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Yay! Finally able to update... ^_^

Hi I'm Mai. I'm a college student. I'm addicted to anime and manga, and became even more obsessed about it (if that's possible) since I got my laptop. When I'm not on class or reading/watching something. I'll probably be playing Grand Chase, or sleeping. Most probably sleeping.

Animes I'm addicted to right now: Katekyo Hitman, Reborn, Fairy Tail, Bleach, One Piece, Detective Conan

Mangas I'm addicted to right now: Katekyo Hitman Reborn, Fairy Tail, Pandora Hearts, D.Grayman, Deathbrigade

Music I'm LSS-ing right now: (meaning I can't it out of my head, no matter what) KHR Character Songs! especially Break Out (Squalo), Bloody Prince (guess who?) and Simulation (Irie Shoichi and Spanner)

Favorite Books: Harry Potter, Twilight (I like the books, hated the movies), Alchemist, What my mother doesn't know, Tuesdays with Morrie, Dance Repeat, Recover, If Tomorrow Comes and The Client

TV shows: Chuck, Dollhouse, The Mentalist, CSI Las Vegas

Fave Characters:

1. Gokudera Hayato (Katekyo Hitman Reborn)

2. Mikura Kazuma (Air Gear)

3. Zelman Clock (Black Blood Brothers)

4. Levy McGarden (Fairy Tail)

5. Gray Fullbuster (Fairy Tail)

6. Hiruma Youichi (Eyeshield21)

7. Yamamoto Takeshi (Katekyo Hitman Reborn)

8. Hibari Kyouya (Katekyo Hitman Reborn)

9 Andou Tsubasa (Gakuen Alice)

10. Hitsugaya Toushiro (Bleach)

Fave pairings:

1. LevyxGajeel (Fairy Tail)

2. UlquiorraxOrihime (Bleach)

3. GokuderaxHaru (Katekyo Hitman Reborn)

4. YamamotoxChrome (Katekyo Hitman Reborn)

5. GokuderaxYamamoto (Katekyo Hitman Reborn)

Real Life Buddies:

Pull Harder. Quiet, Artsy type. Crazy about boy's love (especially in Prince of Tennis). Read her works here

Kia-chan. Beware, she will stalk you to the death if she like your works *gets strangled* Nah, just kidding ;)

snow-maiden13. Awesome girl. Unlike me, she prefers canon pairings more. Read her works here.

Weird is good, strange is bad and odd is when you don't know which to call someone. Weird is the same as different, which is the same as unique, then weird is good. If you are weird and proud of it, then copy this to your profile. I'm weird, and I'm proud!!

If you've ever asked a really stupid, obvious question, copy and paste this onto your profile. What is XOXO? o.O

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Name twelve of your favorite characters in any order. (anime: Katekyo Hitman Reborn)

1: Tsuna 2: Yamamoto 3: Hibari 4: Gokudera 5: Ryohei 6: Dino 7: Chrome 8: Basil 9: Haru 10: Kyoko 11: Fran 12: Belphegor

1) Have you read a five(Ryohei)/ten(Kyoko) fic before?

Nope. I haven't. I don't think incest fics involving these two exist out there

2) Do you think three(Hibari) is hot? How hot?

Very very hot. I think he's the hottest of all the characters from KHR XD (He's no.1 in my fave characters in case you haven't notice)

3) What would happen if six (Dino) got one (Tsuna) pregnant? weird. Well then, it's settled, the kid is going to be a Mafia boss someday. The only question is on what family. (Of course, it'll be Vongola, duh)

4) Do you recall any good fics about nine(Haru)?

Yup. Its a Haru/Hibari fic, but its only part of a series of drabbles. I forgot the name.

5) Would seven(Chrome) and two(Yamamoto) make a good couple?

Hmm... I've never thought of that pairing before. Chrome just always, always goes with either Tsuna or Mukuro in my mind. But, I wouldn't mind reading fics about them. So, yeah.

6) Four(Gokudera)/eight(Basil) or four(Gokudera)/nine(Haru)?'

I'm all for Gokudera/Haru. I think they make a good pair, both are extremely dedicated to Tsuna, and they're kind of loud characters. I don't even know why I put Basil up there on the list.

7) What would happen if seven(Chrome) discovered three(Hibari) and eight(Basil) in a secret relationship?

Chrome would probably squeaked in surprise, and Basil would be all "Chrome-dono (?)" (is that right? He always adds the -dono suffix) and Hibari would glare at her and say "piss off herbivore"

8) Make a summary of at least twenty words for a two(Yamamoto)/six(Dino) fic.

Weird couple but..oh well... Yamamoto finally knows why Hibari respects Dino. He is a good tutor, maybe not in sword fighting, but on other things... (This is so obviously going to be a yaoi fic)

9). Is there such a thing as a four(Gokudera)/ten(Kyoko) romantic fluff story?

I think so...yeah. I haven't read one yet, but someone must've thought about writing one

10) Suggest a title for a one(Tsuna)/five(Ryohei) Hurt/Comfort fic.

When it the extreme.

11. What kind of plot would you use for a three(Hibari)/eleven(Fran) fic?

Oh man, oh man, why am I presented this? Hmm... If there is one man who would want Mukuro to be freed as much as them, it would be Hibari. Fran asked his help to assist him in helping his Master escape. As the two travel, fight, spend time together, Hibari discovers that this herbivore isn't as weak as he seems.

