and well because we left off at such an... awesome cliffhanger (sorry about that but if we had actually wanted to write that as well you would probably still be waiting for chapter 13 so we figured we better splitt it) we want to make the next chapter kick arse! So please be patient with us and wait for wofl1 to get her stuff done and also wait for der-gestiefelte-kater to come out of the mysterious depth of the online gaming worlds.

The Distance In Your Eyes will continue at one point in the future!

Your worst nightmare ever! Here's how it all began!

It started with us playing LOTR on the game cube, der-gestiefelte-kater as Aragorn and I (wofl1) as Legolas. We worked quite well together killing off whatever stood in front of us. Aragorn was failing miserably while Legolas, using his swords (never his bow and arrow mind you), always reached "perfect". It became even more disastrous once we started screaming at each other "Kill that stupid orc, honey, or it's gonna kill me!" and "Kill that stupid orc, my seme, or you're going to sleep on the couch for a month!" (too bad the orcs didn't know that Aragorn/der-gestiefelte-kater was sleeping on my couch anyway, so the threat was quite useless XD).

So when we were done with the game we were in quite the mood and started watching the movies... the special extended version... without a break... (around 697 minutes, almost 12 hours)

As soon as we thought we had discovered an Aragorn/Legolas moment we squealed and decided exactly then to write a LOTR story which resulted in Speak Friend and Enter. Sadly, though, we lost our interest in it very soon and took it down...

After that magnificent downfall (sarcasm is a bitch) der-gestiefelte-kater wanted to write a Snarry. Too bad neither one of us had a decent plot (yes she did sent me one try but it didn't inspire us in any way at all).

Her next wish (or the other one she wanted to write) was for a Fenrir/Harry (lool Ferry XDD) but still nothing. And then I think (I'm not too sure anymore and der-gestiefelte-kater has completely forgotten) the 6th movie appeared out of nowhere in the cinemas...

So what to do? Go in there and have a squealing fit! Just like always we tormented the other visitors because every time Snape appeared (yes we're acutally huge Severus Snape fans XD) we were screeching like barmy banshees XDD

Then inspiration hit me right in the face *bam* and I started to write the first chapter. After one month of thinking that it was - again - a lost cause I sent it to der-gestiefelte-kater and she was like "Oh my gosh! It's great!" In the end we re-wrote the ending because she couldn't think up a plot otherwise (I'm completely hopeless coming up with one).

She couldn't stop thinking about the first chapter and when she was eating breakfast (chocolate cereal it was XD) and her little sister was preparing a sandwich for herself to take with her to school to eat it as lunch the plot plopped into her mind.

She emailed the outlines to me and I fell in love with it instantly.

So when we met up the next time we were discussing details and uploaded our 1st chapter.

That's how it started.

And every time we meet up we bake a cake (mostly apple pie or marble cake with a lot of alcohol XD) and get a suggar flash.

That's the reason why our chapters MIGHT be a little bit... strange. XDD

29 May 2012 - *Crying their eyes out* Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo! 'The Distance In Your Eyes' was deleted because our summary was inappropriate and not K rated... FAIL!!!! So we're gonna try and reupload it as soon as we can publish things again...

der-gestiefelte-Kater was so proud of the 182 reviews, 312 alerts and 499 favorites we had till this morning... Thanks again to everybody who reviewed and thought we were important enough to put us on one of their lists! XD Hopefully it will help der-gestiefelte-kater because she is absolutely devastated and needs all the encouragement she can get 'cause wofl1 can only cheer her up so much.

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