12. If you wrote a songfic about number nine(Haru), what song would you choose?

Walking on Sunshine (first thing that popped to mind)

13. If you wrote a two(Yamamoto)/three(Hibari)/six(Dino) fic, what would the warning be?

Hmm... Let me see... YAOI ALERT! Possibly non-consential, involving whips and handcuffs. Pure smut. Rated M. You have been warned.

14. What pick-up line might eight(Basil) use on five(Ryohei)?

Why would Basil try to pick up Ryohei of all people? Ryohei-dono, you are the sun...aah!! I give up!!

15. Challenge: Write a drabblefic for ten(Kyoko)/eight(Basil).

Kyoko thinks Basil is acting weird around her. He's even more polite (if that's possible) than usual. Basil thinks its only proper, since Kyoko is Sawada-dono's woman...right?

16) What would happen if Seven (Chrome) walked in on Two(Yamamoto) and Twelve(Belphegor) having sex?

Of all the people to end up with Yamamoto! Chrome will probably faint from embarrassment, and Mukuro would be forced to take over. He might watched, he might leave, he might even join, who knows?

17) Would you write Two(Yamamoto)/Four(Gokudera)/Five(Ryohei)?

Hmm.. I might, since I love 8059, now how do I get Ryohei in the picture?

18) What might Ten (Kyoko) scream at a moment of great passion?

I can't think of any honestly, Kyoko doesn't seem to be the screaming type (There's a screaming type?? o.O)

19) When was the last time you read a fic about Five (Ryohei)?

Last last month...? I forgot already, I'm not a Ryohei fan. I've only read one fic about him, and its part of a drabble series. He was inlove with a female Tsuna.

20) Would Eleven (Fran) shag Nine (Haru)? Drunk or sober?

Most probably drunk, but its also possible even if they're sober. I mean, I think they make a cute pair!

21) If Three (Hibari) and Seven(Chrome) get together, who tops?

Obviously, Hibari. Unless Chrome turns into Mukuro...

22) "One (Tsuna) and Nine (Haru) are in a happy relationship until Nine (Haru) suddenly runs off with Four (Gokudera). One (Tsuna), broken-hearted, has a hot one-night stand with Eleven (Fran) and a brief unhappy affair with Twelve (Belphegor), then follows the wise advice of Five (Ryohei) and finds true lovewith Two(Yamamoto)." What title would you give this fic?

I can't imagine Haru ever leaving Tsuna, but then she runs off with Gokudera!! (the plot deepens) and Tsuna is broken-hearted (wow) and has a hot, one-night stand with Fran (?) (I don't think Fran can be hot/passionate on anything) and a brief unhappy affair with Belphegor (of course, it'll be unhappy, he'll probably use Tsuna for knife practice) then follows the wise advice of Ryohei (Ooh.. so Ryohei can actually be wise) and finds true love with Yamamoto (How sweet!!) Title: Right There All Along (but then Yamamoto runs off with Gokudera and Haru returns to Tsuna. This is never going to end. lol.)

This was fun to do. Feel free to paste it and do it yourself if you want to. I did.

Anime/Manga Quotes

"If the Playmaker is the King of the Pitch, then the Striker is the Knight" -- Aizawa Suguru (Area no Kishi)

"I wish I could live life five times over…Then I’d be born in five different places, and stuff myself with different food from around the world…I’d live five different lives with five different occupations…and then, for those five times…I’d fall in love with the same person…” --Inoue Orihime (Bleach)

"I love you... Even when you had me forget everything, I still fell inlove with you again. Even when my memories were altered, I still fell inlove again. No matter how many times I'm reborn, I'm sure I'll fall inlove with you. This is fate,right? ...No matter how many times, I'd always fall inlove with you" --Shirley (Code Geass)

"Do you know why the snow is white? Because it has forgotten the color it once was."-- C.C. (Code Geass)

"When you find a path to the top, "Is it too abrupt?", "Can I do it?", "Is it possible?", None of that matters! You just have to CLIMB!" --Gaou Rikiya (Eyeshield 21)

Random Thoughts on Fanfiction.

Why is it that the stories (I wrote) that I liked the most gets the least reviews? (i.e. Spark, Untruth, Damaged)

Sometimes no matter how I much want to change the story, it always ends up the way I originally intended it to

After editing, I realize just how much my grammar sucks

Challenges are fun (experimenting with unusual pairings and writing style) but it drives me nuts first.

Funny when I find stories I wanted to write, already written by other authors

Nice quotes/song lyrics/words:

To write is to live forever

Loners aren't people who choose to be alone

It don't take a lot to break a human

Peace cometh not to the guilty mind --for the creeps who stole my laptop!!

Strangers see you before you do

There's nothing wrong with arguing with yourself. Its when you argue with yourself, and you LOSE that its WEIRD

There are no words, only emoticons

When you get 'there', there's no there

For the problem is simply how can warm passion and a cool sense of proportion be forged together in one and the same soul?

“When life gives you lemons, make lemonade, and then throw it in the face of the person who gave you the lemons until they give you the oranges you originally asked for.” -Jace, City of Bones

Writing is like prostitution. First you do it for the love of it, then you do it for a few friends, and finally you do it for money. - Moliere

To err is human, but when the eraser wears out ahead of the pencil, you're overdoing it. - Josh Jenkins

Funny how falling feels like flying for a while

--Would add later

Accepting requests I guess.. as long as I know the fandom

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